Derschowitz: Fla. state prosecutor Angela Corey ILLEGALLY withheld evidence from the courts

Alan Derschowitz says that Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey acted irresponsibly and illegally by withholding evidence from the courts when she filed her affidavit and because of that he believes she should be investigated.

But that’s not all. He says she’s done something far worse by raising expectations to an unsustainable level by charging for 2nd degree murder and that no reasonable jury will convict on the basis of this evidence. He says that if there are riots because of this, “the finger of responsibility will point directly at this prosecutor.”

Watch below:

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82 thoughts on “Derschowitz: Fla. state prosecutor Angela Corey ILLEGALLY withheld evidence from the courts

  1. no where , any where is there any reference as to the ethnic backround of Angela Corey….HMMMMMMM just what is she hiding. I have searched every avenue and there are no clues….I suspect another PLANTED African American in sheeps clothing

  2. Rick Scott gave the zimmerman case to Angela for ONE reason. To take the attention off her trying to give a 12 year old INNOCENT YES! INNOCENT child 2 MANDATORY LWOP sentences. There are over 187.000 signatures for 12 year old Cristian Fernandez on change . org and also a petition to remove Angela Corey from office. She had an eliction coming up and people are not happy with what she is doing to this 12 year old. BUT! It looks like it’s going to backfire. KARMA!

  3. Zimmerman knew that block patrols are not allowed to carry firearms. He also was told by the 911 dispatcher that he didn’t need to follow Martin. Thus Zimmerman becomes a gun toting aggressor and is guilty!

    1. Well Bob…you’re wrong
      Concealed Carry is NOT restricted on block patrols
      911 & police will always tell not to protect yourself or watch over suspicous behavoir, another gift from the PC crowd that doesn’t work nor is enforceable.

    2. bob- you are way off here. Please provide the info to back your claim. I live in FL, have a concealed weapons permit, and carry my glock everywhere except the airport and courthouse. Zimmerman was never ordered to stand down. Read the FULL transcript from the dispatcher, not the cut and paste job the msm put out there to incite the black community. People have lost their jobs over the misinformation they initially put out there. Looks like Corey will lose hers as well. Regardless of the outcome, there will be rioting by the ignorant misinformed people who refuse to acknowledge the facts in this case.

  4. McAsshole yielded the 2008 election because he thought Coloreds would riot.
    The govenor of FL selected this prosecutor to avoid riots by Coloreds.
    No jury can be slected because of fear of murder from Coloreds.

    The Tyranny of the Moniority rears its ugly head and the solution might be with the Race War they so despartly want

  5. Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that the Feds have actually intimidated the states legal system for political reasons. Selective justice must stop, it is creating chaos over this entire nation.

    Minorities are being given a free pass by the liberal movement and criminal activities are escalating.

  6. Perhaps, it is time to investigate Florida state prosecutor Angela Corey for her totally unprofessional leadership. It the investigation and merit shows her unethical and unprofessional actions, she should be “disbarred”.

  7. “the finger of responsibility will point directly at this prosecutor.” and he forget the gov Rick Scott

  8. Derschowitz, like Liebowitz, is usually wrong; but on the Martin/Zimmerman case, he is consistently right.

  9. Mob rule, and just in time for the elections. The prosecution is probably acting under a “suggestion” from the regime to perform a sideshow to keep people’s attention away from the economy.

  10. This is how cases get thrown out of court, and hopefully, state prosecutors, too.

  11. Yeah, I don’t think anyone needs a law degree to know how wrong Ms. Corey is right now. She deserves to have her license revoked. She’s certainly proven herself fit to only serve as, say, part of Eric Holder’s staff.

  12. Doesn’t matter. Show me someone with the courage to do something about corrupt liberals and I’ll show you an ocean in the middle of Kansas.

    What Zimmerman has to worry about are the jurors that will be afraid of the retaliation for a “not guilty” verdict.

