Debra Medina is a 9/11 Truther

Ok, her politician answer was that she didn’t have enough proof to take a side on whether or not the government had anything to do with causing the twin towers to fall. Really? How in the hell do you not take a side on that issue? I mean, you are running for the governor of Texas, and you still don’t know whether or not Osama Bin Laden ordered the attack on the twin towers? You don’t have all of the evidence?

Beck is not necessarily a fan of Rick Perry, but after the interview Beck changes his mind a bit:

“Rick I think you and I could french kiss right now!”

It’s only fair to post Medina’s response. I call BS:

I was asked a question on the Glenn Beck show today regarding my thoughts on the so-called 9/11 truth movement. I have never been involved with the 9/11 truth movement, and there is no doubt in my mind that Muslim terrorists flew planes into those buildings on 9/11. I have not seen any evidence nor have I ever believed that our government was involved or directed those individuals in any way. No one can deny that the events on 9/11 were a tragedy for all Americans and especially those families who lost loved ones.

The question surprised me because it’s not relevant to this race or the issues facing Texans. This campaign has always been about private property rights and state sovereignty. It is focused on the issues facing Texans. It is not a vehicle for the 9-11 truth movement or any other group.

The real underlying question here, though, is whether or not people have the right to question our government. I think the fact that people are even asking questions on this level gets to the incredible distrust career politicians have fostered by so clearly taking their direction from special interests instead of the people, whether it’s Rick Perry and his HPV mandate or Kay Hutchison and voting for the bank bailout. It is absolutely the right and duty of a free people to question their government. Texas does not need another politician who tells you what you want to hear, then violates your liberties and steals your property anyway. I fully expect to be questioned and to be held accountable as Governor, and that’s the underlying issue here: should people be questioning their government. And the answer is yes, they should be.

Now it seems like she’s lying and trying to change the subject. I think I preferred her when she was telling the truth. Well, sort of.

Oh well, I think she’s done. There’s no coming back from a blunder like this.

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1,328 thoughts on “Debra Medina is a 9/11 Truther

  1. mstatedawg, could you please point me to the firefighter terminology that has the term 'pull it' in their own terms. I looked and looked and cannot find it. In fact, I found among many firefighters discussion that doesn't agree with this. I'm not saying it's not possible, but it's also not in the mainstream as a term they would use which would beg the question why would the owner of the trade centers use a term no one knows to describe ceasing interior operations without explaning what that means? Just leaves more questions. Again, my field is architecture, not firefighting so my expertise would be in understanding the nature of the structure and the likelihood that a structure like that could not only collapse, but pancake! I just know it's so unlikely especially 2 large towers and one small one all in the same way, you might want to get your lottery tickets now – you are more likely to win the lottery then that happening. So, I'm just looking at it from a logical standpoint. In fact, you would expect something more like this in a collapse:

  2. Now both Debra Medina and Kay Bailey Hutchison have disparaged Rick Perrys decision on HPV vaccines. As an RN who works with Adolescent students, my initial reaction was that Rick Perry was a very brave person to add HPV as a required vaccine in Texas. I was sad that he was forced to change that decision. It was BRAVE and it was RIGHT… and it would have eventually saved countless lives. I cannot see why anyone would oppose this safe vaccine. This was not, and need never be about any tacit approval of young girls becoming sexually active. No parent need present it in that light, and it was not promoted in that light by the vaccine manufacturer or the state government. This is about future health, and life and death issues. As a nurse, as a mother and as a school employee, if asked my opinion, I will always encourage this vaccine for our children. Don't use the HPV vaccine issue as a strike against Perry……it was the right thing to do…….too bad some chose to cloud this whole issue and force the state of Texas to back down on doing the RIGHT THING.

  3. i think you are right, she may not be able to come back. i don't think she is a truther, i don't think she thinks America did 9/11 to itself, but she may think it is even bigger than that. a conspiracy that many governments were involved in the attack, not just one terrorist group. i was pumped to have a constitutionalist, non politician in the running, now i am not so sure.

  4. I want you to watch this clip. This is how I feel on your coverage of Debra Media.

    Why are they not covering Sahara Palin that outright calls for a new 9/11 investigation? Sahara Palin said much more than Medina did. Glenn Beck is a Hippocrate. And turned her microphone off. Your coverage is B.S.!! Fire whom ever wrote this page!

  5. Glenn spends all day showing us how the government lies to us and yet accepts the 911 commission report as the total truth? Glen this doesn't add up. There are a lot of outpoints and tons of evidence not covered in the report. No one that questions this report thinks that Bush, the cabinet and the congress all sat around and planned the attacks or had anything to do with them.

    What many architects, engineers and demolition experts have said is the report doesn't add up. It does not cover lots of testimony and facts that have not been answered.

    Glen Beck played his hand and proved he is an insider mouthpiece for the establishment and I have written him off as a real truth seeker.

  6. Why is there a thought police anyway? Someone sent this to me, or rather posted it but this is evidence, right? but no! ask no questions! “New Shocking 9/11 Published Research: Unreacted Explosives Found in WTC Dust” – this is on dutch news, why isn’t this guy on the beck radio show? only medina is on there to be questioned about something unrelated to what she went on his show for.

  7. Guess what? I'm one of those “industry professionals that have nothing to gain”. I'm not connected to anyone or anything dealing with 9/11. I have my engineering degree and license, and have had it for 10 years. I also question things, and I have thoroughly done my OWN research.

    And WTC7 was hit by something – it's called debris from the collapse of WTC 1.

    Do yourself a favor – go read this document:

    I know, I know: It's WAY above your 1st grade reading level.

    By the way: What's a “ple”? Learn to spell.

  8. LOLOLOL Wow you musta loved your fairytales as a kid. You still get dressed up at halloween. I'm in tears, you are one funny dude. Sounds like you need some re-education. WOW. GOLD. Oh you mean brainwashing not education, no thanks bin there got over it.

  9. LOL. Yea keep tellin yourself that a steel framed skyscraper fell into its own footprint at freefall speed due to fire. Man People love bein lied to. Lets agree to disagree. I'll keep to my friends that question things, and I'll take advice from industry profesionals that have nothing to gain and everything to lose. You stick to your friends that accept anything the establishment passes for truth these days. I'm not gonna play the name callin game tho cause I was ignorant not long ago also. Perhaps one day you'll get past that wall in your mind. All the best.

  10. He doesn't support Perry, but wants a little tongue action..LOL
    Poor Beck..Sexually confused.
    Medina said she wasn't a truther, never has been. It's never been part of her agenda. but the folks who are saying “I'm not going to vote for her now”…
    It's pretty funny..Pretending that you were going to vote for her to start with.
    I'm guessing the attention will end up sending a few more votes her way.
    She's made a lot of additional cash, since that night.

  11. I completely agree with this comment from wkh. I used to consider myself a “conservative”. However, I feel that the whole liberal vs conservative controversy is destroying the country and is not the real problem. I don't see much real difference in either party. They are just using different “marketing” tactics to get themselves in office after which they all do about the same thing with the same agenda.

    I love how Medina answered the interview question and I so applaud her. I hate how the “conservative” radio talk show hosts are blasting her. Does anyone out there know of a radio talk show host that I can hear in the DFW area that does not blast her? I will no longer listen to Mark Davis on WBAP. I really would appreciate anyone's help on this. I am sick of Rush Limbaugh and the others as well.

    thank you,

  12. Uh – no it doesn't. It's firefighter terminology and it means to cease interior operations, i.e., quit fighting the fire. Sounds like you need some education.

  13. First off, it wasn't a “moderate” fire. (Then again, that would depend on what your definition of “moderate” is. Even at 700 degrees Fahrenheit, the strength loss of steel is significant. There were pockets of the fire near the support columns that were twice to two-and-a-half times that. You do the math. You have to also take into account the sheer momentum of the impact of the plane into the building and what that can do to the floor and building support structure – mass*velocity – again, you do the math.

    You don't get it, because obviously I definitely understand more engineering principles than you and your “truther” friends.

  14. LOL!! She couldn't be on her cell for the interview and listen to it on the radio at the same time. NO ONE had ever accused her of being a truther. Her answer shocked him? I think only a non-thinking bonehead could have listened to that and actually thought…………gee he did such a great job handeling getting to the truth!!

  15. I don't think that Medina is a “911truther”.

    I do believe that Glen is scared that he messed this up. For I will not here his show again until the elections. One thing that I did learn was, not to here him while choose my local government.

    If I am bored, I may consider going back to him, but there are better shows out there.

  16. Sage Are you a member or affiliated with some nazi group. Seems you subscribe to group think, support the government mandate or die, either physically or philosophically. Debra Medina was supporting the position of the 9/11 Commission themselves. They said they were lied to, deceived and has subpoenaed information tampered with or not submitted at all in violation of federal law. So how does this make anyone unfit for public office. I won't hold my breath waiting for a response. I just find it hard to believe that such ignorance actually has the capacity to get up in the morning and function, and actually survive. Fascinating.

  17. You Said, 'Fat Chance. She said it, I report it.'
    The title of this discussion board is, 'Debra Medina is a 9/11 Truther'.
    I didn't hear her say she was a 911 truther? A more apt title would be 'Debra Medina doesn't immediately denounce 911 truthers as crazy.' But that wouldn't serve Becks purpose to discredit her as much as your title. I guess theres no need for professionalism if all you really want to do is be a Beck fanboy. You'll probably remove this ay.

  18. I had high hopes for her also. I was going to try and volunteer for the campaign is she won the primary. She lost my vote on this lunacy also. And yes, her bs, response to the interview was ridiculous spin. I'm with Glenn on this one. Wasn't thrilled with Perry but now he's looking WAY better.

  19. Wake up folks even the 9/11 commsion agress with Debra do your research.
    Even Bush said Osama Bin Laden had nothing to do with the attacks.

    Check out the following articles.
    The co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission (Thomas Keane and Lee Hamilton) said that the CIA (and likely the White House) “obstructed our investigation”.

    The co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission also said that the 9/11 Commissioners knew that military officials misrepresented the facts to the Commission, and the Commission considered recommending criminal charges for such false statements, yet didn’t bother to tell the American people.

    9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton says “I don’t believe for a minute we got everything right”, that the Commission was set up to fail, that people should keep asking questions about 9/11, that the 9/11 debate should continue, and that the 9/11 Commission report was only “the first draft” of history.
    CBS News:

    The Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission (John Farmer) who led the 9/11 staff’s inquiry, said “I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described …. The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years…. This is not spin. This is not true.”

  20. You need to take this post down it is slanderous and completely off base. She was completely set up by Beck. Any American should have questions about such an event happening on US soil. Especially after the notable failure of the 9/11 commission. She did not say she thought the planes were drones flown by airforce officers and all of the passengers were offloaded and given free trips to the east indies for life. She simply said that there are questions that merit further investigation. People are still investigating Vietnam, WWII, WWI and other world events today, looking into unsolved problems or unanswered questions. All she is saying is that there are good questions being raised and they should be addressed. If you are buying into Beck's obvious tip of the hat to whoever called in the favor… you should perhaps look into the mirror as to who makes the decisions in your life and whose interests are being served by those decisions.

  21. Really disappointed Medina couldn't display a little knowledge on current and critical events. Glen offered her the votes of so many looking for an alternative to the current crop but she fell face down in dumb mud, admitting not even a cursory understanding of 9/11. Where have you been hiding Ms Medina? Or is being ignorant a tactic to capture the vote of the 18-30-ish?

  22. I have always supported Glenn on his tv show and have not kept as close an ear to his radio show, however, when I heard this infantile response to Medina I got ill listening to the replays. The sad part about this whole ordeal is that Glenn has lost a considerable amount of credibility on his task of finding a true constitutional politician like Medina and do a better job at researching candidates before he interviews them-PS he did the same thing to Ron Paul:)

  23. Glenn Beck is WRONG on this one…..and his comments after the show were rude. It's amazing that Rick Perry could be so good after all the garbage he's BEEN involved in, and she's wrong for just being open to the idea that there could be some corruption in the government. Glenn just lost my respect.

  24. Beck knows who his bosses iare- ( the 9/11 criminals )- the banksters –
    only an idiot would buy this B.S. psychology. Obviosly the criminal bankers
    who Beck realy works for dont want Medina elected, wonder why ?

  25. The majority now knows 9/11 was an inside job – Beck and the rest off the shills
    and operatives dont realize that yet. They have lost all credibility.

  26. Glenn Beck is Rush Jr. Both are complete asses. Beck used to be somebody I liked to listen to. That is until he became a RNC poster boy. If you can't look at all of the 911 questions and evidence and not have doubts, you should look again. The woman was open to the idea that the government could have been involved, not necessarily the designers and operators of the whole operation. If you think your government is above such behavior, you really are lost.

    Before anyone says it, I am not a liberal, not a conservative, not a democrat, and not a republican. These labels are dividing and counterproductive. I am a freedom loving patriot who is sick of the government secrecy, lies, and corruption.

    Restore the republic!!

  27. This is for those who are offended at the suggestion that U.S. government is complicit in 9/11. This is also for those who believe “sheeple” are so stupid that nothing can be done to wake them up…

    I am a conservative, voted for GW, even supported Patriot Act, etc. Sometime right after the 2004 election, I came across a free film on the internet entitled “Loose Change”. After watching it, I kept saying to myself “There's no way”. “There's no way”! I am a person of reasonable intellect, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get around some of the facts presented in that film. So, I was very intrigued, and looked into it more – searching online for documentaries on 9/11. The best description of this process I can think of is “Alice's Rabbit Hole” – or if you have ever seen the movie “The Matrix” – oh how fitting.

    I soon discovered that VERY CREDIBLE individuals (congressmen, scientists, engineers, first responders, victims, etc.) who have THOROUGHLY investigated 9/11 are not getting “air time” on the vast majority of news outlets (and also that truther = kook). I also soon discovered that a vast number of other historical events have been propagandized as “conspiracy theories” or effectively hidden from the general public. The torrent of information was overwhelming.

    I'm not sure exactly at what point I “woke up” but I can assure you, once YOU do, you will never consume television or radio the same way again. Even when you are “awake” it is still difficult to wade through disinformation. This Glenn Beck stunt is a good example. I ask myself “Why does BECK want to QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS everything except 9/11”? Is he like I once was? Or is he under pressure? I don't know, but I DO KNOW that the power of manipulation is typically more clever than the public suspects.

    Naturally, the first thing I wanted to do was to inform others, but hitting someone with “9/11 was an inside job” can be a difficult proposition. In my opinion, the best documentaries to “ease” those that are not awake into a new reality are the following:

    1) Loose Change – 2nd Edition
    2) Why We Fight
    3) 9/11 Press for Truth
    4) The Great Global Warming Conspiracy
    5) Wake Up Call

    …”Remember, all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.”

  28. The Saudis who are friends of Bush?

    And how do you anti-Islamic hotheads think that Muslim radicals are all backwards and retarded but somehow are so sophisticated as to have penetrated our intelligence?

    Please just consider that – yes, obviously, Bush didn't plan 911 and Bill Kristol didnt plan it, but – networks within the intelligence community are capable of pulling it off.

  29. Neocon trash, neocon trash, you're on your way out!

    Along with your globalist buddy Perry who sells out Texas roads to foreign companies!

    Your evil, anti-Christian genocidal wars and Yankee, socially liberal talking heads – BYE BYE!!!!

    The American people want the truth and justice!

  30. If I asked you “Do you believe that the gov't or any faction within the gov't has purposely concealed information from other factions of the gov't or the public at large?”, what would you answer be? It would most certainly be YES, as I think it would be for any reasonable person. Well, that by its very definition would be a conspiracy. Calling someone a “conspiracy theorist” is really a way to discredit that person before the debate actually begins. Some people believe that Jesus walked on water, or that Moses really parted the Red Sea. I think those beliefs are just as absurd as you think the “9/11 truth” beliefs are. My point is that views and perspective are relative, and you basically come across as anti intellectual and compulsive in your responses. I encourage you to sit down, read, and educate yourself before engaging in these debates. One more thing: One “conspiracy” can be completely false while another can be absolutely true. Your determination to group all these “conspiracy theories” is ridiculous. Each one should be examined on its merits alone, and should not be lumped in with others (especially Holocaust denial). An open mind is better and more educated than a closed mind, always remember that. Even if you don't agree with what the other side says, there is always perspective to be gained.

  31. Alright, Glenn. I admit I blew it by posting an answer before I listened to the interview of D. Medina. She had no idea what she was talking about and just rambled on and on without really saying anything concrete. However, the remark you made about “french kissing” Perry left me uncomfortable. Otherwise you were spot on and tried to help her answer your question. (Maybe she doesn't know what a truther is).

  32. Glenn,
    It is far beneath you to mock Ms. Medina when she was a guest on your show. You don't have to agree with her and you can make that clear if you don't. She doesn't need a “conservative” to be asking lowball questions of her. She sounds rational to me. What made you ask if she was a “truther”? Do you have any evidence that she was? Next time engage brain before you engage mouth.

  33. Glenn, I think it is beneath you to ask Ms Medina if she is a truther. She is running a tough campaign and she doesn't need anyone that is “conservative” asking lowball questions like this. If you don't agree with what she stands for, then ask straight out why she believes the way she does. You have the right to disagree but you don't have the right to make fun of a guest on your show.

  34. Now I have heard it all…Medina, guns and sucession…are now considered fringe?
    Fringe is electing a POTUS that loads up on Chicago thugs, commies, marxist, maoist, and proceeds to destroy and take over private enterprise.


    Looks like Medina is not the only one to have suspicions. If questioning the 911 story makes you a 'crazy', 'nutjob', 'wacko', 'kook', then we should all be worried cause theres plenty of credible profesionals that don't buy it. Including 6 of the 10 911 commissioners. Sad thing is most ignorant brainwashed tools won't even open the link. If there's a wall in your mind that stops you from being able to evaluate the other side of the story then it would seem that the mental deficiency lies with you.

  36. OK Mark, if you are so smart why don't you run for political office? Beck's purpose was obvious, he was disrespectful and had a demeaning tone towards Medina…he certainly didn't have that tone with Palin…he has lost me as a subscriber because he is losing his way now and HE CAN'T BE TRUSTED~

  37. The whole quote is “I said, 'You know, we've had such terrible loss of life, may be the smartest thing to do is, is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and then we watched the building collapse.” Yea he was talkin bout the firefighters. You are one gullible dude AKW. We should play poker sometime.

  38. “I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life. Maybe the smartest thing to do is to pull it.” Thats what he said. 2 years later he 'clarified' that 'pull it' meant the firefighters of which there were none in the building. It seems we like being lied to cause we gobble it up without question. Maybe he's startin new slang. I'm gonna pull it outa this crib cause I gotsta go to work. LOL

  39. You speak the gospel also. Tis true to question the government is blasphemy. Our lord 'The Gov't' is infallible and requires brainwashed robots within its ministry in order to perpetuate the status quo. No free thinking 'crazy' shall enter office for fear of changing things. The road we are on is the divine purpose of our lord 'The Gov't' and soon we will all be poor and living in fear. This cannot be allowed to change by putting a 'crazy' in office that would have genuine motivation to help the people rather than the establishment. We cannot hurt the establishment it protects us from ourselves by keeping us in ignorance. Thought is evil, questions even more so. Remain ignorant Lynn and scold all that choose to question for they have not given themselves to our divine rulers and our lord 'The Gov't'. Gov bless you Lynn

  40. Lets see. If you beleive the Government is NOT evil then they must be incompetent. If you beleive they ARE evil then they are quite competent and deliberate in their actions. I'm spineless so i'll just go with the, 'they're just silly goofs with big o'l hearts that seem to fudge everything they do. Poor incompetent sods. They're so cute when they ruin our country tho.' I think we should defend those poor politicians by ridiculing and not listening to anyone that questions them, for they just don't know any better. I'm sure they're doin the best they can tho. Lets keep ignoring their actions I'm sure they'll get it right one day.

  41. That means there are thousands of competent engineers, scientists etc that can't grasp engineering principlees also as they beleive the official story to be fantasy. Gee let me think, a building falling into its own footprint at freefall speed due to a moderate fire??? Hmmm if that is what passes for engineering principles and physics these days then yea I don't get it. (Architects and engineers for 911 truth)

    We'd better discredit this professionals quickly otherwise people might listen to their crazy old school science.

  42. It still is. Are you a 'Rounder?' OMG Rounder Rounder Rounder!!!! Wacko Nutjob Freak Wierdo Kook. Anyone who thinks the world is round is just insane. LOL


  44. I was SHOCKED (ha) to see The Dallas Morning News endorse the most liberal and politically connected candidate,KBH, who ranked second only to Barney Frank in porkulus in the U.S. Congress. KBH supports Roe v Wade to protect us from something worse? That's like supporting BO, Barrack Obama because POTUS could be worse. Would KBH support communism because anarchy would be worse? What a pathetic excuse for a candidate.

  45. Sounds like to me the republican party just ambushed another true conservative, Thomas Jefferson little r-republican Texan. Glenn Beck just ambushed Debra Medina the same way the Republican party ambushed Ron Paul 2 years ago. Go back and listen to the interview again, listen to where Medina say's, “that is a federal issue, and is irrelevant to the issues of Texas.”

  46. The next morning following Glenn's bag-job “interview”, I was watching Fox & Friends and all 3 host jumped on the ..Medina campaign is finished.. bandwagon. It was obvious they had their marching orders and I wondered, who gave them? Entrenched, old school, establishment Republicans? New employee Sarah Palin who endorses McCain, Lindsey Graham and Rick Perry?

  47. You know, I forgot about that – you're right! Is this a pattern beginning
    that we are not supposed to notice? Also – did you catch something he said
    following the call with Medina – sounded like “Don't bother to email” or
    “Forget emailing me” or something to that effect. Like, “Just shut up – I
    don't care what you think about it” – ? Sort of like Obama's “Sit down and
    shut up” attitude to the GOP in the house. Hmmmm………!

  48. Glenn the Fraud Beck;

    Seems like you keep saying question with boldness and then when one does you slam them. I watch your television program daily and have viewed you as a source of great information but you have shaken by belief in your fairness by attacking the best candidate for Texas Governor.

    You constantly tell us to watch our backs yet for some reason you suggest this government is not capable of killing for the sake of control. I, and many others, do not put anything past this government and I'm surprised at the extent of your closed mind in this regard.

    Maybe you have an ulterior motive? Based on your comment that you would like to french kiss Perry, I would conclude that you must support him and oppose Medina. Let's seen, Perry who supports the theft of millions of acres of private land for his Texas Corridor. Now that sounds like a read Constitutional supporting approach.

    I haven't checked his stand on border security but based on the conditions in Texas I would believe it is weak. I kinda view him as another Bush when it comes to “Invaders” in America.

    You are a great disappointment and your real views came to surface during you Medina interview. I suggest that if you blindly trust this government you are an idiot. Your attack on Medina would suggest that you are,in fact,an idiot plus a water carrier for Perry. You betrayed the values of the Tea Party and the Constitution.

    Oathkeeper 3%

  49. Very dissapointed in Beck. Think the interview says more about Beck than Medina. Think he is in over his head. (ME>ME>ME>>>LOOK AT ME) Will the real Glen Beck please stand up! Interview totally biased, total hyperbole, toally predetermined outcome. Sounds more like MSNBC every day! In one word: unprofesional….and I WAS a Beck fan. Be careful FOX! We don't want to lose all of the credibility that we have gained over the last few years. Oh well….another one bites the dust.

