Dershowitz: Impeachment Dems are playing right in the hands of Trump [VIDEO]

Alan Dershowitz was on Newsmax today and argued that Democrats are playing right into the hands of Trump’s legal team with their ridiculous incitement arguments:

Dershowitz explains that everything Democrats are saying Trump said is protected by the first amendment:

Today was the best day for former President Trump. The Democrats are playing right into hands of the argument that Trump is going to be making about the First Amendment. Everything they’re arguing supports the first amendment argument. They’re saying that this was all part of an effort to protest the election, to say it was stolen, to say it was a fraud.

Remember two things about the first amendment. It doesn’t distinguish truth from falsity. A lie is as protected as the truth. Somebody can say the earth is flat and that’s as protected as saying the earth is round. … The same thing is true here. Saying that the election is stolen is completely protected even if it’s false.

Number two, it’s an opinion and opinions are completely protected.

They are playing into the hands – they are making this seem like it was part and parcel of a political argument that began much earlier, that the president has taken a consistent view that the election was stolen, the election was fraudulent. He’s entitled to say that under the first amendment. I hope his lawyers are up to making the rebuttal because everything we’ve heard today helps Donald Trump’s case.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Democrats want to criminalize speech protected by the first amendment. It’s like they don’t believe in the first amendment at all! Who knew?!?!

Seriously though, we all knew this impeachment was phony from the beginning. Trump never incited this crowd and Democrats are unable to make a compelling argument that he did. Assuming Trump’s lawyers are up to the task, their rebuttal arguments should be easy pickens.

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