DeSantis spox reveals Politifact emails showing how they will SPIN their ‘fact check’ of Florida’s bill protecting young children from transgenderism

Politifact is doing a ‘fact check’ on the Florida bill that protects young children in grades k-3 from LGBT brainwashing.

A writer from Politifact emailed the spokeswoman for Governor DeSantis, Christina Pushaw, to ask about a statement DeSantis made about the bill:

You can clearly see what Yacob Reyes is doing here. He’s going to spin this bill as something that is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. And then he’ll say that DeSantis couldn’t provide any evidence that educators want to include this LGBT brainwashing into the curriculum.

The point is to try and make the bill seem completely unnecessary and to make Republicans look like anti-gay hatemongers for pushing it.

Pushaw responded to Reyes, pointing out that it doesn’t matter if activists are currently attempting to indoctrinate these young children. The comment made by DeSantis is regarding future attempts to do this:

I love how she starts by saying “why would you have a problem with banning it?” because that’s really what’s going on here. Politifact is just another garbage media news organization run by leftists with a partisan agenda. They will always tilt left even if they try to appear otherwise, because that’s what they’ve always done.

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