  50. Ugh! Think this interview says more about Beck than Medina,,,and that is not good for Mr. Beck! Think Beck is in over his head and he shows what his real focus is,,,,,himself. Sounds like Beck maybe is one of the 'good ole boys' with a preconceived idea of who should be a valid candidate for Gov of Texas. A lot of hyperbole with no facts……looks more, sounds more like MSNBC every day.
    ME, me, me, me.
    See ya Beck

  51. I've been reading down the comments and I think we can safely say, that Steve is not interested in any kind of discussion. He just likes to flame a list and generally be a dick.

  52. I told myself I wasn't gonna comment here anymore, but I CAN'T HELP IT.

    It's NOT about whether or not Medina is a “truther.” The media CONFUSES “truther” for conspiracy theorist.

    I'M a “truther,” if you wanna call me that. I DON'T THEORIZE because theories have NO PROOF. I just DON'T BLINDLY believe the official story which was told to me and I have questions that have not been answered.

    In THIS respect…Medina IS a “truther,” but she NOT ONCE said ANYTHING in regards to a conspiracy theory. That was all just Beck shovin words in her mouth. Truther is DIFFERENT than conspiracy theorist. Can yall GRASP THAT CONCEPT?

    Do I believe Beck set her up? NO. Beck was ALSO set up. His inbox was full of these apparently, but WHO SENT THEM? See. THESE are SIMPLE QUESTIONS. NO THEORIES. Am I suddenly a “Becker,” because I thought this whole interview was NOT NORMAL for a Beck interview? Haha. Get real you blind sheep.

    Let me get back to what this IS about. FREEDOM OF THOUGHT & OPINION.

    You can hear her clearly saying on that “disavow” question that she DOES NOT WANT to be a THOUGHT POLICE. Beck just IMMEDIATELY says “That's a pretty big one.”

    DOESN'T MATTER if it's a big one. I'm WITH Medina ALL THE WAY on this one. Isn't the WHOLE IDEA to hold our government accountable and to ALWAYS QUESTION what's going on? I suppose we should STOP asking questions say…about healthcare and just LET the government put those drug company deals back in. NO MORE QUESTIONS…RIGHT??

    Alright. If I haven't gotten through to anyone new with this, then so be it. I'm DONE. I just HOPE that Medina suddenly RAISES UP to the top with this BS interview setup and really does GREAT THINGS for Texans, so people won't frown down on those who question their government anymore.

    I've said my peace for the LAST time on THIS deal. Later, yall.

  53. I agree. It’s such a shame that people don’t have the mental fortitude to see things as they REALLY are. These are “button” words. They’re used to elicit a response from you and rob you of your critical thinking. Beck uses “truther”, Sean Hannity uses “conspiracy theorist”, Chris Matthews “racist”, Bill O’reilly “Pinhead”. All these are just words that elicit a negative response without having to go into any serious discussion. The words out…the decision is made, end of discussion. And you come to their desired response just like Pavlov’s salivating dogs. Debra is the most principled candidate. Go through youtube and listen to her. Her stance has been unwavering: freedom, private property ownership and gun ownership. The establishment now fears her; in fact, they’re scared to death of her. She’s about to unseat 2 titans. That sends a very big statement to others that freedom is within their grasp if they would just get off their butt and reach for it. The establishment can’t have that and they begin the usual tactics. And it is really sad, that just about everyone is falling for it. It’s this loss of critical thinking that has doomed our nation. You’ve let others make your decisions for you without truly doing your own research and study.

    This was an excellent article:

  54. Actually steve, those are all separate movements. They're all different camps. Just like you have constitutional conservatives and moderate conservatives, liberal democrats and blue dog. They're different belief systems. Just because one person believes one thing, it is incorrect to lump them all together. Now, the word truther is not so cut and dry. Truther has actually never been clarified. It is a disorganized “belief”. Some go so far as to think there were not planes that hit the buildings and those that simply question the official story. It is true that some of the writers of the official printed 9/11 commision report have disavowed their involvement in the collaboration and now say they were strong armed to place some (false) information into the report. On things like this I don't know if I would actually classify someone as a “truther” in the capacity that the word has been shaped into.

  55. give medina a chance she was blind sided by beck a PROFESIONAL JORNALIST while she is new to politics at this level, read the statement above. maybe we need to look at the recent record of the agency christmas bomer the gov. this idiot on file as being ascociated with a terrorist grope and was still on plane to the United States, what about accountability.

  56. Well Gleeeennnnnn you really came off good with that one. Who's callin the Kettle Black now. Sounds like Mrs. Medina scares you. I have listened to Beck for a while now and he put his foot in this one. Mrs. Medina has my support, I called my family in Texas and told them about her and to check her out. Sounds like ole Bailout and ole Gov. Guardicill have got there work cut out to beat Mrs. Medina. I really liked it because you couldn't give an opinion on that interview. Go Debbie all the way and people might just be waking up to the fact that Big Govment can be brought down. Now think long and hard about that.

  57. I said MORE THEN ONCE that I believe it could have been someone in the private sector working with Osama.

    *then* denoting time. i.e., When we are done, *then* we can go.
    *than* denoting a comparative. i.e., I like chocolate more *than* taffy. Or a function to indicate a difference. i.e., I said more *than* once it could have been someone in the private sector.

  58. I'm pretty liberal, and I'm no fan of Glenn Beck. But I have to say, and I almost cannot believe I'm saying it… Good job, Glenn! 🙂

  59. What a candidate believes on any issue is no irrelevant. It says alot about who they are, what their foundation is, and the type of people they will surround themself with. Barack Obama anyone? In any event it was a yes or no question that she couldn't answer. Then again, she couldn't answer the “who are you” question that she was asked twice. She didn't just appear to be way out there but she also appeared to be inept and inarticulate and unable to handle herself in an interview.

  60. Was she also unprepared for the lead question “who are you?” That is the question she had to be asked twice and still didn't manage to tell the listeners who she is and what she stands for. She managed just fine to attack Perry but didn't bother to tell us anything about herself – – – until the 9/11 question came up. She was loud and clear then, if still inarticulate.

  61. That would be great but perhaps we could pick a candidate who does hover on the fringes of crazy or at least one who can categorically disavow crazy.

  62. I was open to her before the interview. I was desperately hoping that she would be someone I could vote for. Hutcheson is not an option for me for any office and I would love nothing more than to have someone other than Perry to vote for. Unfortunately, Medina didn't just screw up the 9/11 question, she couldn't answer the basic “who are you” question. The whole interview was an embarrassment for her.

  63. How does it affect Texas? Having crazy as a governor certainly affects Texas. A person's views and what they believe lead to how they govern. Get a clue

  64. I'm changing the subject? LOL! Thanks for the great laughs today Steve. No beliefs in fake moon landings, government creating AIDS, or fluoride or jet contrails. But, thanks for sticking to the topic. I said MORE THEN ONCE that I believe it could have been someone in the private sector working with Osama. But, I guess you missed that since I ONLY stated it twice.

  65. I used to watch Glenn but after this rediculous imature attack of Ms. Medina, I can't stomach this man any more. He is supposed to be for the people and the Constitution. Ms. Medina is one of a very few that are running for a political position who will follow the Constitution. Glenn Beck should be ashamed of himself.

  66. The point of the question was to have her clarify what was being said. Rumors abounded that she was a truther. Beck asked her if she was.

    If there were rumors that she was a denier of the Holocaust, I'm sure Beck would have asked her about the Holocaust for clarification. And if Medina had answered, “Well I don't know enough to answer that question because there are lots of good questions out there that haven't been answered,” what do you think could be concluded from such an answer?

    Sure she isn't a Truther! Yeah…uhuh…right!

  67. Occam's Razor, Xavier….Occam's Razor!

    I no more need to study 911 conspiracy theories than I need to study the Apollo Moon Landing conspiracies, or jet-contrail conspiracies!

    Do you folks study this stuff because your life is so boring? Do you get a certain thrill up your leg believing you're so important the gubmint needs to neutralize you?

    Truthers need to get a life!


  68. I agree; beck ambushed her. I am starting to wonder exactly who is Glenn Beck working for. He dissed Palin and now he works on destroying Medina. Is Beck really an GOP in Independents clothes? What the heck is his agenda. I hope Medina wins.

  69. I see you didn't answer the questions! This is the problem all truthers have….answering questions. But they're pretty good at changing the subject.

    Once again Amy, did the government bring down the WTC?
    Did the government fake the moon landings?
    Did the government try to poison its citizens decades ago with fluoride?
    Did the government create the AIDS virus to kill certain Americans?
    Is the government right now poisoning its citizens via jet contrails?

    You and folks like BLESSED want to believe so, cuz the gubmint is baaaad! The gubmint is after you cuz you are a big threat. The gubmint is doing everything it can to pull d'wool over all ours eyes. Baaaad mean ol' gubmint is out to gets you, cuz yo logic is tellin' you so!


  70. Yea there have been plenty of questions. The reason there still are plenty of questions is cause they havent been sufficiently answered. I feel sorry for anyone who accepts authority as the truth and not truth as the authority. Yes case closed, everyone who still hasn't had the wool pulled over their eyes is an idiot. Period. There's no point reasoning with illogical ignorant fools. Wow I'd be laughing if the brainwashed masses were'nt the majority. The tide is changin people are starting to put the peices together. First the truth is ridiculed, then violently opposed, then it is accepted as being self evident. Wake up America. How much evidence do you need that your gov't is actively working against you? Orwell knew the score back in the 40's. Tis cool tho, take your meds, pay your taxes, and turn a blind eye to all the evidence that points toward a corrupt gov't. I'm not talkin 911 now. Every action they take either places us in more debt or takes away our rights. Its for our own good tho ain't it. Thank God the gov't is there to look out for my best interests. People who seek to stifle the truth are idiots. Period.

  71. Because Palin never said anything about believing that our government was in any way responsible for carrying out 9/11. She said that she would support an investigation if that would make it less likely for something like that to ever happen again. She has talked many times about Al-Qaeda and stopping them from further attacks.

  72. That is NOT what Medina said. Beck specifically asked her if she believes the federal government was involved in the 9/11 attacks, and she said that she wasn't going to state an opinion because there were good arguments on both sides. Then, when the sh!t hit the fan, she lied and said that she didn't believe the government had anything to do with it.

    There have been plenty of questions about 9/11, and after 10 years, anyone who still believes that our government might have been involved is an idiot and is totally unacceptable to be the governor of Texas. Period.

  73. That's a lie. He agreed to pull the firefighters away from trying to save the building because was deemed too dangerous. He never said anything about pulling the building down.

  74. Glenn:
    French-kissing Rick Perry! Is it the nice hair and/or looks good in jean? Your bud at FNC, Sarah, endorses Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Rick and that's not a problem? You guys come on over later and we can spoon. Remind John to take the “blue” pill and Lindsey to bring his pink outfit he looks so cute wearing. Oh, and bring more lube.

  75. Palin Supports new 911 investigation. Why isn't there a smear campaign in this case? If Palin Supports a new investigation then she obviously beleives there are still 'questions' and that is all that Medina said. Seriously unplug yourselves from the contrived opinions of those that dictate how to think, feel and act. It don't matter how many contradictions, hypocricies and inconsistencies are pointed out to the sheeple, they will keep following the shepard. Sure they may change shepards but its always an establishment shepard.

  76. Glenn supports Perry and if you knew anything about the Texas governor's race you would recognize that right from the get go. Pat Gray used to work in Houston on a local conservative talk show which is owned by state Senator, Dan Patrick–who is a good guy, but is definitely a Perry supporter–and Dan and the other hosts throughout the days leading up to this interview have been very critical of Medina. I emailed Pat and got an email back just a few days ago and they were saying they weren't going to have her on the air!
    Now I will admit that Beck did us a favor by exposing this belief Medina at least gives some credence to, but he took entirely too much joy in destroying a decent womans life. Immediately after, and I mean literally minutes, the Perry campaign had a robocall message going out with an audio clip from Beck's show and the Medina camp says now that during her explanation Beck had turned down the audio feed so she didn't know she was talking over him…I worked on Salem Radio Network on two different religious programs one that was live and this is totally possible and can make you look like an idiot if you don't know that it's happened. If Debra IS a 911 truther, she's done and we owe Beck a thank you for exposing this…be that as it may, the manner in which Beck and his staff acted after hanging up on her was awful. I could, if Glenn didn't hang up on me, embarass him and his views and beliefs JUST as easily and within minutes turn most of his audience off to him forever as he did to Medina. I can't vote for Medina if she is a 911er but I will never vote for Perry who is a liar and has back-stabbed Texans over and over or Kay Bailey Hutchison who is a career politician, voted for the stimulus bill, and has finally admitted that she'd never overturn Roe v Wade if she had the opportunity. I had such high hopes for Debra and have been campaigning hard for her…this is a huge setback for the Tea Party candidates in Texas and citizen candidates in general…oh well:(

  77. Glenn Beck is the Pied Piper of the Establishment and he was used yesterday to try to derail our Patriotic Movement. Glenn what happen to your perpetual call of QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS. You are worse than those who you are calling out in your show. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FOR YOU – Yesterday YOU OFFICIALLY REVEALED YOURSELF AS THE PIED PIPER OF THE EVIL ESTABLISHMENT. Can you sleep at night. must be that your conscience is seared like a flank of Tuna.

  78. Glenn Beck is the Pied Piper of the Establishment and he was used yesterday to try to derail our Patriotic Movement. Glenn what happen to your perpetual call of QUESTION WITH BOLDNESS. You are worse than those who you are calling out in your show. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY FOR YOU – Yesterday YOU OFFICIALLY REVEALED YOURSELF AS THE PIED PIPER OF THE EVIL ESTABLISHMENT. Can you sleep at night. must be that your conscience is seared like a flank of Tuna.

  79. Glenn:
    The bath is hot and bubbly, candles are lit, the lights turned down low and the jar of M&M Peanuts full. Hurry on over and bring more lube!

    Center for American Prostrate

  80. You are wise Lisa. Only our lord 'The Gov't' can posses the truth. They would not engage in any activity to gain political leverage over a scared and confused public. Our lord 'The Gov't' cannot be questioned. To question our lord is to be a terrorist. We must always beleive that they hold our best interests at heart, no matter their actions. Our lord 'The Gov't' knows best and makes all decisions with our best interests in mind. Hell even if they did it i'm sure it was for our own good. To maintain your innocence, Lisa, I emplore you not to read any information that is not sanctioned by our lord and saviour 'The Gov't' for there are many evil people out there that are trying to get people to think that governments can perform atrocities against their own people. History has shown that no rulers have ever acted in a manner to jepeordize the safety and wellbeing of their subjects. Our leaders are divine and it is not our place to question them for they are omnipotent and we are poor ignorant souls. Stay true Lisa and beleive without question what our lord 'The Gov't' tells you for it has sole possesion of the truth.

  81. I met her PR man, and I was not impressed: I asked him questions and received typical round-about answers on issues that were important to me. I had my mind made up about her already. Then I saw her on the first televised debate, and wow! she had my vote. She made Perry & Hutchinson look like two bickering twits, and she the only knowlegeable one amongst them. The second debate, she did okay, and I still felt comfortable with her, although I must say Hutchinson had recovered some. But given Hutchinson's Washington background, Medina was still looking good. Then I heard her on Glen Beck. Why she didn't just say 'yes' or 'no' to the question astounds me. I respect her honesty: I won't deny anyone their opinion. However, I would never elect anyone who honestly believes our government had anything to to with flying airplanes into the majestic twin towers, killing thousands of innocent Americans, and watching Muslims in other countries celebrating in their streets all over the world. No: to elect someone with that belief into office would be the same as electing Rosie O'Donnell who couldn't believe that the “steel in the towers could possibly melt”. Unfortunately, Medina came onto the stage like a ball of fire, but she fizzled out real quick.

  82. Of course people are entitled to believe what they want. But they aren't entitled to be Governor, and it's the job of the voter to assess her basic judgment. And calling the fact that al-Qaeda carried out 9-11 “the official line” is a lot like calling the fact that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor “the official line.” You're free to question “the official line” in both cases, but in both cases doing so proves you're a nut who is unfit to hold high office.

    1. I want you to watch this clip. This is how I feel on your coverage of Debra Media.

      Why are they not covering Sahara Palin that outright calls for a new 9/11 investigation? Sahara Palin said much more than Medina did. Glenn Beck is a Hippocrate. And turned her microphone off. This coverage is B.S.!! They need to Fire whom ever wrote this page!

  83. No I shouldn't study. For study might lead to thought. Of course I can always study the 'official' story that our lord 'The Gov't' wants us to beleive,.. um.. I mean the truth they have released. But it is in our lord 'The Gov't's best interest that I work and remain ignorant. I shall toil till by bones can take no more and hopefully, if our lord does its job, I shall be left with nothing to show for it in my final years. Taxes and inflation are but divine tools of our lord and they keep us in perpetual bondage as we should be. All those that wish for freedom do not know what they wish for. In truth we cannot hope for more than to be cuddled, fed and protected by our divine leaders. Their wisdom far exceeds ours. All hail the Empty Heads.

  84. “I fully expect to be questioned and to be held accountable as Governor, and that’s the underlying issue here: should people be questioning their government. And the answer is yes, they should be.”

    She can't even handle being questioned and held accountablke as a candidate–am I supposed to think she'll improve as Governor?

  85. Steve…

    Shouldn't you go study 911 and find out more? You will come around. It's hard to believe your deity isn't what you thought it was.

  86. “That said, I am not a truther and find highly unlikely that our Government could orchestrate such and elaborate scheme and get away with it.”

    Uh…our gov't is an empire and they rule the world…and you believe they couldn't orchestrate this scheme??? There are 15 levels of top secret clearance above Lord Obama. Think about it. Kennedy and others warned of the military industrial complex and of unseen powers that work in the shadows. Wake up.

  87. Poor edkemper. Do you not realise that our modern prophet Steve, king of the 'Empty Heads' does not succumb to logic and reason. His mind is steadfast and ignorant and his strength will keep it so. It is time you refrained from thought and research. If our lord 'The Gov't' wishes for you to know something it will organise a press release. If it wishes to conceal something, rest assured it is for your own good. Surely those that profit from our sweat and industry (and blood, literally) do not wish to harm us. Even if they send us into war for dubious cause, they know best. To question them is to sin. Repeat after me, 'Anyone who engages in thought, performs an act of 'Research', applies logic and reason to that research through the process of thought, is nothing more than a nutjob whacko Cuckoo truther freak weirdo kook.' Now put down your books and stop thinking. Recite the above doctrine and spread the word. Cuckoo my sinful thinking brother Cuckoo.

  88. You are KIDDING, right?
    Truthers or people who want the truth far out number you people who REFUSE TO EVEN look at the EVIDENCE that has science behind. It is unacceptable to we the majority of the WORLD.

  89. Lame. Beck went into that intending to shut her down, no doubt in my mind. She doesn't have enough information to declare absolutely that the government (no part of it) was in any way involved in 9/11, therefore she may not do anything other than find those answers. Well Mr. Beck, I'm a bit surprised that you haven't yet divulged your evidence absolutely exonerating any faction of government in the death of JFK or the death of the Republic that came when possible government cabal factions removed the part of the Constitution where states VOLUNTARILY joined. Or when the money was taken out of our money. Or when the states lost their representation in the former Republic. Mr. Beck, I've got no idea if anybody in government was involved. Does that make me a truther? Then go to hell, you're wrong.

  90. Are you working with Al Gore? I mean, if you question climate change as it is now so-called, he also asks about the moon landings…LOL!

  91. Then if you've read the reports, and you know that fluoride not only DOESN'T do what's it's supposed to but also is very harmful, ask yourself this: Why do they keep putting it in our water? One reason might be greed, i.e. receiving kickbacks from the companies that manufacture this poison. But when you explore the HISTORY of fluoride, it's clear that the people who came up with the scheme did NOT have our dental health in.

    Regarding government conspiracies, the bottom line is that the government HAS engaged in secret conspiracies in the past. The Tuskegee syphilis experiments…the Wilson government quashing the German ads warning passengers not to board the Lusitania…MK Ultra…all of these and more resulted in the deaths of American citizens.

    At the very least, the government WAS “in some way” involved in 9/11 — if you define gross criminal negligence as “involvement.”

  92. You speak the gospel well. NIST is but an arm of our lord 'The Gov't' and they shall change and dictate science as they see fit. You are not like the others, you resort to endearing properties of honor and respect rather than derision and ridicule. I beleive all forms of information that is not sanctioned by our lord 'The Gov't' should be rounded up and publicly burnt, for the our lord 'The Gov't' shall have the only claim to truth and if another dares to make a claim opposing it the we shall resort to various methods to ensure that their ill advised blasphemy does not spread to others. Mortals cannot question divine doctrine and soon they will see that their disobedience shall reap nothing less than their downfall. All hail txrick for he has blind faith in our lord 'The Gov't'. Cuckoo is the conventional cry but i'm sure Whackaloon is acceptable. Continue to force our lord 'The Gov't's reality upon those that dare to question and beleive they know better than our divine rulers. Amen

  93. I don't know what's more disturbing–that Medina can't answer the 9/11 question with an immediate “the government had nothing to do with it,” or that she doesn't see 9/11 as a “state concern.” Isn't the threat of terrorism a concern at the national, state, and local levels? It's too bad that she's so clueless.

  94. She shouldn't HAVE to answer “No.” That's where the problem with the interview lies. “Truther = crazy nutjob” and I can only hope for Texans' sakes that they still look at the issues at hand because at least she answered honestly. Not all questions only have yes and no answers and I don't believe this one was strictly that either.

  95. Be wary of your reply for the prophet Steve, lord of the 'Empty Heads' will deride you with cries of Cuckoo. The answer is 'No the Gov't had no part in 911, they are benevolent and weep at every misfortune that befalls us. They love us and ensure that we are looked after with GM foods and mercury medicines.' To beleive otherwise is to blaspheme against our lord 'The Gov't'. Our prophet Steve is ready to charge you with a cry of Cuckoo if you dare to apply logic and thought to your claims. In Cuckoo we trust.

  96. Hahaha. I'm sorry, but this has NOTHING to do with Medina. I live in Oklahoma, so what happens in Texas isn't a HUGE concern of mine. I just happen to appreciate freedom of thought and I HAD to shed light on a lot of the “blind sheep responses” that I saw.

  97. My only comment regarding this entire interview was Becks first sentence. He gave away his position when he stated it was “dangerous” for people to follow a candidate if they do not know them. I still do not know if he was referring to her or tea partiers. What is dangerous is voting for career politicians that continue to sell the American people out time and time again. Regardless we truly ever know much about any candidate before they are elected. We get to know them once they are in office and after years of the same officials in Texas, it is easy to know what they are about. Dollar Bills!!

  98. Excellent point. MIGHT I ALSO add that those of us able to THINK FOR OURSELVES have been on our own ALL ALONG.

    I remember a very interesting quote somebody said to me once. “Learn to lead, stop following and go on to teach others. Then tell those you teach to stop following you and start leading.”

    Beck has been telling listeners to do their own homework and here's the thing. You can't honestly tell listeners to think for themselves and then expect them to suddenly NOT anymore.

    You can't take a well-lit room and bring ANY amount of darkness to have ANY effect. Only the blind sheep will run back to the darkness because they were unable to see the light in the first place.

