Democrat has meltdown over accountability, oversight of FBI and gov’t: MAGA EXTREMIST FRINGE QANON YEAAAHHRG!!

Democrat Jim McGovern, recently of the Rules Committee, thinks looking into the weaponization of the FBI will be the end of all life on earth.

Well he didn’t say that exact thing, but he might as well have in this display of utter histrionics. Do they have Oscars for the House of Representatives?

“Republicans claim to care about law enforcement. But this new committee is about attacking law enforcement. It’s about going after people. It’s about destroying people’s careers and lives. It’s about undermining the Department of Justice, defunding the police, and settling scores on behalf of the twice impeached and disgraced former — former occupant of the Oval Office. The MAGA extremist fringe of the Republican Party will use this committee to push QAnon conspiracy theories and lies from TRUTH Social.”


But it’s not just about putting a gross and maudlin display. It’s about protecting their power.

And by the way, will Sheila Jackson Lee be apologizing to George W. Bush about the Patriot Act, which Democrats are now calling patriotic?

Whatever gives them power and authority over you is what they like. That’s what being a Democrat is all about.

Guess what, Jim. Oversight? Accountability? Investigation of weaponization? That is in KEEPING with the proper roles of government and our institutions. You making them above the law? THAT is undermining them. And the constitution.

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