Desperate for relevance, Beto O’Rourke says ALL Trump voters are RACIST!

Beto O’Rourke is sooper-desperate for voter support in his doomed campaign for the presidential nomination, and he really thinks that insulting all of Trump’s voters will do it.

And he might be right. The far left part of the Democratic party is so extreme and so mired in Trump derangement that screaming “racist” is the only thing that will appease them.

But unfortunately for Pendejo, oops, I meant “Beto,” this won’t save his cratering campaign.

AND it will just entrench and energize those on the right who may not like Trump’s tweets or racially-tinged comments, but definitely don’t want extreme socialist morons on the left to take over the government…. thanks, pendejo! Oops I meant Beto.

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161 thoughts on “Desperate for relevance, Beto O’Rourke says ALL Trump voters are RACIST!

  1. Racist is a pasty white, bucktoothed, doughy white boy named robert francis appropriating a name that is not his culture. Dolt looks like an inbred kennedy.

  2. Glad Cruz beat him last year but it still concerns me O’Rourke came as close as he did. Especially in Texas.

  3. Fake Mexican: “I implore Americans to vote for somebody who will unite us…”

    Fake Mexican in literally the same run-on sentence: “Voting for that guy makes you a racist, a bigot, a homophone, a xenophobe, hateful, and evil…”

    …and that’s why, even with several times the money Cruz had, the Fake Mexican lost by 3 points.

  4. Beto is such an idiot. He doesn’t even realize that it was this kind of slanderous remark that helped Trump get elected last time. How does this guy manage to even stay in the race? I thought he was polling somewhere around 0%.

  5. Beto is only running in politics because of his unresloved insecurity of his wifes money and power..

  6. I know it would never happen but if I ever saw this son of a goat, I would Jack slap the stupid off of his face. He really erks me.

  7. Hee Hee look at that dumbass look on Jake Crappers face lol. Francis O Rook was the kind of guy we used to pants in Jr. High LOL

  8. Name calling by the leftists is just an attempt at mass character assassination. Laugh at them and then ignore it.

  9. Other than sounding unhinged can someone tell me if Beto’s hands were tied behind his back would he still be able to talk? Looks like a nutcase with his arms and hands flailing about.

      1. LOL………you may be onto something. Maybe he should give up politics in which he’s failing badly and become a swimming instructor.

    1. There’s an old joke, how do you get an Italian to stop talking? Tie his hands. I guess that it goes for imitation, Hispanic Irish, too.

      1. Not just his hands though. Watch his arms. They flail about. I’ve known a lot of Italians and I agree they talk with their hands but this is more than that. Don’t ever get within 10 feet of him because you could inadvertently be injured.

        1. I think I can speak with some authority. Italians do have a certain
          body language, usually spoken with the hands, that augment
          the spoken word. It more clearly defines the tone and the
          meaning of those words.

          But I assure you, if this guy was to stand in front of Ferrara’s
          in Little Italy or the South Side of Philadelphia and flail about like he does, they would have to call an ambulance for him, with a straight jacket.

        2. Yep, you’re right. Unfortunately, my speakers were turned off and I didn’t hear a thing.

      1. Good point but he’s been doing this with his hands and arms since day one. You’d think by now someone would’ve mentioned it to him.

        1. He is just unbearable to watch and listen. I believe that these puppets don’t have any other choice but to follow the instructions from their NWO masters and memorize the scripted attacks. The Dems-Puppets-Field is just a distraction. The Octopus has already decided who will run for the Presidency.

  10. Way to go pandering pendejo. Calling half the country (including hispanics and blacks) racists might explain his polling numbers.

    1. The communist NWO elite is waisting big money on Robert F… and doesn’t understand that if we have to choose between defending our country and being called racist, we sure will defend our country. Mexicans also fought for their independence and they were never called racists.

  11. Beto who? This poor guy is in so deep he’ll never dig himself out. He won’t be able to be elected as a street cleaner. He knows he can’t win so he’s just going to rant and rave like a petulant child. Go ahead, Beto. It’s kind of entertaining.

