Democrat rep claims that women need to be able to murder their babies because Biden inflation

Last night on MSNBC, Democrat Rep. Katie Porter from California claimed that women need to be able to murder their babies because of Biden’s inflation:

Porter says that the pending decision by the Supreme Court on overturning Roe v Wade and skyrocketing inflation under Biden ‘reinforce’ each other:

The fact that things like inflation can happen and it can become more expensive to feed your kids and fill your car is exactly why people need to be able to be in charge of how many mouths they’re going to have to feed. So I think that we’re seeing this jump in expenses, that we’re seeing people having to pay more in the grocery store, or pay more at the pump, or pay more for housing, is a reason that people are saying I need to be able to make my own decisions about when and if to start a family.

This is the most backward logic I’ve ever heard. Women already have control over how many mouths they’re going to have to feed. It’s called abstinence. I know that’s a dirty word to the left, but that is how God designed it.

The simple truth is that abortion wouldn’t even be that big of an issue if people followed God’s plan for marriage and family. There isn’t supposed to be sex outside of marriage. Sex was designed FOR marriage and it’s main purpose is procreation. If you can’t control yourself while your single then you have to live with the consequences of creating a baby. It’s not the baby’s fault that you were irresponsible and the baby shouldn’t have to suffer for it.

If you’re married and you don’t want any more kids, the answer is still not abortion. It’s called natural family planning, which still requires abstinence at certain times.

Now of course the left always wants to talk about rape, but most unborn babies are murdered because of irresponsibility and inconvenience, not because or rape or incest.

So for this Democrat to argue that women need to be able to murder their unborn babies because they might not be able to afford them is absolutely ludicrous and barbaric. She should be laughed off of Capitol Hill for spewing this nonsense.

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