  99. Oh lord please do not accuse me of flawed logic for logic requires thought and I try not to engage in such barbarous activity. My logic cannot be flawed for I am a follower and subscribe to your doctrine of 'empty head'. I still do not understand the tinfoil, is it so no thought enters my mind? Please enlighten me on the tinfoil matter for I am incapable of thought and require you guidance. Your false confidence on all matters is but a sign of your divinity. Only a true divine creature can know so little of everything and speak as though he were the sole holder of the truth. Oh thats right you are oh divine lord of the 'Empty Head'. Sing with me Cuckoo, Cuckoo, Cuckoo.

  100. Just heard your idea about an hour long debate on your TV show with the three Texas candidates for governor. Unless you were bluffing, I think that is a great idea. It will give Perry the opportunity to prove to you what an idiot he is and Kay, well it just shows on her, she doesn't even have to open her mouth. Debra is the only candidate with a brain that “Questions with Boldness”. By the way continuing to poke fun @ Medina's supporters is very unproffessional and juvenile. You've turned into quite a disappointment to those of us who have spent the last year boasting about you and your revelations, buying your books and setting our DVR's as to not miss the information you provide. I say this not because of the question you asked Medina but because of the way you continue to attack her and refuse to play fair. You are nothing more than a bully and that is sooo unattractive. Guess we are on our own again!

  101. If “Truther” is offensive, or misunderstood, what would you prefer to be called? I have read the NIST reports on the WTC, including the long delayed WTC bldg 7. You say you don't know who or what brought those towers down, I do, and those reports are clear enough for the average person to read and comprehend. If you want to talk details about the reports, I'll invite you to a msg board where we can discuss that. The “Loose Change” crowd, and there are many varieties, try to couch their savage and callous behavior in a softer “I'm only asking questions” attempt at denying what they are really saying- that members of the finest military in the world, men and women of honor, ethics, integrity- and unknown “others” of similar self sacrificing background- murdered thousands of their fellow citizens in a crime spree of enormous scope and cruelty (time, people, planning, materials, etc.). It dishonors the dead, agrieves their loved ones, tarnishes the current efforts to bring justice to the actual culprits, harms the reputation of our country and ignores all reality. That's not “just asking questions” any longer friend, it's damaging our country, encouraging our enemies and harming those very men and women that are fighting the evil Islamist terrorists that DID cause those towers to fall.

    Medina shows VERY poor judgement here, and ought to be running for the whackaloon party nomination- not the Republican Party- if she thinks that the US Government perpetrated 9/11, like she stated here.

  102. GLENN BECK, you set this woman up for ridicule and disrespect! Disgusting! Never have I heard such ranting and twisting and postering!!! How dare you use this public medium in a position of “trust” to tear this woman's personal TRUTH and character to bits and pieces. Some call you an entertainer; I call you #@$%!

  103. Marxist playbook? LOL…LOL

    Amy, do you believe the US govt. blew up the WTC?

    How about the moon landings…did the govt. fake those moon landings?

  104. Are you reading what I said? I said I don't know if I believe the gov't was involved. There's no point in debating someone who is following the marxist playbook.

  105. Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC complex, admitted on a September 2002 PBS documentary, 'America Rebuilds' that he and the NYFD decided to 'pull' WTC 7 on the day of the attack. The word 'pull' is industry jargon for taking a building down with explosives.

  106. Yeah, Beck is just a government plant. A kind of human demolition on all you Truthers. Conspiracy, conspiracy, conspiracy! It makes your world go round!

  107. Your contrition is accepted. Now go and attend to your flawed logic. I recommend Occam's Razor as a starting point! You may kiss my ring later! But lose the tinfoil before you do! LOL!


  108. All these people with functioning brains are making me cry oh lord of the empty heads. Please make them stop. Use your divine powers of ridicule, derision, mockery and non-sensical cries of Cuckoo to keep them at bay. How can we make people see that thinking for themselves hurts our lord 'The Gov't'? If our lord 'The Gov't' wants us to beleive it was am Arab in a cave then it must have been an Arab in a cave. There can be no other answer for we do not have the right to question. We must now toil and live in perpetual fear for our lord 'The Gov't' has decreed that there is more terror on the way. I beleive we should forfeit all our incomes to our lord 'The Gov't for they are in such debt it makes me cry. Soon they will not be able to afford to keep us in perpetual ignorance and then surely more people will engage in thought. We cannot have that. Cuckoo oh king of the empty heads Cuckoo.

  109. Richard Nixon tried to keep the Watergate scandal a secret. This required only a few people to lie, and/or keep their mouths shut. Yet, it was blown wide open quite easily. Truth has a way of coming out, especially when so many lies are needed to keep that from happening.

    A govt. sponsored WTC demolition would require an exponential amount of lies, and a large number of people telling lies, to pull off.

    You truthers need to get a life. Try beginning with Occam's Razor.


  110. Cuckoo my lord. Yes edkemper can read all the reports and evidence he wants if he wishes to remain a sinner and infidel. How dare he engage in thought. Our lord 'The Gov't' would not be poisoning us with flouride or anything else for that matter. And if they are then it is surely for our own good. Our divine lords know best and as king of the 'empty heads' Steve speaks their gospel. You best submit, edkemper, for our lords wrath will smite you and show you the truth. Truthers, Thinkers, freedom advocates, constitutionalists and all others that engage in free thought are terrorists and traitors to our lord 'The Gov't'. Nutjobs Cuckoo Wackos Cuckoo. War is peace. All hail Steve king of the empty heads.

  111. All I said is there are unanswered questions. You are assuming too much. I don't know what happened, but I do find it odd that firefighters who were there don't believe the official story. I also know from being in DC that day that either our military is inept (which I don't believe) or there is a reason that they failed to act. People may have not known what was happening who were watching it unfold on TV, but if you want me to believe our military was paralyzed that long without having a clue this was an intentional attack – the only conclusion one can come to is that our government is unable to protect us or too inept to protect us. If that is the case, we are in big trouble.

    But, it still a free country for now so let's agree to disagree instead of name calling. I find it so unfortunate when people who are on the right use tactics of the left, which are Marxist tactics. My dad wrote this back in 2004 and posted it on his blog in 2006 which explains the tactic. http://through-the-eyes-of-economics.blogspot.c

  112. Look at all the nonsense that's come from this. No discussion of Medina's politics, just insane babbling about one comment.

    May you all be judged by such trivial attention & malicious interpretation of things you say when unprepared and under pressure.

  113. I cannot resist but commend you on your flawless form. Ridicule Derision then cries of Cuckoo. You surely are the divine prophet and king of empty heads. I bow before thee for there is none as ignorant as you. I shall endevour to learn your ways. I have sinned my lord, I have read some posts and they made me engage in thought. Please deride me and ridicule me until I feel so small and shamed that all that evil though leaves my being. Oh great one, if only the world were filled with your ignorance then it would be a better place.

  114. Cuckoo to you too our divine prophet. What is this tinfoil you speak of? Will it ensure that I remain as ignorant as you? If so I shall endevour to procure some post haste. Oh how I beam when I see your cries of Cuckoo. It is pointless banter such as this which ensures that not thought or question asking takes place. If only there were a way to comend you for you devotion to our lord 'The Gov't', your quest to make thinking unpopular and your ignorance. I shall write the Nobel commitee and they will undoubtedly award you a Nobel Prize for blind faith and devotion to our lord 'The Gov't' Hell they gave Obama a Peace prize. Perhaps they can call it the Nobel 'Empty head' prize. I shall keep you no longer I am sure you have plent of thinkers to deride and pass judgement upon. I look forward to more cries of Cuckoo for it speaks volumes for your cause. Cuckoo oh lord Cuckoo.

  115. *bows* Cuckoo oh great prophet. Each time I hear your cry my heart warms. Your strength is your ignorance and that is what our lord 'The Gov't' requires of its subjects. Yet you have been chosen as a divine prophet, sent to ridicule those that dare to question our lord. Cuckoo to you sir Tyler Cuckoo. I dare not read your post for your logic and reason may sway me to the evil activity that is thought. I merely echoe the cry of Cuckoo as the divine king of the 'empty heads' knows better than I what I shall say. Perhaps the king of the 'empty heads' Steve has a stronger devotion to our lord and can read you posts and merely deride them and ignore any logic within. He is a special creature endowed with divine ignorance. There are many like him but not all cry Cuckoo loud enought to scare people into abandoning thought. CUCKOO, I shall cry till it resonates the whole globe CUCKOOOOOO!!!.

  116. Yes Ed, I'm familiar with the reports. But are you aware of the conspiracy theories surrounding fluoride? Think contrails! The number of wackjobs is growing who believe that the gubmint is behind the poisoning of America via jet contrails, so they can take over and control us!

    I wonder if the gubmint is filling our land with nutjobs in order to destabilize the population? Yeah, that's it, the gubmint is implanting nutjob conspiracy theorists into the populace so that a gubmint takeover can occur in the near future! LOL…LOL…LOL


  117. Welcome back oh wise prophet. I see you still raise our cry of Cuckoo to all those that dare to question. Blasphemy. I see exposure to all these evil thinkers has not diminished you ability to stay true. All hail Prphet Steve, king of the 'empty heads'. You are wise and your manner of ridicule and derision followed by non-sensical cries of Cuckoo are sure to deter those that are confused into remaining ignorant and pure. Keep preaching the gospel and take down the thinkers. Questions are bad. No one should question. Perhaps the only question that is acceptable is …… well I cannot think of any acceptable questions perhaps our lord 'The Gov't' will release a list of acceptable questions that we may ask. Your humble and obedient serf B.

  118. Yeah, those planes just happened to hit the buildings right where all the explosives were placed. Imagine all the questions that would have to be answered if the buildings just happened to collapse 30 stories beneath the point of the planes impact? It's a good thing those hijackers were good pilots and flew the planes right where the explosives were planted.

    Oh, by the way, can you tell us when and who planted these demolition explosives? To rig a building like that requires a good deal of work. Cutting and drilling of support structures (concrete and re-bar), placing explosive chord…etc. Such work creates lots of noise and dust. Such work would not go unnoticed. And yet, the magic secret gubmint pulled it off, cuz dem buildings did fell straight down! LOL


  119. Please stop all this questioning. Our lord 'The Gov't' said it was an Arab in a cave so It was an Arab in a cave. Now do your duty and hate everyone with a beard and some form of unconventional clothing. Our rulers would not lie to us and if they did then at that instant they changed the truth to what they say, for they have that power. You obviously have not been blessed with an ability for blind faith. I fear you spend too much energy trying to get the blind faithful to think. Your energy would be better spent toiling for our lord and ruminating on matters which are deemed acceptable, such as how many women Tiger Woods has slept with. All else is the domain of our lord and is not to be questioned. We breath our lords air and as a sign of our disrespect and ingratitute we exhale CO2. Our lord tells us that this will ruin mother earth. I for one am willing to stop breathing if our lord 'The Gov't' tells me to. I will die with honor and dignity so that such evil creatures, like us lower mortals, may vacate the earth for our divine rulers. I would estimate 20 lower class individuals must lay down their life so 1 divine ruler may operate their cars and air cons and other energy concerns. For they are the ones that truly deserve the earth and her splender. Not us ignorant fools. I see the day is quickly approaching where technology is efficient enough for our labour to be superceded and when that happens we are no longer required to serve our lord 'The Gov't' and the divine rulers can begin to cull the ungrateful masses. I would be honoured to be the first.

  120. I wonder if Medina also has doubts about the US moon landing? Afterall, there are reports out there that it was all faked. Lots of unanswered questions about those 6 moon landings. I wonder if Medina is still waiting for the evidence to come in? LOL…LOL…LOL


  121. Yeah Tyler, let's just ask questions. Let's ask the gubmint about the Moon landings which are just another gubmint conspiracy. Let's ask the gubmint about the secret creature called Big Foot, just another gubmint conspiracy. Let's ask the gubmint about contact with aliens and UFO's. Let's ask questions about the gubmint putting fluoride in our water (remember Dr. Strangelove?). LOL…LOL…LOL


  122. LOL…empty heads? I'm sure you've protected yourself from that empty head syndrome with lots of tinfoil, no?

    Hey BLESSED, did you happen to check your latest box of Kellog's Moonbat Cereal for the latest gubmint conspiracy decoder ring? Lots of up-to-date info on 911 can be discovered when you put it on your finger. But you will need to double layer the tinfoil on your head so that the ring can get better reception. Just a heads-up for you and other Truthers. Much new information is coming in. The ring is a hot item. Check your Moonbat cereal box!


  123. Tis true that to question our lord 'The Gov't is to blapheme. We have no business questioning our lord we should just toil all day and hand over the bulk of our spoils to our benevolent lords. Be it taxes or inflation, our lork knows best. It is for our own good that they keep us in bondage and ignorance for we are mere mortals and they divine. Tis true that they educate us only to the extent that we perform a certain function for their purpose but they are kind enough to give us some choice in that matter. Perhaps we too could have joined the ministry and then one day sat on the divine board of priests and holymen at the Federal Reserve and CFR. But few that were not born of divine blood enter those ranks. It takes quite a strong devout blind faith in their grand design and a forfeiting of your soul to enter those ranks. I beleive Glenn Beck is a divine missionary shooting down those that question our lord 'The Gov't'. He allows some thought only to weed out those that are true infidels such as the 'truthers' and others that beleive in freedom and thought. Ignorance is truly bliss. Succomb to our lord and saviour 'The Gov't' without question for that is the true path to enlightenment.

  124. What about the evidence of thermite? The molten steel that kept burning weeks after the initial attacks?

    The 1993 attack was a test run. The entire operation was the work of Islamic infiltrators, not of the Bush Administration. Claiming the Neocons pulled this off is where the “truthers” become idiots.

    The laws of physics weren't suspended on September 11, 2001. Too many unanswered questions, such as how did the attackers get the codes that allowed them to intercept all communications, including those to the President?

    The most likely culprits are the Saudis who long ago penetrated U.S. Intelligence networks.

  125. LOL, Kennedy did not want to start a war in Vietnam? Obviously you're an Oliver Stone fan.

    Better watch out Stevensssss, I could be a gubmint agent tracking you. Better look under every rug and behind every corner, cuz the gubmint is watching you!


  126. Another faithful. It is good to see so many that stear clear of the temptation of thought. Thought leads to questions, questions stir and upset our lord 'The Gov't'. Ti's true the only response to such blasphemy is 'No you wacko kook notjob truther thinker climate skeptic.' Your resolve is strong, I sense that no amount of temptation toward thought will stir you from the blind faith you hold in the divine gospel of our lord and saviour 'The Gov't' But you musn't settle on turning a blind eye, you must abuse and terrorise those that seek to question our lord 'The Gov't' for that will make our lord happy. The constitution is outdated and that is why it is no longer used. It was written at a time when people beleived they had rights. We are wiser now and know that the truth can only be served to us by our lord 'The Gov't. They have a plan for us and we are not ready to know what it is but we better not question it. Stay strong and rally the faithful, then seek out all those that have questions and shoot them down with derision, for it seems you have not mastered the art.

  127. Uhuh, and those planes just happened to hit where the buildings collapsed? And this was because explosive charges were placed right where the planes hit the buildings? Wow, that is some pretty good flying by those hijackers!

    Being and architect who is familiar with demolition, I'm sure you must also know it would take hundreds of workers to rig the towers for such a demolition? Such work would not go unnoticed by those who worked in the building. Such would also require great secrecy. Given the fact that the government, no matter which administration, can't keep a lid on its own people for minor things, how is it no leaks came out on this grand job? How is it a New York Times hasn't done any stories on workers who planted all those explosives? Where are the leaked stories from any who carried out such a demolition..especially given the NYT hatred of Bush/Cheney?


  128. You speak the gospel. Truth is the domain of our lord 'The Gov't' and no one shall dare question it. Even if, when scrutinised, the evidence stacks toward foul play, we the people, have no right to question our divine rulers. They want nothing but the best for the helpless masses and even if they did have a role in 911 then I am sure it was for our own good. Soon the internet will be controlled by our lords and then there will be no more evil thinking and question asking. I pray for all those poor souls asking questions when all the answers are supplied by our benevolent lord and saviour 'The Gov't' and its media missionaries. If we look through history we will find that the divine lords with wealth, power and control have been good to the people and the people just dont appreciate it. I think taxes should go up, there should be compulsory military service and that more banks and big business be helped as their profits are beginning to drop in to the millions rather than billions. I cry when I hear people speak bad of our lord 'The Gov't'. How can people get such evil in their minds. Too much thinking not enough blind acceptance I say. Bring on martial law that should weed out all the nutjobs who have theories on 'truth' and 'freedom' and 'liberty'. If our lord 'The Gov't' tells me mercury is good for me then mercury is good for me. All those that beleive they have a right to their own thought should be publicly executed, as the true faithful beleivers in our lord 'The Gov't' dance with joy and praise, for they are the true terrorists. Long live the establishment, down with our liberties and rights, praise our lord and saviour 'The Gov't'.


    In 2002, the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) asked the National Research Council (NRC) to independently evaluate the scientific basis of EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) of 4 mg/L and the Secondary Maximum Contaminant Level (SMCL) of 2 mg/L of fluoride in drinking water….the following are all adverse health effects: MODERATE DENTAL FLUOROSIS, STAGE I SKELETAL FLUOROSIS (ARTHRITIS WITH JOINT PAIN AND STIFFNESS), DECREASED THYROID FUNCTION, AND DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS ON THE BRAIN, ESPECIALLY IN CONJUNCTION WITH ALUMINUM. The amount of fluoride necessary to cause these effects to susceptible members of the population is at or below the dose received from current levels of fluoride recommended for water fluoridation. THE RECOMMENDED MAXIMUM CONTAMINANT LEVEL GOAL (MCLG) FOR FLUORIDE IN DRINKING WATER SHOULD BE ZERO.

  130. “Then let me be more frank and ask you the question: do you believe the government was any way involved with the bringing down of the World Trade Centers on 9/11?”

    She couldn't answer “no” despite being given fair and ample opportunity…

    Case closed.

  131. Why would a government that doesn't hesitate to “intentionally” destroy several buildings and kill thousands of citizens, worry about controlling the demolition? That's completely incongruent. “Ooh, let's make sure we don't kill TOO many people. Yeah, they'll never suspect we did it if we can just control how it falls.” Some people are ridiculous. Do you have any idea how many explosives would have to be smuggled into the building and how long it would take to set those charges? Idiots.

    This politician said she didn't have enough facts to know what happened. That's a pretty strong statement on national radio. She should understand that as Governor, she will be required to show a bit more diplomacy. It may not specifically be a state-issue, but it does demonstrate that she isn't clearly aware of the impact her words may have for her state.

    The correct answer would be: “The issue has been investigated and the government has made it clear there is no evidence of such a conspiracy. My heart goes out to all people that were directly or indirectly impacted by that national tragedy and hope that justice will be served on everyone responsible.”

    Just because someone asks you a loaded question, doesn't mean you have to place to your head and pull the trigger. The voters would've decided if the answer was too evasive and if it was really pertinent. She may be like alot of folks and just hasn't done enough research to satisfy the carefully twisted accusations, (that have all been debunked).

  132. The point overall here of course is that the “truthers” are such a BROAD group of people and just like the tea party…there are DIVISIONS WITHIN.

    There are THOSE who have THEORIES or “nutjobs” as you like to call them.

    There are ALSO those who SEEK ANSWERS to UNANSWERED QUESTIONS…NOTHING MORE. Are THESE people also “nutjobs.”

    THAT'S why this interview was a complete load of crap.

    Beck PROBABLY DID get a lot of emails saying she was a “truther,” but Beck DOESN'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE AMONGST them.

    He ASSUMED that she AUTOMATICALLY BELIEVED in the theories even though she said nothing of the sort. “The people might call that a yes.” Are you kiddin me? I call that a “neither side” response.

    After reviewing over this for a SECOND time…I think BECK AND MEDINA were BOTH set up.

    Was it Perry, Hutchison, or SOMEBODY ELSE? THAT'S the question to ask.

    I personally think Beck got a LOT of those “truther” emails from the SAME SOURCES mostly.

    Whoever said it KNEW that Medina was going to go on about the right to question the government and KNEW that Beck would dismiss her as a crazy loon.

  133. If you're seriously not considering voting for her all of a sudden because Beck PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH…then you're a BLIND SHEEP. You should just let “big daddy government” keep pokin you with the shepard's rod. Back into the pen you go, Mary sure has missed you, little lamb.

  134. Hm…now BECK said he got emails about her being a Truther, but SHE stated that she had NEVER HEARD THAT up till now.

    I'll give Beck the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he WAS sent a bunch of emails…but WHO SENT THEM??

    Also…she DID NOT LIE. She not once said she was a truther and if you can SOMEHOW listen OVER HIS CONSTANT INTERRUPTIONS…you can hear her clearly saying that people have the right to their own opinion.

    I'd better hurry up and finish replying to these ridiculous comments before the THOUGHT POLICE shows up and takes me away forever.

  135. Her saying that PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO QUESTION THE GOVERNMENT does NOT place her as a WACK JOB. It DOESN'T MATTER if she's a truther or not because it's IRRELEVANT to how HONEST (which she answered honestly) or CONSERVATIVE (if she's honest…then she's the MOST CONSERVATIVE CHOICE). Beck asked an IRRELEVANT question and KEPT INTERRUPTING and placing words in her mouth. These are NOT NORMAL Beck behaviors. There's CLEARLY SOMETHING WRONG here whether he was setting her up from the get go or not.

  136. PLAYED FOR WHAT?? Even if she WAS a “truther,” HOW does that HONESTLY affect how CONSERVATIVE she is??

    I hope she DOES get voted and that she does GREAT THINGS for Texas, so that people can realize that crap like “Are you a truther or not?” DOESN'T MATTER when it comes to HOW WELL ONE CAN GOVERN.

  137. There are UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. That's really all it boils down to…whether you believe the government was involved or not. There are questions which are YET to be properly answered.

    I suppose you believe that human activities are the main cause of global warming JUST because the U.N. scientists say it is?

  138. Violent rebellion would be NO KIND OF ANSWER. TRUE rebellions involve EDUCATION…ENLIGHTENMENT.

    There WERE violent rebellions TOO…but not enough people joined the cause and they were taken down.

    There's a reason for this of course. 87% of the world take their information SOLELY from mainstream media (Fox included). So…can 13% HONESTLY MAKE REAL CHANGE?? Nope. More of the 87% have to be convinced and it's HARD to convince these people when they're SO MESMORIZED by the “soft TV glow.”

  139. It SHOULDN'T MATTER if she's a truther or not. That's what's PROPOSTEROUS about this whole interview and SOME of these BLIND SHEEP REACTIONS to it.


    What happened to FREE THOUGHT?? She's NOT a Communist…but a CONSERVATIVE…exactly what you people CLAIM TO WANT.

    But hey…I'd rather have a PROGRESSIVE than a “nutjob truther,” RIGHT??

    Good lord…if you people can't see this for the OBVIOUS SETUP that it is, then God help you. I don't even live in Texas, but I feel sorry for anyone who so quickly follows Beck on this one.

  140. Um…just because she WON'T CONFORM to the “Government would never lie to you,” idea…you IMMEDIATELY DISMISS HER??

    I would like to think that someone who DOES QUESTION would be BETTER than those who just sit down and shut up like blind sheep.