  12. I dislike O’Rourke thoroughly. However, for all the wrongheaded things he has said, it is not honest to claim that in this clip “Beto O’Rourke says that ALL Trump voters are RACIST.” In fact, O’Rourke said nothing at all about “ALL Trump voters”. The interviewer pointed out that in the last election Trump won Texas by 9 points, and that millions of people had voted for Trump in 2016. He then asked O’Rourke “Do you think it’s racist to vote for President Trump in 2020?” Thus, the question was not about anyone who had voted for Trump in the past, and was instead about the nature of the hypothetical act of voting for Trump in the future. O’Rourke’s response was “I think it’s really hard, after everything that we’ve seen”, followed by what he thinks are Trump’s ‘racist’ or ‘white nationalist’ statements from the past. While this certainly must be interpreted to mean that O’Rourke believes that for some people voting for Trump will be an expression of racism, it does not lead to the conclusion that this must be the case for “ALL Trump voters.”

    1. I agree. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I’d argue that Beto is claiming that anyone choosing to vote for Donald in 2020 is engaging in an act of racism. It’s nonsense, mind you – the majority of Trump supporters aren’t racists, they’re just morons. Angry, angry, angry morons who are so angry that they’ve lost the ability to think clearly. Yes, there’s some carry-over between the two, admittedly, but it’s not a necessary relationship.

      If I were to vote for Trump in 2020, it’s not because I want to kick out the brown people or hassle the transgenders – it’d be because I value progressivism and want to see that in the White House (just so long as it’s progressivism geared toward securing my goals, and not that of leftists). Also, because I want to hasten the downfall of this once-great nation, while ludicrously pretending that I’m helping “make” it great again. Which progressivism can’t do.

        1. … no? I mean, don’t get me wrong, the Democrat voters are worse. They’re almost certainly stupid and evil. But we can’t pretend like that justifies being a Trump voter.

          I mean, come on people – we have the capacity to choose Not Stupid. We CAN do that. I believe we can. It’s the last belief I have, really, in the American people. Don’t take that away from me.

      1. You really do not understand the difference between “some may be” and “all are”?

      2. OMG, I’ve never seen Sooper post an inflammatory headline before! What shocking, new development is this?

    1. Well that’s only one step removed from the “background checks like we’ve never seen before” Trump is promoting.

        1. Well we’ve got his cheerleaders in Congress and FNC arguing about if background checks or red flag laws are best. The FNC cheerleader even praised Australia.

          1. Yeah, I’m not happy at all about this turn of events. I’m hoping that the passions cool before Congress reconvenes, but after the bump stock ban, I’m not so sure about him.

        2. Yes, let’s take one step towards screwing the 2nd Amendment instead of two. We can always take that second one later down the line, once we’re softened up for it. That’s a better choice. That’s what’s best for America. Now, join me in drinking this paint thinner.

        1. Biden also said that the Parkland kids came up to see him when he was VP. Except he wasn’t VP in 2018 when Parkland happened. Joe seems a little more confused than usual and that’s saying something.

          1. His people tried to talk it back that he was thinking about Sandy Hook and just got the names confused. BS of course. The Sandy Hook kids were quite young and much different than the Parkland High Schoolers!! I don’t think those babies would have traveled to visit with him, either.

            1. Yeah, everybody knows that Sandy hook was a hoax! Just ask Alex Jones if you don’t believe me!

  13. Too bad the above clip cut off before we could see Tapper’s vigorous push back and challenge of what he just heard.

    Haha sometimes I crack myself up.

  14. Well, agree or disagree, Beto can never call me a racist because, like 2016, I ain’t voting for Donald!*

    *Unless he turns around and does a full 180 on this progressive presidency and start showing some real American values for a change, by Election Day. Otherwise, he’s no better than the Democrat candidate – whether it’s Beto, Kamala, Bernie, or Avenatti.

  15. Hmmmm.. It would appear that Hollywood did O’Rourke a big disservice. Their behavior during the Senate races led him to believe that the rest of the country would follow suit during a presidential race. And yet, now,
    all he seems to have is the Mexican vote.

