Deranged man threatens unmasked customers at Costco with pepper spray [VIDEO]

A deranged man at a Costco actually threatened people in the store with pepper spray if they got too close to him. The older man with the pepper spray was wearing a mask and the customers being threatened were not.

At one point the man actually got so frustrated he shoved one of the customers he was threatening.

This is what COVID derangement does to people. Thank you Dr. Fauci.

I’m going out on a limb here, but I think if the man feels so strongly about keeping people away from him and that he needs to threaten them with pepper spray, then maybe he should be staying home and paying for grocery delivery. Seriously.

What’s really absurd to me about this incident is that the man clearly doesn’t want people close to him but then he gets close enough to the one man to shove him. This man is a walking contradiction.

After being confronted by another Costco employee, presumably a manager, the man says “I don’t need this shit” and finally leaves.

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