DENIAL: Oversight Democrat suggests Mueller report doesn’t mean collusion didn’t happen!

This is insane.

The special counsel investigation lasted two years and found no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Yet Democrat Katie Hill, who is on the Oversight Committee, tells MSNBC that this doesn’t mean collusion didn’t happen.


Hill argues that Democrats should not apologize for saying there’s collusion even though the Mueller report vindicates Trump, because…

Whatever kind of, you know, collusion that didn’t lead to a criminal indictment doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen.

So there was collusion that didn’t lead to a criminal indictment? What?

She continues…

So I don’t know, I just think that we have to be careful about what we think this says and it doesn’t mean Trump is free and clear over what he’s done with respect to Russia.

Trump is still guilty even when proven innocent!

What a very authoritarian style of justice these Democrats believe in…

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144 thoughts on “DENIAL: Oversight Democrat suggests Mueller report doesn’t mean collusion didn’t happen!

  1. This is just more unAmerican behavior by the jihadi party. Treat them as the traitors they are.

  2. They have been drinking the spiked kool-aide so long that they are drunk on it and the hangover is going to be excruciating! Enjoy the show ladies and gentleman.

  3. Just an FYI on this Katie Hill: She is one of the new freshman Congressional Representatives from Southern California that “flipped” a solid GOP district. Her district, CA-25, includes Simi Valley, home of the Reagan Library, and has been R for many years.

    Not only that, but this previously unknown had a curiously well funded campaign last fall. Her TV ads were everywhere and, not only that, she presented herself as a “common sense moderate” who came from a military family and was “willing to work with both sides of the aisle.”

    I knew she was full of BS from the start, but she fooled a lot of people. That, and the Ballot Harvesting, of course, got her elected.

  4. In what universe do Americans hope for a president to have committed treason and are upset when it’s proven he hasn’t? These people are tribalist nuts.

  5. If the Good Lord came down from Heaven and put a hand on the President and said in a loud booming voice for all to hear “This man is completely innocent”. This moron Congresswoman still would not believe it. Enough is Enough!

      1. Then, when they don’t get what they want from the subpoena, they’d say that He’s not credible because the SPLC has Him classified as an organizer on their list of hate groups.

        1. …and satan would fiddle, dance a sing, spurring them on! Lord help us, save us, MESSIAH COME QUICKLY!

        2. They always have a script. Count on it. And isn’t it openly humorous
          that the same thoughts are instantaneously spread throughout libland
          and the same buzzwords are telepathically transmitted to all their
          loudspeakers? I think I heard the word “trope” maybe twice in my life
          and recently you couldn’t peruse MSM without hearing it dozens of times.

          1. I apologize, I don’t know why my sentences break up like this
            sometimes when I post a comment. I don’t do it intentionally.

      2. G-d on the witness stand being examined/cross-examined by the evil left…now THAT would be fun!!!

    1. You are so RIGHT, pplj! By their “fruits” we know that most democrats are godless misfits. Waters is insane.

  6. This should not be a surprise to anyone here.

    Rush made an insightful statement at the beginning of his show: Don’t celebrate Mueller’s report as a victory because that gives it’s credence that it was necessary. It wasn’t necessary; Mueller knew there was no collusion and that the only evidence came from the fake Steele dossier, which came from Fusion, a company doing opposition research for Hillary Clinton! Millions of dollars tax dollars are (and continue to be) wasted on this.

  7. Collusion is not a crime, therefore, even had Mueller found evidence of collusion then Trump still wouldn’t have been indicted for it.

    What Mueller actually found was that:
    Russia did not hack the DNC;
    Trump/campaign did not have any strategic relationship regarding the election;
    Trump/campaign did not obstruct the investigation into the aforementioned.

    MSM/Dems need only admit they were wrong but insist Trump is still a poopyhead and they don’t like him. But they can’t. They’re insane, and they must continue to be insane.

  8. Maybe, and I’m just throwing this out there, Trump won because the Dems put up the worst nominee ever.

    But that might just be crazy talk.

      1. You are correct! I apologize to everyone who is an idiot, because there is really not a word that I could use in the English language to describe these people without insulting someone. I stand corrected.

  9. Hillary Clinton’s private server and her campaign manager, John Podesta (who gave away his login information to a Russian hacker) are fully and completely responsible for anything the Russians tried to do. And, while we are throwing stones at nations interfering with national elections, obama openly tried to manipulate the Israeli elections and the Israeli people knew it, so they resoundingly re-elected Netanyahu. Further, Americans should be more concerned about China manipulating our country than anyone else.


