Dennis Miller: “I like a country where people bust their tuchus”

Dennis Miller weighs in on the reelection of Obama and says that while some people think this is America’s proudest moment, he disagrees and despite that it may make him an object of revenge to take such a position, he says he’s not gonna back down. And then he says this:

“I like a country where people bust their tuchus and I think this country’s gone a long way towards becoming more of a European model.”

Watch the full interview:

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104 thoughts on “Dennis Miller: “I like a country where people bust their tuchus”

  1. I have moved on from the disappointment. Suggest we all do and just take care of our needs as best we can. My wife (a nurse) is being laid off in December after over 30 years
    thanks to Obama’s Medicare cuts. I doubt she will look for another job and her skills will be unused except at home with me.
    Tonight: Chili dogs, with lots of onion and cheese, Fritos covered in chili with cheese and chopped sweet onion, and Ranch Style beans on the side.

    1. YUMMM! But it sounds like you may be in need of that mobama care 🙂 after those Fritos covered in chili and cheese.

      I’ve gotta try that.

  2. I am a registered Republican, and I voted for Gary Johnson just as I said I would. Before you all go nuts, I will remind you that I live in Maryland, where Obama crushed Romney 62% to 36%. I was among 1.1% who voted for Johnson in this state. I am not the problem.

    Barack Obama was ripe for defeat on the national level. Any success he touts in terms of the economy is rooted in the illusion of prosperity and growth facilitated by our corrupt and inflationary monetary system. Basically, he presided over four years of monetary debasement, and because the stock markets went up nominally, there are millions of people out there who believe him when he claims success in stabilizing and growing our economy.

    Which brings me to why I, and many like me, could not support Governor Romney. During the 2008 election cycle, I experienced what I consider to be an awakening. In a primary debate Ron Paul said, very bluntly, that we were broke. I knew we had a lot of national debt at time, but what he said in that debate got me thinking and studying. I started reading Austrian economists like Peter Schiff and Howard Katz, and gained a new understanding of our monetary system and its history. By the summer of 2008 I was a Ron Paul supporter, and when the stock markets crashed that fall and Hank Paulson was going on TV sweating begging for hundreds of billions of dollars, and the auto execs were flying in to beg Congress for bailouts and McCain suspended his campaign to vote (along side Obama) for TARP…I saw them and most Rs and Ds in Congress for what they were and are…tools of the banksters who have a government-granted power to counterfeit our currency, manipulate interest rates and socialize failure.

    From that point on, I looked at politicians and candidates differently. If they do not question the Federal Reserve System, I question them. And I am not alone…nearly 80% of Americans surveyed want the Fed to be fully audited. Unfortunately, Romney did not make this a main issue in his campaign. In fact, he rarely mentioned it. The Federal Reserve wasn’t even mentioned in all three debates with Obama. Yet it is the Fed that manipulates interest rates and inflates the money supply, creates the artificial boom and bust cycles in our economy, and diminishes the standard of living of nearly all Americans by transferring wealth from us to the connected elite.

    We are approaching the end point. It could well come during the next four years. I would be surprised if monetary policy is not the single most important issue of the 2016 election, and it will shape who the candidates of both major parties are.

    1. Well, yes you are the problem. Romney needed that vote no matter where you live. There are too many like you that needed to step up. Gary Johnson was not the answer and all of you knew it. I used to live in MD, too.

      1. Uh, no. Even if all 1.1% of Johnson’s Maryland votes went to Romney, Obama would still have smoked Romney here by nearly 2 to 1. Maryland is as true blues it gets (in the areas of dense population and therefore in terms of the electoral process) and you should know that if you once lived here.

        On a national level, ignoring, marginalizing and then ultimately disenfranchising the Ron Paul movement was a terrible strategery, but it was one that the Romney campaign and the RNC calculated they could get away with. They were wrong.

    1. Please don’t put this in multiple threads.

      I doubt many folks will want to click on a link unless you take the trouble to tell them what it’s about.

  3. So if the POS ‘fails’ even more with the economy, the left, socialist dem party is finished?

    No way, Mr O’Reilly, no way. Seeing that so many now elected to follow the European model, just take a look at the European socialist parties: all alive and kicking, never mind the disaster.
    Or, closer to home, take a look at the British Labour Party.should’ve been ruined after the economic disaster they produced. Well – no, because they promise even more free stuff, and their henchpeople, the unions, have been striking more since the Coalition started in 2010 than in the 13 years of Labour.
    It’s always about people wanting ‘free stuff’, and any threat to decrease that free stuff, to cut it back a bit, is deemed to be outrageous, and barrages of articles are let lose in the corrupt media.
    No – there more people can get free stuff, the longer the socialist parties will survive, and the stronger they will become.

