DESPERATE: White House Chief of Staff tries to DUNK on CNN’s Clarissa Ward over Kabul EVAC. It doesn’t go well.

CNN’s Clarissa Ward has shown some pretty uncommon courage in Kabul, facing not just the foreign Taliban but the one that controls CNN and other media outlets: the DNC.

White House jackass Ron Klain doesn’t like that. So he tried to DUNK on her, despite her currently stunning popularity with Americans. He tried dunking on her yesterday. While she was STILL IN KABUL.

Needless to say it didn’t go great for him.

Today, after that “Dunk” we find out how well it’s going as the Taliban counts up their spoils and takes pictures mocking the Marines at Iwo Jima. As they shoot civilians and crack down on women for the crime of existence. As the Taliban institutes harsh Islamic law despite getting the media to pretend it’s a kinder gentler Taliban.

Here’s the word for them.

This is who is in charge in the United States.

How many countries did the Taliban take over in the last few days?

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