Denver KILLER who shot Trump supporter while working for MEDIA denied lower bail request; READ: Judge’s order not BUYING self-defense

A District Court Judge in Denver, Colorado has denied a defense request to lower the bond for accused murderer Matthew Dolloff, the man who was hired by a local news station and while working for them shot and killed a Trump supporter on camera.

It is both the nature of the incident and the incredible level of detail available with regard to the very moments of the act that compelled the judge’s decision, as he wrote in his letter of explanation (in full below.)

“The interaction between the Defendant and the victim, and the shooting itself, are captured by a series of clear, detailed, still-frame photographs mostly separated by fractions of a second. The precision with which the moment of the charged homicide is captured is unprecedented in the Court’s experience,” said Judge John Madden IV in the six-page order. (Here’s more from the Denver Post.)

“The photographs of the incident appear to show that the victim slapped the Defendant with his left hand while holding a can of mace in his right hand; that the victim began to back away from the Defendant, taking two full steps, with his hands down at his side; and that, after being slapped, and as the victim was backing away, the Defendant lifted his shirt and pulled out a handgun that had been tucked into his waist band,” the judge wrote, going into great detail about the substantial documentation.

“In the next frame, the Defendant appears to be aiming the handgun at the victim, the slide of the handgun is back and an empty cartridge can be seen ejecting from the handgun. The victim appears to be in the process of stepping even further back, and the victim is spraying what appears to be mace at the Defendant. Later images make clear that the victim’s other hand was empty,” he writes, in order to explain his argument that the very strong potential for conviction, and severity of the sentence, create a risk of the defendant not appearing that is greater than what the defense is arguing by suggesting the self-defense aspect would create a high probability of his appearing.

He notes of course that the photographs will not be the only evidence, and that even at the preliminary hearing there will additional case evidence presented by both the prosecution and the defense. “As such,” he writes, “the discussion above of the photographic images serves merely to evaluate the apparent risk of conviction at this very early point in the case.”

“Nevertheless, the evidence of which the Court is presently aware appears to show that, at the time of the shooting, there was no danger from the victim that placed the Defendant or anyone else in imminent risk of death or great bodily injury, and that the victim was backing away from the Defendant holding a can of mace.”

“Weighing all of the above, a lower amount of bond would not appear to be sufficient to offset the disincentive for the Defendant to appear throughout the proceedings created by the risk of conviction and potential sentence in this case. Accordingly, the request to reduce the amount of the bond is denied at this time.”

I have quoted this extensively for emphasis of the nature of the crime. This is a murder charge. The Judge believes the risk of conviction is substantial.

The evidence that WE ALL SAW THAT DAY IN NEARLY REAL TIME has convinced him that this was what we said: the Antifa aligned “security” person, working for the media at the time, deliberately murdered a man because that man was a Trump supporter.

THE JUDGE can see. The whole criminal justice system can see it.


You see what I’m saying?

Anyway, here’s the full thing:

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