    1. I thought Pat Sajak summed up Hollywood very well:

      ” As you probably know, we celebrities are uniquely qualified to tell you how to live and what to think, and I take that responsibility seriously. I’m working hard, and I expect to have my list of rules available in a week or so. Meantime, just do your best on your own. ~ Pat Sajak “

      1. “The United States has become a place where entertainers and professional athletes are mistaken for people of importance.” – Robert Heinlein

          1. Just for you, Marge! Sajak is great, too. My second wife (the one I didn’t marry) and I used to get drunk and watch “Wheel of Morons” and I never had any idea of that side of him.

      2. You know, I don’t know what it is, but a bunch of those older game show hosts often make a lot of sense.

  16. White man that generates confusion as to whether he is white or part hispanic with his fake news first name goes on TV and calls voters of world renowned orange man a bunch of racists

    More at 11

  17. Keep it up O’Dork, and your polling numbers will be in the 80’s….negative 80’s that is.

  18. Shame on CNN. They cut off some of Beto’s hand gestures that would have convinced everyone that Trump is a racist…

    1. He’s supposed to be a great guy in person. Unless, of course, he wants something from you and you refuse.

    1. Don’t forget — he also can play some punk rocking Ramones tunes as well!! He’s so hip and cool!!!

  19. Why are you devoting so much attention to this jerk who is a 1% has-been, loser? He has less chance of becoming president than I do.

      1. Dude, he’s irrelevant. Cruz really just phoned in that race, which was a mistake, but he still won it, despite millions pouring in for the rich pothead from all over the country. It was fun watching them waste all that money, just like the billions that were wasted on Bilkery. 😀

        1. I thought it was great that Democrats all over the country sunk money into Texas only to lose. If they had spent that money on other Senate races instead, they might have taken a Senate majority.

          1. And hopefully those Hollywood elites are sinking more money into Robert Frances’s presidential run. That’s money they won’t send to others.

          2. That’s right. Just remember all the free national coverage Beta got during that race… with all that help he still lost.

    1. It’s fun to point and laugh at the clowns.

      But not the orange one. Don’t laugh at that one. That clown is our hero and leader and savior and we must respect and adore him.

      1. To ask you why you are devoting so much attention to this jerk who is a 1% has-been, loser? He has less chance of becoming president than I do.

            1. You’ve all summed up the Democrat platform perfectly: racism, lies, sexism, and worship of abortion.

  20. Uh…yeah…everything he attributed to Trump was twisted into a complete effing lie and I am so fed up with this crap. Trump does say some stupid stuff here and there but the left manufactures something completely different than what he says. I so want to see that movie where Trump supporters kick liberal elitist a**. 🙂

      1. But you know what I’m saying probably. Nothing he says sounds genuine and it all sounds practiced.

        1. I too often comment in complete ignorance having not read or listened to that which I’m responding.

          *No I don’t.

  21. Beto es un CULERO muy grande. Porque Beto no comprender ese 13 millon personas de clorido votar El Presidente Trump?

  22. On a side note, I grew up with a guy of Irish descent who looks amazingly like Beta. When I looked for him on FB, I found a whole bunch of guys with the same last name (not O’Rourke, though) and very similar facial structure. Interestingly, a majority of them were from Australia.

  23. All 389 democrats running keep repeating the lie that Donald Trump called Nazis and the KKK very fine people. And what a shocker — the media NEVER calls them on this blatant, straight-forward, unpolished lie. The fair-minded and balanced press never tries to set them straight or call them on this lie. It shows me every time just how worthless the fake media truly is.

  24. Trump can be a jerk, jackass and rude? True
    Trump is a racist and white supremacist? O’Rourke is going to need a hell of a lot longer ladder.

  25. Trump is giving the Left a taste of their own medicine, and they can’t handle it.

    The Left has dished it out for decades. Just can’t take it, can they ?

  26. I think Beto and all of the lower tier Dem candidates are not serious candidates. They have just been given a national stage to spew extreme progressive BS to make Warren and Biden seem sane by comparison.

  27. After reading Beto’s writings about running over little children and enjoying their screams, there’s no doubt he should be locked in an insane asylum.

