Deranged Libs throw ROCKS and EGGS at JEWS for Trump in NYC! Attack in cars and on street! And are PROUD of it!

Does the left have any sense of self-awareness left at ALL? They are literally THROWING THINGS AT JEWS for THEIR BELIEFS. And they filmed themselves doing it and shared it proudly!!

This is what it has come down. After years of the social justice brackets and pie charts and venn diagrams they have boiled it down from ethnicity and religion and “sexual preference” and “gender identity” to one and only ONE thing: Trump.

This is how things started out, nice and peaceful and First Amendment compatible.

Even Rudy Giuliani, who was “America’s Mayor” until the unforgivable sin of being hired by Trump, was there.


Throwing rocks.

And eggs!

So proud of it, they filmed THEMSELVES.

Called it “FUN”

He deleted his account, by the way.

There were some arrests.

I cannot think of a SINGLE reason these should not be charged as hate crimes, can you?

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