DeMint: I’m just trying to run out the clock!

Jim DeMint is quickly becoming my hero. While I’ve heard fair arguments on both sides of the tax deal debate, I still believe that DeMint has it exactly right. But on even more than this issue, he knows exactly what America’s problems are and he’s willing to do everything he can to stop this tyrannical congress from screwing us even more, even if it means running out the clock with procedure after procedure. For crying out loud it’s a lame duck session, just after such a repudiation of this Congress in November, and they are still trying to finish off their reign with a trillion dollar assault on America. It’s absolutely egregious and I applaud Jim DeMint for doing everything he can to stand in their way.

Somebody get me a Jim DeMint action figure, STAT!

Note to Glenn Beck, here is your George Washington.

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11 thoughts on “DeMint: I’m just trying to run out the clock!

  1. I’m standing behind that line in the sand with you Senator and so are many Amercians who have had enough of this deficit madness!

    1. I think we need him in the Senate honestly. Senate is very powerful obviously and even with a conservative President, we need people like him in the Senate. Sure, we might be able to get a conservative in his place from SC, but remember the other senator from SC is Lindsey Grahmnesty, so that is no sure thing!!!!

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