  10. They seem utterly oblivious to the fact that every second they pursue this they prove Trump right about fake news media. Blind leftists following other blind leftists might not notice, but it’s patently obvious to ordinary citizens (including Democrats) in the middle. It’s almost like deep down they actually want Trump to win in 2020 so they don’t have to actually argue about policy.

  11. Mueller clearly stated that there was no collusion. None.
    Mueller clearly stated that there was no obstruction. None.

    This is proof that demonrats WILL continue to RESIST! and obstruct because their queen lost (and perhaps they are not only covering for her but for obama and democrat leadership) and Trump won.

    Therefore, democrats can NEVER be trusted with responsibility or authority again! HOW DOES THE NATION NOT SEE THAT?!

    1. Unfortunately, the nation isn’t looking. It’s watching Netflix and texting personal trivia. It believes only what it sees on little screens, delivered by the heads of seemingly nice and sympathetic people.

      1. The demonrats know that and take full advantage….you are so right. Kids spend the bulk of their time with their noses and fingers involved in cell phones, iPads and other technology while their parents ignore them and enjoy the quiet. Nobody is doing their job – this is how great empires are lost.

    2. Yea but, you know… binary choice. They have to vote Democrat, regardless of trust and competency, if they don’t vote Republican. Just like we have to vote Republican, regardless of who it is because merit and fitness don’t matter at all, because otherwise Democrat.

      Please sir may I have another.

      1. While you make a good point, it our own fault for not fully rejecting the self-serving narcissists who make their seats into lifetime posts. It is beyond time for the American people to become involved in recruiting men and women, who love America, have actually SERVED America in our Armed Forces, who know our enemies and allies and who fight for us, not their own pockets.

  12. Another imbecile lets loose a foolish oracle.

    People like this constitute, in large part, the government of our formerly great but now rapidly decaying nation. That this statement and others just like it do not give rise to calls for resignation, recall, or universal denunciation speaks volumes about the general situation.

    As Trump would inelegantly put it, “Sad.”

  13. Why when I see the pic on top I hear Patrick Star from Spongebob saying, “I like to eat ice cream?”


    • The FBI opened a counterintelligence investigation into whether President Donald Trump was a Russian agent just days after he fired James Comey.
    • But days after the FBI opened the probe, Peter Strzok, the bureau’s lead investigator on the Russia matter, found that “there’s no big there there” regarding the collusion investigation.
    • Special counsel Robert Mueller took over the counterintelligence investigation.
    • The House Intelligence Committee found that there was “no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded, coordinated, or conspired with the Russian government” after a year long investigation.
    • After a two year investigation the Senate Intelligence Committee uncovered no direct evidence of a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to both Democrats and Republicans on the committee.
    • After a nearly two year investigation Special counsel Robert Mueller found “No Collusion” and “No Conspiracy”
    • Together Attorney General Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein found “No Obstruction”.

    1. Yeah, but that will never stop demonrats from seeing and interpreting what they “read” between the lines….seeing and hearing things that are not there is a mental disorder common to progressives, apparently. It is up to We The People to rid our government of these wretches.

      1. @charli – You nailed it. They see and hear things that aren’t there all the time. A family member of mine is a leftist, and does this all the time. Simple, straight-forward things become dark, twisted, evil designs of the oppresive rich white man out to destroy people and take their money from them. Meanwhile I’m like, “It’s just ice cream. There’s nothing oppressive about it.”

        1. LOL!!!!!! So right….it was just Big Macs and Quarter Pounders, for goodness sake!!! The liberal useful idiots (which you may notice the MSM is not trying to call us, unsuccessfully) are the ones who have the time on their hands to employ “dark, twisted, evil designs.” Meanwhile, Trump is simply trying to comply with all of the promises he made to those who elected him….yet the left think he is evil. They are deranged….bless their hearts. 😳

  15. EWIZZYE made a great comment on TOS…I thought it deserved to be posted here where it will be better appreciated:
    “I have read the four page report several times myself. If anyone has been paying attention, they know that there was no probable cause to pursue anything else. I am not even a die hard Trumper, and I know flat out that Mueller is simply playing the role of coward to help the Democrats to continue pushing a false narrative that there is something there that is somehow sinister. There simply is no there there as I and many others with a semblance of sanity have been saying for a long time now.”

  16. From AG Barr’s letter yesterday:

    In assessing potential conspiracy charges, the Special Counsel also considered whether members of the Trump Campaign “coordinated” with Russian election interference activities. The Special Counsel defined “coordination” as an “agreement -tacit or express- between the Trump Campaign and the Russian government on election interference.

