Did Pam Bondi really defend RomneyCare?

There is some bluster going around the internets about Pam Bondi’s interview with Greta last night, suggesting that she not only defended RomneyCare, but that she will also help Romney institute it when/if he becomes president. But I’ve listened to the interview and I believe this is NOT TRUE.

I’m not a Romney supporter and I am not going to bat for him here. I just hate when misinformation gets thrown out there and people latch on to it as if it were true.

If you listen to the interview below, you’ll first hear Rush talking about the similarities between RomneyCare and ObamaCare. Greta then asks Pam Bondi, who is currently fighting ObamaCare in court, what she thinks about what Rush had just said. But for some reason, instead of commenting on what Rush said about RomneyCare, she does a switcheroo and compares what Rush said to Romney’s current plan on health care that he would implement as president. You’ll notice she uses the word “would” a lot in her answer. She’s obviously looking in the future and not in the past, which is weird, because she was asked specifically about RomneyCare.

You can speculate as to why she did that – perhaps she didn’t want to sit there and defend RomneyCare. But the way she answered the question has led people to believe she was talking about RomneyCare, and, because she said she’s been offered a job in the Romney administration helping implement his health care plan, people now believe she’s going to help Romney implement RomneyCare.

You can listen and decide for yourself, but that’s my take:

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