Did Carly Fiorina just put out the first big clue she’s running for president?

Carly Fiorina, who ran for Vice President on the Ted Cruz ticket in 2016, has raised a few eyebrows today with a Twitter “speech” that sounds a lot like a prelude to a run for president in 2020:

Below are the remaining 9 tweets…

– Our Constitution is the document that protects those liberties and delivers that justice.

– When we pledge allegiance, we reaffirm our citizenship in a nation founded on ideas and ideals – not ethnicity, race, religion or origin.

– When we swear to “protect and defend” the Constitution, we promise to uphold the rights, the laws and the institutions that define and govern our nation.

– When did so many Republicans decide that we should also pledge allegiance to The Party and swear fidelity to President Trump? I have been called “disloyal” because I am critical of Trump.

– I am not alone. Many others have been intimidated into silence or compelled to defend the indefensible.

– It is not a citizen’s role to be a “loyal fan” of one side or the other. We have no obligation to follow party orthodoxy, whatever it is. When we silence our voices, we relinquish our power as citizen leaders to shape the nation.

– We abdicate our responsibility to help create a “more perfect union.” And in this country, the citizen, not the President, is sovereign.

– Every elected official, including the President, is there to serve the citizenry, not the other way around. It is not a citizen’s job to “be loyal”; it is the official’s job to earn our loyalty. And when they cannot, we vote them out of office.

– As citizens it is both our responsibility and our right to hold elected officials accountable: for their words, their actions and the consequences of both.

It’s hard to read that and not thing she’s running for president. I don’t know if she is running, but if she were to jump into the GOP primary fray she would by far be the most challenging candidate for Trump to deal with, much more so than either Walsh or Sanford.

I honestly haven’t followed Fiorina since her 2016 meeting with Trump that was rumored to be for the Director of Intelligence, so I don’t know if she’s just moderately critical of Trump or a hardcore Never Trumper. But from the way she sounds in this video from a few months ago, I believe it’s the latter:

Note what Carly said when she was asked what should happen to Trump’s presidency in the aftermath of the Mueller report (after 6 min mark): “For people who want him out of that White House, he has to be beaten. He has to be beaten, fair and square, in an election”.

That plus the above Twitter speech? I’d say she’s running…

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56 thoughts on “Did Carly Fiorina just put out the first big clue she’s running for president?

  1. I think she will run in 2024. She is smart enough to know that Trump will bury all his competitors in 2020 really deep (that is why I hope one of the younger dems gets the nomination). Pence is still not drawing anywhere near Trump when he speaks (I have to tell you.) Pence is boring!

  2. ” … if she were to jump into the GOP primary fray she would by far be the most challenging candidate for Trump to deal with, much more so than either Walsh or Sanford.”

    A very low bar, indeed. But, the whole idea is ridiculous. Why on Earth would Fiorina run, knowing that it would destroy her life?

  3. Cruz choosing Fiorina was like Reagan choosing Bush. Instead of pledging ‘no new taxes,’ she’ll promise no gun control, not now, not ever!

  4. Someone needs to call out The Republicans for their failure to repeal, fix the dept, end foreign wars, build a wall, cut individual taxes, and drain the swamp. What harm would it be for someone to run and pull them to the right?

  5. It’s fine to criticize the president when he legitimately deserves it, but not to the point where it helps the Democrats. There’s worse things out there than Trump.

  6. Anyone running against Trump in 2020 is wasting their time and opportunity. Trump should win the 2020 election, but if he goes with Ivanka’s agenda in the next four years (Gun control) (DACA),(TrumpCare)… after the election, the door will be wide open in 2024.

    1. Nothing like closing the barn door after the horse is out. Exactly how will we regain our right to keep and bear arms once President Ivanka nullifies the second amendment and confiscates our firearms?

      I think you’re right, any primary opposition to the president is doomed to fail. I also think he’s already defeated anyone the Democrats could nominate.

      However, @tmfb:disqus (above), disagrees with you. They seem to believe the president is very vulnerable and will be irreparably harmed by even the weakest challenge.

  7. Anyone challenging Trump in the primary are only going to hurt the GOP in the general by weakening him. They will not be the nominee. Their goal is to elect anyone but Trump even if that means a full blown socialist like most of the Dem 2020 bench. So much for principles of these clowns.

    I will be the first to admit that Trump is a very flawed man but like everything in life he is a mixed bag.

    Do I like and agree with everything he says and does on Twitter? No but I agree with a lot of it however I do wish he would hire a Twitter editor to comb over all his Tweets before publishing them.

    Do I like the deficits accumulated under his leadership? No, but I dont remember Pre-Trump GOP being particularly good at cutting spending?

