Dem. Nadler says Republicans are TERRIFIED about emergency declaration and can STOP it

I don’t know how much want to believe this guy, but Rep. Nadler, a Democrat, says that he thinks there might be enough Republicans to vote down Trump’s declaration of national emergency.

He says some are “terrified” about it:

Nadler makes an argument some Republicans have made, which is that taking this action allows Democrats to do the same when they get into power. That is exactly what happened with Harry Reid and the nuclear option when Republicans took over. Nadler points out that Dems could declare a national emergency on guns and just ban all guns or force everyone to register their guns without any congressional approval. He makes a good point. For a Democrat.

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54 thoughts on “Dem. Nadler says Republicans are TERRIFIED about emergency declaration and can STOP it

  1. Nadler is a two faced traitor. He voted for the Iran Nuclear Deal jeopardizing Israel’s safety and went crying to Obama when people criticized him for it. I can’t forgive him for valuing his relationship with Obama over safeguarding Israel & its citizens

  2. Democrats keep using taking away our guns as an example of their possible use of declaring a national emergency. This tells me that disarming the citizens is clearly what they want to do.

  3. Heh. Someone’s a bit sensitive about the emergency declaration.

  4. Like democrats wouldn’t someday do this anyway. Democrats and rinos don’t want our borders secure. Demoslime want illegals for new voters and rinos want cheap labor. Trump was stupid to sign this and he owns this mess and we the people pay. If a plane piloted by terrorists was heading to DC, I don’t think anyone would care if it hit the target.

  5. Now do the 15ish National Emergency Executive Orders that Obama Did, and the 16ish National Emergency Executive Orders that Obama modified..

    Balderdash comes to mind, Nadler’s just spewing Nonsense as a simple vote per the National Emergency Act will stop same.

  6. You can’t trust anything knucklehead Nadler says. I’ve listened to many very intelligent well-versed people explain this & all said Trump is well within his rights to have done this.

    I wonder if that crap bill was concocted when schmucky met with turtle. They probably told Trump this was his only way to get any wall funding.

  7. 75% of Citizens are Terrified of Illegals and Migrants Invasion excluding Democrats . As it is U.S is already a Hispanic Majority Nation . After the Aurora shootings I looked up Citi Data . Com and was really surprised to see what the Demography in Aurora was. It`s almost like Commiefornia. My State where 80 to 90 % of the Cities are Hispanic Majority . Trump needs to build the Wall Hook or Crook . White Folks can now lay claim to being Minority Race and take advantage of the Minority Status. I don`t believe I`m a Racist but a Third Generation Non White American Citizen with concerns for the USA and all It`s Citizens. America is losing it`s National Identity to Illegal Aliens and Visa Violators of All Races.. Build that Tall Wall .

  8. What republicans should be terrified of is the backlash they will experience at the polls if they object to Trump’s efforts to preserve and protect our land and citizens.Hopefully tar and feathered is still in vogue.

  9. Nadler’s take on things would only work on stupid people who wouldn’t know that no one can overturn the rights enumerated in the Constitution. But the Dems keep on trying. They believe that the Constitution (and therefore the State) gives the people their rights when it only tells the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT what our basic rights are and that said federal government has no ability to trample them. If the Dems even THINK that they have the power to declare a national emergency to deprive the people of their God-given inherent rights it not only is illegal but would (in my opinion) rise to the highest level of treason and any such president or assembly who would attempt it should immediately be removed. What Trump is doing is permissible as he is defending our borders from foreign invaders (often aided by domestic ones too) who believe that they have some kind of mandate to violate our national sovereignty and force American citizens to fund their illegal activities. This is what Trump took an oath to do. The Dems have no such rationale.

  10. Democrats won’t be taking anyone’s guns. That’s guaranteed. Will they try? Yep. But they’ll greatly miscalculate.
    They like to think they’ll be prying them from my side’s cold dead hands. They’re terribly mistaken.

  11. There might be some Republicans who would vote for a resolution, but there aren’t enough for a 2/3 veto override in the House and Senate.

  12. Nadler points out that Dems could declare a national emergency on guns and just ban all guns or force everyone to register their guns without any congressional approval. He makes a good point. For a Democrat.

    Declaring a national emergency in order to deprive someone of their rights is very different from declaring an emergency to allow diverting funds into building a wall. Apples and oranges.

    It’s possible that Democrats could use the precedent to justify doing something we wouldn’t like. At the same time, it’s very hard to believe they wouldn’t already use every tool they have to do things we don’t like, precedent or not.

  13. Hah, that’s rich. The only thing Republicans are really terrified of is getting between Nadler and a buffet table.

  14. A national Emergency to remove the 2nd amendment? LMAO. Yeah we are really scared of that happening. These dems really dont understand how things work.

