Dick Cheney: Obama should have destroyed captured drone in Iran

This is a great clip where Cheney weighs in on the Iraq troop pullout, the captured drone in Iran, Syria, and Newt Gingrich.

With regard to the captured drone, Cheney criticizes Obama saying that he had three options on the table and opted not to do any of them, basically giving the drone to Iran. He says Obama should have ordered the destruction of our drone which could have been accomplished with an airstrike.

Of Newt Gingrich, whom the interviewer suggested would likely self-destruct, Cheney says that he wouldn’t underestimate him in this election:

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52 thoughts on “Dick Cheney: Obama should have destroyed captured drone in Iran

  1. Obama is a total ass. He never makes the right decisions. He “asked Iran for the return of the drone…”, yeah right. He had three choices and made the wrong one as usual, I despise Obama and hope the next republican nominee destroys him in a landslide election. People say I am nuts, but I still say that Obama was put here by our enemies to destroy US. Cheney is brilliant, too bad he is not well, he would have made a great president. I still support Gingrich, and I DO NOT care about baggage. Show me a politician without baggage and I’ll show you the real Santa Claus.

  2. Well, if he was a real American president, he would have had it destroyed.
    Personally, I think he point blank gave it to them, same with the one today.

    We all know he is going to help his muslim “friends” every chance he gets, just like he slams Israel every time he opens his mouth.

  3. I find it mind bogglingly stupid that no one saw fit to put some sort of fail-safe self-destruct mechanism into these things. Doesn’t anyone think these things through anymore?

  4. Mommy. Mommy. michelle. Someone has my drone and will not give it back. This job is so much harder than I thought.

  5. I’m as hawkish as they come, and I’m not sure Obama erred here. If we didn’t have the proper naval and air presence in the region, an airstrike could have triggered a war that we were not prepared for. To his credit, Obama hasn’t been afraid of invading other country’s sovereignty when it suits our interests–the expansion of drone strikes in Pakistan and the existence of this program over Iran speak to this. I don’t think any of us have the intelligence to judge whether taking out the drone would have been feasible without touching off a war. We need to go to war with Iran, certainly, but we need to do so in an organized manner with all our ducks lined up in a row, not a haphazard one.

  6. Mr. Cheney is a great leader and a great American patriot. Remember all the demonization from the left when he was in office? Halliburton, Big Oil ties and all the rest, claimed the National Media. Cheney and both Bush’s were hated 24/7/365 by all the national media. In fact there were no criminal wrongdoings by Bush sr., Bush jr., or Cheney but if you watched the national media you would think otherwise.

    Obama, an actual criminal, is getting away with 100 times more than any of his predecessors but not a peep from the corrupt filthy liberal national media. The national media is nothing but a paid whore and can NEVER be trusted Ever Again.

    Oh how I wish we could have Bush and Cheney back. God bless them both. They were men of honor and conviction but more importantly they love(ed) this great nation, unlike Obama and the Marxist Progressives.

    Solyndra, Fast and Furious, Green jobs, ACORN, SEIU, Rezco, Blago, Bill Ayers (Terrorist) Rev. Wright (“US of KKK A – No! No! No! Not God Bless America…God Damn America!”) And much more = Obama’s past and ongoing criminal activity and his good friends. Nothing but crickets from the filthy, corrupt, complicit, scumbag national media.

  7. I’ll sum up my thoughts on this matter by pasting (yes, that’s right, pasting) the words from a dear friend and business colleague, who is a former Air Force pilot and was shot down in Vietnam: Warning! It is rather lengthy, but I do know that it addresses this issue perfectly, especially from one who has an unique insider perspective from a larger contextual point of view:

    Courtesy of TD McNeil: http://scotshonor.com/?p=1130#comment-7807

    Most people do not know much about the Japanese assault on Dutch Harbor. The Japanese did little real damage to Dutch Harbor, but they made a mistake that would cost them dearly. In 1942 the U.S. has no fighter capable of outmaneuvering a Zero. One Japanese fighter pilot was so determined to kill Americans that he stayed behind to finish off an American PBY. His name was Flight Petty Officer Tadoyoshi Koga. He even stayed around after the PBY had splashed into the ocean to be sure. One survivor of that crash, Aviation Machinist’s Mate W. H. Rawls crawled out of the burning wreckage and paddled away in a life raft. Koga circled the life raft and machine-gunned Rawls to death. But, Rawls who had been the blister gunner on the PBY had put one machine gun bullet into Koga’s plane. Koga did not realize he had been hit, but that one bullet had severed the oil return line resulting in Koga’s oil pressure gage reading zero. (The engine was actually unharmed). Koga decided to radio for help and make a forced landing on nearby Akutan Island. His landing gear caught in the muskeg and flipped the plane over breaking Koga’s neck. One month later another PBY spotted the wreckage. The plane was virtually intact. As a result, the U.S. was able to obtain an intact Japanese Zero (ABFM-2 Zeke). It was quickly dismantled and shipped back to the U.S. American engineers learned a great deal from this aircraft and there was a myth that the Zero was used to develop the Navy F6F Hellcat. That, like most myths, is not true. The Hellcat was already being test flown before the U.S. got their hands on the Japanese Zero. But it is certainly true that the loss of this aircraft made it much easier for American engineers to design planes that were very effective against the Japanese Zero.

    (This information is well documented in a great book: “The Thousand Mile War”)

    In August of 1944, three B29’s were forced to land in Russia. Stalin immediately seized the opportunity to steal our design. They tried to replicate the B29 down to the last bolt. It was only marginally successful, since Russia apparently could not replication the superb manufacturing tolerances required to produce a B29. They did built about 850 TU-4s and they definitely learned a lot from these “captured” B29s.

    now the United States has lost a state of the art stealth drone. Incredibly, if this article is accurate, Obama refused to authorize a mission to either retrieve the drone or at least destroy it. If that is true, that Obama may have made a mistake far more serious than the loss of the Japanese Zero or the B29. The United States is the only country on earth that can fly a bomber into a heavily defended area and destroy the air defense system. This is priceless technology. I am sure that this drone will be studied extensively by Iran, China and Russia and the knowledge they gain has the potential to be devastating. It will not only help them develop air defense systems that can detect stealth aircraft, it will help them develop their own stealth technology to use against us. I sure hope the mission was worth the risk of such an important aircraft.


    I sometimes wonder how we will ever be able to repair the damage done by this naïve, incompetent; radical we foolishly elected to be our Commander in Chief. It is embarrassing to see the President of the United States naively ask Iran to give us back our drone as if he honestly expects this to happen. Please!


    1. Thanks for the fantastic info. I am sure that the action of Obama asking to get the drone back is only part of the show and I am 100% sure that he had to read each single word out of the teleprompter……. Everybody is asking why the U.S. hasn’t destroyed the drone yet. Well Obama would never destroy a present he has sent to his friends. We need to understand that although Obama is stupid, evil and arrogant he never does anything that is not planned. Everything he does is extremely wrong and damaging because he is in the Oval Office with the mission of destroying the United States. As he hasn’t finished us off yet, he is already asking for a prolongation of the agony for 4 more years. We urgently need to stop talking about incompetence, as all is planned and done on purpose.
      And a person who is destroying and betraying the Country on purpose should be impeached – period!

      1. My sentiments eeeeexactly, Susitna! You do not spend nearly half your political life in Chicago politics without learning a few [whorish] tricks of the trade to extend the left-winged agenda of transforming our great nation into another European socialist model. In his case, ignorance can be a blissful endeavor when one’s nefarious aim and mission is retribution on the behalf of a group who hates America and her values, like many of those in the Islamic world who view freedom and the rights of the individual as a major contentious conflict of interest, not necessarily from a religious point of view but egomaniacal, power-controlled-driven one. The proverbial metaphor states, “A tiger does not change its stripe (or leopard its spots),” is something we must be prudently cognizant and not allow ourselves to be duped to believe that a failure for quick and decisive action is caused by intellectual vapidity. It is more on the lines of dishonesty and downright vigilance by an insidious cabal to Pontius Pilate us to believe this whole charade of complete and total absolution from the guilt of malicious intent. I would not put it pass this mountebank at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue one least bit. I am glad the article helped. Keep up the fight to remove this malady which is embodying the healthy fundamental soul of our country!

  8. I imagine the Admirals / Generals at the Pentagon were beside themselves with anger and anxiety when they were told to stand down from destroying the drone.

    1. Hehe, he said he’d put his accomplishments up against any President, however, he never said he’d win!!!

  9. First of all, its really funny that Cheney would be on CNN, a network that is pretty much universally hostile to Conservatives and Republicans, all around, while simultaneously, Obama and Biden wouldn’t dare show up on FOXNews as readily, unless its with a leftist like O’Reilly or Shemp Smith.