  141. THIS is the PROBLEM with Beck's interview, liljana. Truthers are NOT ALL conspiracy theorists who insist on government involvement. SOME of us JUST ASK QUESTIONS. Medina ENCOURAGES QUESTIONS…so…is she CRAZY for this all of a sudden? The fact that she answered HONESTLY to the question should be enough for you to AT LEAST CONSIDER her plan of action.

  142. It amazes me that you show such “blind sheep” mentality towards this. She's HONEST and FISCALLY CONSERVATIVE. Glenn was TRYING TO SHUT HER UP. That is NOT something he NORMALLY does. If you're seriously not voting for someone SOLELY FOR THIS…you're a blind sheep who has NO business voting in the first place. You're going to DESTROY YOUR OWN STATE by voting for “lesser of two evils?” I really hope this hasn't hurt Medina TOO badly. I don't even live in Texas, but I HOPE she wins and does GREAT THINGS for you “truthers are nutjobs” folks, so you can see how STUPID it was for you to DISMISS her just because she ENCOURAGES QUESTIONS.

  143. TRUTHER does NOT equal “wackjob.” If you folks REFUSE to look at MULTIPLE SIDES of a given issue, then you have no real say in such matters. This is CLEARLY an attack on character, but she ANSWERED HONESTLY. She IS the right candidate for Texas and that's WHY Beck suddenly CHANGED HIS WHOLE PRINCIPLES just to do this.


    If you can't see that the Beck you've BEEN following WOULD NOT DO THIS…then you're a FOOL.

  144. Lemme ask you goobers a question.

    WHY is Ron Paul a lunatic?

    Give me a GOOD answer instead of just OPINION that “He's a nutjob.”

    If you want to actually change the course BACK into the R&D hands because of THIS…then I want FACTS when you try to argue WHY.

    Ron Paul NOR Medina are lunatics and their following is SIMPLE. HONESTY.

    Where's the dishonesty in either of these folks?

    Fiscal conservatism.

    It's obvious that BOTH of these guys are ALL FOR CONSERVATISM.

    So…WHY would you think them LOONIES? Because they ASK QUESTIONS?

    We should ALWAYS hold the government accountable and whether or not a person believes the government was involved with 9/11 should NOT be relevant…NOR IS IT to Texas state issues.

  145. Well, thefix…nobody besides folks who ACTUALLY PAID ATTENTION. PHYSICS can tell you that EVEN IF the planes could bring the towers down…they COULDN'T collapse EVENLY DEMOLITION STYLE.

    This is NOT CONSPIRACY or LOOSE CHANGE talking. This is MY OWN observation of the ACTUAL ATTACK FOOTAGE.

    The government is YET to EXPLAIN that one. PHYSICISTS have already explained it…but NOT THE GOVERNMENT…because they know they CAN'T.

    But…anyway…this should NOT be something that loses votes for an HONEST candidate and that's why I'm actually bothering to reply to so many of these comments.

  146. What's SAD is because of SHEEP like YOU and JohnSo…you're PROBABLY RIGHT. I HOPE NOT, but perhaps. There seem to be ENOUGH people HERE at least who THINK FOR THEMSELVES and don't just think “Truther = crazy or truther = evil.”

    That is OF COURSE assuming she EVEN SAID THAT…which she DIDN'T.

    She answered HONESTLY and Beck put words in her mouth.

    This is EXACTLY that same “You're with us or against us,” crap that Bush was telling people after 9/11. “Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories.” Really?? If they're SO OUTRAGEOUS, then WHY DOES IT MATTER??

    But that's BESIDES the point. You should LOOK DEEPER into this than “Oh…she didn't just say no.” Look at her HONESTY…then look at her conservatism and support for the Constitution over the other 2 candidates.

  147. Beck asked an IRRELEVANT question and INTERRUPTED HER REPEATEDLY.

    NEITHER of these are NORMAL Beck behaviors.

    If you people THOUGHT FOR YOURSELVES, you could easily see through this.

  148. Do you even know what a truther ACTUALLY IS, George? NOT ALL OF US even have theories. We just ASK QUESTIONS? Is it WRONG to question government? YOU apparently think so, but MEDINA SUPPORTS FREE THOUGHT. THAT is what she was TRYING to say while Beck was interrupting and shoving words into her mouth for her. But yeah…I wouldn't want to vote for the most conservative candidate, who answers honestly, and supports freedom of thought EITHER. You keep perpetuating the old fashioned R&D machine candidates. How pathetic.

  149. Steve. It's BLIND SHEEP LIKE YOU that are the EXACT REASON why Perry…or WHOEVER it was paid Beck to set Medina up.

    Truthers are NOT crazy OR evil. NOT ALL truthers even have theories…JUST QUESTIONS. Is there anything so wrong with questions? If you didn't ask questions as a kid…would you have gotten through high school and gotten out of the home with any knowledge of the real world? OF COURSE NOT.

    You can just blindly follow the government all you want, but WHY THE HECK would you place such stigma on someone who SUPPORTS THE RIGHT TO QUESTION GOVERNMENT?

    Medina is CLEARLY the MOST CONSERVATIVE candidate and PEOPLE LIKE YOU are going to GIVE UP on her now just because you have this IDEA that she's some “looney tune.”

    You ALSO didn't listen to her response…NOBODY COULD because Beck KEPT INTERRUPTING and PUTTING WORDS IN HER MOUTH.

    That was just UNPROFESSIONAL of him.

  150. Plus, “truther” is TOO GENERIC of a term. I'M a “truther,” but I DON'T HAVE THEORIES. I have ONLY FACTS as they are presented to me. There are HOLES in the story and I DEMAND ANSWERS. That's ALL I REALLY WANT…NOT TO BE LIED TO and NOT to be called CRAZY for EVER ASKING.

    You want SCIENTIFIC FACTS, rick? Lemme give you one that you need ONLY THE ACTUAL BUILDING COLLAPSE FOOTAGE for.

    A plane hits a building…the building goes down DEMOLITION STYLE.

    COMMON PHYSICS 101 will tell you that a PLANE CANNOT cause a building to go down in the SAME manner as a SCHEDULED DEMOLITION.

    I'll say I don't know WHO or WHAT…but it WASN'T JUST the plane which brought either of those buildings down.

    You SHOULD be able to tell that WITH YOUR OWN EYES.

  151. txrick…this is the best argument I've seen yet, but you're STILL WRONG.

    She DID judge this properly. She is being HONEST (which you should look for) when she says she's looked into it and has not found proper evidence for either side.

    She THINKS FOR HERSELF which is more than can be said for the other candidates.

  152. There is NO politician that has been mispoken, but let's get ONE thing straight.



  153. There IS ONE DIFFERENCE though. Beck is TRUE TO PRINCIPLES. What's messed up is he preaches them regularly and then does THIS kind of crap to someone HONEST. What the heck, man??

  154. Beck asked an IRRELEVANT QUESTION and KEPT INTERRUPTING HER. It's a SETUP and if you can't see that…you're BLIND.

    I don't even live in Texas. This ISN'T ABOUT Medina. This is about a WRONGFUL STIGMA of “truthers.” Truthers are NOT EVIL, so WHY DOES IT MATTER?

    If you DO think “truthers” are evil, then you don't know what they actually do.

    Do you NOT SUPPORT the right to question government? WHETHER OR NOT the government engineered 9/11, there IS proof that governments EVERYWHERE HAVE created false flag operations in order to get masses to approve of their agenda.

    I'm a “truther,” but conspiracy theories aren't my thing. I ONLY ask for ACTUAL ANSWERS to ACTUAL QUESTIONS instead of presenting me with INSULTS and STIGMA.

    “Got it?”

  155. People like you have NO business voting if you can't see that this was a clear setup by Beck. He PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH.


    I think the fact that she DIDN'T just blatently say “No,” should show HONESTY…which Beck PREACHES all the time.

    She BELIEVES IN THE RIGHT TO QUESTION. She wants to PROTECT your first amendment rights.

    Yeah. I wouldn't vote for an HONEST politician who SUPPORTS MY RIGHT TO SPEAK MY MIND either. HAHA!!

  156. WHAT DOES 9/11 have to do with the issues in your state?

    Shouldn't the fact that she DIDN'T give the POLITICIAN answer be a SIGN OF HONESTY…which is RARE in politics anymore?

    If you IMMEDIATELY DISMISS her because of an IRRELEVANT QUESTION…then you're a BLIND SHEEP and have NO business voting AT ALL.

  157. Now WHY are they dangerous, Dwight? Is there something WRONG with just ASKING QUESTIONS?

    Is it wrong to WANT ANSWERS when NO REAL ones are being provided for questions involving the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil?




  158. Don't forget to tell these guys as well…THINK FOR YOURSELVES. You DON'T HAVE to take these words like holy scripture. Just PAY ATTENTION. Anyone who actually thinks for themselves OF COURSE will question just SIMPLE things such as the buildings coming down demolition-style. They NEEDED to DESTROY THE WHOLE BUILDING and a PLANE CAN'T DO THAT. It's PHYSICS 101. A plane CANNOT cause a building to come down DEMOLITION-STYLE and UNIFORMLY the way it did. That DOES NOT require you to watch Loose Change. Just watching the ACTUAL ATTACK FOOTAGE will show you this.

  159. Yep yep. Wanting to kiss Perry is PRETTY FAR AWAY from his statement a few days ago about Perry being a Progressive who wants big government and criticizing Sarah Palin for campaigning for the guy.

  160. Haha. Lovely. THIS is what happens when you start having people think for themselves, Beck. When you pull CRAP LIKE THIS…they SEE RIGHT THROUGH IT. You've unleashed a monster by ALLOWING FREE THOUGHT. You CAN'T PUT IT BACK IN THE BOX.

  161. Well said, rosemary. It's obvious 2 things here.

    1. The question was IRRELEVANT to where she stands as far as being a good governor to Texans.

    2. Interrupting people and putting words in their mouth (which IS what Glenn did here) are NOT NORMAL BECK BEHAVIORS.

  162. Um…cwc2…it DOES!! You can find PLENTY of evidence of this when you start Googling it. I don't mean just clicking on the first page either. I mean ACTUAL RESEARCH.

  163. On the contrary…I like the fact that she DIDN'T just give a POLITICIAN answer. If I lived in Texas, this would STRENGTHEN my consideration for electing her.

  164. It was NOT RELEVANT. What on EARTH does being a “truther” or not have to do with the issues of Texans?

    Also, did you not find it odd that Beck KEPT INTERRUPTING?

    Asking irrelevant questions and interrupting people are NOT normal behaviors for Beck.

    So, whether or not you honestly believe that truther = communist because of his using these words to describe Van Jones or that truther = crazy because there's “no way the government would ever sacrifice people in order to further their agenda,” I'd like to challenge all of you…THINK FOR YOURSELVES.

    Shouldn't the fact that Medina DIDN'T just flatout say “Of course not,” show her HONESTY? Beck PREACHES PRINCIPLES all the time. Do principles NOT MATTER anymore?


    ALERT: The 1st amendment is under attack!!

  165. Maybe you're right and maybe you're wrong, but I think we can ALL agree on ONE thing.

    Beck asked an IRRELEVANT question and INTERRUPTED her REPEATEDLY. These are BOTH things he DOESN'T NORMALLY DO.

  166. Thank you for bringing other false flag attacks into the argument. I didn't want to risk looking like a “nutjob” for being the ONLY one.

    You can DRESS THIS UP all you want, but 9/11 is NOT A FACTOR here. The ONLY way that 9/11 should EVER be a factor is if Medina were to have said “Osama DID do it and HE'S THE BEST.” If she had said THAT…THEN I could see someone going “WHAT THE HECK DID SHE JUST SAY?”

  167. djlite. If you live in Texas, you've got to be NUTS to base your vote on something of THIS NATURE.

    9/11 has NOTHING to do with the issues Texas faces.

    Shouldn't her NON-POLITICIAN ANSWER be PROOF OF HONESTY? It's clear she's NOT ABOUT TO LIE TO YOU. Since that's the case, then perhaps her POLICY IDEAS which seem GREAT should be taken MORE into consideration.

    If it were MY state, I'd have to think HONESTY is more important than whether or not I believe the government had involvement.

    To say that you wouldn't vote for someone based on THEIR OPINION OF 9/11 is the SAME as those IDIOTS who VOTED FOR BUSH SOLELY because he was CHRISTIAN.

    Religion and opinions are NOT a reason to vote for someone. HONESTY and IDEAS should be what you need to focus on here.

  168. WHY was she even asked that to BEGIN WITH?? Should there be an “L” in front of your name, bro?

    9/11 has NOTHING to do with the CURRENT TEXAS PRIMARIES.

    This was SO much a setup and it makes me angry to see BLIND FOLLOWERS support this kind of nonsense.

    He put words in her mouth and it doesn't even matter whether she is or not anyway because ASKING QUESTIONS IS NOT EVIL.

  169. Glenn's not about to ask someone if they're Christian. If they do THAT…then HE'LL look like a nutjob.

    Manipulation is a GREAT tool that ALL mainstream media does pretty well. I only watch or listen to this stuff because it's SO OBVIOUS the lies now that we can AT LEAST capture what BITS of truth they DO put out there.


    Glenn Beck can think she's a looney tune all he wants, but shouldn't he APPRECIATE the HONESTY?? I mean…he DOES PREACH PRINCIPLES all the time. Or…is it that such things ONLY apply when people are paying money for tickets to conventions he's attending and purchasing his merchandise??

  171. Danged skippy. Glenn talks about PRINCIPLES and HONESTY and when Medina gives an HONEST answer instead of just “Of course not,” should make him say “CONGRATULATIONS FOR HONESTY!” instead of “Oh my God, she's a 'truther' so she MUST be in allegiance with Van Jones.” HAHA!!

    For those of you Beck followers who wonder why I laugh at that…it's SIMPLE. Van Jones is NOT bad because he's a “truther.” Van Jones is BAD…BECAUSE HE'S A COMMUNIST. “Got it?” as your beloved boy would say about ANY OTHER topic.

  172. THAT'S the spirit, Keith!! I haven't had a chance to look into her POLICY IDEAS yet, but her NOT just giving the POLITICIAN answer makes her SEEM MORE HONEST in MY view.

    If I lived in Texas, I'd DEFINITELY LOOK at what this dude just posted. GOOD STUFF. I'd have to say that I WOULD vote for her if I lived there.

    Hopefully a candidate with this kind of honesty comes along in Oklahoma. YEAHOO!!

  173. This is the first time I've seen Glenn do something that causes me to question his motives. Perhaps there's more to Medina than Glenn is telling us. Still, it's not clear that Medina is actually a member of the lunatic groups who claim that Bush & Cheney, with the help of Israel, carried out the 9-11 attacks.

    About the events of 9-11: Given what's available for public consumption, it's reasonable to suspect that the U.S. was penetrated by a foreign intelligence operation. The most likely culprits are the Islamic states that have a long and cozy relationship with U.S. Intelligence. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are at the top of the list.

  174. I read the article you presented and it's a BUNCH OF CRAP. Yeah…Alex Jones believes that Rick Perry is part of the Bilderburg group. Of course Ron Paul questioned the official story of 9/11. The lady who wrote this article spoke of Libertarians as if the POLITICAL PARTY was a bunch of nutjobs. That's some biased BS.

    Libertarians if you look into what one ACTUALLY IS…is MORE CONSERVATIVE than MODERN REPUBLICANS. Libertarians SEPARATED from Republicans because they were NOT CONSERVATIVE ENOUGH. Libertarians have ALWAYS been about less government and fiscal conservation where your boys Bush and McCain were ALL about BIG government and BOTH SUPPORTED the bailout which there's been NO REAL evidence of improvement with.

    It's this EXACT kind of “follow the leader and do not question” mentality which WILL DESTROY AMERICA, if we're NOT CAREFUL.

    There is NOTHING EVIL OR CRAZY about people WANTING ANSWERS. They WOULDN'T BE ASKING, if they were GETTING THEM. Yeah. Call me a “truther,” but I'd rather THINK FOR MYSELF than let myself be shepparded by the likes of Beck and this “conservative” journalist.

  175. Hey SHIFT key,

    WTF are you talking about? Thought police and remove comments pertain to what I said how?? Now telling this guy how to run his site that he allows you the priviledge of using. You Paul type kooks take the cake.

  176. Debra Medina does not support the Superhighway going through texas like all the other magot candidates. The truth is, we are allowing foriegn owned corporations to purchase our highway system. Debra is a real patriot, and using glenn beck to use 911 to trash her just because she may or may not believe that 911 was a so called inside job is bullkhockey. Medina is making a real difference in this race and is showing that she is a real patriot that believes in state rights. Oh Glenn, when are you going to wake up and stop being a shill for globalists.

  177. To me…this just BLATENTLY PROVES that Fox News is ALSO…get ready, Fox News listeners and watchers…MAINSTREAM MEDIA. The other networks are on the left side of things and THEY'RE on the RIGHT side of things. There's ONLY ONE Fox News because IT ALONE gets BETTER RATINGS. So…look at the combined ratings from the other sides and you'll see an EQUAL DIVISION…just as the OWNERS OF ALL NEWS SOURCES (who are part of the same group, if you do your research) intended.

  178. I absolutely agree that 9/11 needs to be PROPERLY investigated and for us to get REAL answers, but I DON'T agree that Beck is a sellout.

    Now, maybe I'm wrong…I could be and I'll give that possibility to you right now.

    The ONLY reason I'm actually replying to this comment is because ATTACKING people is NOT the way to resolve these issues.

    In MY opinion, though I agree there's loopholes in the story…nothing will actually happen as it should with it and I believe in moving on to the future to ensure that HOPEFULLY this won't happen again.

    I even believe that the underwear bomber is a false flag operation as well, but there's no point in telling that to people who want to believe that Obama's unintentionally being soft on the terrorists.

    Anyway, logic and reasoning are the way to win these arguments. It's SLOW…but MORE EFFECTIVE than ATTACKS.

  179. Another problem is that “truthers” just like members of the “tea party” have EXTREMISTS within their ranks. This of course allows the media to OVERGENERALIZE.

    That's what folks like Beck have done with the “truthers.” There ARE “truthers” who flatout believe that the government was fully responsible while there are SOME OF US (yeah…I'll label myself one…why not) who just WANT ANSWERS and ARE NOT GETTING ANY.

    Kind of my same point goes towards the Federal Reserve.


    They're the NUMBER ONE FINANCIAL INSTITUTE in our country…NOT EVEN A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. They're a PRIVATE COMPANY who prints OUR money and CHARGES INTEREST on it for payback…like…say…the BANK that it IS.

    They're the LEADING financial “advisors” who suggested the bailout and who are suggesting all this OTHER money be printed for this and that which is devaluing our currency.

    Since 1913 when they were created…NOT ONCE have these guys EVER been HELD ACCOUNTABLE. They've been ASKED QUESTIONS…but NO INVESTIGATIONS OR AUDITS have ever been done.

    So…am I a NUTJOB for ASKING THIS QUESTION?? I guess SO.

    People need to THINK FOR THEMSELVES instead of MISINTERPRETTING a RADIO TALK SHOW HOST. I LIKE Glenn Beck, but this was NOT the right way to conduct the interview.

  180. I think Beck has this teeter/totter thing. I DON'T KNOW for sure where he's ACTUALLY LIED. I remembered him trashing the Federal Reserve right before the bailout and then a few days later saying “We have to do this.” Do I think he covered up?? Not necessarily. Maybe he just DIDN'T KNOW BETTER.

    Did he do anything DISHONEST here?? I don't think so. I DO however think this interview was NOT IN GOOD TASTE…but HONEST.

    The way he talks about Van Jones, I think he TRULY BELIEVES that “truther” and “communist” are SYNONYMS which is WHY he couldn't stand that she wouldn't just give the POLITICIAN answer he WANTED.

    Haha. I would prefer for him NOT to endorse politicians for THIS EXACT REASON. He's NOT an EXPERT of any kind and his values CLEARLY FOG his judgement of TRUTH and FACT.

  181. Beck set her up – what a moron! I am done with him. Deleted him from my DVR. That was a dirty trick and probably done with an agenda – say one for Perry, hmmmm?

  182. I think it's funny that he did this to her, since he did the SAME when he was asked about Obama's citizenship.

    Notice in all of his critiques to the “birthers” that he DOESN'T DISAGREE. He just thinks that it HELPS OBAMA which is why he doesn't support them.

    In his defense, I think Beck TRULY BELIEVES that truthers are communists in disguise and THAT'S WHY he was SO RUDE and PUT WORDS IN HER MOUTH when she wouldn't flatout deny it.

  183. Just like with Sarah Palin – when a conservative is a threat there is only one way to handle it – destroy, destroy, destroy! I am so sick of it! Even if I had not already decided to vote for Medina, this would have pushed me over the line. She has my vote for lots of reasons, the biggest one now being she was attacked by a pack of dogs led by Glenn Beck – backed perhaps by Perry?

  184. Did you ALSO notice that Beck clearly put words in her mouth during the interview and immediately dismissed her as opposed to letting her speak fully. The continuous interruption was JUST RUDE. I've listened to a LOT of his radio shows and I RESPECT him because he USUALLY (for some reason not here) lets people speak WITHOUT INTERRUPTING. Whether you agree with Beck or not, can we AT LEAST agree that this interview was IN POOR TASTE on Beck's part??

    I know that Van Jones is talked about a lot as a Communist and a Truther, but TRUTHERS ARE NOT EVIL.

    Shouldn't the fact that she DIDN'T give the politician answer mean ANYTHING to you?? I suppose saying “God bless the U.S.” at the end of every speech as if it was as routine as brushing your teeth probably seems GENUINE EVERY TIME??

    Come on, now. THINK FOR YOURSELF, please. Realize that QUESTIONING the government is NOT A BAD THING. If we're SUCH NUTS…then JUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS and PROOVE US NUTS. DON'T CALL US NAMES and make us SEEM EVIL.

    We're NOT…I promise. I just WANT TO BE PROVEN WRONG. I'd LOVE to be wrong so that I can at least SOMEWHAT trust my government again.

  185. I'd ALSO like to see a public official NOT say “God bless the U.S.” I mean…AT LEAST CHANGE IT UP, ya know. It SOUNDS DISINGENUINE when that's ALWAYS their ending sentence.

  186. Can YOU link Osama to 9/11? I think even the FBI has admitted they have nothing. Aside from that, why must this issue be black and white? It is quite telling when questioning the actions and intentions of our own government is considered blasphemy.

  187. This is what I've been replying to others, jerry. People should SEE MEDINA as the MORE HONEST candidate AFTER THAT. She DIDN'T just give the POLITICIAN ANSWER.

    I'm kind of ticked off that being or not being a “truther” is even that big of a deal NOW. It's been ALMOST 9 YEARS, people. LET IT GO!! TRUTHER OR NOT…just LET IT GO. The damage has ALREADY BEEN DONE, so let's MOVE ON.

  188. But Liberty…Medina MUST be a “truther” since she didn't give the POLITICIAN answer of “Of course I'm not a truther.”

    Since Van Jones is a Communist and a Truther…they BOTH MUST BE THE SAME.

    Of course we ALL KNOW that if you DON'T DENY TRUTHER (which is ALSO COMMUNIST), then you MUST be EVIL and SHOULD NOT LEAD PEOPLE.


    I don't mean to laugh because I'm cringing at the same time. I just think it's funny that SO MANY people BLINDLY FOLLOW BECK as if HE WAS GOD.

