Developing: Idiots at MSNBC have no effing clue how impeachment works

In an embarrassing segment on MSNBC, their lead genius Ali Velshi tries to explain how impeachment works to all the other geniuses, and completely f**ks it up.

Watch below:

After viewers rubbed their two working brain cells together and consulted the Constitution on the internet, they tweeted at Velshi that he was a moron. Velshi later confirmed the breaking news:

“Some days we love social media, because a number of you sent me information about something I made a mistake on in the last segment, so I want to correct that real quick. To impeach the president, the House needs only a simple majority, not two-thirds,” he said. “The House needs a simple majority. The Senate does need a two-thirds majority, but that would be 67 of the senators, 66 of the senators or 67, someone will help you with the math on that, but the fact is, its two-thirds of 100 senators, depending on how many seats in the Senate are actually filled at any given time.”

Good job halfwit. Maybe go try something that doesn’t require simple mathematics. I hear McDonalds is hiring.

[h/t the free beacon]

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