    Beto is severely warped. A complete psychopath

  28. Oh how fresh and new – to call someone a racist. /s That old card has been played and overplayed so much and so often that most people just roll their eyes when someone plays it.

    Beto is desperate as he an Spartacus seem to be mired at 2%. Looks like he’s on his way out. Hell even Harris is finding herself distanced and out of double digits. As the top 3 are becoming clear according to the RCP average of polls.

    1. Hopefully, it’s Warren or Biden, because Sanders just might be crazy enough to go blow for blow with Trump in a debate, and he has cult following. The American public won’t have sympathy for weak leaders like Timid Warren and Senile Joe. However, Sanders (77) might not be that far behind Biden.

      1. As long as the economy holds up, I don’t think that anyone of them have a snowball’s chance. Carville’s words still ring true: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

  29. LOL. I think you came up with good name for him, Pendejo Beto.

    Honestly, do we need any more proof that the Democrat party is the party of fear-mongering, race baiting and flat out dividing and conquering people?

    1. Pinche pendejo, as they say. Although the literal translation is quite mild, Mexicans that I’ve been around use it just like Americans use f***king a***ole.

        1. Spanish has fewer words than English, so they either have to use more of them, or spread the meaning out. You’re right, depending upon tone of voice and body language, it can have different meanings.

  30. Let’s remember the dude that asked to question.
    Do you think it is racist……………………..?
    What kind of question is that. Disgusting!
    Jake Tapper is an utter disgrace.

  31. Desperate men do stupid things. They are never worthy of holding an office of trust. He will disappear from relevance forever.

  32. O’Rourke knew the questions which he would be asked by Tapper in advance of the actual taping.So he had time to develop his answers which appear to be off the cuff. As others point out, this is O’Rourke’s only strategy at this point. His hysteria garners attention which he mistakenly translates into polling increases as he desperately tries to remain in the presidential candidacy race.

  33. bozo the clown at it again it’s the deranged democrat base going around protesting and trying to shame opponents into submission, not going to work they want persons of color only. No whites allowed when they use the term, white supremacist, one stands out The late ROBERT BYRD had membership in the Klan, the real racists for over 150 years they’re quickly becoming irrelevant. SC should wise up and tell them to get out any vote for them is suicide. This is the bunch thinking the earth is flat despite the evidence, throw the bums out.

  34. Going to be a little hard for Beto to win if insults all the Trump voters by calling them all racist. Beto’s probably not very good at math as he spent most of his time writing stories and singing in his long johns.

  35. Hmmm…… all races and cultures are equal……really? Mexico was New Spain, a colonial conquest of Spain in the 1500’s. Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1810, which is not a long way off from our 1776. So, for all practical purposes, the USA and Mexico “started” on equal footing. So…. name one single thing Mexico produces that was invented there, besides the Siesta (nap), and liquor with a worm in the bottle? A beautiful piece of real estate, filled with a people of Spanish decent, white as any Caucasian, desperate to export their “Indian blood” lower class (poor, sick, unskilled, low IQ) to the giant pressure relief valve (USA) lest they have to deal with an underclass that breeds like flies, and will demand cradle to grave sustenance. But all cultures are equal….right? Mexicans had every bit as much to time as the USA to make something of themselves, but they’re just cheap labor, making things on machinery they neither manufactured, nor invented. Invading a country who’s the envy of the world, says something about both places.

  36. Coming from the nut job who once fantasized about running over children with his car and actually wrote about it.

  37. From the party and people of Slavery, Jim Crow, the KKK, Racism, White Supremacy, Hate and Violence.. lol

    Propaganda, Projectionism .. It’s all Democrats have.. other than their anti-American anti-Free Market Capitalist Socialist Welfare Entitlements, Govt Mandated Socialized Medicine, Open Borders – Abolish Rule of Law, ICE, Police, and of course their anti-Industrial Energy World Economy Green New Deal Policy .. lol

  38. This white boy thinks he can change his name to sound Latino and and we all think he is. Ate up with the dumba$$

  39. At this point, I’m convinced BEETO isn’t even real. He’s really Borat having another laugh at fools who actually take him seriously.

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