  13. She took a little too much glee in announcing charges against Zimmerman… I’m just saying.

    If she’s found to be guilty of withholding evidence… then I hope there’s as much public outcry, media coverage, and race-baiter statements made as there were before all this got blown WAY out of proportion. I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Like she said, she’s not looking for justice for Zimmerman. She wants justice for Trayvon’s family. That’s b.s. because she should be trying for the truth even if it means Zimmerman gets charged with nothing. Her job is not to appease the race-baiters that want a guilty verdict no matter the evidence.

    2. Oh, no kidding. I remember watching that and thinking that the chick was behaving like she was auditioning for American Idol.

      1. Spot on. I was actually disgusted… she waved to people before starting, was smiling like the cat who ate the canary while talking, and her statements all sounded condemning against Zimmerman – very pro-Treyvon family. Nothing in her tone or words indicated that Zimmerman was innocent until proven guilty. You’d think she was announcing that they caught Osama Bin Laden. Assuming Zimmerman is acquitted, I’d be happy to see her at least lose her license because she apparently has no ethics.

        And reguarding all the race-baiters and black folks who are just waiting for an excuse to beat up white people, steal, and destroy property… this may not be the best situation for you to exploit… You hurt your own causes when you react violently and without knowing all the facts. Rise above Sharpton, Jackson, the CBC and other tards who are trying to USE you.

  14. I received this earlier today from the National Association for Gun Rights. Evidently FL Gov. Rick Scott is a wimp about their Stand Your Ground law. Rather than standing firmly behind it he’s going to set up a special “Task Force” to review the law. Guess he’s just another political hack, as is Corey.

    If you want to sign a petition to take Scott Walker to task, here’s the link (you don’t have to make a contribution to sign it):

    Even if the Stand Your Ground doesn’t apply in the Zimmerman case, SELF DEFENSE certainly does. But the fallout is now another attack on our 2nd amendment rights.

    There should certainly be an investigation into Corey and her law license yanked. It’s just disgusting what she has done. Justice should be blind, not blinded by politics.

    1. I’m on it like white on rice. Sorry, you brought up the rice thing earlier and it made me hungry.
      Seriously, I heard about this a few weeks ago and I had to shake my head. What is it with GOP governors? Especially in Florida?! Scott started off pretty good, but this is severely disappointing.

      1. Hey now, it was Kong and Gino that started the rice thing, but I couldn’t resist.

        Yeah – What’s up with Scott? I always thought he was a good guy, but he sure seems to be caving on this one. Everyone needs to hold his feet to the fire and let their voices be heard, loud and clear. What’s the next big issue he’ll cave on if he doesn’t get push back on this one?

        1. I went to the petition immediately, but I’m going to have to do some investigating on Monday and give the Governor’s office a call. You’re right. He didn’t cave for other things, he should not cave to this! Out of all the things to give into, race based bull puckies is not one of them.

          1. You go Duckie! We all need to start standing up, more than we’ve ever done before.

            How’s your classes at Hillsdale going? I know I only have until the end of the month the sign up for free, but I have 4 books I’ve yet to read.

            1. I haven’t had time to do it lately, but I’m hoping next week I can get some more done. You ought to go ahead and sign up now anyway, you don’t have to start it immediately or anything, but at least you’ll start getting the e mails with the lessons. I’ve got mine and saved them for when I can get to them. Right now, I’m still in the introduction- there are about 5 hour long videos for that and they are excellent. 😀 Sign up girlie!

      1. Well, I always try to be polite, that’s how I was raised. I try not to be too opinionated about politicians citizens from other states elect, but raise a red flag whenever I see one.

        At least you are in Florida. Try living on the left coast and battling Moonbeam Brown. Yikes….. Now that’s a battle. At least you guys have a chance.

      1. Ooooops, thanks for catching that. I love Scott Walker and would love to have him a my Gov.

    1. I’m wondering if that isn’t why coverage of this case has all but disappeared from the mainstream press for the most part.