    The Democrats have ZERO legal basis to continue their WITCH HUNT. “Feelings” and “opinions”, in the guise of “lawful interpretations” from these Marxist Democrats, are not legitimate.

    1. @golfcartone Just to clarify your point……………………..towards “their” annihilation because the Dems are destroying themselves

  17. Logically speaking, she is correct just because Mueller did not recover evidence that said collusion happened does not mean that it did not happen.

    Now, do I think that it happened, probably not, but Russia did interfere with our election. They did so to accomplish one of two purposes, first get a candidate they want elected, or sow the seeds of distrust in our electoral system. Either result is a win for them.

  18. So do you have to hate Trump to get a spot on a committee as a Democrat or is just being a wacko enough?

  19. The leftist mantra: Twist, flip, deflect, obfuscate, and project.

    Obviously, Katie never learned that collusion, first and foremost, is not a crime.

      1. @John Queue – That they are. They are as good, and as accurate, at name-calling as your average 10 year old on a playground.

  20. Although Rep. Hill could be right, in theory, the probability of such an outcome is likely low. Robert Mueller conducted a thorough investigation. Given his expertise and the strength of his team, I have confidence that his finding on the matter is correct.

  21. Well, one could say this is just like with the left. Someone did something wrong and they got away with it. Happens all the time in government. Especially on the left.

  22. I’m tempted to go to another site for more reactions, but my dosimeter says that I’ve been spending too much time there lately.

    1. Doc, if you need a does of TDS, just go to The Bulwark(Kristol new site). Charlie Sykes over there is tweeting that Barr was a Trump appointee and he cleared him, not Mueller. The insinuation in his thread I guess is Barr is willing to lie for Trump. Guess Charlie missed the day in class when we found out Presidents have long since appointed the AG in this country.

      1. @willtap Yeah, it’s okay when they do it, but when R’s do it they go apepoopoo. Remember when W fired his AG?

        1. @Tracy – Sykes was always a bit of a jerk but once he became anti-Trump he went whole hog into slimebag mode. Now that he’s a part of the Crazy Kristol crowd he’s lost all semblance of sanity.

      2. @willtapp – Yeah there are some who are now referring to Barr as Trump’s lackey. As if anyone could be more of a lackey to a president than Holder was to Obama.

    2. I went to the nevertrumper site for the first time yesterday. Actually posted a link from here. They will not let go and are in total denial.

      1. @Kram Nivel Yeah, I was over there myself for a while. You and EWizzy created a bit of a stir. Steve wanted a little more than my usual sarcasm, but I told him what I thought and so far he’s declined to discuss it further.

        1. No I just went over and took a look thanks to you. Geez I can’t believe they would waste their time with me. I was just letting them know that Barr had released his letter and what his interpretation of the Mueller report was. And actually the story or article I commented on was updated after I made them aware of Barr’s memo. Then they come piling on. I don’t plan on going back there anytime soon.

          1. @Kram Nivel I don’t blame you. I don’t even think about them anymore until someone brings up the subject.

          1. Even though I disagree with a lot of them if not most of them there are some good ones over there for sure. Conservator1 for example and others as well.

            1. I actually think they are all good people…I just fail to find a way to communicate with them.

              1. @pybop they have their preferred narrative and a lot of arrogance that it’s the only narrative. But you would be treated well posting there.

                1. There’s no point in posting if you are unable to communicate…the old talking to a brick wall problem.

                2. @pybop The best thing about beating your head on the wall is that it feels so good when you stop.

        2. I was intrigued by how the moderator fool talked down to you as he tried to walk you in baby steps to digest his inane beliefs.

            1. We would be in a hole to deep to escape if Clinton had been elected. We are in such a better place today because of her losing. It took some longer than others to come around to realization that Clinton could not be allowed to be president and some who did not vote for either. But I think Trump has won many of them over in the last two years. Many who did not support him last time most likely will this time.

            1. @dr-strangelove If you recall, several years ago I sent to great lengths to reason with them…I concluded that it was beyond my capability.
              I occasionally read some of the comments, searching in vain for some logic. I have never made a comment there.

              1. @pybop I had great hopes and commented frequently, but soon discovered that it wasn’t for me. Besides that, I got into it with 3 of the mods over the comment policy.

      2. “If Kram had simply read page 3 of the report he would have seen that it clearly says specifically, that it does NOT EXONERATE Trump. But I suspect like many that favor the site we left, they will believe all of the fake news hook line and sinker without being intellectually honest enough to even make an attempt to question the pure propaganda they pedal over there.”