    Do I like the fact that he has not started another war and is trying to get us out of the places where we should no longer be? Absolutely.

    Do I like to keep more of my money and pay less taxes? Absolutely.

    Do I like the fact that despite a very good economy and a high demand for oil/ energy, that gas prices haven’t skyrocketed? Absolutely and this is because of Trump’s regulatory regime who’s deregulation has vastly shifted the energy supply curve to the right.

    Do I like the fact that we are at least trying to deal with illegal immigration and drug trafficking? Absolutely. I can’t think of pre-Trump GOP even caring about it or only giving it lip service. Trump is willing to fight on this issue more than any GOP administration I’ve seen in my life.

    Do I like the fact that despite his previous immorality and pro choice position (when he was a democrat) that he is doing more for the cause of life than any elected Republican I can remember? Absolutely.

    Do I like the fact that he pledged he would nominate vetted originalists via the Federalist society to the courts? Absolutley and so far I am pleased with the appointments.

    Do I like the fact that Trump drives the Left so crazy that they are finally taking off their mask and showing the world the actual evil force they are? Absolutely.

    I could go on listing the good things about him. Or I could list all his character flaws which seem to be the driving force behind the anybody but Trump effort that’s going on in the primary. Again he is a mixed bag but when netted out, I think an overall positive.

  8. With all these nonsensical entries into the Repub Primary.. I wonder.. how many States will refuse to hold a Republican Primary? It’s up to at least 3, I think LMAO!

  9. She needs to wait until 2024 or 2028. I wish these RINOs would give it a rest. They bring nothing to the table.

  10. Because she didn’t make a big enough fool of herself last time? No one wants what she’s selling. I really don’t get what they don’t understand about that? If Trump beat you before… the people chose, and he’s done better than detractors like myself expected… Trump is fine… why mess with it, unless you really like what the Democrats would do with our economy and society… the only reason to run against Trump is to usher in Socialism… I can’t imagine she thinks that’s a good idea so she should just stop.

  11. There is no law compelling loyalty to the party or the president. Rallying cries, politicking and words are not the threats that the Fiorinas and Romneys want to pretend they are.

    The REAL threat to this nation is a more than century old ideology which has embedded itself throughout our institutions at the highest levels of power and that these self-righteous idiots want to go back to pretending doesn’t even exist!

    If this ilk retakes the GOP we’re destined to lose the country because these people won’t even acknowledge that threat and are too eager to attack their own! You can’t fight what you can’t define or won’t name!

    Marxism exists and it’s here!

    1. That’s true. Read an article today pointing out that those like Mitch McConnell will never ever agree with the conservatives because they challenge those that have already to be a part of the globalist agenda. Mitch McConnell has done some good thing with the nominations of better judges, but he is still working for the globalist community. Trump made a really bad choice to appoint Mitch’s wife to the Transportation Sec. He likely was convinced that if he did that, he would win accolades. Trump needs desperately to trash Mitch McConnell, the true and real leader of the Republican party that has destroyed the Republican party.

  12. If she runs, can anyone guess the insulting nickname Trump would give her? Or maybe he had one in 2016 which he could recycle.

  13. Ziggyzoo tweet-

    Passing on sticky social issues is a core tenant of todays Republican party. They boldly take no stand on any major issues





    @HouseGOP and now socialism is beating down our doors.

  14. I never understood why Cruz named her as his VP. Fiorina has always been an opportunist. In my opinion Cruz naming her was a bad move. Was it because she would have been the first female VP?

    1. She was a second or third choice with a majority of Republicans (according to polls). As a newcomer to politics, she wasn’t going to get the nomination, but she substantially built her popularity with primary voters. She was one of only a few candidates to get the advantage on the current president in debates. She was the only candidate to actually make the current president back-track and eat his words in a debate.

      Cruz selected her (brilliantly I think) because she would motivate those queazy about the current president’s attitude toward women. He was accentuating his opponent’s weakness. Also, as the only authentic and most reliable conservative, Cruz was assuring other elements within the GOP he was balancing his ticket.

      Selecting a VP also sent a signal he was going to be the nominee. Some people vote for who they expect to win or want to be on the side with the momentum.

    2. She was a fine VP pick for Cruz. Similar to Bush 41 for Reagan. But like Bush 41, she would’ve been a poor follow as POTUS.

  15. In my opinion it was a mistake for Cruz to name his VP pick before he won anything. Fiorina didn’t have any history to warrant her being his choice.

  16. When did so many Republicans decide that we should also pledge allegiance to The Party and swear fidelity to President Trump? I have been called “disloyal” because I am critical of Trump. … It is not a citizen’s role to be a “loyal fan” of one side or the other. We have no obligation to follow party orthodoxy, whatever it is.

