Despicable idiot Al Sharpton BLAMES POLICE for Dallas ambush killings!!

“Morning Joe” is a burning pile of sewage right now as idiot Scarborough let grand master of idiots Al Sharpton on the show after the killing of 5 police in Dallas.

Unlike liberals elsewhere saying that we don’t have all the details in and that we can’t blame “Black Lives Matter,” Sharpton is just straight up assuming it was black activists killing police, and he’s jumping to BLAMING the police!!

Watch what his answer is to Sam Stein’s question about how we can stop targeted assassinations of police:

Sharpton HAS to blame the police because he has to exonerate the violent extremists in the “Black Lives Matter” movement. And of course, professional dimwit moron Mika Brzezinski agrees with him and throws gas on the fire. What do you think she’d say if someone said to her outright that “Black Lives Matter” was to blame for this attack? She’d recoil in horror, but when Al Sharpton simply assumes it, she piles on.

What a gang of utter cretins.

Oh here’s a bonus – right before he said the idiocy above, Sharpton actually referred to Dallas as shootings BY the police:

Joe has to try to correct the senile old racist, but he doesn’t even acknowledge the correction.

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