Despicable “bitter loser” Hillary compares Trump to Hitler and people who attend his rallies to NAZIS on stage in Texas

It’s not that it’s a surprise. That’s not the point. The point is that at this Texas Tribune Festival — where they actually had Willie Nelson warning people to be “respectful and civil” during these “polarizing times — a former secretary of state called her political opponent Hitler and his supporters Nazis and nobody blinked. Nobody booed.

It’s despicable, is the point. And the reason for the RNC to tweet about it, or Right Scoop to post about it, is that we can never let them get away with the attempt to hide how despicable they are.

She did this in Texas, y’all.

The media says this is no big deal. They make the same comparison all the time. But it actually is a BIG deal that Democrats are taking their rhetoric, their demonization this far.

It’s unprecedented and, as Cruz said during his own interview at this event, it’s dangerous.

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