        We peddle pure propaganda…wowsers (hangs head in shame)
        PS….That page 3 editorialization has no relevance…
        The objective of the report is to conclude YES or NO…not to exonerate

        1. There are many in the MSM who failed to simply read page 3 apparently as many of them are stating that Trump was exonerated.

    3. Those people are straight up loons. They’re so ate up with Trump and TRS, its unhealthy. “Real conservatives “

      1. @ryan-o As I’ve been saying, they’re emotionally invested in their prejudices and refuse to see things logically.

  23. And a corrupt corrupt media pushing the lies.
    Mark Meadows
    What Americans need to know: it isn’t just that there was no collusion. There NEVER was any evidence of collusion to start with.

    The dossier was fake
    The FISA system was blatantly abused
    And DOJ + FBI execs peddled this fake conspiracy the whole time

    This episode was a farce
    10:32 AM · Mar 25, 2019

  24. ….yes there was Katie and it was between the FBI,DOJ.News Media and the Democratic Party.By the way whose idea was it to assign and additional 40 FBI agents to the Mueller team.Why not reassign them to the FBI Internal Affairs Bureau investigating Peter Strzok,Lisa Page,Andrew McCabe and the rest of that little Clan that attempted their little failed Coup.Better yet,if Hillary Clinton had been arrested at the time she was committing all of her crimes,none of these phoney Investigations would have occurred

  25. What’s the different between a Stalker and a disappointed Democrat?
    Neither one will take NO for and answer.

  26. The lack of leaks from a city with all of the integrity of a colander told us long ago that Mueller had nothing. The left (and many who claim to be conservative) just can’t let go. I’ve been using the term ’emotionally invested’ a lot lately. Too many people have become locked into their prejudices to look at the truth.

  27. This seems to be the new line of attack from TDS as I saw Charlie Sikes say just because no indictment doesn’t mean he is innocent, Radio Free Tom tweeted the Mueller report still leaves questions of Trump and Russia and Amanda Carpenter(sadly) said on CNN that Trump used his bluster and got away this time, but will he the next time. Unhinged it seems and not over by a long shot. Here’s hoping the media and Dems continue to overplay their hand.

  28. Absolute proof that not facts, no investigations, nothing will interfere with their narrative.

    Anyone observing the sheer insanity of the left, and the anti-Trump bunch on the right could see this coming. Their hate has warped their brains – or what passes for brains.

  29. The left knows that you can’t prove this negative anymore than Hill can prove that she doesn’t molest animals…

    No indictments was always the best Trump could hope for.

  30. The Lefties, Bushies, RINOies and the Kashities will not accept the realities of corruption from within our Government, even when it slapped them against the head…. again.

  31. Sean Davis
    Donald Trump faced down the entire media, political, intelligence, and law enforcement establishment and won. Twice.
    7:02 PM · Mar 24, 2019

  32. And sticking our fingers in our ears and yelling “Nyah, Nyah, Nyah!” at the top of our lungs is a reasonable adult response to news we don’t like isn’t it Miss Oversight Committee person?

  33. Good Grief! The left is wigging out and just REALLY making stuff up! They waited with baited breath for Mueller to indict the President and when he didn’t they are spazzing! Just like when President Trump won the election! We see you for who you are you idiots……………….shut up already!!

  34. The double standard and hypocrisy is outrageous. Rationalize away actual crimes done by your folks and require the impossible proving of a negative by your opposition.

  35. Shame on Mueller and Rosenstein for letting this hoax go on as long as they did, and shame on Mueller again for giving the Dems enough wiggle room to pursue their own witch hunts. Comrade Hill is just another useful idiot.

  36. I hope the Leftist Democrats subpoena Mueller to appear before Congress.
    That way, while they are asking about collusion the Republican committee members will be grilling him about if he knew the entire Russia hoax thing was part of the Deep State coup d’tat started by the Russian lies in the Clinton and DNC paid for Steele dossier.

  37. Not one conservative should engage with this type of garbage. The only answer they should spout is ‘you’re an a___’.

  38. The reason why Trump kept saying “No collusion” is because that is what the Dems were accusing him of after he won.

    Many NT will ignore that and point to the fact that of course Russia tried to interfered and that is what Mueller was investigating.

    No, Trump was accused of colluding with Russia to beat Hillary. The lie, the hoax was shown to be just that – a hoax.

    Yet they have no shame and the hatred for Trump is stronger than ever. Dangerous times with these people in office.

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