Democrats withholding impeachment from Senate is a transparent stunt but #Resistance (and Avenatti) REVEL in it

Michael Avenatti– the sleazebag sort-of-still-a-lawyer who, in between being a darling of CNN, the #Resistance, and the social justice crowd, spends most of his time racking up accusations of embezzlement, abuse, deceit and so on — is tickled pink by Nancy Pelosi holding back the articles of impeachment.

(No news on if anyone is bringing charges against him for getting his pink tickled.)

In fact, a whole lot of #Resistance clowns feel the same way. But why?

If you ask Rush Limbaugh, it’s because Pelosi is relying on them being ignorant and so far her faith is well-placed.

“This is all about the blemish,” Limbaugh said of Pelosi’s motives. “This is all about the asterisk. This is all about the black mark. This is all about 2020. This is all about Donald Trump was impeached, period. Not Donald Trump was impeached and acquitted in a Senate trial. Donald Trump was impeached. And she is counting on the fact that the idiocy of her base will think that means that Trump has been claimed illegitimate and unqualified and mission accomplished. That’s it.”

“All she’s really saying is she’s not going to send those things over there if it appears that there’s going to be an acquittal because that cancels out everything they’re doing here. It really isn’t any more complicated than that,” the conservative host said.

People who know what they are talking about, know what’s up. Take liberal attorney Alan Dershowitz, for example.

“It is difficult to imagine anything more unconstitutional, more violative of the intention of the Framers, more of a denial of basic due process and civil liberties, more unfair to the president and more likely to increase the current divisiveness among the American people. Put bluntly, it is hard to imagine a worse idea put forward by good people,” he added.

Also Ken Starr.

“She appears to be intruding into the power of the Senate which is ironic in the extreme, isn’t it?” Starr said. “So, I think there is an abuse of House power in the way that this process unfolded in the House and riding rough-shod over minority rights and, ultimately, the rights of the president.”

“Now she’s trying to essentially tell the Senate how to do its business…and it’s just wrong constitutionally,” he stated.

She doesn’t want to send the articles for the same reason she was reluctant to do this in the first place: it will ruin the illusion.

Now, you might be thinking that surely Michael Avenatti, a trained attorney who is also very well-respected, even revered, among CNN hosts, knows that this is a non-starter. Surely this is just some act he puts on in order to distract from his own woes and trade on being anti-Trump to retain some measure of respectability or fame.

But naw, I don’t think so. He’s really that dumb. Check out his interviews some time, you’ll be impressed by his one-dimensional personality and inability to sustain coherent thoughts. He’s basically Twitter: The Person.

I mean, let’s be real, Fox’s Jeanine Pirro and basically-Fox’s Rep. Matt Gaetz are no brain trust themselves, but even they realize what’s going on here.

Ari Fleischer has the most salient take, which is that this has been a colossal error for Pelosi.

Pelosi is generally a savvy politician. How did she get roped in? Three reasons.

  1. CNN’s relentless cheerleading for whoever is the most radical leftist among Democrats (the Squad) has been more over the top than even MSNBC. The terrible “news” shows, from the first one in the morning with two moron hosts to the last one at night with just the one moron, get heart palpitations and other less savory physical reactions just hearing the word “impeached.” Sort of like the WaPo kids who celebrated Merry Impeachmas and thought they’d get away with it.

(by the way you know who else is hot for Impeachmas? Michael Avenatti. Great company you’re keeping there, WaPo kids.)

  1. The Squad themselves: The radical quartet who have a combined IQ that is almost average have been driving the Democratic debate, and policy, since they got to town. They are social media pundits with Member pin. You cannot convince me they don’t have constituents regretting their vote every day.

  2. She just couldn’t help herself. Savvy politician or not, her radical left roots ultimately drove her to find the idea of putting that asterisk by Trump’s name all too tempting. She felt the power of the media at her disposal, the pull of being forever emblazoned in the history books (or audio books, or tweets, or whatever the squad will have us all using instead of books in five years.)

By the way, you know who will LOVE it when there are no books? Michael Avenatti. That guy loves anything terrible. Which means he probably also beats it, because I hear he likes to beat on things he loves. I mean that’s what I hear anyway. Not on CNN of course, but around.

Anyway and in conclusion, just remember that all this can be chalked up to “Republicans pounce” so don’t worry that they’ll learn any lessons from it or anything.

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