    He's only a man and just a fallible as the next person. I think he was HONEST in what he did…since he DOES have a right to his own opinion, but his way of doing it was ABSURD.

  189. Much agreed. I think ANYONE with THEIR OWN BRAINS should AT LEAST agree that the interview was IN BAD TASTE whether they agree with Beck or not.

  190. She didn't admit to being a truther. She gave a REAL answer and Beck just put words in her mouth. This interview was NOT in good taste whether you agree with Beck's immediate dismissal of her or not.

    Try NOT to be one of the 87% of people on Earth who blindly follow MSM (including Fox) and just take information at face value.

    I give Medina POINTS for NOT giving a POLITICIAN answer on that.

  191. I think we may have to WAIT AND SEE on THAT one, bro. I don't recall him pushing for the bank bailout until AFTER he SPOKE SORELY about the Federal Reserve. I think the REAL question is “Did he REALLY believe that we HAVE to do this after all or was he ordered to say that?”

    I only pay attention to him because he DOES SPEAK TRUTH OVERALL from what I've heard of him so far. EVEN THIS. I think it's HIS ACTUAL OPINION that Medina must be EVIL because she's a “truther.”

    He HAS multiple times placed Van Jones under the “communist and truther” category. So, NATURALLY…this mixing pot under the same evil stew MUST apply to EVERYONE who WON'T SAY NO to a “truther” question.

  192. Now now, judith. That IS POSSIBLE…but perhaps maybe Beck ACTAULLY BELIEVES that “truthers” and “communists” are the SAME. He sure talked a lot about Van Jones a lot lately who's BOTH. So…maybe he's convinced himself “Truther = Communist therefore anything not outright denying “truther” is Communist.” I'm thinkin he ACTUALLY BELIEVES that Medina's a COMMUNIST because she wouldn't do the POLITICIAN thing of flatout denial.

    To me…this SCORES BIG points for Medina as she is WILLING TO SPEAK HER MIND REGARDLESS of the consequence.

    Victory for FREEDOM OF THOUGHTS.

  193. What's funny Douglas is that Beck NEVER DISAGREED with the “birthers.” He just kept saying that they're HELPING OBAMA. THAT'S why he kept trying to tell them to knock it off.

    Here's something you should think about too, Doug. Glenn DID NOT handle this PROPERLY…but at least he IS HONEST.

    Remember what he said when Palin supported Perry? “I like her and she gets it, but why is she going away from her principles by supporting McCain and Perry?”

    He DOESN'T support Perry. I honestly believe Beck is IGNORANT when it comes to “truthers” seeing as how he's compared the COMMUNIST JONES and TRUTHER in the SAME POT.

    He has MADE HIMSELF believe that “truthers are evil.” THAT'S why he reacted the way he did to her question and why he put words in her mouth FOR HER.

  194. Yep yep. I STILL like him because he IS TRUTHFUL. AT LEAST HE'S HONEST…even if he does crap like THIS. He has EVERY RIGHT to dismiss this gal, but his REASON for dismissing her is just DUMB.

    Van Jones is a communist and a “truther.” Beck says this a LOT as of lately. Then Medina gets interviewed and even though she NEVER AGREED to being a “truther,” Beck pretty much puts the words in her mouth FOR her. Is this a coverup?? I don't think so. I just think Beck ACTUALLY THINKS that “truther” and “communist” are SYNONYMS and his BLIND FOLLOWERS AGREE. Haha.

  195. If you really look at it, the “truther” movement is NOT that much different than the “tea party” movement. They BOTH just want HONESTY…NOT COVERUPS and NAME CALLING.

    You ALSO need to realize that though SOME “truthers” ARE conspiracy theorists…NOT ALL come up with theories. They ONLY ASK QUESTIONS and the “ANSWERS” are just NAME CALLING.

    THAT'S what ticks ME off.


  196. It IS kind of sad that Beck is going against his own preachings and principles, but he DOES speak truth in SOME areas. The real job of anyone who's liked Glenn Beck for as long as I have should feel free to continue listening and just process the information the way you interpret it. THINK FOR YOURSELF and don't let his immediate dismissal of this woman BECOME you thought. POLICY IDEAS are what are KEY here. If I lived in Texas, I'd look more into her IDEAS TO HELP TEXAS instead of focusing on something SO STUPID such as “Glenn said 'yes,' so she MUST be a 'truther.'”

    The BIGGEST problem is the way he's been after “truthers,” lately. Van Jones. He's a communist and a truther. A TRUTHER and COMMUNIST are NOT EVEN CLOSE to the SAME, yet he's lapped them together SO MUCH to the point where his BLIND FOLLOWERS will go “Yep. She must be a crazy nutjob just like Van Jones because she didn't confidently deny being a 'truther'.” THIS is where so many have gotten this idea that “truthers” are just “EVIL.” Come on!! Gimme a break!! THINK FOR YOURSELVES, PLEASE!!

  197. Hahaha!! A bit overboard, but EXCELLENT point, bro. Religion, government, bueracracy…ALL DISCOURAGE FREE THOUGHT. Religion tells you things like that at the end of times, there'll be an ABUNDANCE OF INFORMATION…like information is a BAD thing or something. Governments change their stories all the time…everyone knows that already. Bueracracy teaches us that we CAN'T DO ANYTHING without APPROVAL FROM SUPERIORS.

    Doublethink and groupthink. People who actually changed their minds JUST because of this interview need to look these 2 words up and realize that they've become victims to BOTH.

  198. WHAT?? Are you the THOUGHT POLICE?? I thought Medina did a GOOD job answering TRUTHFULLY instead of just giving the POLITICIAN answer.

    She NEVER SAID SHE WAS a “truther,” but Beck put words in her mouth.

    He has EVERY RIGHT to his opinion and he has EVERY RIGHT to even dismiss her IF HE WANTS, but it goes AGAINST HIS PREACHINGS.

    People should LOOK FOR HONESTY and I'd say NOT giving the “RIGHT” answer is about as honest as it gets.

    Her response was not BS nor was the original interview. The fact that ANYONE just says things like “let's remove comments that don't agree with Mr. Beck” is just PROOF that the Constitution is UNDER ATTACK.

    Scoop…might I just say that I AM going to check this again to see if you REMOVED “disagreeable” comments. If you DO…then YOU have lost my support. I've been telling people about you left and right since I found this site because I believe in what SEEMS to be a fair and balanced point of view from you. PLEASE stay fair and balanced.

    Foul language or just flat out trashing you for NO REASON…that's different. PLEASE DO NOT remove ANY comment SOLELY because it doesn't agree with you. I'm not talking about JUST MINE. I don't care HOW CRAZY these disagreeable comments are. Heck…I don't agree with every one of them, but it's about FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THOUGHT.

  199. It's ALL SELECTIVE, websmith. If all these 2nd Amendment supporters and NRA members were MORE OSTRACIZED for their wanting to own guns and gun ownership was DEMONIZED HERE the same as it is in England and the EU, then their tune would CHANGE QUICKLY. They'd be all about “Stop trying to tell me my right to own these guns is a bad thing.”

    People believe WHAT THEY WANT to believe. That's what's SAD about this particular radio interview. I just HOPE that the people of Texas SEE THROUGH this OBVIOUS SETUP and KNOW FOR THEMSELVES who's TRULY BEST for their state. Maybe Medina IS good. Maybe NOT. I'd look more into MEDINA'S POLICY IDEAS after listening to this if I lived in Texas.


    There were MORE “truthers” back then…but they were AFRAID TO QUESTION because of George HITLER Bush saying crap like “Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories.” He said this BEFORE those theories STARTED. He KNEW people would QUESTION THE OFFICIAL STORY.

    But hey…what do WE know?? We're just “NUTJOBS” for even DARING to think that JUST MAYBE the government DOESN'T CARE ABOUT ITS PEOPLE and will do ANYTHING TO PROCEED WITH THEIR AGENDA.

    This goes back to GROUPTHINK. 87% of people take information for face value only and approximately half of those people participate in “false rebellion” where they JOIN “OUTSIDER GROUPS” because they happened to stumble upon different information.

    Glenn Beck has a right to his own opinion and even has a right to dismiss Medina, but it's SAD to think that THAT would be his SOLE reason for suddenly not considering that MAYBE HER POLICY IDEAS would be the BEST FOR TEXAS.

    Here's the thing to anyone from Texas who heard this BS interview. SHOULDN'T the fact that Medina DIDN'T just give that POLITICIAN answer of “Of course I'm not a 'truther,'” be what yall are LOOKING FOR?? TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT DEMONIZATION IT RECEIVES. Her QUESTIONING THE GOVERNMENT should be a GOOD thing for those of us Americans who want politicians to STAND UP for what's right in D.C. instead of “sitting down and shutting up” like so many of them ARE.

  200. Here's the thing, Wes. “Truther” is a term used to describe ANYONE (conspiracy theorist or not) who DARES TO ASK about any aspect of 9/11. The conspiracy theorists are the ones who WITHOUT A DOUBT BELIEVE that the government WAS involved. There are SOME OF US however who WON'T CLAIM anything that ISN'T PROVEN. There's NO REAL WAY to PROOVE government involvement. People like MYSELF just want to ask “HOW ON EARTH can a plane make a building go down DEMOLITION STYLE?” or “What about the 3RD building which WASN'T HIT AT ALL?” or “Why wasn't there a black box or holes that a wing would've caused if a PLANE was what crashed into the Pentagon?” I am ONLY ASKING QUESTIONS…NOT making up conspiracy theories.

    To FURTHER proove my point, I'm AWARE that CLINTON'S administration was the one that REALLY started to have talks with the U.N. about going after Saddam Hussein. But WHY would it SUDDENLY be allowed SHORTLY AFTER 9/11?

    These are all SIMPLE QUESTIONS. If those who say I'm wrong can PROVE me wrong…I'd LOVE IT. See…I WANT to be WRONG. If I was WRONG, then I could ACTUALLY TRUST my government. I could ACTUALLY BELIEVE that spending is the best way to get out of a recession. I could ACTUALLY BELIEVE that floride ISN'T POISON WHEN INGESTED.

  201. Steve. The REAL government is DESTROYING ALL countries. The EU is facing a crisis and a revolution of the unions and WE'RE NEXT. This crisis and everything else involved has been planned for a LONG LONG TIME. The destruction, the raising deficit, and the fact that no real proof has been presented of these “so called millions of created jobs” is ALL BOGUS and we should MORE THAN EVER ASK ALL QUESTIONS regarding EVERYTHING WE FEEL IS WRONG. This is just another tiny building block towards building a New World Order. Do you understand WHY the government REALLY puts floride in the water or do you just think to yourself “Well, they're telling us the truth when they say it's for dental health. It HAS to be since it's in toothpaste.” Here's a fundamental difference. We DON'T INGEST TOOTHPASTE. Floride is the NUMBER ONE ingredient in PROZAC and RAT POISON. Yeah. There's a LOT of strategy and MANY different angles that the TRUE RULERS are attacking ALL NATIONS from. No question there. Does any of this sound about right to you, my man?

  202. Excellent point. The NUMBER ONE question that EVERYONE should ask at ALL TIMES is “WHY?” Why would they continue to tell people to “sit down and shut up” when we question things? You don't have problems with questioning Obama's citizenship and right to hold the office of presidency, but REFUSE TO ALLOW OTHERS to question the attacks?? You can SEE FOR YOURSELF in the ACTUAL ATTACK FOOTAGE that SOMETHING IS WRONG. Government involvement?? NO EVIDENCE, but SOMETHING is wrong. A PLANE CANNOT POSSIBLY bring down a building DEMOLITION STYLE. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean. I challenge anyone who wants to BLATENTLY CALL others nutjobs…PROOVE US WRONG. WHATEVER THE CONSPIRACY…PROOVE IT WRONG. DON'T JUST CALL US NAMES….PROOVE US WRONG because I'll tell you something. I WANT TO BE WRONG ABOUT 9/11. I REALLY WISH I WAS…but NO PROPER PROOF has been presented to ME or ANYONE ELSE regarding this issue.

  203. Seems I remember listening to a popular host talk about asking with boldness and demanding answers? Isn't that what truthers do? I remember him saying he's just asking questions and waiting for the red phone to ring drawing conclusions from the lack of response what he digs up on his own. Isn't that what truthers do? I remember how he doesn't always believe the govt. story. Isn't that what the truthers do as well? Not a whole lot of difference here. He's turned into McCarthy automatically assuming anyone who has this “VanJones” similarity about them automatically makes them dangerous. It's shameful.

  204. It's SIMPLE, Joshi. Fox News is the ONLY RIGHT WING…therefore “INDEPENDENT” media. On other words, the LIBERALS are the ONLY ones who can be considered “mainstream media.”

    87% of people get their info SOLELY from MSM (to include Fox News), but hey…I think more people will wake up all in due time.

    9/11 is in the past and the damage has already been long done, so I really don't see the relevance in revisiting it…but the fact that “truthers” are immediately dismissed SHOULD be enough to make ANYONE (whether you believe the official story or not) go “Hey…let us NOT tell people they shouldn't speak out.” That's an ATTACK of the first amendment…only it's DISGUISED as “you're an outrageous conspiracy theorist.”

    To FURTHER prove my point…Beck NEVER ACTUALLY DISAGREES with “birthers” as much as just continues to point out that THEY'RE HELPING OBAMA.

    He AGREES WITH THAT conspiracy theory, but will QUICKLY DISMISS the OTHER one.

    THAT'S what Medina was saying when she was referring to “thought police.”

  205. I didn't say the government did it. And yes, I am an architect – I've been in the field for almost 13 years, but I digress….In 1945 the Empire State Building was hit by a B-25 bomber, tanks exploded engulfing it in flames and other buildings have stood after fires worse then the twin towers. For me, if part of the building had broken off or collapsed, it would have made more sense then pancaking. Demolition experts have to spend months planning building demolitions that look as good as that. What a waste of time and money it must be to hire a demolition expert if you can just weaken the upper part of the structure and the rest will collapse under the force in a neat, straight package. Sorry, that is not how it works. That's why we have experts to plan something that perfect that doesn't take out buildings around it. Now, who executed this could very well have been a marriage between Osama Bin Laden and some private citizen(s) of the US who had incredible access to the towers! I don't know. I don't necessarily think it has to be the government however.

  206. Thank you Granny. I'm GLAD SOMEBODY else thinks for themselves. I HOPE the BLIND FOLLOWERS will READ YOUR COMMENT.

  207. I HOPE Ed Morrisey AND YOU are WRONG. Sarah Palin says that she doesn't care if the media ostracizes her for her opinions. I can ONLY HOPE that Medina will STICK TO HER GUNS AS WELL.

    I would like to hope that people THINK FOR THEMSELVES and realize that she HAS HER OWN OPINION and should be RESPECTED for NOT just going for the “right” answer.

    The POLITICIAN thing would have BEEN to just say “Yes. I believe everything that the mainstream (including Fox News) tells me and not watch the videos for myself and form my own opinions.”

    I don't live in Texas, so I'm not going to look too far into what kind of policy proposals she has, but SHOULDN'T WE LOOK FOR TRUTH IN CANDIDATES?? I'd say NOT BLINDLY AGREEING is about ALL the truth ANYONE needs.

  208. kathleen…don't be so quick to dismiss the TRUTH that Beck speaks regularly just because he has his own opinions. Just THINK FOR YOURSELF and LET YOUR OWN THOUGHTS guide your decision. No matter what, Beck just speaks his mind and I RESPECT him for that. I would just be mindful to NOT AGREE with his DISMISSAL of a candidate who clearly states in FREEDOM TO OWN THOUGHT as part of her campaign. That's FANTASTIC. That right there TELLS ME that SHE MIGHT BE the BEST CHOICE. That right there tells me that SHE MIGHT actually FIGHT FOR TEXANS instead of “sitting down and shutting up” like those in Washington are doing. I don't live in Texas, so I'm gonna leave it be. I'm just pointing that out.

  209. I think one thing is FAIRLY obvious here and it is something I've been fairly thoughtful of. Glenn Beck is TRUTHFUL…but UNFAIR. If I didn't ALREADY have MY OWN opinion of what ACTUALLY happened on 9/11…then THAT would've made me ask “Wait a minute…maybe there IS something going on.”

    I've already stated this a few times and I'm sure I'll be labeled “truther” for this, but I DON'T CARE. All one has to do is WATCH THE VIDEOS…NOT the CONSPIRACY videos, but the ACTUAL ATTACKS. The buildings came down DEMOLITION STYLE. There's NO WAY a plane could've POSSIBLY done that. Just COMMON LAWS OF PHYSICS could tell anyone that. Do I believe Bush had something to do with it?? I HAVE NO IDEA, so I WON'T SAY THAT. All I'm implying is that SOMEBODY DID DEMOLISH the buildings and it WASN'T JUST the plane which took those buildings down.

    From the fact that there are 211 comments about this, I'd say a LOT of people are THINKING FOR THEMSELVES which is a GOOD thing. I HOPE that you can AT LEAST SUPPORT THAT, Mr. Beck.

    You, he, and I can argue yay or nay to government involvement in the 9/11 attacks…but DON'T YOU DARE tell people that they're “UNQUALIFIED” solely because they BELIEVE IN THE FREEDOM TO QUESTION GOVERNMENT.

    HER response actually MAKES MORE SENSE than BECK'S DISMISSAL…PERIOD. Hell…if I was in Texas, I'd LOOK MORE INTO her SOLELY for THAT ALONE. That's JUST ME though.

  210. To all the simpletons who only expect and want to hear only one answer to the question Beck posed, namely an emphatic “NO!”: you are essentially saying that we don't need the lesson the world was supposed to learn from the holocaust, “WE MUST REMEMBER!” We don't have to remember, right?! Because OUR gubmint would and could NEVER commit any atrocity. Idiots lapping up the controlled opposition pablum! Keep helping maintain the statists. I am not even speaking from a “truther” view point. But I think it is more dangerous and even more moronic to summarily dismiss the possibility of government abuse of power than to simply “what if”. All the numb-nuts who think gubmint is incapable of atrocity: search “operation northwoods”. Oh, good luck with Rick “Bilderberg” Perry.

  211. Why did Glen Beck ask this question? I live in Texas and hear political chit chat all the time. Glen Beck is the first I've heard raise this strange question. All this interview implied to me is that probably some of her supporters are that distrustful of the government-so what. I'm not, and I'm certain Mrs. Medina is not either. Glen Beck may have just lost a viewer over this obvious hatchet job.

  212. The Neo-con traitor days are over. We're taking the party back. Debra will make a comeback… Remember the Alamo?

  213. What the heck are you talking about. Are you a Glenn Beck light? I meant that it is our duty as americans to question things. Are we communists or free? According to Beck you must believe everything the government says. Beck gets a pay check and it is quite obvious that he did this to help Perry because Medina was climbing in the polls. You can believe this neo-con traitor if you'd like, but I know of Debra through many people and all I've heard is that she is an honest and good person. She is not running her campaign on rah-rah 9-11 lets kill the Iranians drivel. She is running on real issues for real Texans. She is not a phony. He can ask questions all he wants, but to call her a 9-11 truther because she said people have the right to ask questions is absurd.

  214. To Quote Ed Morrisey…

    No, the question wasn’t whether people “have the right to question our government.” No one is locking up Truthers for asking foolish questions and spinning conspiracy theories. Play the audio again, and you will hear Beck ask a specific question: do you believe that the government was involved in the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11? Medina’s answer was “I think some very good questions raised have been raised in that regard.”

    If Medina believes that, then she hasn’t paid attention to the answers that have long been in the public domain. If she doesn’t, then she’s terribly inept at handling media interviews. Either way, Medina’s responsible for her answers and their implications, not Glenn Beck or anyone else. Any candidate who thinks that a nutcase conspiracy theory about the US government destroying the WTC is within the realm of reasonable speculation is a candidate that richly deserves the obscurity she will shortly enter.

  215. Have you a read up on how the government lied and made up an attack so we could start the Vietnam war?? Do you know 58000 of our boys died for a lie. Hmmm no our government never lies, they take care of us right. Kennedy did not want to start any war in Vietnam. He gets assassinated and a year later we are there.

    What about Operation Northwood?? Why dont you go read that declassified government document. It talks about methods that the government would use as a pretext to war. Here is one example “We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.[14]” The document talks about having staged terrorist attacks around the United States and blame it on Cuba. This document was created by our government, the very same government that you are calling everyone who questions them a coockoo. You really need to wake up.

    Seeing your other responses, I know what response you are going to give back– you do this because you have no valid responses. So how about just give me your thoughts and opinions on what i mentioned above.

  216. I completely agree with Steve saying that we are destroying our country.

    I am wrestling with why people are calling those of us who have the gumption and the where-with-all to question what we've been told about 911 as “nutjobs”, “whackos”. Why the name calling?

    History tells us that other governments (since the days of the bible) have murdered people. Other governments in history have done it since the beginning of time. Our own country fought a civil war. Killing other human beings has always been done. All human beings are made the same. Why is it so completely out of the realm of reality to think that it could be done in our country in 2001?

    It is painful to think that the government that we elect and that we pay our hard earned money to each year would do this to us. However, they lie to us, they take our money. Where do you think they would stop?

    It is our duties as Americans to question everything our government tells us. It is our duty to our country, to our kids, and to all future generations to examine and cross examine our elected officials. It is our right and our duty to question everything (even things that are so horrible to fathom as this). This does not make us whackos or nutjobs. We are doing our duty. If after all of the evidence and facts have been put out in the open I hope that we find that the government had nothing to do with it. However, we may never know for sure.

    These so-called conservative talk show entertainers are more harmful to our country than good. In the last 15 or so years that they have been popular, is our country any better off for them? I think it has gotten worse. Coincidence or not?

  217. You have blasphemed!!! How dare you mock the holy cries of our prophet 'Steve' lord of the 'empty heads'. You are an infidel or should I say 'Truther'. Or as our wise Steve says, 'Cuckoo'. Do not question, do not think. Listen to all those empty heads that yell and abuse you for doing so. They are the true police of our lord 'The Gov't' for they will run out of society anyone that beleives he has a right to think. You have no such right you must beleive what our lord 'The Gov't' says and nothing else. It is for your own good and if you question that then you obviously don't know what is good for you. Our lord 'The Gov't' knows whats best for all us unfortunate souls. Thought was given to us by the devils and demons and all it does is hurt our supreme lord and saviour 'The Gov't'. I propose a bill that removes all words and phrases from the dictionary and from school curriculums apart from, 'Yes Sir, No Sir and Thank you sir.” That is all the ungrateful masses need to know the rest shall be left to the divine prophets in Ivory tower Churches as they are the ones that rightfully control our destiny. If there is a decree to reduce the population by 60% then we should kill ourselves and not ask questions for they know best. All hail Steve and our lord 'The Gov't'. AmenRAA

  218. Glenn isn't confusing anything. He has a job to do. That job is to derail the freedom movement.

    it's called COINTELPRO. Look it up.

  219. HA HA HA HA……That's all you've got?

    Must be tough being stuck in first grade for 27 years, little stevie blunder…..

  220. The interview was a hit job from the start.
    Within 20 minutes of that interview Rick Perry was making robo calls with the Medina/Beck sound bites.

    I dismissed Glenn Beck years ago.
    Somebody needs to let him know that just because you don't believe the “official” 9/11 narration doesn't mean you think the government” was involved in 9/11.

