Dianne Feinstein gets OBLITERATED on Twitter for spouting nonsense in order to ban AR-15s

Dianne Feinstein is up to her old tricks again and has renewed her mission today to ban AR-15s:

In case the tweet doesn’t show up, Feinstein writes:

Guns like the AR-15 aren’t used for hunting and they’re not viable for home protection. They have only one purpose: fire as many rounds as possible, as quickly as possible. 60% of Americans support outlawing these weapons.

Feinstein doesn’t know what she’s talking about, as people on Twitter were quick to point out:

Exactly, that’s the biggest point. It’s a semi-automatic rifle, meaning one trigger pull fires one bullet, just like a .308 or a .30-30.

If that weren’t the case, then why would the mass murderer in Las Vegas need to use bump stocks to make them fire automatically?

Feinstein wants to deceive people into believing that these rifles are so different than everything else, that they are automatic killing machines, because she and her liberal counterparts want to ban guns. Period.

And unfortunately, as we saw last week, there are idiots who will believe this and support them in this endeavor.

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