    Only a catastrophic crash of the world markets will perhaps wake people up.
    But then perhaps not – Amity Shlaes’ book ‘The forgotten Man’ shows why.
    I recommend reading it …

  4. The poison of laziness is infesting our society very quickly. Several months ago, my wife and I overheard two men while standing in line at a public event. They were basically bragging about being on unemployment and “getting a government check for as long as I can.” They then mentioned a female friend who took a job to get off unemployment. One guy said, “Why would she go back to work when she could get unemployment for another year?” The other guy’s response: “Well, she’s from that generation that believes in hard work.” (My wife had to restrain herself from turning around and punching him.) Obama is destroying the work ethic in this country. Our nation can’t survive as a free republic if this dependence mentality continues to grow.

    (I’ve shared this story several times before on here, but it’s just too important of an example to be shared only once.)

    1. and if I were a young single man looking for a wife, it shall surely be the like of Palin and many great conservative knock out in look & brain that I surely shall search for a partner for life, never in a million years with that of the Fluck multitute

  5. What Miller is referring to but can’t seem to articulate is virtue. Those without virtue seem to outnumber those with virtue. If people don’t know what I mean by virtue then we are in bigger trouble than I thought.

  6. I saw this live, and it was awesome.

    I loved that line about the tush. i also liked the things he said about Gov Romney.
    I almost started to cry.

    I still think he had a hand in the jokes from the Al Smith dinner.
    Aside from the 1st debate, that was the highlight of the entire campaign.

    Day two: I still feel lousy.

        1. First, I’m in a state of disbelief :0   and the very BLUE state of CT.  Feeling quite blue myself these days.

  7. Bill O’Rielly said if the president fails to revive the economy then the progressive movement is done, forever. This is head in the sand thinking, progressive will always produce a straw man to blame, they specialize in not owning responsibility for their actions. And after all, you can’t fix stupid, they will always find voters!

    1. Exactly, they will always blame it on something or someone else never putting two and two together. It’s the blind leading the blind.

    2. Or does it mean that Bill O’Reilly will decide when the second chance is up and then start pointing it out that Bambi has failed. Frankly it doesn’t make any difference to me because he isn’t right enough to listen to him. It’s amazing that he is still the most watched cable person in his time slot. He thinks he has the power of Rush. I don’t know what anything means anymore. The world is upside down.

    1. O’Reilly fits right in with the new upgraded FOX. It’s us who have faded away from them, as they have drifted toward the left.

      1. youre right. This election has pushed Fox to the left as they already were pandering….now its clear. Pretty much all tv I cant stomach

        Cable in general is a brainwashing mechanism. I pretty much only watch food network tv…..even that network will have Moochelle pushing her agenda though

        1. Yes. After 20+ years of steadily watching the MSM for political news and views, I’m done with the MSM. From now on I’ll watch “American Pickers” and other than that the TV is/will be off.

          For the most part important stories aren’t reported or lied about (think Benghazi, for example) by the MSM. Most political discussion shows let the Dems lie and misrepresent the Republican position. Their discussion panels have libs outnumbering Republicans/Conservatives 3,4,5, to one. So why bother anymore?

          I might listen to Rush once in awhile but no longer will try to listen to 15 hours a week.

          I’ll get my news from the Web and most of my entertainment from the Web. No more upset stomachs for me.

        2. Cable in general is a brainwashing mechanism

          Oh yes. Especially, when you have not watched it in a while, and go back. You realize how dumb downed it really is.

  8. Wow! Who would have thought that I would ever agree with Ted Baxter? But he may have a point. I don’t even think like this, but if he does maybe others will too. They gave Obama a second chance.(this is how many people deal with a bad child) He will fail again. I don’t see him working with Republicans. I don’t see him working with anyone. If he signs anything, it will be to his own benefit not the country’s. He doesn’t know how to fix Bush’s mistake. He is ignorant of anything except Marxist ideology. He has admitted that. Valerie Jarrett is gearing up for “revenge” so I don’t see him succeeding in getting his act together for America. Just not going to happen. The question remains; Will real Democrats put up with this Marxist and understand the problems need to be fixed or will they just go along because that is their inclination? Already 10 million stayed at home. They must be unhappy as they should be. Will this be the end of the Democrats? I don’t think so, but I could be wrong again like I was this time and in ’08. I can’t imagine my country going down this fast and people electing this POS to the highest office in the world. Will the adults of any stripe ever get to be in charge again?