  15. Glad to see a Democrat admit that their end goal is to ban all guns if they just have enough power.

    I’d love to see them run on that.

  16. Good point? Border security is a constitutional responsibility of the executive branch, and gun bans and/or confiscation clearly violate the 2nd amendment.

  17. This is such a dumb threat. A future Democrat president will do as they please regardless what Trump does.
    As for Nadler, I cringe that he is my representative. He had a great opponent in Naomi Levin but this commie district only gave her less than 20% of the vote.

  18. I don’t think it’s a good point at all. Trump isn’t violating the Constitution by building a wall and national defense is his number one priority. If Democrats seized guns using the emergency route it would be a blatant violation of the Constitution. Nowhere in the law does it say you can use emergency measures to literally ignore the Constitution and take away everyone’s rights. Trump is merely BUILDING something. This is a terrible excuse for the Democrats and a terrible correlation.

  19. Didn’t seem to stop obama and other lawless presidents from doing as they please. The Legislative branch has ceded power to the Executive branch (and arguably, the Judicial branch too). This has been evolving over years. If they were functioning as they should, their stuck in irreparable gridlock because of the obstructionist party and backroom republicans. And even if Trump, walked this back, he still has egg on his face from the stupid bill he signed and this rash decision. He’s not the first to do this… but he set a terrible precedent. So did obama.

    Nadler and the democrats aren’t doing anyone any favors here – least of all, Trump. And the damned republicans sort of put Trump in this position. And they’re ALWAYS scared. So all of this is moot. Republicans don’t do as they promise and remain cowards regardless. And democrats do whatever the hell they please and mostly get away with it.

    We are falling dramatically as a nation imo.

  20. Building a wall to protect Americans is not even comparable to stripping US citizens of their constitutional rights to bear arms. And that same President would have to face the voters.

  21. Since when did Dems ever hold back, waiting for Republicans to “set precedent” on anything they wanted to do? This is more of their same high-minded talk, while they feel perfectly free to go ahead and do what they please.

  22. Nadler makes an argument some Republicans have made, which is that taking this action allows Democrats to do the same when they get into power.

    Even assuming they don’t – or, that they would regardless of whether Donald does it or not – that’s not the true issue.

    The true issue is: is this what the (supposedly) Conservative right-wing bloc of Americans support? This over-reaching big-government powergrab designed to arbitrarily use the word “emergency” in order to do whatever the King wants when Congress won’t cooperate with him; is that what Conservatism stands for now? Is the wall worth that sacrifice in our Conservative, Founding principles?

    This is what my real gripe has been and is with Donald Trump’s Presidency. I don’t care that he’s an incompetent, inexperienced, blowhard idiot clown. We’ve elected worse than him before. It’s what he’s done to transform the right-wing portion of Americans into little better than straight up progressive leftists. Maybe they were always like that, and Donald just gave them the excuse they needed, I don’t know. But look at how many – some here on this very site – who now echo almost identically the crap that comes out of the mouths of leftists. The President has to solve our problems! Fire/Sue/Jail EVERYBODY who slights us in any way! Spend spend spend! The ends justify the means! They’ve been sticking it to us all this time, now it’s time to stick it to them. Tribalism.

    And now people on the right are arguing for, rationalizing, defending a gross abuse of power – because it’ll get them what they want. They’ve become so myopic in their short-term goals, that they’ve completely forgotten about what it’ll cost them in the long-run. Just like the damned left.

    The more we abandon our principles in the name of “WINNING!™” – the more this country slips away from us. If it isn’t gone already.

  23. Nadler needs to read the law. When Congress delegated this authority to the President, as a precaution, they also gave themselves an out in the case of (perceived?) executive overreach–the power to override an emergency declaration. So if they have an issue with this particular emergency declaration, they can vote to override it.

    Will Nancy and Chuck call for an override vote? My guess is no way in hell, because they wouldn’t get they necessary 2/3rds. And failing to override would, in effect, mean that Congress condones the action, and
    would demonstrate to the courts that the law was followed.

    Trump and his people should be pointing out the law and the process–and calling for this vote–every chance they get.

  24. Here are some existing declared National Emergencies:

    “July 25, 2011: The National Emergency With Respect to Blocking Property of Transnational Criminals was in response to the rise in crime by specific organizations: Los Zetas (Mexico), The Brothers’ Circle (former Soviet Union countries), the Yakuza (Japan), and the Camorra (Italy).

    May 16, 2012: The National Emergency With Respect to Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen addressed political unrest within the Yemen government.

    March 16, 2014: The National Emergency With Respect to Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine was in response to the Russian invasion of Crimea.

    April 3, 2014: The National Emergency With Respect to Blocking Property of Certain Persons With Respect to South Sudan was in response to the ongoing civil war.”

