Despicable Dick Durbin called Senator Tim Scott’s bill on police reform a TOKEN approach; Tim Scott unloads with EPIC response!

The utterly despicable Dick Durbin showed his true colors today on the Senate Floor, suggesting Democrats can’t support Senator Tim Scott’s bill on police reform because it’s a “token” approach:

Now there’s a racist dog whistle for ya. Durbin knew exactly what he was saying and he knows he can get away with it because the media won’t care that he said it. He also knows that Tim Scott has been attacked as a ‘token’ black Republican ever since McConnell tapped him to write this bill, and now he’s joining in. What a puke.

Upon hearing this Senator Tim Scott came to the floor and issued an epic rebuke of Durbin in response to his ‘token’ insult. It was one of the most amazing responses I’ve ever seen on the Senate floor:

If anyone in the MSM has a shred of objectivity, they’ll have Tim Scott on to respond more publicly to this and they’ll grill Durbin over his racist dog whistle. But alas, we know it won’t happen.

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