    1. I feel like tattooing the phrase, “I told you so” on the palm of my hand. Then, whenever liberals come to me complaining how things are going to H*ll in a handbasket, I can throw up my hand and say, “Talk to the hand (’cause the face ain’t listening)”.

      1. I don’t libs think we’re going to heck in a handbasket. They like it this way. That’s what they voted for after all.

        I still like your idea with the tat.

        1. Yeah, I agree with you. They like it this way, but the ones that love their free stuff will be a bit perturbed when that well runs dry.

    2. Its amazing to me that they “gave him a second chance
      when they never gave anyone else one- with the same or better stats.

      His wife will repay the tax payers by going on a vacation next month.

        1. Vacations? Im guessing for the kids Christmas break. Then she’ll have to go on another to relax from the vacation.

          On another note, I just saw that Boeing is laying off 30% of their management positions. (in Cali)

          1. She has a lot of vacations to make up. She kinda laid off them as the elections grew closer so mamma’s ready to spend and roll, nothing to hold her back now.

  9. No, Mr. O’Reilly, the left will not collapse when they are unable to fix the economy. We heard that four years ago and it didn’t happen. The economy has gotten worse and Obama was still re-elected and the Democrats still hold the Senate.

    The left will continue to blame their failures on other people and a large segment of the voters will fall for it. The left never takes responsibility for their failures and some people never learn.

    1. I thought the same thing when I heard him say that. We have been hearing for the past four years that people don’t re-elect Presidents with high UE and high gas prices.

      Well all that came to pass and he still got elected. Sorry, CW does not apply to Obama for obvious reasons.

  10. I jumped right to #7 to see where it is this’ll take me 😉

    If the reality we are discussing here is that we really do not live in a free Republic with free elections, #7 means acceptance of slavery. I’m just sayin’

  11. I wish we could keep Romney as our leader for the next 4 years. I feel there will be a vacuum in leadership in the Republican party . Its time to reform the Republican Party machine. It’s time to look at the concept of a real Opposition leader. Boehner is not a leader and he doesn’t have the communications skills a Republican leader should. I don’t trust him. We seriously need him replaced with a new figurehead. We need to select the best and brightest man for the job. We need to do it now. The British parliamentary system has a Prime Minister in the lower house, the house of commons. This leader is generally selected because he is the most electable, most skilled political operator in the parliament and the best media performer. If the Prime Minister fails to perform he is replaced with a better candidate. The advantage of this is stability in leadership and consistency in message. Think about this. The American public has now got to know Mitt Romney, he has been screened and put to the sword and still he’s a great guy. Could do with a little more fight in him especially in the last debate where he agreed with everything obama did and neutralized himself. But really the Idea of an Opposition leader would strengthen the Republican party, ONE go to man for all media, ONE message that cannot be diluted but poor media performers mumblers, babblers or soft-RINOS. Now we have to re-screen a candiodate in 4 years. Our nation is slipping away. We cannot wait. We must start now without Boner! he is useless.

    1. Romney and the Mrs. has spoken and he wont put himself out of the ledge again. Our chance for the good old USA is gone. America is half corrupt and on its way to Europeanism…. What we once were is now dead

      1. Yes I know i used him as an example we can’t keep burning candidates, there will be nothing left… we gotta stick with one who keeps smashing Democrats on media and in congress.

        1. IM sick of hear what Mitt did wrong…………. Mitt played by the rules in an ufair game. Until the left is affected by obama and will admit that its obama fault and not the fault of bush……..this country is going no where but down. May even result in a revolution and war within when people can no longer afford to live. Forget looking to your doctors and healthcare systems to maintain health. That ship has sailed. Using a health care facility from now on will only make you less healthy. Doctors are all going to retire….and be replaced with what is equivilent to a trained nurse.

  12. Here is the grief model called “The 7 Stages of Grief”: I hope this isn’t too long to repost. if so, delete it please. No problem. Maybe it’ll help someone though.

    7 Stages of Grief…

    1. SHOCK & DENIAL-
    You will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. You may deny the reality of the loss at some level, in order to avoid the pain. Shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed all at once. This may last for weeks.

    2. PAIN & GUILT-
    As the shock wears off, it is replaced with the suffering of unbelievable pain. Although excruciating and almost unbearable, it is important that you experience the pain fully, and not hide it, avoid it or escape from it with alcohol or drugs.

