Dick Armey: I think Sarah Palin is old news

One of the interesting aspects of the Tea Party movement is the obsession by the media on appointing “a leader.” Is Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, or any number of other figures the leader.

However, there is one man who appointed himself as the figurehead of this movement, Dick Armey. He is the leader of the group “Freedom Works.” Now, I never heard of Dick Armey until a few months ago. Maybe it’s because I am in my 20s, but how is Armey, an old political figure of the old republican establishment, a face of a new movement?

And what makes him a credible source on who should be our presidential nominee? US News and World Report, published an interview with Armey on who is the “fresh face of the party”:

“I think Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, and Mike Huckabee are old news,” says Dick Armey, the former House GOP leader who chairs FreedomWorks, one of the larger tea-party organizers.

Talking to us from his home in Texas, Armey suggests that three governors are poised to win over the movement and potentially get the nomination to take on President Obama. “I don’t know for sure who it is, but I’ve had my eye on [Minnesota Gov. Tim] Pawlenty because Pawlenty has the opportunity to be a blank slate,” says Armey.

Are you kidding me Armey? Pawlenty is as flamboyant as a piece of cardboard. Armey also pointed to Hayley Barbour, and Mitch Daniels as great candidates.

Sarah Palin is old news? She is bringing life to an old and dull republican party, as well as Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Chuck DeVore. They espouse conservative values and has brought new people in to the political process and in to the republican party. Dick Armey did squat.

Now he wants to ride the Tea Party gravy train and becomes its spokesman and speak in a perfunctory way, not acknolwedging the consequences of his words. I say, go way to Armey.

Is Armey your idea of a leader, or a guy using the Tea Party for his own monetary and political use? Do you agree with him on his comments about 2012?

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693 thoughts on “Dick Armey: I think Sarah Palin is old news

  1. I wouldn't need Palin, Romney or Paulenty if I had a Dick Armey!

    In all seriousness I like her because the way she governed, like a small government libertarian. She made sure Alaskan government ran a clean house and that the people got their money and kept it. That is all thats important.

    Also, she's in the liberals OODA loop. They fear her, and I'm cool with that too.

  2. When Palin goes to Arizona to endorse Mccain , she is going to draw the line in the sand between the tea bag party and the republican party , and she is going to come out with the short end of the stick ! Mccain is a luke warm liberial and he needs to be kicked to the curb ! Vote all the bums out !

  3. I'd like to add that Mitch Daniels is a great candidate though. His record in Indiana as Governor is the most impressive of any I've seen. I don't know if he'd run, but I think he'd be great.

    I agree about Pawlenty, he'd be a disaster.

  4. I do not think right now that Palin would be a good nominee for the party, but that could change.

    That said, I dislike Dick Armey for something else he did recently. He's behind this new “Contract from America” thing, that is supposed to be a list of items that politicians agree to support, devised and voted on by citizens. The Fairtax was number 1 on that list, until one day it disappeared. Armey (a flat tax proponent) probably took issue with it being so popular and made an executive decision to remove it. So the list isn't exactly what he said it would be.

    The reasoning from the Contract from America group was that it didn't want to create a divide between flat taxers and fairtaxers, which I understand. I just think that if the flat tax had been number one on the list, Armey wouldn't have removed it. I'm still supportive of the Contract from America, but I don't like the idea of leaders forming and taking it over. This movement was so powerful because of it's organic uprising without leaders, just ideas. We risk losing that if guys like Armey are really making the decisions and letting tea partiers be tea partiers as long as they don't interfere with his plans.

  5. Armey was Newt Gingrich's right hand man. He is not an unknown and was instrumental in the republicans gaining the first majority in 40 years back in '94. Not sure about his picks or his angle at this point, but he's not irrelevant as you seem to paint him.

    You certainly sound like you're 20 to disregard him so quickly.

  6. I think it's MUCH MORE SAD for those who are JUST NOW really getting around to the Tea Party movement to begin with.

    I've been a part of it back when Bush was still in office when it was UNDERGROUND.

    When I started seeing it on Fox News and these other news networks, I started to grow weary and starting with Glenn Beck & Sarah Palin…NOW THIS GUY…yeah. I was RIGHT to be weary.

    I hate to say it, but the Tea Party of today is starting to deteriorate BECAUSE of it's allowing of these famous people to speak out for them. It LETS these “big wigs” take the stage and…it's only a matter of time before it becomes overcommercialized.

    Not to mention that Harry Reid's using FAKE Tea Party candidates in Nevada is FURTHER proof.

    If it was still the grassroots movement that it was back in 2006 and 2007, then it'd have JUST the right amount of attention without the “Who's gonna lead it?” discussion that's going on and the targeting from Harry Reid and others who seek to use them for 3rd party vote-sifoning (not sure if I spelled that right).

  7. Don't put too much stock in the Title. I changed it myself to make it more catchy. And it's working. But if you read her article, she doesn't focus on Palin anymore than Pawlenty.

  8. What has Sarah Palin ever done? Why do you like her?

    Why do you somehow think Obama is inexperienced?

    And most importantly, why did you misquote Dick Armey?

    Like a typical messiah-worshiper, you think anything about Palin is news, even though this was really a comment about all Palin, Romney, and Huck, so he didn't even single out Palin. You think no one can criticize Palin, though, so you have to make this about Palin. Then you ask why he should talk about who he likes as a politician? Well, because he can express opinions just like you. I mean, to quote this post, who are you, a blogger, to speak on the topic? Armey actually has been very influential in the movement, because he's the leader of FreedomWorks, and FW has been helping the Tea Party resistance greatly.

  9. Like you, I never heard of the guy, either. But if he's a self-proclaimed Tea Party 'leader' and spouting out candidates that will not help us, then he is definitely attempting to ride us to continue their own government agenda. Well, I gave up on looking for someone to lead 'my' way almost 9 months ago, now. Too late. I'm going to see who comes up when election comes, look over every candidate…what their past is and what they believe in. I'll decide who I like then. But I DO know I'm not planning on giving up on anyone just because some guy in the camera light says so. I liked Palin, I still like Palin….and last I knew nothing's wrong with old, either. After all…I still like the founding fathers, too.


  10. She is old news. She used to be a governor for half a term. She gets a lot of attention from both sides no matter what she does. She gets attention when another former politician makes an innocent remark about her, as this post reveals. She's more of a celebrity than Obama at this point.

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