  15. Mike! Mike I want you to meet Angela, Angela Corey. Angela this is Mike Nifong, from North Carolina. Mike, would you be so kind as to spend some time with Angela and kind of, you know, introduce her to some of the finer points and more esoteric aspects of being a prosecutor? You know, some of the things that could slip by someone with a law degree, like the law?

    1. From what I recall he wasn’t very successful at it, lol. She might want to get someone else’s advice.

  16. When the rioting starts, this idiot prosecuter needs to be sent into the thick of it and told to put an end to it. She wouldn’t last long- but that would be justice there if it comes to rioting. And it will. Because of politics and her own ego, she has already started a ball rolling she can not possibly stop. Also with the racial profiling, she has opened the door for the DOJ thug holder to come in and also charge Zimmerman with a hate crime. Thanks lady. Zimmerman’s life is already ruined and even if he’s found not guilty, he will be a marked man for years. Any more blood spilled will be her doing, with the blessings of Jackson and notsoSharpton. This is pathetic and I hate to see this state come to this.

  17. Dershowitz was on this from the beginning. He’s a liberal and you know Corey’s disregard for the law was blatant if he’s on her back. He pounded her before any of this most recent evidence came out. That’s how weak it was from the get go. She should have never charged him because now when a jury acquits, the bloodshed will be on her head. She needs the boot, pronto.

    1. From what I understand she was under a lot of pressure from the WH and civil rights groups. She would rather an innoncent man go down than take the heat for not charging him with murder.

  18. It’s not illegal until Eric Holder says it’s illegal. Just ask the New Black Panther party.

  19. This is a political prosecution. This crazy, ignorant woman should have her law license pulled. Now as for riots, well I do pack heat and if you get in my way they will carry your butt away in a bag. Don’t act up in my area. If they do I am praying that Cocunut head who runs the New Punk Panthers is man enough to lead the way. I can assure who will be 1st to go.

  20. And who in society does Alan Derschowitz benefit by pointing out the errors of the Florida prosecutor except…….why, it’s Alan Derschowitz!. Every now and then having a keen eye for the obvious and blurting it out is not the best thing to do.

          1. Thanks. The one I usually use is the same logo with a muscular man but for some reason I can’t find it. Eh, I’ll take the woman if I have too, lol.

    1. I could come up with some witty or sarcastic remark, or state the obvious (the beneficiary-Lady Justice, George Zimmerman), but I’m tired after a days’ hard work in my yard, so, I’ll echo the sentiments of Gino and ABiC: HUH????????

      1. My point is the fix is already in. All that’s going to happen is the stirring of the sh*t.

          1. Maybe “fix” is a bad fit for what I mean. I believe Zimmerman [who is essentially innocent of any crime] will be tried and eventually found guilty of something but of course not second degree murder. He’ll be given a legal wrist slap which while undeserved will fit the lefts’ minimum public expectations.This will all take a great amount of time and the end game is to just make it all go away as the facts do not fit their political agenda. It’s not fair to Zimmerman but that’s what will happen because “This dog won’t hunt”. Corey has made a mess of it all.

            1. Not just Corey…the President, Preachers Al and Jesse, Hollywood and the rest of the gang made a mess of a legitimate investigation and made it a political event to further their agendas.

    2. What the ….? So he shouldn’t point out that the prosecuter is breaking the law and just let her try to fraudulently send a man to prison?

      Walk the plank.

    3. Erm … I’m missing your point. Yeah, what the Dersh is now saying is more than a bit obvious (at this point), but he’s been consistent all along.

    4. Right , … Now I get it … You can’t allow something as trivial as fact or the truth to endanger “political correctness.” … Thanks , for pointing that out to all of us ‘knuckle-draggers.’ …. frank k. … (N.Va.)

  21. Of course she did. Facts weren’t the motivation for the charges. It was purely a political statement. She should be removed.

  22. I never trusted Corey from the get. Her charge of 2nd degree murder is absolutely ludicrous, and is her prosecution of this case. She needs to be taken into custody, the next time she sets foot in that courtroom.

    And why are people still talking to Huckaphony? And why is this jackass still on the air?

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