    You may have guilty feelings or remorse over things you did or didn’t do with your loved one. Life feels chaotic and scary during this phase.

    Frustration gives way to anger, and you may lash out and lay unwarranted blame for the death on someone else. Please try to control this, as permanent damage to your relationships may result. This is a time for the release of bottled up emotion.

    You may rail against fate, questioning “Why me?” You may also try to bargain in vain with the powers that be for a way out of your despair (“I will never drink again if you just bring him back”)

    Just when your friends may think you should be getting on with your life, a long period of sad reflection will likely overtake you. This is a normal stage of grief, so do not be “talked out of it” by well-meaning outsiders. Encouragement from others is not helpful to you during this stage of grieving.

    During this time, you finally realize the true magnitude of your loss, and it depresses you. You may isolate yourself on purpose, reflect on things you did with your lost one, and focus on memories of the past. You may sense feelings of emptiness or despair.

    As you start to adjust to life without your dear one, your life becomes a little calmer and more organized. Your physical symptoms lessen, and your “depression” begins to lift slightly.

    As you become more functional, your mind starts working again, and you will find yourself seeking realistic solutions to problems posed by life without your loved one. You will start to work on practical and financial problems and reconstructing yourself and your life without him or her.

    During this, the last of the seven stages in this grief model, you learn to accept and deal with the reality of your situation. Acceptance does not necessarily mean instant happiness. Given the pain and turmoil you have experienced, you can never return to the carefree, untroubled YOU that existed before this tragedy. But you will find a way forward.

    I’m Rshill7 and I’m in stage 4 looking for stage 5. Bear with me. It’s just my wife and I here now. Last night we had a vey nice dinner at our favorite restaurant. Salmon with pineapple habanero sauce. Salmon? Whooda thunk it. Grrrrrrr.

    1. I jumped right to #7 to see where it is this’ll take me 😉

      If the reality we are discussing here is that we really do not live in a free Republic with free elections, #7 means acceptance of slavery. I’m just sayin’

      1. I don’t necessarily agree with all aspects of these steps. They are general in nature and written by some egghead. They do attempt to explain common observances made by those who grieve.

        “Stop drinking only water, and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.” (1 Timothy 5:23 NIV)

  13. I agree with Miller. I miss and mourn the America we no longer have. I know if I say this the liberals think I lament a white America.

    No, I lament an America where people had enough personal dignity to conduct themselves as adults. To get a job, get married first and then have children, to support themselves and their families. To be horrified at having to ask the government for help.

    The America I miss is the America I knew as a child and the people I miss were white, African-American, and Hispanic. Different races and ethnicities and language, but all with the same value, hardworking, good people.

    I dread what’s coming.

    1. That’s happened to me in the past. It’s just your friend and mine, Disqus, acting up, I suspect. Try rebooting and coming back. It might help.

      1. I tried that, it didn’t work. Well, guess I better not let the door hit me….Good luck Nukeman and the rest of RS.

        1. Just walk away for a few hours and come back. My past experience with that happening is that it’s just a matter of time – and Disqus getting it’s act together. I used to get so fed up, I’d just shut it all down. Hours later, I would come back and all was good. Just remember this one rule – Computers are your friend (yeah, right).


          1. I tried that, was ok for a post on another thread, but tried it again here…yikes almighty! Disque run by harry ried or something?

            1. I’ve noticed many of my posts today are a bit sluggish when I click ‘post’. Hope yours gets better. Usually when the thread has several hundred posts, it’s slow, but there are only about 80 here.

              One thing I have noticed is my e-mail box is wacko today (it might be due to Disqus as well, ’cause I’m getting a lot of Scoop input today).

  14. I would urge conservatives in the battle ground states and other states to move to Texas, and the south, I believe we can get conservatives to help you settle down. I would urge that conservatoives get married and have at least 3 children. I would urge conservatives to marry liberals and change their minds.

  15. As much as I love Miller’s commentary, I don’t think he understands what has gone done. But he and O’really don’t really care about “social issues”. Them’s that don’t cannot recognize the truly evil thing that America has chosen……js.

  16. With 80% of the illegals coming here from a 3rd world country looking for a handout, and getting it in America, who thinks that there is still going to be a viable 2 party system after amnesty

  17. O’Reilly is fooling himself. If Barky Boy fails again, the blame will be on Romney and Republicans. But it won’t happen because Romney is going to be the Secretary of Business.