    *mic drop*

    1. mic drop meaning she is right? She isn’t even living in the same country I am… it is disloyal to America to want what the Democrats want… and the only way to prevent that is Trump… it is never about the man… I know Trump thinks it is about Trump… but it’s not.

  17. Off topic I know, but the black unemployment rate dropped to historic lows and none of the Rs, including President Trump are even talking about it.

    Why are the Rs never on offense?

    There are lots of good things happening in our country and it’s rarely discussed. Instead of cowering to the media on everything, go on offense for a change.

    President Trump is far from perfect, but the absolute hell that he’s had to put up with is disgraceful. Do you think for a minute Mitt Romney could get elected today? The Ds would destroy Romney in 10 minutes.

  18. Fiorina was so unpopular in the primaries, she withdrew before Jim Gilmore on 2/10/16 and only Santorum and Gilmore received fewer votes than she did.

    1. You’re conflating lack of success with popularity. Within political circles she was largely unknown. She was a second or third choice for many people and her poll numbers were higher than Santorum or Gilmore ever achieved. She also received an electoral college vote for VP (which I didn’t know before now).

  19. The interview sounds more like she is selling a book and defining herself within the GOP, but in contrast to the president. I admit, the tweets sound more like she’s running, but this could also be like Nikki Haley’s tweets critical of the president in starting to set herself up for 2024 and set herself apart from the president.

    In 2016, she ran largely as an unknown with the best prospects being she could become vice-president (and almost was). She raised her name identification, she garnered a lot accolades for her debate performances, raised her political profile, and demonstrated she could campaign and raise money. She became quite popular (according to polls), even if voters weren’t ready to make her the nominee.

    I just don’t see her launching into a crusade or some Quixotic campaign she knows has zero chance. Sure, Walsh and Sanford are ready to tilt at windmills over principle. They both know their political careers are over anyway and so they aren’t losing anything.

    Depending on her health and other factors, Carly might not have a political future either, but there would have to be a pragmatic upside for her. She’s not going to run just to send a message and she knows the prospects of defeating the president in a primary are nil.

    This does raise an interesting question: how will 2024 candidates handle the MAGA folks? Will every candidate be expected to profess loyalty to the president? Will any past criticism of the president become a deal breaker?

    …and as the lame duck president (I am pretty sure he’ll win re-election), what will he say about any criticism? Do we really expect him to sit by without commenting on the candidates and everything they say?

    1. Will every candidate be expected to profess loyalty to the president? Will any past criticism of the president become a deal breaker?

      Heh. You already know the answer to that.

  20. Nice projection by Fiorina.

    I’ve never heard a single Trump fan say anything about “loyalty” to the man. Not even the ones who can be legitimately called Trumpsters.

    It’s like the politics of 1932 just won’t die.

    1. I guess if you really hate Trump’s guts seeing support must seem so unbelievable that you start assigning motives for that support that have nothing to do with reality.

      Trump has his good points. But he also has so many bad points, I doubt there is anyone, including his own children that can’t see that Trump is sometimes his own worst enemy.

      But thinking it would be a positive to weaken him or split the Republican Party is letting your hatred of a man, override your love for the country. Trump is what is better for America right now… not because of who he is, but because of what the alternatives are.

  21. What is wrong with these people??? Why are they running when they have ZERO chance of winning????

    Plus, who would be stupid enough to waste money on them?

  22. It’s way too late for her to be doing this. Any attempt to sabotage Trump at this point just helps the Democrats, the true fascists, to win. Disaster for our country. I don’t relish 4 more years of Trump but maybe he can ‘retire’ at some point and let Pence take the helm. IF they can win in 2020.

    There is a point between the lines of what she says though. This is all the fault of the party establishment. They were so darn desperate to prevent a conservative, ie Ted Cruz, from winning and becoming president (he would have) that they promoted Trump. They thought Trump would lose and they’d rather have Hillary than Ted. Trump was the real ‘establishment’ pick after Jeb!. They should have forced him to withdraw from the primary early on when he was so vicious and outright lying about other candidates. He broke party rules. Of course, the Dems have taken vicious to a whole new level since.

  23. Trump makes my 401 swell…I ignore stupid tweets.
    Trump exposes the media…I care less about old affairs.
    Trump doesn’t start stupid wars…I work through his pidgin English.

    That’s not loyalty, it’s an understanding of who is on your side and who isn’t.

  24. Really Carly? How do these people think that by running against Trump in 2020 will help anything. If it weakens him, do they really want someone like Bernie, Warren or Biden? they must have such an inflated view of themselves to think that they can make some huge difference that I just shake my head. It ain’t gonna happen honey.

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