Desperate Mika RAGES that Biden is SUPER OLD but ‘I blame the staff for that!’

Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough spend more time defending Biden than they do pronouncing their 8,000 syllable last names, and that’s saying something. But Mika on Wednesday trying to complain about Biden being old but blaming it on staffers while praising him for being amazing was like watching a robot trying to solve a paradox and its head explodes.

On the one hand, you never hear the media even acknowledge he’s old, so that is a big slip-up on her part. And she knew it. She starts explaining herself and begging forgiveness WHILE she’s frantically trying to say that Biden’s age is the fault of his staff.

“I don’t think they do a good job helping out the president,” she says. That’s amazing. She’s saying they don’t cover up for his being older than dirt! “You are managing a president getting on stage and getting off stage and getting on planes and getting off planes, and yes, he’s 80! You need to be there for him! And you need to make a pathway and you sure as hell better make sure he doesn’t fall on a sandbag! And I blame the staff for that!”

But what’s truly funny is the fact they have to do any comments at all about how the president needs to stop falling down. I mean do you hear what the thing is you are talking about, Morning Joe??

“His age is going to be a factor and it’s your job to ensure he gets from one place to another.”

LOL. Following it up with “He can handle the presidency, you have to handle his schedule and where he goes” ain’t gonna save you, Mika. Not from the rabid left. Nice try, though. Very funny.


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