  18. Dennis Miller tells it like it is in his own way. He is the reason I try to watch O’Reilly on Wednesday nights. He knows that the America we have known is fading and the European Union is now waiting on us to fall to their level so we can become as dependent as they are. Then the formation of a global order can be establishred so the elitest can spoon feed the masses in order to control them for our own good. This may not happen in our lifetime, but it is the inevitable couse we are on now. We may not be able to stop it, but only slow it down in order for it to be more palatable.

    1. It may come sooner than any of us think. Obama’s re-election will only accelerate this process as he will pusher harder than any of his progressive predecessors. And the world has been teetering on economic collapse for some time now, the day that happens everything changes overnight.

    2. I can’t bring myself to watch O’Reilly but I do like Miller and listen to his radio program when I can.

  19. I like that Miller didn’t want to be funny, in telling Billo that he only had a few minutes and he needed to say his piece. I agree wholeheartedly with him. We all need to reassess what’s ahead.

    My Post-Election Eulogy (please forgive the length, I kept it as short as I could):

    Ahhh, today’s a new day. I spent the whole day Wednesday with my granddaughter and then came home, stepped outside in the night air and spent the evening with God, contemplating what’s really important and where we are going (overall, a day well spent). Trying to figure out what went wrong Tuesday night, what actually went on, and what needs to be done from here on out, not only with the future of my life as an individual but also the future of this country as a whole, was paramount.

    What do we know so far? We spent 2 years and over $6 billion dollars in an election cycle that ended up having absolutely no change in the political scene. What really happened here? What could we have done differently to make it work for us? Nothing! Not a thing. Romney was out-performing McCain in all categories, so how could he end up with less votes than McCain had (that is a major question that I shall pursue down the road). The liberals were not energized, while the Conservatives were, and still Obama outpaced us. He got what I thought he would (about 60 million – 10 million less than ’08), but Romney got about 15 million less than I predicted (3 million less than Mccain). Where did those 15 million votes go? I want to know.

    Did we lose simply because more people want free ‘stuff’ than they want ‘freedom’? Is there fraud massive enough to sway 9 out of 10 swing states? Is that where the vote swap happened (10-12 states, 1 million or so votes per state, to account for the missing 15 million)? I don’t know. All I do know is that any candidate would have lost here, so there is no need to beat up on ourselves for having the wrong candidate.

    Where do we stand now and what do we do now? We will now have four more years of the same (if not worse) conditions that we just experienced in the last four years (as I suspected on election night, the markets tanked on Wednesday). Will we all have to become survivalists individually and work to get off the grid as the whole thing collapses? I don’t know. I do know we need to trust in God and maintain our faith in Him.

    What kind of future should we expect and where do we go? Do we join the entitlement camp and be compliant to that or do we swing to radical civil disobedience and disrupt the whole process? We can do neither. I believe we need to fall somewhere in between. We each have to take care of our families. We need to live in God’s grace. And then we need to prepare ourselves for the tough times ahead. Tuesday night, after the election was over, I listened to Bill Whittle’s newest Stratosphere Lounge and he talked of creating a parallel society, where we pay our full dues to this government, but then just ignore them and on the side create our own way of working and living. That won’t work. I feel it is a pollyanna approach to think that Obama will leave us alone. He won’t. No matter what we do, he will continue to raise the taxes and regulations on any of our efforts (up to the point of taking 100% and eventually shutting us down).

    We need to live much like the resistance did during WWII (for we are the resistance) until we can build a party to compete with an entitlement mentality combined with the fraud. What kind of party will that be? It needs all the conservative ideals that we have talked about, with honesty, integrity, and an ‘in your face’ approach to the corrupt media (we need to remember that the MSM has become an enemy of the People and repeat it over and over to the uninformed citizen). The entitlement society will collapse under Obama’s policies. We need to be there to pick up the pieces. We need to start now and slowly ramp up to 2016.

    So what’s next? In the beginning of my dealings with Obama, many years ago, I felt Obama was a good candidate to be the Anti-Christ. He is an eloquent speaker, with a congenial smile, and extremely evil – all rolled into one. Will December 21st, 2012 (the Mayan prediction for the end of the world) be the end of time, the end of the USA, or just the end of life as we know it? I think re-electing Obama was the end of life as we know it, and we need to deal with it. We must learn to live as individuals, knowing that soon the whole system we live under will collapse. We must also learn to live as a group – a group of close-knit, conservative-thinking, God-loving, Bible-totin’ people. We must find ways to help each other, our close friends, and our families, as that is all we can count on down the road – and above all, we must survive.