  221. That is one question that tells me right away what type of news source that person listens to. There is no reasoning with a truther.

  222. Why doesn't everyone here go and look at the pertinent questions surrounding 9-11 for themselves, rather than swallow the government's 9-11 myth? Glenn Beck is on Fox “news” to give the appearance that the mainstream media cares about your rights. One right of everybody here is the right to dissent. Glenn Beck says you can dissent over government spending and healthcare, but not the violent acts that it perpetrates on foreign citizens and american citizens or the corrupt Central Bank (Federal Reserve) that creates money out of nothing to loan to Congress. Glen Beck is a gatekeeper. You don't have to believe that there were explosives or energy weapons or the more far-fethced ideas, but you must admit that the mistakes made by our government needs a new investigation. 9-11 truth is about solving the most heinous crime on american soil (apart from the mass genocide of the native americans and the enslavement of the Africans), not about pride or ego. Remember this, television is the illusion, you are the reality. Can we say cognitive dissonance.

  223. Oh seriously.. We know you aren't an architect, typical truther tactic online to portray yourself as an architect.

    First of all, no, there haven't been other buildings that have taken more as there hasn't been an event like this in all of human history where buildings as large took a hit as hard as they did.

    Second, OF COURSE they we're flattened like pancakes. If you we're actually an architect, you would would understand the concepts of force generated by mass and momentum. The upper sections of the building that were weakened by the impact/heat (and yes.. steel can be weakened by heat Rosie O'Donnell) eventually collapsed and pancaked the rest of the structure.

    There is no human build structure in the world that could possibly withstand, much less even provide any resistance to the force generated by the mass of the falling upper section combined with the ever gaining momentum due to the acceleration of gravity. Its very simple physics, and all your supposed knowledge of engineering would tell you this. All your BS has been debunked over and over again.

    My question is, if you really think the government did this, why aren't you people out violently rebelling? If I honestly believed the government had killed 3000 of its own people, I'd be doing a little more than complaining on the internet. But of course, you even know yourself deep down that you're being absurd, maybe just trying to get attention to yourself or something.

  224. Privilege of Speech,

    I have no idea what party line has to do with this. Your girl gave a horrendous interview top to bottom which GB gave her opportunity to save with that softball point blank question. He was so gracious to even follow it up with that staff question as a lifeline since she sounded like Barry of prompter. GB had been talking down Perry and KBH throughout the week clearing a path and she goes down called out on strikes without taking the bat off her shoulder.

  225. Clearly inside job. Just like USS maine, Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, Uss Liberty, 9/11, 7/7, Madrid, Lockerby, Marine baracks 83, USS Cole. Hell if you got rid of US and Israel leaders there would be minimal isolated terror. Face it, you are spineless aaaaaand stupid. Or just so scared of Rothschild Bush creation your teeth chatter.

  226. Keep striving to turn those evil 'thinkers' to the word of our lord 'The Gov't' Soon the cries of 'Cuckoo' will be so loud that they cannot be ignored. Cuckoo!!! If you ever start to think O' lord of the 'empty heads' then you have stumbled upon evil. Please keep your mind empty and pure of the gospel of our lord 'The Gov't'. All hail Steve King of the 'empty heads'.

  227. Oh Steve, I am humbled that you respond to an infortunate soul such as mine. Truther?/? No lie to me please I detest the truth. Oh I get it you are testing my allegiance to you. I will wear your curses such as 'Truther' and stay strong for my faith is blind like a rock and I will not beleive what anyone tells me unless they speak wisdom such as yours. Truth no thank you. Yes I am paranoid you are wise please help me protect myself from those that ask questions and look for the truth. Cuckoo's as you call them. I fear they may break through the defences in my mind. Please threaten me with eternal damnation and terms such as 'truther' if I ever fall to the temptation of thinking. I am you humble servent, oh lord of the 'empty heads'. Amen

  228. and quit calling conspiracy theorist “truthers”. They are guys/gals with ideas of what may have happened. A truther is kind of like a whistleblower. Conspiracy people should not be referred to as truthers.

    1. i prefer to be called a truther! anything conspiratorial is usually put out on lamestream news for people to eat it out of their hand anyway

  229. At what point did she say she believed our government would be willing to kill 3000 people. I seriously doubt she is a 9 11 theorist. I think our leaders suck, but I don't think they would willingly kill our own citizens. They are however willing to send troops overseas to die while they sleep comfortably in their own beds. It's easier for them when they don't actually have to see the person die! Our troops are amazing. Where our leaders tell them to go sucks.

  230. Why doesn't everyone here go and look at the pertinent questions surrounding 9-11 for themselves, rather than swallow the government's 9-11 myth? Glenn Beck is on Fox “news” to give the appearance that the mainstream media cares about your rights. One right of everybody here is the right to dissent. Glenn Beck says you can dissent over government spending and healthcare, but not the violent acts that it perpetrates on foreign citizens and american citizens or the corrupt Central Bank (Federal Reserve) that creates money out of nothing to loan to Congress. Glen Beck is a gatekeeper. You don't have to believe that there were explosives or energy weapons or the more far-fethced ideas, but you must admit that the mistakes made by our government needs a new investigation. 9-11 truth is about solving the most heinous crime on american soil (apart from the mass genocide of the native americans and the enslavement of the Africans), not about pride or ego. Remember this, television is the illusion, you are the reality. Can we say cognitive dissonance.

  231. Why doesn't everyone here go and look at the pertinent questions surrounding 9-11 for themselves, rather than swallow the government's 9-11 myth? Glenn Beck is on Fox “news” to give the appearance that the mainstream media cares about your rights. One right of everybody here is the right to dissent. Glenn Beck says you can dissent over government spending and healthcare, but not the violent acts that it perpetrates on foreign citizens and american citizens or the corrupt Central Bank (Federal Reserve) that creates money out of nothing to loan to Congress. Glen Beck is a gatekeeper. You don't have to believe that there were explosives or energy weapons or the more far-fethced ideas, but you must admit that the mistakes made by our government needs a new investigation. 9-11 truth is about solving the most heinous crime on american soil (apart from the mass genocide of the native americans and the enslavement of the Africans), not about pride or ego. Remember this, television is the illusion, you are the reality. Can we say cognitive dissonance.

  232. Yeah, uhuh, and I'm sure James Madison was always looking over his shoulder seeing conspiracies under every rock.

    It cracks me up when Truthers quote our founders, as if those founders would stand by history's nutjobs!


  233. I agree it's about time to remove any comment or opinion that disagrees with Glenn Beck. Freedom of speach is a privaledge, that those who disagree with the party line, should not have.

  234. Why is it abhorrent to question authority? Governments in the past have staged acts of terrorism on their own people, but no, it can't happen in America. We are too moral, too righteous. Just because you wouldn't do it doesn't mean a power hungry politican would not seize the opportunity to justify two illegal wars (only congress has the power to declare war) and the loss of our civil liberties. The Bush Administration had a lot to gain politically from these attacks (more control of dissent, larger budget due to the wars, larger profits for the defense companies, oil revenues from the Middle East, larger profits for the banks that make money off the interest from the increase in spending).

  235. Your cute little rant reveals much…someone who is paranoid about the govt., chiding someone who does not share your paranoia, accusing him of worshiping the govt.?

    You are a whackjob truther!


  236. Being a non-American it is easy to take a unbiased view without emotional involvement. There are so many holes in this issue that could easily be addressed but have been kept secret from the American citizens.

    Why the secrecy unless they are hiding something?

    It hurts to say, I truly love and admire the spirit and patriotism of the American people, but your government is destroying your country 🙁

  237. Where in the heck did she say she was a 9 11 thruther? You guys that assume she said that are worse than what you think she is. And somehow you think Perry or Hutchinson would be better.

  238. Why doesn't everyone here go and look at the pertinent questions surrounding 9-11 for themselves, rather than swallow the government's 9-11 myth? Glenn Beck is on Fox “news” to give the appearance that the mainstream media cares about your rights. One right of everybody here is the right to dissent. Glenn Beck says you can dissent over government spending and healthcare, but not the violent acts that it perpetrates on foreign citizens and american citizens or the corrupt Central Bank (Federal Reserve) that creates money out of nothing to loan to Congress. Glen Beck is a gatekeeper. You don't have to believe that there were explosives or energy weapons or the more far-fethced ideas, but you must admit that the mistakes made by our government needs a new investigation. 9-11 truth is about solving the most heinous crime on american soil (apart from the mass genocide of the native americans and the enslavement of the Africans), not about pride or ego. Remember this, television is the illusion, you are the reality. Can we say cognitive dissonance.

  239. All hail Steve. He is a modern prophet. Hear his wisdom for he is enforcing the order of our lord 'The Gov't'. Yes all those that question are as 'your worship' says, 'Cuckoo'. Everyone who exercises thought that is not in line with our lord 'The Gov't' is insane. Our lord owns the truth and if he says you are crazy then you are crazy. I bow before you Steve, King of the empty heads, tonight I will pray your wisdom spreads to all those that have begun to think for themselves. 'Please lord, let Steve be raised to a position of prominemece where his words can be heard by all those evil thinkers and advocates for liberty and peace. Let his cry of Cuckoo resonate the whole globe so as to unite it in the grace of our lord 'The Gov't'.” Today is truly a great day for I have found divine presence on this forum in the form of Steve. I will lay down my life for you Steve please direct me for I need direction and will not question your divinity even if you curse and hurt me. Long live our the modern prophet 'STEVE'.

  240. Yeah, the gubmint is prolly poisoning our water too! There's a gubmint agent around every corner waiting to blow up more buildings!


    Nutjob Alert! Cuckoo!!!

  241. How astonishing and disappointing. This was obviously a setup. It looks like the establishment RINO supporters at FOXNews are finally getting to Glenn or maybe he was with them all of the time. People are allowed to think and believe what they want to in this country without being ostracized or bullied into thinking something else by someone speaking from a dominating public platform that only they have access to. There is plenty of motive and evidence, in addition to what people saw with their own eyes, to cause someone to think that the government had something to do with 9/11 like 40% of the population thinks that it does. It would behoove the government to unite the country and have an independent investigation to prove that what it says is true.

    You can stop trying to force minor team cheerleader Palin on us after she left the Tea Party Conference and when directly to support RINO Perry against Medina who is the only true conservative in the race. Freedom.

  242. Hey Right Scoop,

    How many of these kookie posts are from the same group of her supporters? Different user names but all too similar speech patterns/sentence structure. Has the smell of seminar callers if you ask me.

  243. Yet another thinker. Our lord 'The Gov't' weeps when you question its benevolence. By thinking, you are helping the terrorists, therefore you are a terrorist. Bureaucracies are the churches of our lord 'The Gov't' and it is in these systems that worshipping takes place. But they must also spread the word and to do this they employ missionary organisations like Fox and the NY Times and talk through prophets like Glenn Beck. Accept the gospel of our lord 'The Gov't' and be saved. All other information is the source of terrorists (satan) and is merely there to question your blind faith to our lord 'The Gov't'. Don't succumb to the temptation of thought. Thought is the tool of the evil doers, and if you think, you are an evil doer. All obvious corruption performed by our lord 'The Gov't' is done on perpose to test your faith. Become a beliver in our lord 'The Gov't' and stop being a thinker. I can't wait till the internet is controlled by our lord 'The Gov't' because then they can weed our thinkers like you and deal with you accordingly. If you don't submit you will disappear, so its best to pledge your undieing devotion to our lord 'The Gov't'. Soon the internet will be safe and sterile with nothing but the words sanctioned by our lord 'The Gov't'. AMEN

  244. Cuckoo…Cuckoo…Cuckoo!!!

    Yeah, and the government isn't telling us the truth about fluoride either!


  245. What blunder? You don't think that just maybe, just maybe, the government might be trying to cover up some of their ineptness. Bureaucracies, naturally, screw things up. Maybe the intelligence was there staring the government in the face but they were too 'governmnet like' (useless) to connect the dots, as they say. Maybe someone needed to get fired. Does asking these types of questions classify me as a “truther”? Give me a break. When the establishment feels threatened, the attack dogs come out. Glenn Beck has lost credibility in my eyes.

  246. What can we do Texas? It seems that theres too many spineless, brainwashed fools out there that are loud and socially police all those that raise valid questions. The result being that people are scared to step outside the box and think for themselves. Maybe we truly are useless feeders that need to be culled. The problem is their identies are defined by the Gov't and Mainstream media so many are incapable of any critical though toward those sources. That leads to a cognitively limited population unable to think logically. Still the disinfo comin through the mainstream is an indication that the truth is getting out and the establishment is in damage control trying to retard the amount of people waking up. Whatever happens its gonna be a wild ride.

  247. Sounds like you've regained the ability to think. Thats not helpful to our lord and saviour 'the Gov't'. Please turn off your brain and turn on Glenn Beck. Glenn is a prohet of our lord 'The Gov't' and you shall accept all he says or be damned. There are too many people thinking these days. That is a threat to our lord. How can 'The Gov't' control you if you begin to think for yourself, shame on you, I call treason. Please return to echoeing the ignorant sentiments of the media and the brainwashed faithful. Our lord 'The Gov't' has great plans for you and they love you. All they ask is for you to have blind faith regardless of the obvious corrup actions that they engage in. If anyone questions your faith in our lord and saviour 'The Gov't' shoot them down with derision and non-sensical rants such as “You are a Wacko, Nutjob.” etc. etc. Many above are faithful empty heads. Follow their example for you will be saved by our lord 'The Gov't'. If you begin to think for yourself and question our lord then you will be torn down.

  248. i know that was just a continuation of a conversation. I liked your comment it made me laugh. I wasn't coming at you.

  249. Maybe the “9-11 truther” movement is an elaborate conspiracy to uphold the reputations of the architects who designed the world trade centers. 🙂

  250. I will repeat it only if you are my God the Gov't. For they are the sole holders of the truth. It will also work better if you threaten me for thinking otherwise, for I am a spineless tool and fear of punishment is the only way you can control me. LOLOL 'Sir, Yes Sir.'!!!! Oh and please take truth out of your name cause it is the property of the Gov't.

  251. Glenn Beck is an idiot! He says we should question with boldness (unless it has something to do with 9/11 of course). But he likes to make fun of those who have questions about 9/11 things that don't add up. Instead of being a jack ass about and to “truthers” he of all people should be able to allow others their opinion with out ridicule. This is the reason why I stopped listening to the crap we shovels.

  252. Of course he went into it to harm her.

    The polls came out last week, and Medina was posing a threat to Rick “Bilderberg and Gardasil for All!” Perry and globalist Kay Bailey Hutchison, who voted for TARP, is a director of the rabidly pro-abortion group Vital Voices Global Partnership, and whose lawyer made millions defending Enron crooks.

    Beck got his marching orders from the people above him, who got their orders from people above them. The power elite want known commodities/assets like Hutchison or Perry elected, and as a double bonus they get to utilize a little “anyone with ANY DOUBTS ABOUT 9/11 IS A LUNATIC” meme.

    Give me a break. This is as transparent as a pane of glass.

  253. I COMPLETELY DISagree with Beck on this one. Whether or not she is a truther is a moot point.
    Beck himself quotes Jefferson “question with boldness” yet when someone questions this or Obama's birthplace they are crucified. I am for the record not a member of either group,but I do not hold against anyone from questioning.
    If Beck can find Woodrow Wilson and FDR complicit for every evil and eugenics,the possibility of the US government killing its citizens through legislation
    Supporting George Bernard Shaw and his nutty ideas to breed great people,why is it not plausible,or at the very least QUESTIONABLE.
    Maybe supporting Perry or KBH will allow him to keep going with his tv show.
    He finds Palin refreshing,Michele Bachmann great,yet Medina is now loony.
    I generally agree with Glenn,but on this one I vote for liberty and Medina.

  254. I am sick about the interview because it didn't make Debra Madina look bad but it did make Glenn Beck look like a foolish schoolboy doing a high school interview. I am convinced that GB had an agenda to make Debra Madina look like a fool. I think he has been bought off by Rick Perry's group. I could cry that he has reached this level of behavior. He is now no better than the corrupt politicians he criticizes. Why would he want to destroy this lady's reputation?

  255. Beck is an establishment shill, paid to hijack the patriot movement.

    He is a war monger, who pushed for the “Banker Bailout” he now says he was against. He is two faced shill meant to derail a genuine movement back to real Constitutional patriotism.

  256. Just repeat after me…..

    There is no such thing as a conspiracy. The word should not even exist. The government would never lie. Baaahhhhhhhhh

  257. you're a GD gutless fool. You deserve a Perry of Hutchinson becuase you're too stupid to realize you've been conned about everything, including 911, moron.

  258. Yo mental midget.

    Why has the FBI NEVER wanted Bin Laden for 911?

    Oh, you didn't know that?

    Add that to the hundreds of other things you don't know about 911, Mr Sheople.

  259. On the Glenn Beck show today was a Harvard professor that mimicked the exact opinion of Medina in regard to a consumption tax. His other guests parraleled her opinions on property rights/taxes/the ecomomy. Their opinions were genius and hers is totally discounted based on her non-committal answer about 9/11 truthers? Dear God help us! Glenn does KARMA mean anything to you…oh, I forgot you claim to be a man of faith. What about reaping what you have sown? You should seriously be composing your apology to this stateswoman.

  260. I see.

    Please explain why the FBI has NEVER wanted CIA asset Bin Laden for 911.

    Let me help you. Because “We have no hard evidence Bin Laden was involved in 911”

    I guess that the FBI is just one of those tinfoil hat wearing organizations, Texmom.

    Baaaahhhhhh……Texmom is just another member of the paralyzed ignorant herd

  261. and what damage would a new investigation do….. none. If the truthers are so nutty then please by all means open up the case and prove them wrong once and for all. This calling names is getting us no where. How many people do you think i turned off with my “Glenn Beck supporters / stockholm syndrome suffers” commit.

  262. Wow, how many straw men arguments can you toss out at one time.

    Hey moron, listen to her freaking answer. All she said was that there were some questions that hadn't been answered, and that that the government hasn't told us everything.

    Now, if you BELIEVE the government has told us EVERYTHING, then I suggest you're just the type that might believe in little green men flying above your house — if the government told you it was so.

    Was it the best answer she could have given? NO. Does it make her a truther? NO, unless you're an idiot lickspittle that will swallow every piece of crap the government puts out as truth.


    ha ha ha ha….yeah, like he “helps” Ron Paul…..down an elevator shaft.

    Beck is paid to subvert the real patriot movement. His act is so superficial only halfwits can't see through it.

  264. Yea would'nt want to align with wacko's that exercise thought. Anyone who thinks is a terrorist. Anyone who questions the Gov't is a terrorist. Go Glenn Beck!! Let's defend the land of the free by taking away the freeedom to think and question. Wacko's!!! Everywhere wacko's!!! I think I need medical attantion because I am a wacko, I have done some research and I am beginning to think. Someone help me I wanna return to being a brainwashed tool. Serves me right for looking for answers ay. Shoulda just accepted the lies I was fed by the controlled media. What do I do now, it don't matter how many lies i'm told now I can't let go of the truth I have seen. Let me give you some advice RickyRob, don't do any of your owm research, stay brainwashed and keep shootin down anyone that exercises thought. Thats the only way we can scare people into remaining ignorant. Good work.

    1. yea thinking outside the box really does awaken you to these shills like beck…. and i was really enjoying my matrix too

  265. I saw the interview. I heard Glem Beck's opinion. I read Medena's response. I am not a Medena supporter. But, come on guys. You are trying to put words in her mouth she did not say. Her explanation was directly in line with what I heard in the interview and certainly much more credible than Beck's interpretation. Perry, who I support, and Hutchinson should leave this alone or risk losing the vote of citizens like myself who are fed-up with politicians twisting the words of others. This whole conversation has nothing to do with Texas politics.

  266. OMG another thinker. Listen Texastornado. Stop doing you're research the Gov't does it all for you. They are infallible and omnipotent and if you disagree you are a terrorist. 'Terrorist', 'Truther', 'Satan' they are all the same because the government says so. I stopped thinking a long time ago and ignorance is bliss let me tell you. If the Gov't is working against the people then I don't wanna know cause that would mean I have to accept that the foundation of my existence would need re-evaluation. So instead I will attack anyone that raises questions of the like. Stop thinking and accept the derision of our rights and liberties with a smile and a 'thank you sir'. LOL

  267. No, don't think. You'r a nutjob. Thinking is for the government only. OMG Truther!!! How do you sleep at night with your brain functioning? Stop thinking and accept the lies you are told or else we will call you a 'Truther'!!! LOL Listen to the wisdom of Steve. He says you're a nutjob therefore you're a nutjob. End of story. LOL But seriously at what point in history did thought become something that made you a bad person?

  268. The funny thing is by all accounts you, Steve, are the true nutjob. You have a wall in your mind. You are too simple to understand whats really goin on. Everyone trying to talk sense to these ignorant fools should not waste their time. I bet steve's gonna line up for some form of civilian military service so he can foribly police any 'dissenters' that aren't happy in the coming labour camps. LOL man we're screwed. Wake up Stevie. Those you defend do not give s..t about you.

  269. Did you notice that even in her statement she left open the possibility that the government knew ahead of time about it and did nothing?

  270. LOL Man you guys are so brainwashed. Its funny how those that cannot discount the information resort to demonising. I don't understand how the term 'Truther' can be anything but positive. It seems that the truth is bad these days. Let's just keep gettin raped and get angry at those that want to expose the rapists. There's too many that don't have the backbone to question the tripe we're fed through the mainstream. There's no point trying to talk sense to brainwashed tools. 'I don't wanna hear what you have to say you're a TRUTHER and anyone that seeks the truth is a nutjob' LOLOL We truly deserve whats comin.

  271. As an architect, I can tell you there are many problems with the fact that these towers were flattened like pancakes. I don't want to believe our government had any involvement and I have avoided thinking about it, but there are massive problems with the fact that there have been buildings withstand so much more then what these towers experienced and if you understood engineering and our code requirements, you'd know it's just not possible they would have collasped the way they did and in that timeframe. Many unanswered questions….

  272. I think that Glenn did not consider the possibility that she does not care if the government did it or not that is why she has not taken a firm stand on the issue.