    In any event, Obama was a moron for his failure to secure or destroy the drone. Claiming that he didn’t want to create a scenario that would be considered an “act of war” by Iran is no excuse. The Iranians already consider us an enemy, and, according to Obama, they’re a tiny, little country, and can’t hurt us, anyway.

  10. I’m not in the military and not an engineer but I am wondering why drones aren’t equipped with a device to self destruct in cases such as this. Seems possible, and prudent.

    1. I would think the really damaging Intellectual Property is in the software. They can’t get at that. Can they?

          1. Bingo. She makes me sick. Harping about how Israeli women are treated and NEVER saying a word about how muslim women are treated.

  11. Obama will continue his “diplomacy first” foreign policy until the day that Iran launches its first nuclear strike. Let’s hope we have him removed from office long before that day is allowed to happen.

  12. Barack Obama, the most immasculated president ever. I wonder if his voice was qiivering,knees shaking and made a little piddle in his pants when he asked for the drone back?
    “Oh please Mr. Scary Islamic Jihadist supremist will you give us back our drone.”
    Sickening, really.

  13. Like the neutered,snot nose brat that is too scared to go get his ball that went into his neighbor’s yard,obumma lacks the cajones to protect his? country, he only snivels and apoligizes for it. A gutless POS indeed!

  14. Either the moron is a traitor or the traitor is a moron.

    Here’s a jerk who consistently chooses the “do nothing” alternative. Hey Doof! “Do nothing” is not what you get paid for, you pimped out yellow-belly. I know doing something is not what you expected to get paid for but you couldn’t help that, it being a cultural imperative.


    What would Newt have done in this situation? GB says he’s a progressive and identical to Obama so Newt would have done nothing.

    So I ask my self, “What would Ron Paul have done?” Why, he’s not a progressive but he also would have done nothing. So whether there’s a progressive in the WH or not, makes no difference.

    Gee Glenn, thanks for the leadership here. Be sure to pick Ron over Obama…

    1. Ron Paul coupled with John Bolton would be a good match for a disaster like this. I highly doubt that the drone was “shot down”. By the looks of it, it most likely landed on a nice dirt runway. Ron Paul would not have GIVEN the Iranians one of our damn drones. It is one thing to solve problems, but even better to prevent them from ever happening.

      1. The Drone was NOT shot down, it has already been reported that Iran has PULSE technology that they will one day target the U.S from MEXICO to shut down nukes and other sensitive information hubs,electronics,etc.So that’s how they brought it down in such perfect shape!

        1. No, they do not have EMP weaponry, and if they do, I want you to source this, before you say it. They have been looking to use NUCLEAR WARHEADS or DEVICES in high orbit over the American heartland, or in a coastal region, where, if detonated, would cause an EMP that would take out most of the country, or an entire seaboard. THAT IS NOT AN EMP WEAPON. Furthermore, if they used an EMP against the drone, and it worked, it would be rendered worthless, because anything that contained any data (RAM, ROM, HD, etc.) would have been instantly destroyed. Also, apparently you’re unaware that a lot of military hardware is just that: HARD. Hardening vehicles means they’re protected against EMP (we have fighters that are EMP protected, for instance). They don’t do this for all vehicles, weapons and equipment, though, because its a difficult and potentially very expensive process.

          1. Ok VirusX,next time you want sources try ask.com and look for news stories about Iran and pulse weaponry! Why don’t you just say, “THAT’S INCONCEIVABLE” and I will laugh and say I don’t think you know what that word means!check out http://www.misslethreat.com which reports Iran and North Korea have them! I was more specifically referring to high powered Portable E bomb Microwave tech.(similar tech.) which is designed to bring down missles by frying the circutry!Yes protection is possible but heavy and also may not completely protect all systems so it’s unlikely in missles and drones! I love you psuedo-experts,not that I am one but all the same!

        1. His foreign policy? America should be the capitulation nation. What’s next an apology for being in Iranian airspace?

  15. “I want my drone back”, as Rick Santorum said of the three options,Obama chooses the worst. Dick Cheney would have been a great president and remains a man of such great substance.I was happy he didn’t try to demean Newt.

    1. I agree 4H. In fact, I remember when I voted for Bush it was the first time voting for a candidate when I thought the VP pick could step right into the presidency with no problem.

    1. Yes, I think you are right. obama has shown us to whom him he shows his allegiance and it is not to America.

    2. In the past I would say your comment is conspiracy theory junk, but today I can’t discount your comment.

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