    Through the grace of God, we will.

    1. Nukeman, if I may comment on some of your thoughts; you mention the 2016 election, that seems like such a long time from now but there will be an election in 2014 where 33 Senate seats will be contested, 20 Democrat seats and 13 Republican seats. We could take the Senate and also keep the house. Something to think about.

      “..the MSM has become an enemy of the People”…” we’ve known this for a very long time but it has gotten to the point that the MSM doesn’t even try to hide it anymore much less deny any bias on their part. In my opinion, they are the single greatest threat to the sovereignty of our country. It is the tool being used by globalists and New World Order proponents. They and the UN have the same goal, the dilution of everything this country was founded on that made us so great and the gradual melting of our culture to the point that we no longer can be distinguished from all other mediocre countries.

      You use the words “honesty and integrity”. These are attributes that a person either has or doesn’t have. It now seems that they are no longer valued in America, at least by the majority. In my mind this is the core difference between conservatives and liberals.

      My wife has been concerned about me the few days and has pretty much said the same thing you did, “We must find ways to help each other, our close friends, and our families…” She is right and so are you.

      1. You have some very good points here.

        The elections in 2014 will be very important for the push to 2016.

        The fact that the MSM is corrupt, a point that we all know on this site, appears to be lost on the uninformed citizen. One of my main goals in the future is to expose and destroy this corrupt media. We must not ever let them take over an election again.

        I agree completely with you on the difference between Conservatives and Liberals. They cannot be changed – ever – only defeated. But our basic beliefs must be broadcast loud and clear to the Moderates. The media painted the Conservative as some far rightwing wacko group who want to destroy this country through racism, misogyny, and homophobia. We all know that is nowhere near the truth, but once again the uninformed citizen did not know that.

        Once again, through the grace of God, we will persevere, although it will now be a much tougher and rockier road.

        1. Our first order of business to resist the corruption of the MSM should be to make sure the Benghazi story does not die. I am still amazed when I talk to friends and family that they know absolutely nothing about the deaths in Benghazi. When I explain the sequence of events and how the WH was fully aware of the events as they happened, but stood by and did nothing, they look at me and tell me how they never heard about that. There is only one reason they haven’t heard, the story continues to be squashed.

          If we really want to start to break the stronghold of the MSM over the public discourse, I cannot think of a better story to use as the hammer to start that process. Every reader of this post knows the story, the challenge is to get the story covered by the MSM. How can we force that? Louder voices in congress? Letter campaigns? Phone campaigns? How?

          I guarantee that without some sort of effort, the Benghazi story will soon die. That would be a tragedy.

          1. Not to forget about Fast and Furious, Solyndra and similar thefts, the leaks from the White House and so many more crimes.

          2. None of these stories will die, if we push them. We bypass the corrupt MSM by sending the story, the video, or the link to our friends and family. Pass it from person to person by word of mouth. We destroy the corrupt MSM by convincing the ordinary citizen that they are worthless to watch. And comparing our truth to their lies will do it every time.

            Think about how those people you talk about reacted when the Benghazi story was revealed to them. Then multiply that by millions. We have the technology. Let’s use it. None of these stories (Benghazi, F & F, Solyndra, you name it) should ever die on the vine.

      2. Except Rush reported today that 3m conservatives failed to show up and vote. 3m, they have the destruction of this country on their hands. The 3m could have been enough to win it. Romney would have won the popular vote with those votes.

        Think about how pure they must feel. They were going to refuse to vote because Romney wasn’t Conservative enough. That to me is a “purist” betrayal.

        1. One could almost compare it to treason. It is true that there maybe even more because there were many that would not vote for McCain either. That number when added to 3 million could have won us the land slide. Now we have lost the country as we know it. We are stuck with socialized medicine and I am glad that I don’t have too many more years to live. I can’t stand to see my country decimated by all the people wanting free stuff. Most of them don’t even belong here.

    2. I too am still having a hard time believing the results. Romney lost 6 states by right around 100k votes each. You are right that enthusiasm for Obama should have been down (which it was), but enthusiasm for Romney should have been way up compared to McCain. I particularly don’t like Rove and Morris, but these guys have been around elections a long time, and to see them both make huge mistakes in their estimates just seems strange to me. Rove’s reaction in particular caught my attention, because I’m a #’s guy too. I know that look when Fox called Ohio and he thought they were crazy because the #’s didn’t make sense.

