Dem Climate Doomsayers cook up TEN THOUSAND steaks during #ClimateStrike, CBS doesn’t see the problem

Jerry Nadler is telling kids that all life on earth could be gone in less than fifty years, Ocasio-Cortez is telling young people not to have babies and lamenting cow farts, and Greta Thurnberg says there’s no point in an education because she’ll never grow up to use it.

Democrats and activists have spent the last few days prophesying doom and pitching Armageddon to grade school kids, who are in a mental health crisis of extreme stress and anxiety under age 10. Unprecedented. ACTION MUST BE TAKEN RIGHT THIS INSTANT, they say.

Well, not right THIS instant, first we have to pander for votes. Which Democrats did, at their annual Iowa steak fry, to which most of them flew in planes or arrived by bus. And once there, those great green Democrats, keepers of the holy purpose of making Americans stop creating global warming (but not those other countries because of justice you know), cooked up over TEN THOUSAND STEAKS.

Wait, isn’t the beef industry bad? Aren’t cows bad? For that matter, isn’t an even requiring thousands of extra miles driven by cars and buses and planes… bad? Guess not.

CBS reported it, and guess what? They offered NO criticism of the obvious disconnect between rhetoric and action.

Organizers grilled 10,500 steaks for attendees on Saturday, along with 1,000 vegan burgers. There is only one vegan candidate in the presidential race: Senator Cory Booker

The same media screams hypocrisy any time any Republican plays golf during business hours. Or on vacation. But somehow CBS DIDN’T NOTICE THE ANTI-BEEF GLOBAL WARMING PEOPLE PREACHING IMMINENT DOOM COOKING TEN THOUSAND BEEF STEAKS IS A CONTRADICTION.

What a garbage time we live in. It’s not even that the news is fake. It’s that it isn’t even the news.

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