  273. The reason that there are still questions regarding the truth behind 9/11 is because we have not received all the answers. I have seen several people on here talking about truthers and whackjobs and all other kind of names and their theories in relation to science. My guess is that most of those people have not read either the “conspiracy theories” they are bashing or the goverment reports they hold as infallable, such as The 9/11 Commission Report, NIST or FEMA reports. People should be asking questions, my first question would be, why doesn't The 9/11 Commission Report even mention the collapse of WTC 7. No steel framed structure has ever collapsed due to fire. We were sold a bill of goods when we were told “well that's because a plane has never flown into a building like that”. WTC 7 was not hit by an airplane and was not even the closest building to the two other towers yet it completely and symmetrically collapsed around 5:00PM that day. It fell at freefall speed over the first 19 floors, again a phenomenon that science cannot explain. Of the many people that i speak to who absolutely believe that the official story is 100% truth, I would say at least 50% of them did not even know that 3 buildings fell in NYC, many thought it was just the two towers. And for those who want to speak of science, did you know that the engineers who designed the towers were pretty good at science? Did you know that they designed the buildings to be hit by an airplane? Of course they did because those buildings extend 1000 feet into the air over a major city, so they had to consider it. Do you know what they said about it, they said it would be a horrific event and many people would die, but the buildings would remain intact. They said it very matter of fact, no ambiguity because it had been taken into account. Again the mainstream media sold us another bill of goods on this one. They said, well yes of course they considered that they could be hit by a plane but that was a long time ago and the planes were much smaller. Again, another lie, the buildings were designed to withstand the impact of a fully fueled 707 which is only slightly smaller than the 767s that actually hit the buildings. Don't take my word for it, look it up, the 707 is only a few feet shorter and and about 11 feet less in width and they carried almost the exact amount of fuel. However, the 707 actually has a higher cruising speed so even despite the slight difference in weight the kinetic energy generated by the 707 would actually be greater. There are a hundred other things that don't add up in the official story (explosive material found in the dust, strabge security changes in the weeks before the attack, the Pentagon's missile defense system not shooting down an aircraft that din't have the “friendly beacon”), now does this mean that the government was behind it, no it doesn't. But one thing I guarantee you is we are not being told the whole truth. Which is why they took the steps we did immediately after the attack. Does anyone find it odd that we were so asleep at the wheel that we were not able to stop even one of the 4 hijacked aircraft yet within an hour or two we knew exactly who did it. Yet, almost 10 years afetr the fact OBL has still not been charged on the FBI website. Why did they work so hard to quickly remove the debris and have it shipped to China for recycling when this is clearly against protocol for a disaster. I think the thing that amazes me the most though, is the most common reason I see people give for why the government could not be involved. They say, I don't think they could get away with it, someone would say something. Wake up, people are saying things, that's why there's the argument in the first place. Perhaps it would make more sense to look at some of the arguments that are being made before assuming that it is impossible. It is exactly that attitude which would allow something like this to occur. Medina isn't the first government official to think that it could be possible, check out this link.
    Many people on this list are far more distinguished than Ms. Medina and they don't have as difficult a time believing that the government or key elements in the government could have had a role in the attack. Please people, do some research, if you are satisfied with the official story than that's fine but if not ask questions, demand answers. The people who want a further investigation are not bad people and even if you don't agree with them you shouldn't be mad at them or call them names. They are exercising their God given right to question their government. When you try to stifle that right, whether you agree with the topic or not, it is not them who is being unpatriotic but you for that is one of the things that makes this country so great.

  274. Give me a break who cares. IM sick of you right wing nut jobs because all you can do is go along with you beloved leaders. Glenn Beck shows his true colors once again and all you Glenn Beck supporters / stockholm syndrome suffers will just suck up anything he says. I Don't trust the government and I don't trust what here about 9/11 truth so I do my own research because if I didn't trust myself who can I trust. If I didn't do my own research I wouldn't have MY OWN OPINIONS

  275. I knew her a couple of years ago, and she is not a truther. But she defends the rights of truthers to question the official explanation. If anything, the feds are covering their inability to defend our nation that day.

  276. Thankfully, in this country, we are all still entitled to our own opinions.
    Thank you for sharing yours.

    —– Original Message —–

  277. So in a nutshell what the government tells you is the truth– we never have to question them right? Thats what you are basically saying here. Was the government investigation into 911 all that thorough?? A lot of people high in the military and government officials have come out and the said the 911 report was a joke..why would they say that? People say how could the government pull that off and no one expose them..Hello??? Yes people (Former politicians and Military) are talking about it all the time just open your ears. So anyone that does question our government is whackjob?? Why are we in Iraq again?? I think you are the whackjob for not wanting the complete story as to why we had almost 3000 of our own people die on 911. We still dont have all the facts today. We still dont know who was really behind all of this.

    What the hell is a truther question anyway??


    “When you’re one step ahead of the crowd you’re a genius. When you’re two steps ahead, you’re a crackpot.”
    –Rabbi Shlomo Riskin

    “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
    -U.S. President James Madison

  278. Great News and all the more reason to support Debra Medina for Governor of Texas! She joins the majority of victim’s family members and an impressive list of American patriots who want 9/11 reinvestigated. We're talking top quality individuals such as Colonel Robert Bowman (former head of the U.S. “Star Wars” program) and former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Colonel Ronald D. Ray.

    Of coarse Glenn-Gatekeeper-Beck has been instructed to regurgitate the names of people like Rosie O'Donnell or Charlie Sheen when discussing the 9/11 Truth Movement. When is the last time you heard Beck mention that there are now over one thousand architects & engineers who officially demand a new 9/11 investigation?

    Glenn Beck claims to be a patriot and says he supports our military, right? Then why won’t he interview William Garner? Who is William Dean Garner the Beck followers ask? He is a former US Army Airborne Ranger with 211 overseas missions in extremely hostile territories. He’s also a biophysics scientist and a ghost writer and editor of many books (like The DaVinci Code). So why hasn’t Beck mentioned this guy or invited him into the studio? Because Dean Garner is also part of the 9/11 Truth Movement and would expose Beck for the sell-out piece of trash he truly is. Beck’s followers need to ask themselves why people with such impressive credentials are not part of the media’s 9/11 Truth spotlight.

    The people are starting to see through you, Becky-Boy. Does it make you nervous? You sold your soul to work for The Ministry of Truth and to deceive your fellow man. In your next life, I see you as a ….. dung beetle.

  279. Way to have a rational response. She didn't say she thought the US government was responsible for 9/11, she only said she didn't really concern herself with the question and that not all of the information was available.

    For Christ's sake, the people who wrote the 9/11 report don't believe that the feds are releasing all relevant information. Seems reasonable to be unsure to me.

  280. The WORSE thing you could say to a “truther” (when did looking for the truth become a bad thing) is that they are crazy or believe in Bigfoot and aliens, because it shows that you cannot or are not willing to

    Medina didn't say she thought the government flew the planes in the towers, she said that she didn't know enough to make an EDUCATED DECISION on either side!

    If you believe everything your government told you, you would know that they NEVER though they would fly plans into buildings

    or that NORAD, the best air defense system in history, couldn't get to 4 plans (3 if they really started after the first one hit) after all other planes IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES WERE GROUNDED, and that Good ol' Dick made sure that no jets went up into the air to stop any more plaines. It went on so long that Generals actually had to disobey the VP and shoot down the last one (None will ever admit it because they would be beaten and hung and declared a suicide in a day)

    The only way to get a “truther” to shut up is to explain away building 7 with some excuse that fires can make a 40+ story building free fall, and when you finally get an OK explanation, EXPLAIN WHY SILVERSTEIN SAID THEY HAD TO PULL IT! AND THE GOVERNMENT STILL SAYS IT FELL BECAUSE OF FIRE!

    Then go flip through a copy of the 9/11 Commission report and you'll find no mention building 7 falling with out the aid of a plain smashing into it, and then ask yourself, if they don't explain this, why should I believe them?


    If after all of this, and you still can't imagine that your government would hurt your country in such a way and try to shove the biggest lie in history down your throat…………

    Pat yourself on the back! Its all OK now! You've been accepted into the greatest club of them all! Your government can literally do no harm! You will be OK for the rest of your life! There will never be global government!

    They will never take your guns….. (Glenn Beck speaks the truth at times, AMAZING)

    And they would never put you in FEMA camps….

    They have pulled off the greatest crime in the world……..and now they are going for it ALL.

    The economy fell, and they paid the guys who toppled it! (Bails outs)

    They want tax carbon…CARBON, ALL PLANTS WOULD DIE WITHOUT CARBON! PEOPLE BREATH IT! (You exhale it and water vapor, but you actually breath in CO2 every SECOND) And they want everyone to bow down to the coming would government……they will say its here to protect you!

    But before that, this country will go into Marshall Law, and they will take your guns, and they will take you if you believe abortion is immoral and you actually like your first and second amendment rights, and they will say, THE NEW TERRORISTS ARE RELIGIOUS FANATICS WHO CLING TO THEIR GUNS AND OPPOSE ANYTHING THE GOVERNMENT DOES, WHO ARE RACIST IF THEY THINK GIVING TAX PAYER MONEY TO BIG BUSINESS!

    And when this is all over, and you still believe your government would never hurt you……you will know that 2 + 2 really does equal 5…..

    God bless you, even if you think I'm insane or think little green aliens are trying to get me( I don't, really) or think bigfoot will get me (no, I'm sure global warming killed him already with all the snow).

    I hope you come out of this alive, I truly do, and I hope you remember this post when they come for your guns, and take solace in the fact that even though you attack us, we are truly trying to protect you, the most ignorant and the easiest targets, from the impending monster that will take this world by stealth, and keep it by force….

  281. Not real fond of Perry either guys. This one's going to be a hold your nose and vote deal. I do understand why Medina waffled. You only have to read this thread to realize how quickly she would be cannibalized by her own people if she came out as a truther denier. She was between a rock and a hard place. So tell me when she gets between a rock and a hard place as governor, who does she take her cues from then? I'm just asking.

  282. “These people are dangerous and must be kept away from the halls of power at all costs.”

    Go back to sleep, Dwight. Real patriots like Ron Paul will let you know when it's safe to come out of your fog of delusion.

  283. Despite no longer living in Texas, I am a Texan at heart. I knew that going on the Glenn Beck show was a mistake. He knows how to manipulate and divide. That is what he does. How is 911 relevant in any sense of the word? To answer that you don't know enough to answer the question was the most honest answer possible. Did he tell Medina he was going to ask her that question before she stepped on the stage? Did he mention it only after she was there, in the green room waiting? No serious candidate should ever go on GB show. He is an entertainer with an agenda to destroy any Liberty movement out there.

  284. There is ONLY ONE ANSWER – HELL NO!!! Anything else puts you in line with these insane wackos!

    Is that so, it just happens that there is a fairly large group of engineers (over 1,000 now) that know for a fact there ae BIG questions as to 9/11 and the subsequent wars, bailouts, frauds, patriot act, government controlled healthcare..
    Texas has problems and not unlike California could literally bankrupt if Perry continues his charade, Hutchison approved what is now $25 TRILLION dollars to God knows where, she lied and said she'd never do such a thing. Bill White has been moyor over a thoroughly bankrupted Houston, Tx, my hometown. He obviously has no plans for the $30 BILLION hole Texas finds itself in thanks to Mr Perry. Debra Medina has a PLAN to create $3 BILLION first year and 150 K jobs.
    She'll eliminate property taxes and secure the border, no more taxpayer subsidized illegal anchor babies, welfare, medical, housing…Vote Medina for Governor, She has a PLAN. Early voting starts February 16th and runs till February 26th. Grab your family and friends and please vote. Here is where to vote.

  285. I am a 9/11 truther, I want the truth. There has NEVER been a full investigation into how the Twin Towers fell straight down without prior engineering, or how Building 7 also went straight down without prior engineering. The crime scene was NOT preserved. Giuliani, being a US prosecutor should have preserved the crime scene for a full 90 day investigation. Until Glenn Beck (who has stated he HATES 9/11 victims) can certify facts, evidence, and truth, I am still seeking the truth.
    Medina is seeking office, not 9/11 truth. Medina is seeking truth in government. It’s about time the people of Texas threw out the career shyster liars and elected a Constitution[la] truther.

  286. By the way, most of the clowns on here declaring that Medina blew it are just shills for Perry. Anyone who has take the time to check anything knows that six of the members of the commission that was to investigate 911 withdrew because they couldn't support the report that was released. I don't know how it came down. I know that the federal government is either massively incompetent, or was involved. There is no other answer. Pick your poison. I am offended by the practice of those who are on these boards to call names rather than deal with facts and reality. Remember when they used the n word to end an argument? How is this different? Truther, Birther, Denier, what's next?
    You don't want to deal with facts, just call names. Fact is, this has nothing to do with Texas or the election there. What if Glen asked if she thinks Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone person involved in the assassination of Kennedy? Would that be relevant? To say you aren't sure to that question is perfectly acceptable.
    Oh and the phrase I meant to use was “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?” give me a yes or no answer. Right now. No explanation.

  287. More than three thousand Americans lost their lives on 9/11. That's a fact. They are gone from this earth and their families. The debate here on our governments involvement or complacency in protecting them will not change this sad part of American history. That's a fact. Texans have a clear choice on March 2, 2010. Business as usual or protection of our constitutional rights. Glenn Beck has no stake in this as he is not a Texan. His opinion doesn't amount to “A Hill O' beans” here @ home. Vote Medina!

  288. interesting point.. for such a short interview, i find it odd that beck would ask the 911 question.. her answer is fairly agnostic.. she simply said that she does not have enough evidence to answer the question.. whats wrong with that? is she not allowed to question her government?

    so to the people who write her off as a candidate because of this..
    how sure are you of the official govt story about what happened on 911? do you hold bush/cheney in such high regard that you refuse to believe that there are details about the attacks that have been intentionally withheld from the american people? what makes you so sure? why is '911 truther' being so stigmatized? whats wrong with wanting to know the complete truth about 911?

    for the record: i have no intention of voting for medina, nor do i have my mind made up about 911..

  289. Sorta like how you stopped beating your wife. Ask a no win question that is irrelevant to the topic at hand, and then berate them no matter what they answer. We aren't that stupid Beck. The whole reason the Tea Party exists (not that mutated excuse of a republican club with Palin) is because we are tired of the stupid manipulations you clowns pull to manipulate the ignorant masses. Well buddy, we ain't ignorant anymore. Ask a relevant question. Listen to the answers. Next you will ask if she believes God created the universe. We know these questions that are irrelevant are asked to divide. We won't fall for that crap anymore. Take your 912 crap and leave. We don't trust you, or anything about you.

  290. Actually I did hear the response from Debra Medina. What I heard was a woman who was completely unprepared for a preposterous question. But just for you I have gone and gotten the transcript. She said “I have not been out publicly questioning that.”

    “There are some very good arguments, and I think the American people have not seen all of the evidence there. So I've not taken a position on that.”

    I am a voter here in Texas, now while I don't agree with everything that Medina has ever said, I also look at the other two candidates we have to choose from Rick Tax 'Em Perry and Kay Bailout Hutcheson and can not help but gravitate towards the third candidate.

    What I did hear in the interview was Glenn Beck twisting her words around and making them not what she said. Funny thing I started listening to Glenn because he denounced news people who did exactly what he just did today.

    You know I like Glenn Beck, I think most of the time he's got a good head on his shoulders, but today he was just a Jack Ass. I'm glad that this is not the first time that I have ever listened to him because if today was the first time that I had ever heard him I would think he was an absolute idiot, instead I just don't think he did his research before the interview.

  291. Hey Glenn you are a shrill for the establishment and Lew Rockwell has shown that. Are we supposed to accept everything that our government tells us and so what if there are people in her organization who believe that, so what.
    Who in Fox News told you to go after and attack Debra Medina?

  292. Hey Glenn you are a shrill for the establishment and Lew Rockwell has shown that. Are we supposed to accept everything that our government tells us and so what if there are people in her organization who believe that, so what.
    Who in Fox News told you to go after and attack Debra Medina?

  293. I'm very happy to have donated to Medina's campaign and she answered the question tactfully. Her campaign has posted a more thorough response, however, at

    When will we as Americans, and especially as Texans, start focusing on the real issues that face our state and nation? Medina is focused on what really matters to the State of Texas and its citizens. Allowing for differences of opinion is part of that. Asking questions of our government is a duty, regardless of the issue. It's the ONLY way we hold them accountable. We do it in our jobs and in our families as well.

    Medina has my vote.

  294. Excuse me, but maybe you didn't hear her answer to Beck on that question? Her endless equivocating and rambling on and on how she didn't have enough facts to make an informed answer…how there were good questions that haven't been answered (and yes they have been). If she is not a truther then she would have said “NO” to his question instead of running all over the map! My kid does the same thing when he's been caught and has to give and explanation. Medina just lost a ton of votes. She's done!

  295. i was very excited to get rid of the current BS but now there's no way she gets my vote and no way she comes close to winning. She's finished.

    anyone who believes in the consp theory is a nutbag.

  296. Too bad they didn't have a Reichstag Truth Movement in Nazi Germany. Lots of lives could have been saved. But, I guess we should just believe everything that the Establishment tells us. It's not like they staged the Gulf of Tonkin Incident resulting in the death of over 50,000 American Soldiers.

    Medina For Governor!

  297. After my first post on this subject today, I received an timely voice message from a Private Caller saying: 'This is Julie and this is from the Glenn Beck Show… we wanted you to hear this live clip from Glenn's Tuesday Show about Governor Perry.” Then played a clip about Perry being the 'Progressive Republican we all can't stand', except during campaigns. Her closing comments: “Just wanted you to hear this timely reminder from Tuesday's Glenn Beck Show. Thank you. Paid for by Texans for Kay.” Wonder how her people will use today's show? Is this legal? They must really be desperate!

  298. Glen Beck is a serious fag who has just publicly stated his desire to french kiss Rick Perry. I guess that's not a blunder if you live in FagLand.

  299. Sorry, but this is a big issue. If she had stated that she believes little green men might be flying above her house at night, I would also say, “NOPE, cuckoo lady here, and thus a NO vote!” Cuckoos are no less cuckoo simply because they are well rounded in other areas.

  300. Hmmm…Kinky Freidman is a racist and Debra Medina is a Truther. Sounds to me like the Rick Perry hit squad is thinking forward on this one. A quick Google search puts this Beck interview as the ONLY mention of Media and the Truther movement in the same article. It's too bad, really, if this sticks. I like Beck's show, but if he's ready to sign up as a hit man for the Perry campaign, I think he can do without me for a while.

  301. Call her what you want. So far my vote is still with her. I don't care what she believes about 911. What I do care about is what she might be able to do for Texas. I want our border secure, I would love for the property taxes to go away or at least drop, I want our roads to stay our roads and not toll roads, and I don't want the old guard. KBH has showed that she goes with the flow (voted for bailout), not to mention she was for the comprehensive immigration bill until there was a huge outcry from voters. RP on the other is for the toll roads, etc. I will vote for Medina so far. But I must also remind people that the power in Texas is not with the Governor, but with Lieutenant Governor. The Governor of Texas is in reality mostly a ribbon cutting job. Which makes me want to know why KBH would want this job in the first place?

  302. Beck is a shill just like Perry and Hutchinson. We need more politicians like Medina to go against the elites running this country.

    To those who still think that OBL did 911, take at least 1/2 hr of your time and read these testimonies from aviation, demolition, engineering experts, ex-military men, ex-politicians and more.

  303. On the contrary, Glenn has done a tremendous service by exposing this nutjob. Beck did NOT convict her. She did that herself with her own words. If she can't say, “NO WAY” to the truther question, then she sympathizes with that position. Hence, she's a whackjob! Good riddance!

  304. I'm not a 9/11 Truther, but if we start “picking and choosing” who can ask which questions, we are in a whole lot of trouble in this nation. The questions may seem irrational, insulting, or stupid, but questioning government is not bad.

    Medina is not a Truther. The 9/11 Truthers are not relevant to Texas or her campaign. What was the point of his questions?

  305. And I suppose if Medina believed there were little green men flying above her house every night, that too would not be relevant? And if Medina believed that Big Foot was visiting her back yard each day, that too would not be relevant?

    You truthers are screwballs, and would like others to believe that your screwball beliefs have no bearing on your person. You are mistaken. You are nutball whackjobs!

  306. That was my thoughts exactly. I'd be hating it if I had donated to her campaign. I'm sure she's getting emails requesting refunds. HA!

  307. Beck is a government shill for project mockingbird and all who support the governments 911 lie need to dig a little deeper or keep your head in the sand.

  308. I'm glad Beck asked her the question. There were rumors about her views so it needed to come out one way or another. You can't take anyone serious that still believes this garbage. I feel sorry for all the folks that donated to her campaign. She is a disgrace to our state. She should move… far away.

  309. “But, oh no, anyone that might question the preposterous 911 BS story is assaulted by establishment attack dogs like the phony libertarian, Glenn Beck.”

    And the retarded minions spout the same b.s. the hear on the radio and watch on tv. It's sad, lemmings will be lemmings. Keep your head in the sand 911 truth deniers. There are questions. Why did building seven fall? Look into it and get back to me. Three buildings fell that day. Not two.

  310. Medina remarks were equal to committing political suicide on a national radio show. She is clearly not ready for prime time.

  311. Medina for Texas! Glenn how dare you blast/question government motives/policy in one breath and then blast someone else for doing the very same thing. Clearly Debra does not believe the government planned/plotted 9/11 she states that. You MR. CONSPIRACY should swallow your pride and apologize. Oh, and by the way Medina can stand and lead on her own 2 feet she won't need your endorsement. “The Truth Will Set You Free”

  312. are you all nutzzz? 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB the evidence is staggering!!!!! ANYONE WHO DENIES THE FEDS were in on the nano thermite, NORAD standing down, the Pentagon was hit by a missile, NO PLANE PARTS FOUND THERE OR IN PA…..Bush was security for the towers, WTC was NOT HIT BY A PLANE BUT FELL IN ITS OWN FOOT PRINT LIKE THE OTHER BUILDINGS, a CONTROLLED DEMOLITION!!! EXTENSIVE insurance policies taken out on the buildings, MANY MANY witnesses heard and saw explosions……IF ANYONE COULD POSSIBLY DENY THESE FACTS the overwhelming evidence this was a false flag event (LIKE MANY OTHERS IN OUR HISTORY) to usher in the Patriot Act (written BEFORE 9/11/01) usher in One World Government, enslavement, unacceptable taxes…..well YOU ARE BLIND AND CERTAINLY UN UN UN AMERICAN! FACE TRUTH PATRIOTS AND FIGHT TO STOP THE TYRANNICAL TAKE OVER OF OUR GOV FOR POWER & PROFIT! MEDINA IS HONEST & RIGHT!

  313. Keep in mind folks, she is running for Governor not President. Beck shouldn't have gone there (poor taste on his part). If any one has watched the republican candidate debates Medina was the clear winner and right choice. Perry and Hutchison danced around the tough questions that required a real answer with the typical BS tact of a BS politician. THe kind that are bought and sold daily. Beck is a hypocrit and an actor/entertainer.

  314. Well Texas has a clear choice. You can keep someone who broke their oath to uphold the Constitution and vote for an unConstitutional Bail out, or someone who realizes they should have no control over how people think or legitimate questions they may have. I myself am not a truther, but I have one question.
    There has NEVER been a black box that has gone unrecovered EVER. On 9/11 it was claimed that TWO went unrecovered.

  315. whats wrong with being a truther.they only want to get to the truth and not sweep it under the rug. besides they believe our constution to be important unlike other sen,congressman we now have.

  316. I can see why she was surprised at such a question …what does 9/11 have to do with Texas politics? I lost respect for Beck over this….I hope Medina wins in Texas…she is not slick like Perry and Hutchinson……I think Medina is on her way to catching up with Hutchinson and beating Perry…..and the controlled Republican party doesn't want that to happen………oh, I am a truther. But no one really wants honesty….do you Glenn Beck?

  317. You go Debra! Glenn, I love you and I usually agree with you – but you are dead wrong on this one! After listening to the audio – you were putting words in her mouth. All she was saying was that people have the right to question their government. I'm not saying the government had any direct knowledge of it, but you are very aware of all the infiltration of extremists in every facet of our lives. I would not be surprised if someone – in some position of influence in the govt, knew something about it. I would love to believe that no one could be that cold and evil – but in light of watching the government tear our country down like they are – nothing would shock me anymore. I think you owe Debra an apology – and another shot on your show. We are praying that she gets elected. And without your knowledge, you just shot one of the good guys.