      1. I’ve been seeing several pundits today saying that we were wrong and apparently the enthusiam for Dems was higher than for Repubs. They are trying to change history to fit the results. For the last year and a half, we all know where the enthusiasm level was. No one can tell me that all the people I talked to in my travels were simply mistaken. Romney getting less votes than McCain is just not reasonable.

        There is something rotten in our political spectrum, and I aim to uncover it. Voter fraud is extremely difficult to prove, as the voting numbers are so great. If you have a state that has 10 million eligible voters, and only 6 million vote, how can you possibly uncover how roughly a hundred thousand votes were either lost or switched. It’s near impossible. And in the 12 swing states, it didn’t take much to swap from Romney to Obama.

        I don’t know what the answer to voter fraud is, but I’m going to work on it to see if a solution is possible. Otherwise, what’s the purpose of even voting anyway?

        1. “Those who cast the vote decide nothing, those who count the vote decide everything”……Joseph Stalin

          Nukeman, start your quest by looking at SKYTL, the company in Spain that bought the rights to tabulate our election.

          1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll start checking there. I suspect that we will find a widespread use of one particular type of voting machine.

          2. Rush reported that 3million Conservatives did not vote because Romney wasn’t Conservative enough. Rush was beside himself. As am I.

            I hope they feel good about themselves. Purists? More like traitors!!!!

        2. On Drudge there is a link to an article that said one precinct in Philly voted 99% for Obama. Later in the article they referred to it as “disipline.”

    3. Thanks for sharing, Nuke. Very emotional stuff.

      “Romney was out-performing McCain in all categories, so how could he end up with less votes than McCain had (that is a major question that I shall pursue down the road).”

      Your concern on this, is the same as mine. There has been much talk about the MSM influencing the outcome of the election. While that is certainly true, I don’t believe it is what caused Romney to lose. I believe it was quite simply, voter fraud, on a scale never before seen in this country.

      Some of you might remember that I posted a link, explaining how simple it is to tamper with electronic voting machines. For anyone familiar with electronics, hacking them is child’s play, actually.

      Voting machines have been around for a long time. They started to become more prominent in our elections, starting in the seventies and eighties. The ones in use today, are a little more sophisticated, but they accomplish basically the same thing, using electronic circuitry.

      I believe the Left has always been attracted to the idea of controlling the outcome of elections, to end in their favor. We have been witness to several elections in recent years, that had a certain smell about them. Boxes of ballots, showing up at the last minute in a close election, because they were mysteriously found in the trunk of someone’s car, votes discarded because of, “hanging chads,” registering illegals to vote, without requiring proof of citizenship, etc.

      But, the most obvious method of changing the outcome of an election, is to tamper with the voting machines, themselves. And it’s so incredibly easy. Hackers have gained entry to the computer files of major corporations and government agencies. Millions are spent each year, on computer security and malware programs, and still they get in and do their damage.

      There is little security being implemented, when it comes to voting machines. They are often stored in churches or schools and unattended, prior to an election, and they can be programmed, to do anything you want them to.

      I am not an expert on voter fraud. Its just a gut feeling I have. I remember on the eve of the election, Obama was asked what he thought his chances were. He replied, “I think we have the numbers.” I thought it curious, that he did not say, “I think we have the votes.” Some of you might say that’s silly, and perhaps you would be right. But the choice of words people use, sometimes has meaning. Anyway, him saying that, stuck with me in the days after the election.

      Nuke, I got a lot from your recent comment. It was another masterpiece, of the kind we have come to expect from the Nukeman. But, my antennae have been up on this voter fraud issue for some time now, and your comment on it, sort of got me going.

      This is my belief, and all of you can agree, or disagree, as usual. I think Obama was elected the first time, using voter fraud, especially rigged voter machines. I think their success went beyond their wildest dreams, and in the ensuing four years, they honed their skills even finer, to be ready for this election. And Obama was right. Mysteriously, they had the numbers. Even with the massive Republican voter turnout, they had the numbers.

      Nuke, it is my intention to follow up on this with more research, and additional comments occasionally, if and when I find anything interesting. Feel free to join me, if you have the time.

      If we don’t get to the bottom of this, then 2016 will be no different.

      Here’s that link again, if anyone is interested:

      1. He replied, “I think we have the numbers.” I thought it curious, that he did not say, “I think we have the votes.” – w

        You echo my sentiments exactly. I find that statement disturbing, not silly. I made a post elsewhere today stating that it’s way too easy to manipulate 100,000 votes in a state where 10 million are eligible and only 6 million actually vote. It’s near impossible to prove voter fraud.

