Despite multiple terrorist attacks against Israel, State Dept. urges “ALL parties to exercise restraint”

We have the most pathetic State Department ever. As we’ve reported there have been multiple terrorist attacks against Israel over the last few weeks that include terrorists using their cars to kill Israelis or just trying to stab Israelis to death. And let’s not forget about the assassination attempt on the American-Israeli rabbi that seemed to spawn this latest wave of attacks.

So how does our wonderful State Department respond to all these terrorist attacks? Well after condemning them, State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki says “we urge all parties to exercise restraint.”

AP reporter Matt Lee wants to know who she is referring to as ‘parties’? Psaki explains below:

“Well, we’re talking about the Israelis, the Palestinians – any who are involved in these tension-raising, rhetoric-raising incidents.”

But what have the Israelis done to raise tensions? After the assassination attempt they shut the Temple Mount down, but then reopened it the next day to Muslims over 50. That move was in response to a terrorist attack on Israel.

Since then we’ve had Abbas say that closing access to the Al Aqsa Mosque was “an act of war” and thus we’ve had several stabbings and several car attacks where multiple people have died. And yet the State Dept. still includes Israel on it’s ‘all parties’ list?

Watch this video from Fox News tonight where they show the recent terrorist attacks on Israel:

These are vicious attacks on Israelis from Palestinians. Israel has done nothing to deserve this and yet they are being told by our State Department to exercise restraint?

Oh, if you didn’t watch the State Department video above then you missed Psaki condemning the terrorist attacks on Israelis and in the same breath mentioning that they are “seeking additional information” about an Israeli-Arab who was shot by a ‘live bullet’, right before telling all sides to exercise restraint. I hadn’t heard about this incident so I looked it up. Here’s the video of what she’s referring to:

Geez. She’s mentioning that in the same breath as all the other terrorist attacks on Israelis, as if this is something terrible that Israel did?

As far as I’m concerned the Israeli police defended themselves from a knife wielding terrorist who attacked their vehicle and one of the officers as he tried to exit the vehicle. According to the Washington Post, the officers say they fired a warning shot. But even if they hadn’t, the officers were clearly defending themselves. After all, when they exited the van they didn’t know if the terrorist dude has accomplices that were waiting for them to get out or not. And just because they guy started to run a little, didn’t mean he wouldn’t try and attack them again. There’s so much they don’t know.

In my book any time you walk up to police officers with a knife and threaten their lives, they have the right to defend themselves — which means you are probably gonna die. End of story.

So this is our wonderful State Department, constantly finding fault with Israel when there is none or using a false equivalency to soften their response to the Palestinians.

As I said, the most pathetic State Department ever.

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