Dictator Maduro RELENTS after MASSIVE protest and defections to opposition leader Guaido!!

Maduro has backed down and is now calling for early parliamentary elections after a massive protest today and members of the military defected to Guaido, the opposition leader.

From Al Jazeera:

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has remained defiant following the defections of at least two military officials, while declaring his support for fresh parliamentary elections.

In a speech to tens of thousands of supporters on Saturday, Maduro declared that he supports the National Assembly’s proposal, saying, “Let’s go for elections”.

Elections for the opposition-controlled National Assembly are not supposed to take place again until 2020.

In the same speech, the president denounced the interventionist policy of the United States and the administration of President Donald Trump.

“A wave of global conciousness is rising in the face of daily threats against the White House warmongers,” Maduro said.

This is in response to military leaders leaving him to join the opposition:

Earlier on Saturday, a high-ranking Venezuelan air force official, General Francisco Yanez, withdrew his support of Maduro, and recognised Guaido as interim head-of-state.

Later in the day, another military officer in active service, Lieutenant Colonel Andres Eloy Volcan, also declared his support of Guaido and urged other military officers to follow him and “restore democracy.

That is really the thing threatening his grip on power because the military can keep protesters stomped down. Once he loses the military, then it’s over.

Here’s video of the anti-Maduro rally:

On the other side is this pro-socialist jackass:

And what, ignore that Maduro has destroyed the country with his socialist madness?

I am all for regime change in Venezuela, as socialism has brought the once prosperous country to its knees. A state that has broken down completely means there no longer a social compact between the people and the government. However, the more that regime change can reflect the will of the people, the more that it is likely to be completed without bloodshed. Hopefully we see a peaceful end to this tyrannical government and a safe secure transition to a state that respects freedom and liberty.


The U.S. is backing Guaido, and they just want Maduro to GO.

I really really hope for the sake of the Venezuelan people that somehow there’s a peaceful transition. These kinds of things can end with a lot of bloodshed when people start making stupid and stubborn decisions.

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