        However, if we can find the ‘smoking gun’ of, say, voter machine software, then we can more easily focus in on the real culprit here. I’m glad you also are on this. It will take many of us to search out and discover all the possible paths to the corruption that has been building for many years (I’m from the Chicago area, and I’m well aware of past corruption. In fact, in Chicago, we don’t call it corruption. We call it politics as usual).

        Thanks for the link. We must post as many links and get as many people involved as we can. Let them call us conspiracy nuts. I believe a conspiracy is not a theory, if it’s true.

      1. Excellent article. It brings back the good old days (not so long ago) when we fought so hard for Newt as our candidate. I would have like to see Newt battle in the General Election and debate Obama. There would have been nothing held back, that’s for sure.

        I get their point, but I feel no one would have one this fight under the circumstances we had. Santorum would have been dessimated as a mysogynist, woman hater (not true, of course). bachmann would have been destroyed as a homophobic religious nut (she is not). Perry would have been portrayed as a bumbling fool because of his debate misstep on which departments he would eliminate (he had just had surgery and was under medication at the time). Cain already was dessimated with infidelity (as untrue as it was). Newt would have been thrashed for being a cheating husband and a disgraced politician back in the ’90s (neither of which were true).

        So, it comes down to what did us in. I stick with the corrupt media, which Newt would have gone after with a vengence (and then would have been seen as a person unfit to hold the nuclear codes), and the massive voter fraud (I believe the fraud was electronic and not physical, which makes it even harder to uncover and prosecute).

        It’s up to us (the New Guardians, the 5th estate) to defeat the corrupt Media and it’s also up to us (or at least that few of us like many who are on this site) to pursue and uncover the schemes that changed this election’s numbers (Many of the swing states went by only 100,000 votes. That’s just a 50,000 vote swap in electronic data that is easily hidden). I have a major task in front of me. Already I have gotten several links to information about this and with time, I think we can discover what really happened.

        At any rate, I digress. This article was interesting, to say the least. Thank you.

        1. I agree with you. Keep me abridged on what you are doing as you know I am always down with our righteous cause. Game on my friend!

  20. Sorry, as the soon-to-be defunct Newsweek magazine said a few years ago, “We are all Socialists now.” About 50% of the country agrees with that and they’re going to want their free stuff, and fast. It will be interesting to see when we finally do go broke (like Greece and the rest of Europe) and when massive unemployment and the huge reduction in benefits kicks in, how these same people will react. Sure is going to stink when reality finally kicks in, like it did in Europe. Too bad that those of us who saw this coming are going to be the end-users of all this grief.

          1. We have been spoon-fed propaganda from all directions. Lord, sharpen our discerning spirit to know who/what to trust media wise.

            Maybe we need to set up a conference call.

    1. Agreed. But I just heard Rush say that 3m Conservatives FAILED to vote. He just spoke with one of them on his show. This guy was “I’m not voting for another RINO, The Republican Establishment has to understand us conservatives”.

      I went out for a drink with my wife last night – consolation drink. She pointed something out to me. The vote on the Right is fractured. We face off against each other. TeaParty vs less Conservative Republicans. But the Dem’s, they have completely different groups of people who put aside their various opinions and coalesce around their candidate. Coalesce around their hatred of Republicans and they do not care what part of bench we sit on. They hate us all equally. As long as we continue to rip each other apart and not even freaking vote we will not win the Presidency.

      Purists kill me and their pathetic and yes selfish attitude is killing this freaking country. 3million didn’t vote. I hope to God I do not meet one of any of my friends who tells me he/she failed to vote because Romney wasn’t Conservative enough.

      1. I agree with you my friend… but I caution you on using the lefty term: “purists”.

        Tuesday was NOT the time to stand on our principles and not vote for Romney. I really don’t care for or trust the guy and it was unpleasant to pull the lever for him… but I did because Obama is a complete monster.

        The good I see from this is that this may help the Tea Party grow and open the eyes of the idiots who voted Obama. Furthermore, Obama will be gone in 2016… and THEN I will vote on principle and NEVER vote for a RINO again.

        But Tuesday was not the day to defiantly stand idly by. We will be fortunate to have another shot at righting all the wrongs done by this monster and his spawn. As it stands, we may already be lost as a nation because of their abstinence.

        Temper your anger… I think that sort of stance was foolish then… but it will be needed in 2016 if we are to have any hope of fixing this nation (if it’s not too late).

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