DeSantis: Maybe Gillum should be impeached!

Ron DeSantis was on with Fox and Friends this morning to talk about his race against Andrew Gillum for governor of the state.


I thought it was clever for DeSantis to suggest (or joke, as he said) that Gillum should perhaps be impeached for all the corruption they’ve found during his time as mayor:

He got caught, now, definitely, taking illegal gifts from an undercover FBI agent – over a thousand dollars in New York City; $4300 dollars for a fundraising dinner that was never disclosed. And then you had the lobbyist who arranged both of those gave Andrew a thousand dollar four night stay in a luxury Costa Rica villa. And then of course Andrew turned around and gave that same lobbyist a two million dollar contract with the city of Tallahassee. So that is corruption in action at the municipal level and it is wrong.

Yeah that’s really bad, to say the least. And if he gets elected governor, it’s gonna happen on a much larger scale, especially now that all the lobbyists know he can be played.

In related news, Project Veritas released an undercover video last night from within Gillum’s campaign, revealing his campaign staffers saying all kinds of controversial stuff about Gillum and the ‘cracker’ state of Florida.


In unrelated news, I had to rush my cat to the vet this morning as he’s not eating and drinking like he normally does. He’s ok, but my post count is low so far for today because of that. I’ll try and get it higher when I get back from mass.

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