    Did you know of any of these?

    Now isn’t protecting our southern border from invasion as equally if not more important than these?

  25. Well gee, maybe if the Democrats and RINOs would actually work with the president to protect the American people, something the president is Constitutionally supposed to do anyways, he would not have had to resort to using his National Emergency powers. Sounds like Nadler is just trying to scare Republicans into supporting this declaration.

  26. Republicans are always scared. Hire a Mueller type and start an investigation. That’s really what politicians are good at.

  27. There’s a massive difference between getting rid of an entire ammendment and putting up security at the border. Democrats can try, but success wouldn’t come there way.

  28. Keep in mind that a lot of this “panic” is coming from Soros backed organizations and GOP (some also backed by Soros) who are AGAINST a wall.

    But why the panic? “This is Trump’s fourth national emergency declaration. President Bill Clinton issued the most national emergencies — 17 in all – followed by George W. Bush with 13 and Barack Obama, who issued 12.”

    Follow the money.

  29. The 2nd Amendment guarantees us the right to bear arms

    There is nothing in the Constitution to say anyone can enter our country illegally.

  30. IF there is any duty a legitimate government has, it is to enforce its borders. There is no constitutional right to enter our country. Just like random passerbys don’t have a right to enter my house at will. This is so common sense I really don’t see how anyone with a brian could dispute it.
    Trump is using the NE to actually to try and deter people of all stripes from illegal entry. Legal entry would still occur.

    I don’t disagree with Nadler that a lot of the GOP is scared of this NE but I think they are worried that the USCOC will not get an endless supply of cheap labor.

  31. Obama already did this and more to get Obamacare done. Whether the Reps use it for good or don’t use it at all, the Dems will do as they please. Forget expecting Dems to EVER do the right thing.

  32. Wrong. Banning guns is explicitly unconstitutional.
    Besides, nobody is going to give up their guns based on some presidential order. We’d be lucky not to have a civil war… or at least a lot of dead enforcement officers before the presidential order is rescinded or ignored.

  33. What nonsense. This seems like a rather obvious attempt by Nadler to unify the establishment against the outsider: Trump. Since when have most modern Democrats cared about the Constitution? Since never.

    I’m not falling for their scare tactics either. Democrats want to remove the Second Amendment and have bragged about it. They don’t need an emergency declaration to do it. All they need is further corruption of the judiciary.

    So the Legislative Branch deliberately hamstrings the Executive Branch by blocking border security funding all because big donors and illegal immigration lobbyists want more illegal immigration. So why even have immigration laws if Congress can do an end run around their own laws with the help of activist judges (remember Obama and DACA?). Think that’s what the Founding Fathers had in mind?

  34. Fearmongering bullcrap!

    Guns are constitutionally protected & has been ruled such by SCOTUS. Illegal immigration is not. That stat of 40,000 deaths a year due to guns…take away 2/3rds of that number because of suicide.

    Nadler is a fascist piece of dog feces to even suggest this could be used to strip away Constitutional rights.

    I dare the Dems to even try this. Try and apply the language from this POS Democrat to the 1st Amendment, 4th, 5th or ANY Amendment and see if that would stand! You want to start a civil war…try disarming Americans.

  35. Nadler points out that Dems could declare a national emergency on guns and just ban all guns or force everyone to register their guns without any congressional approval.

    Which is complete, fearmongering bs.

    Putting up a barrier isn’t remotely unconstitutional. It’s not even on the same order of problem in any way, other than being “a problem.”

    These open borders clowns keep huffing and fluffing this bs to try and make their, “Other, potential, alarming uses of Emergency Powers,” look like something more than the limp-noodle desperation it is.

  36. So, as we’ll all come to know there are Conflicted Jews…you know the ones that live on the East side of Manhattan in luxury but can’t stand President Trump because he unabashedly supports Israel….then there are the Super Conflcted Jews who are, well, just idiots. Enter this clown.

  37. He’s probably right, I bet a lot of GOP Senators are worried that they’ll disappoint their corporate puppet masters if they allow Trump to use any avenue at all to secure the boarder and now that they’ve gotten him to cave on the spending bill they’ll focus on scuppering the emergency declaration too. There are a couple of Republicans who oppose Trump doing this on principle but we can count them on one hand but there are scores who oppose him for ulterior motives, he shouldn’t have caved on the spending bill and he wouldn’t have to worry about this big headache.

  38. Apparently Nadler doesn’t know the Constitution. It would take 34 states to get rid of gun ownership. Not going to happen.

  39. What’s to keep the Dems from doing this anyway, regardless of what Trump does or doesn’t do? The Dems are on a tear; they’re hardly going to make ‘nice’ just because Trump backed down way back when…

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