  319. If your vote for Medina was because you thought she had a great vision for TX, then how does her not having enough evidence to make a definitive decision about 911 change that. No one except those who “know” really know what happened. The thing that I find interesting, is that no one is question Glenn about why we should question our government concerning 911. His whole show is based on “question everything”. How is it that a real grass roots person emerges that happens to question the government on an issue that all have questions about, and you side with the guy who's a part of the establishment, and flip/flops on his own advise to ask those difficult questions? I find it very interesting

  320. Medina blew this one badly. She had to know it was coming. I admire Glenn Beck BECAUSE he doesn't recognize sacred cows and he doesn't softball anyone. He let her know the question was coming and gave her time to compose her answer. If she truly didn't know of the “truther” accusations, she's really not listening very well. They are everywhere if you look just a little. The fact that she claims to be ignorant of those charges is a bit hard to believe. The “Truther” issue is critical to the governor's race. It speaks to the integrity, courage and intelligence of the candidate. The governor of Texas operates on a national and international stage as well as a local one. Don't tell me national issues are “not an issue”. If someone rams an airplane into Cowboy Stadium, I want a governor that doesn't automatically assume that we did it to ourselves.

    I want someone who will do the right thing no matter what anyone thinks. Actually, I would respect Rick Perry more if he'd come right out and say that Texas will not remain a part of a socialist United States. Now that would take real courage.

    Anyone? Anyone?

    (insert sound of chirping crickets)

  321. Thanks for posting this audio. I will be voting for her because of this. Perry and Hutchinson are shills.



  324. Beck is a shill, plain and simple. This question has no bearing whatsoever on how well Medina would govern Texas. None.

    Anyone stupid enough to believe everything that Beck tells them is clearly stupid enough to not actually do any research. The official 9/11 story and report are so full of holes as to be laughable. So laughable that millions of US citizens want another (real and independent) investigation. Keep buying whatever Beck shovels into your soft melons, though. Pretty soon you'll be wondering where your diminishing freedom went just like the rest of the sheep.

  325. I know what you mean. I couldn't believe that I had to listen to such a hypocrite like Glenn Beck. His credibility was lost years ago and yet he still has a job. I think people forget that he is just an entertainer and will do and say whatever he is told to. Debra Medina is a good person with great values and would do good things for Americans. The media(entertainers) will continue to slander, like Chris Matthews, Rush Limbaugh, Hypocrite,etc., because they get paid too! You have one thing going for you though, you can think for yourself! They can't.

  326. Beck was getting mail that she was a 911 truther, he said this very fact on the air before he even talked to her and he wanted to help her by asking her this question so people would finally shut up but… her own answer screwed her don't blame beck he tried helping her on this issue she screwed herself. he was just as surprised as everyone else. Don't blame him blame her!

  327. I think Debra did a great job in stating the facts. She never said she was a truther. It's our duty to question the government. Beck did a hatchet job and Perry provided the ax. After all Beck wants to French kiss Perry….IMO

  328. Our military is used for many operations that they troops themselves are totally oblivious to the end game of their actions. It is known that our govenment is involved in all kinds of dasteredly events that we never get the “whole” truth about what really happend. If the truth were really told about most people's thoughts about our federal government, it would be found that the majority of the country does not believe what we have been feed. That's why I appreciate what Medina said, which was, paraphrasing, all of the evidence has not been seen concerning 911. If everything else was a lie, that statement is definately the truth.

  329. Before you rush to judgement regarding 9/11 “truthers” why don't you spend one hour of your life on SUCH AN IMPORTANT ISSUE and watch “Loose Change – 2nd Edition”. It is free and can be found on the internet. Many CREDIBLE people including: 9/11 commissioners, members of Congress, military personnel, scientists, intelligence professionals, architects, engineers, first responders, victims, and counselors – all question the official story.

  330. shes running for govener of texas. 911 not relevant.
    She said she likes apples, NOW i cant vote for her, cus if u dont like apples, well her great ideas on lowering taxes and returning to principles of personal freedoms, they dont count for nottin' now.
    I have to vote for Perry or KBH cus they are worried about steroids in ball players and they dont belive in UFO's. They are good cuz they want to give the road we paid for to private indus. and turn them into toll roads. Also I paid off my loan to my house but I will lose it if I dont pay ever increasing taxes for services i dont utilize.

  331. You already HAVE a whack job (Perry) as Governor. Medina would be a breath of fresh air. A new take on old problems is far preferable to the same old same old.

  332. Were we told about the Pearl Harbor attack by a high ranking officer, he must have been a truether. Did we have evidence of the 911 attack? Excuse me I didn't say that. Who shot Kennedy, uh oh can't say that. The transparancy of our government would never lead anyone to believe they might have screwed up. I do'nt believe they planned it but if that's the excuse to get rid of Van Johnson give me a break. He stands on his radical record to reject him. I didn't hear her give a great responce but I also watched the debates and watched Perry and KBH side step and dance around on stage with their critical answers to our great STATE of TEXAS something Glenn would surly see as Progressive. I also listened to some one who seemed to mirror the very thing Glenn talks about on his show. STATE RIGHTS
    Yes OBL is a murderer and his kind should be eliminated, so how's that going for us!!! I'll still watch Glenn cause he very informative but his little giggle Medina away wasn't that impresive. Maybe her red phone is waiting for you to ask her more pertinate questions as to the survival of TEXAS since he does preach a little doom and gloom of progresive take over. Take a look at the whole enchilada as we say down here and tell me who smells more like a progresive. Maybe thats less important.

  333. Even if she is a truther, there's nothing wrong with wanting answers and transparency from a Government that has ADMITTEDLY lied (the original commission members own words spell it out.)

    This is a non-issue. Medina is running for Governor to restore Constitutional Government to Texas. THAT is the issue. 9/11 Truth is NOT the issue…get over it.

  334. State Military issues aside, and they are not minor- it's a simple matter of Judgement. If her decision making process is so flawed that a fantasy (thutherisms) can't be destinguished from reality, you know, actual scientific facts versus delusional conspiracy theories- then she is not fit to Govern. Period. Yes, I saw the debate performance, her States Rights, pro gun, pro life platform looked great- especially up against KBH.

  335. Glenn's question about being a 9/11 Truther is on par with Charlie Gibson's question to Sarah Palin about the Bush Doctrine. I am sure Debra Medina was knocked off balance with such a silly question and was just trying to be cautious with her answer. I have to wonder if he went into this interview with the intent to harm her.

    He has done a serious disservice to Texas today. His questions to her should have been solely on the issues related to governing Texas. Not this “National Inquirer” style attack.

    Glenn Beck has harmed the conservative cause, not helped it. I am not saying Debra Medina is the best choice. I am saying Glenn Beck has just marginalized what could be the best choice, but we may never get a chance to find out thanks to his asinine question.

  336. Do you believe that many Texans are like the flip-floppin' Dumbocrats, tossed about by every wind of doctrine? One careless (or purposeful and inciting?) comment from Glenn Beck and we throw away the only viable candidate for a couple of career politicians? Are we sure these negative posts are from 'imposters' trying to undermine the Medina campaign rather than 'former' supporters? KBH's team for example? True Medina supporters know enough about her not to be swayed. In spite of today's program, the momentum continues to build. Watch as Texans take back Austin too!

  337. I don't believe that Medina is a truther……..I had not even heard of the term much less anyone's acusation that she was one. I began to understand a bit more what Beck was asking toward the end. I wonder if Medina fully understood what you were asking. I could see how that issue would not be on her mind at all since, as mentioned, it is not a state issue and nothing she could do anything about if she were elected. If she truly did have that opinion, I certainly would not want that attitude in my governor. But, I have to wonder…..what was the point of the question. I must say, Glenn, that I lost a bit of respect for you after hearing this interview.

  338. It's Glenn who lost my vote. He obviously had it in for her. Pretty unprofessional asking her a tangental question completely unrelated to the race. Pretty unprofessional stigmatizing anybody who questions. “Truther” doesn't just mean people who think it's an inside job. They are simply people who think there's too many unanswered questions, which may simply be a matter of gross incompetence with our intelligence. And I would much rather vote for people who question the establishment a little, rather than so eagerly marching in line with it.

  339. Anyone that questions the gubbernment is ok in my book.. dumb answer on her part , but she still has my vote on the basis of the most conservative one running.

  340. It seems like it's kind of a small town thing, out where people hug to their guns and religion.

    Not sure why there's such antagonism toward truthers. I myself think Al Qaeda hijacked planes and ran them into the WTC. I couldn't be a truther because I couldn't believe for a second that the Washington DC would be competent enough to pull off all these things the truthers allege. And they're definitely not smart enough to take over health care.

  341. Thank you, Glenn, for revealing yet another Trojan Horse Libertarian crank candidate in the mold of Alex Jones and Ron Paul. These people are dangerous and must be kept away from the halls of power at all costs.

  342. Thanks for the laugh…sure I believe everything BO, GWB, Clinton….(I did not sleep with that women) says. Right……

  343. So there is this truther thing that MIGHT be an issue. How is that looking at the whole package? I say continue to monitor how she responds to this and what happens between now & March 2 before writing her off completely. If you've already made up your mind, so be it.

  344. Set up by Beck or not, all I know is by not giving a resounding “NO”, she has lost my vote, my wife's vote, and several of my friends' votes.

  345. Wow. I was going to vote for her, if just to stick it to KBH, but that's bad. Voting for Rick, for sure, now.

  346. I don't understand why asking the question is “setting her up.” In one sentence, you assert questioning things is the right thing to do. In the next, you slam Beck for asking a question. I'm not sure but it looks like you're being a little inconsistent.

  347. So this is 1 thing that may be an issue – compared with Perry & KBH that have how many issues Texas has to be concerned with? How is that looking at the whole package? I say continue to monitor how she responds to this to see if it's a true issue before writing her off completely. If you already made up your mind, so be it.

  348. There's a whole lot of twisting and spinning by the Medina followers going on here. Campaign's over, guys. The only viable answer was 'No, I'm not a truther'.

  349. She didn't answer “Yes” or “No” because she's not ignorant enough to make judgement based on hearsay and she clearly stated that she hadn't gathered the facts to make any comment one way or the other. She's been focused on our state issues at the present, which is where her focus should be right now and standing up for our rights as a state, which is something Rick hasn't jumped up to do lately – he's now talking about it because he has competition, but the fact is that 16 other states have already filed for nullification, while Texas is still deciding how to draft their wording…..go figure. Medina, we have your back – Glenn had this planned for the get go clearly.

  350. Agian, this is that big of an issue? KBH & Perry are much worse. I doubt you were a real Medina supporter before this…….

  351. Sure vote for Perry again and see where Texas is another four years from now (part of Mexico). If you listen carefully Medina had a hard time even hearing Glen's questions, As Glen says doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Go ahead and vote for Perry again or better yet vote for KBH and he and GWB with open the flood gates from Mexico. They are both globalist, Medina will uphold our constitution and protect our property and liberty.

  352. If you mean Medina, I was VERY INTERESTED in her perspectives on how to fund the Texas Government (i.e. the consumption tax of which I've been a fan for a very long time). However, it is the whole package that I look at, and this Truther thing shows me something that I think is really OFF in her. It's too bad as I had a lot of hope for her.

  353. Do you think Obama's birth certificate is valid? What would be your answer. I'd like to know.

    Not everyone believes the “official” report. So, to question it is wrong? You sold out… You are a traitor to America by accepting everything the NWO government presents as “truth.” I and many others are voting for Medina. You and your establishment types will eventually lose out. How much did they pay you to set her up?

  354. Is our government responsible for 911? You bet, the number one responsibility of the federal government is defense and they have failed to protect our country (both in New York and our border with Mexico).

    I like Glen but, he was setting Medina up. Do I think the federal government is evil, you bet I do, absolute power corrupts. I do not trust anything the government is doing and if you do you are foolish.

  355. Sad, I'm a life long conservative Texan, and she HAD my vote. Great, now I can choose Perry or Kay Bailey, once again the lesser of evils…
    Anyone that believes that US military personnel are capable of 9/11 (and EVERY truther theory involves the military in some way) are not capable of governing a state that includes a military- the Governor is the C in C here in Texas of the Texas Air and Army National Guards and their State Guard counterparts. Shameful, really. Thanks to Mr. Beck, she revealed herself today.

  356. “She just lost my vote.”

    I guess anyone that isn't 100% sure that everything the government says is 100% true, should never hold public office.


  357. Today I listened to your live radio broadcast for the first time. We were alerted that Debra Medina, our clear choice for Texas Governor would be interviewed. I'd like to challenge you on your response to Mrs. Medina's strong message. Has it been so long that we had honest leaders that we don't recognize a genuine person when we see/hear them? Glenn, although you asked important and necessary questions, surely you know the far-reaching influence of your opinion over Mrs. Medina’s responses. I'm sorely disappointed at yours and your team's guffaws in the background, as well as your joking comments about Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rick Perry at the close of this interview. Please watch the KERA and BELO replays of these two career politicians, acting like a couple of squabbling teenagers. Debra Medina is the only mature, reasonable candidate, and the only one who has the heartbeat of we Texans. For further reference, do a Wikipedia search on Rick Perry, who attended the secretive Bilderberger meeting in 2007 in Turkey: Isn't this event by invitation only? Why would Gov. Perry have attended if he's not a Progressive in disguise? Do you know that Gov. Perry MANDATED gardisil be administered to teen females here in Texas? How does that fit with your views on MANDATED health care 'reform' by the control freaks in the White House?

    Glenn, perhaps you'll consider a visit to Fort Worth, Texas on Feb. 20th as Debra Medina addresses a crowd of over 2,000 at the Cow Town Coliseum. Contact Adrian Murray of our local 912 Project group or visit this site for details:

    Thanks for 'listening' and doing further research on Rick Perry. We believe you'll be quick to publicly expose these FACTS about him. You may also want to read this professional article on how ELIMINATING property tax here in Texas is possible:….

  358. Lani,

    Popular Mechanics article has been thoroughly debunked. Micheal Chertoff's cousin, Ben Chertoff, was hired to produce the hit piece. They have refused a public debate with scientists and engineers.

  359. The reason the 9-11 conspiracy will persist is a building (WTC 7), that did not get hit by any terrorist-hijacked plane, fell at the acceleration of gravity for 2.25 seconds. That's not me, that is NIST.

    There were structural members 3 inches thick at the web and flanges weighing 1080 lb/foot that gave NO resistance during this 2.25 seconds.

    This is impossible.

    All that many tech savvy concerned individuals are saying is there is probable cause for a better investigation that the sham that was performed my FEMA, the 9-11 commission, and NIST.

    If a earnest investigation is done, and real reasons are found for massive structural columns offering NO resistance during 2.25 seconds of the WTC 7 fall, then this can finally be put to rest.

    Until then, Glenn Beck will be “french” kissing gov Perry….

  360. Why ever not? There are a lot of places in this country where truthers are the mainstream opinion. You should see what's out on the REAL fringe! If there's a truther vote in Texas, Ms. Median should go for it.

  361. WTF? Glenn, I love ya, but I don't see how you get that Medina is 911 truther out of this interview. This is just not an issue for Texas. What is an issue for Texas is unemployment. What is an issue is Illegal Immigration. What is an issue is Toll roads being outsourced to foreign companies. What is an issue is our State Soveregnty. On most issues I agree with you whole heartedly, but to slam the only candidate in Texas that is willing to do something to fix these problems with something so Juvenile is ridiculous. Glenn, I feel this was a mistake on your part. What you heard was that she was a 911 truther. What we in Texas heard was that she didn't want to speculate either way, that we do not and never will have all the facts of that issue, and until she does have all of the facts she won't speculate either way. That doesn't make her a 911 truther it makes her smart enough to not say anything either way. It also makes her smart enough to focus on the issues of Texas not a 10 year old issue of the United States. Anyway keep up the good work that you do, but please look into Debra's merit a little more. Look at who she is up against, career politicians who need to go.

  362. Perry & Hutchison have MUCH bigger problems that discredit them than a 9/11 “truther” question in my opinion. I'm going to pay attention to see where this goes, but I won't throw out my vote because of this.

  363. I still like Medina. She clearly stated that she didn't have enough evidence to say one way or the other. That has no bearing on her values on our state rights and her view of the US as a constitutional republic. We need to get the progressives out of office. We should start by putting freedom loving, constitution enforcing, and limited government minded individuals in office!

  364. Debra laughed at the accusation that she was a truther. That has not been an issue for her campaign here in Texas. Glenn is confusing having an open mind and the courage to consider possibilities with taking an issue seriously. I've seen some interesting questions regarding 9-11 but nothing that has led me to spend time on the subject. That said, I am not a truther and find highly unlikely that our Government could orchestrate such and elaborate scheme and get away with it. Also, we know that there are terrorists in this world who would like nothing better than to blow things up and kill as many unbelievers as possible.

    I am sincerely concerned that Glenn was seeking any hint that would support the accusation that she is a truther. He succeeded in undermining my trust in his motives and agenda.

  365. Apparently it's a heinous crime not to have 100% belief in the government's 911 fairy tale that has holes big enough to fly a 767 through them.

    THE FBI HAS NEVER WANTED BIN LADEN FOR 911. The reason? They have no herd evidence that OBL was involved.

    I guess the FBI should be attacked as 911 truthers as well. BTW, sheep. The opposite of 911 truth is…..911 LIE.

    The only reason the sheep continue to believe this ridiculous lie, is that the lie has been faithfully regurgitated millions of times by government hacks and the whore media (like Beck) which are both controlled by the same elites.

    But, oh no, anyone that might question the preposterous 911 BS story is assaulted by establishment attack dogs like the phony libertarian, Glenn Beck.

    He's been positioned by the establishment, to hijack any real patriot movement.

    Will you be suckered by this lying, crocodile tears, phony, establishment whore?

  366. Completely Agree!
    It was a simple enough question that only required a yes or no. Not to mention all the verbiage she used after the question was an attempt to bob and weave while giving away she is indeed a truther or thinks their arguments have merit – as she all but said.

    Lost another vote.

  367. She discredited herself with her answers, Beck didn't have to say anything her candidacy was over at that moment.

  368. But she could have said that she was convinced, even while defending the right of others to have questions. The way she put it gave the appearance of her own questioning of 9-1-1.

  369. The question and comments afterward by Beck were aimed to discredit Medina, the only true constitutional candidate. Without hijacking the TP movement the GOP is done and this interview was just another symptom of the Neocons in thier death throws.

  370. You are wrong. There are THOUSANDS of competent engineers, scientists, metallurgists, etc. that KNOW FOR A FACT what happened on 9/11. It's just “truthers”/”conspiracy theorists” like you who “don't know”, simply because you can't grasp engineering principles.

  371. The Federal government was ultimately responsible because it's one of the constitutional duties to protect our lives. They failed through their incompetence. How hard would that have been for her to answer? I don't think anyone can argue against their failure. But to leave open that you might believe the Federal government was actively involved? Really?

    My theory — Bunch of crazy jihadists hijacked two commercial airlines, flew them into the buildings and killed those people. No need to start twisting and convulsing to try to fit facts into some hairbrained theory. I'll believe that until they start experimenting and flying similarly sized planes laden with fuel into similarly constructed buildings and can show that doesn't happen. No one really has the experience to say the planes wouldn't bring the buildings down.

  372. Sounds like she's developing a Ron Paul like following. This was a simple question with a simpler answer and yet, she didn't put forth the answer. THEN, the waffling on whether she would retain advisors who were Truthers leads me to believe she is in fact a Truther. Too bad, I really had thought she had some good ideas however, we cannot affort a whack job as the Governor of Texas.

  373. Glen,

    As much as I respect you, I think you have done Texas a disservice in the decisions of the upcoming Primary election. You have convicted Debra Medina of being a 911 Truther without sufficient evidence to that fact and I regret your
    rush to judgement. I hope you will have Debra back on your show for a fuller
    explanation of her views.

  374. I caught the very end of it so but anyone who thinks *our* gov't caused 9-11 directly is nuts. That said I must comment on Glenn's comment about never really being a fan of Rick Perry's. I am SO SICK of Glenn bending over backwards to malign 99% of the GOP. There are a lof of good GOP legislators and I am sick to death of Glenn painting them alll with a broad brush the way he does night after night.

  375. Debra Medina will be releasing a press release on this issue….I am not a truther,she is not a truther…

  376. Excuse me, Mister Beck? For once, I think you're wrong. MOST INTELLIGENT PEOPLE who have looked over this issue carefully can't give a definitive answer…unless they've gone to real scientific articles (like Popular Mechanics, 2005)…Most believe that third building that fell without any impact is inexplicable. The 9/11 Commission did a report with a lot of holes – and there's HUGE GROUPS of very educated engineers and architects and people who demolish buildings for a living – that believe it was an “inside job”. NO ONE PERSON CAN STATE FOR CERTAIN WHAT HAPPENED ON 9/11, it's a matter of faith and some science… but the jury is still out for many. Your persecution of anyone saying “I don't know” is ridiculous, has nothing to do with how much they love their country. and these days, as a political football seems even more absurd. You might as well go after those who believe UFOs “MIGHT” be real… nobody knows, Glenn. Not yet, anyway. If you're CERTAIN about the issue of 9/11, then I welcome you to broadcast your “theory” of what happened, so everybody can learn from YOU. 🙂

  377. The only acceptable answer is no, our U.S. government did not attack us on 9/11/2001, and those who think so are abhorrent.

  378. A setup or not, that question gets a YES or a NO answer. Beck focused on the “Is your government EVIL?” question. A bit hyperbolic in classic Beck style. I would ask the question “Do you think the Fed Government is that COMPETENT?!?!” Even if President Bush and VP Cheney were that evil I cannot bring myself to believe that the government could pull it off without someone leaking it. There is no way.

    ANYONE who would sit on the fence on this issue is playing a game with the voters and should be called upon to explain just how they can claim ignorance on the issue.

    If Ms. Medina felt she was being played by Beck she should have called him on it. I'm not a Texan so I really don't have a dog in this fight but…Texans, make sure YOU aren't getting played by this woman.

  379. She was set up by Glen. Hell we all know the government knew that Bin Laden was going to do something back when Clinton was in office and the fed did nothing. No I do not believe Debra Medina thinks that OUR government DID 9-11.

  380. He was out to get Medina from the start, and with a national
    question… not too much to do with state issues. I think that bunk he
    dropped early on, before he talked to her was just set up for his
    eventual siding with Perry. Remember how he was making such a big deal
    about his show not having “friends”. And he pointed out…

  381. He was out to get Medina from the start, and with a national
    question… not too much to do with state issues. I think that bunk he
    dropped early on, before he talked to her was just set up for his
    eventual siding with Perry. Remember how he was making such a big deal
    about his show not having “friends”. And he pointed out…

  382. He was out to get Medina from the start, and with a national
    question… not too much to do with state issues. I think that bunk he
    dropped early on, before he talked to her was just set up for his
    eventual siding with Perry. Remember how he was making such a big deal
    about his show not having “friends”. And he pointed out…

  383. Thanks for posting this audio. I could not believe what I was hearing… I had high hopes for Medina, but she will not get my vote!

    1. I want you to watch this clip. This is how I feel on your coverage of Debra Media.

      Why are you not covering Sahara Palin that outright calls for a new 9/11 investigation? Sahara Palin said much more than Medina did. Glenn Beck is a Hippocrate. And turned her microphone off. This coverage is B.S.!!

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