Did Ron Paul stuff the ballot box at Values Voter Summit?

Looks like the Ron Paul fans came in force and skewed another poll:

Rep. Ron Paul scored a decisive victory Saturday in a mock presidential election at the Values Voter Summit, trouncing fellow Texan, Gov. Rick Perry, but an organizer of the straw poll suggested ballot-stuffing may have skewed the results.

In a press conference following the announcement of the straw poll results at the annual Washington gathering of social conservatives, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins all but dismissed the results as irrelevant, citing 600 people who registered Saturday morning and, he said, “left after Ron Paul spoke.”

A total of 1,983 ballots were cast. “You do the math,” Perkins said.

A year ago in the same contest, Paul came in second-to-last. Speaking briefly with reporters before the straw poll results were announced, the Republican lawmaker said, “If I win, it wouldn’t be as important to the media than if I lose.”

Paul has a history of scoring unlooked-for straw poll wins by packing the electorate with diehard supporters. But Perkins said it’s too early to take much away from Paul’s win. “Let me just take you back four years to this event, when we had a straw poll. Mitt Romney won that straw poll,” he said. “I think people are still in the process of deciding where they want to go.”

Paul got 37 percent of the vote. The rest of the ballots showed how widely social conservatives support is splintered among the rest of the field.

Two other conservative favorites, businessman Herman Cain and former Sen. Rick Santorum, took second and third place, respectively, with 23 percent for Cain and 16 percent for Santorum.

Perry and Michele Bachmann won 8 percent apiece. Mitt Romney got 4 percent of the vote and Newt Gingrich, 3 percent.

Perhaps next year VVS will do what CPAC does: take Ron Paul off the poll. That’s why we do it and we will continue to do it.

While we are on the subject, I get tons of emails asking me what I mean by skewing the poll. For some reason people think that it only means multiple votes from one person. Actually, I can control that. What I detest is seeing, after every debate and after every poll that I post with Ron Paul’s name on it, is all these websites posting my poll for every Ron Paul fan in the known universe who never even visits TRS to come and vote for Ron Paul. That’s what I mean by skewing the results and that’s why his name will NEVER appear on a TRS poll again.

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225 thoughts on “Did Ron Paul stuff the ballot box at Values Voter Summit?

  1. You lame duck. What kind of pole is it if it doesn’t have ALL the candidates on it? WTF are you REALLY afraid of? Things getting fixed in America?

  2. Freedom Redefined – “The right to take a candidate’s name off of a poll because his supporters are organized and get out to vote both in person and online. If you don’t want to vote for who we want you to vote for then you simply can’t vote at all.” – The Right Scoop

  3. So, you won’t include our guy because we support him?

    I’m sorry. I guess you enjoy being kicked around by the GOP and their phony conservatives. That’s cool.

    Me? I REFUSED to be sold a bill of goods by these phonies a while ago now. I didn’t vote for the Republican in 2008, and I’m more than prepared to do exactly that again in 2012. And, considering how in 2008 McCain lost by nearly 10 million votes, you may want to start taking us Paul voters (you know, people who DID NOT vote for your “acceptable” and “electable” candidate last time) seriously.

    I’m ALL IN for Ron Paul. If my only two “choices” are going to be a Republican who grows government and ignores the Constitution, or a Democrat who grows government and ignores the Constitution, then screw it. Let the Dummycrat win then. Because at least they were more up front and honest about how they don’t care about the Constitution.

    1. No, he leaves him off because you guys flood and skew the polls. That is a fact. It really is hardest on Dr. Paul. He is now known by the reputation of his supporters.

  4. Way to support freedom! Glad I never come here. So, you don’t put Paul on polls cause the people want him? That makes sense. Keep throwing out the results to you find one you like, right?

  5. If you think the polls are stuffed then ask for a name and address.I voted for for him last year gave $500.00 to his campaign.My Name is David Blake
    69 Nanticoke dr
    Dover, DE 19904
    Stuff that.

  6. Straw polls may give a candidate a boost, as it did for Cain in Florida, but the straw polls showing Ron Paul winning are a joke. The mistake Ron Paul supporters can’t seem to stop making is that they equate self abuse with a real relationship. It may feel really good to the Paul supporters, but no one else is paying much attention. If they do, they’re laughing at you. When you look at the more scientific polls, i.e.: ones where Paul supporters can’t spam the ballot box, where you have a true random sample of likely voters, you see that Ron Paul has maintained a very steady 8% or so. He goes up a little, down a little, but his bedrock of support remains at a rock solid 8%. No matter what he does, no matter what he says for the last five years or so, he is still at 8%. Obviously after this long Paul has no tricks up his sleeve. He has nothing new to add. It’s the same old same old. All he’s really done is grow older.

    Now I’ve heard serious replies to this idea to the effect that other candidates’ supporters could do the same thing, i.e.: Spam the polls, therefore that they don’t is an indication of their lack of support.

    Uh, no.

    That assumes that other candidates’ supporters are like Ron Paul supporters and act like Ron Paul supporters. Well, they don’t, mostly because they’re grown-ups. They are not fooled and do not take seriously this idea that spamming a poll means the poll reflects reality. They’re a lot more interested in getting the real poll numbers up and they know that self-abuse does not equate to the real thing–unless you are desperate.

    Ron Paul has his 8%, and he’s done nothing substantial with it for half a decade. That makes him


    1. Wrong Paul doesn’t add anything to American political discourse.

      Wrong Paul doesn’t add anything to America.

      Wrong Paul doesn’t add anything to life.

  7. You should really look up his speech to the VVS. It’s…different that what any other candidate in memory would have said to that crowd. I can easily believe he may have won some supporters from among those who didn’t come to see him. Again, fair media coverage would have included at least one or two lines from the winning candidate’s speech, instead of focusing exclusively on a drummed-up controversy.

    Here you go:

  8. I understand your reasons for dropping Paul from online polls where the intended audience is regular viewers of your own site, but that’s totally different than a campaign event like VVS or a straw poll. In those events, the whole point is that anyone can vote if they pay the fee, and the candidates try to show they have a strong base of support by winning them. Well, Paul has a lot of dedicated supporters, and I don’t understand why he shouldn’t be allowed to do the same thing as every other candidate, only better. If Perry had won in exactly the same way, the narrative would have been all about his resurgent campaign. Instead, everyone is supposed to scorn this uppity character, Paul, who keeps trying to get out of his proper place as a fringe candidate.

    Either these events mean nothing, or they mean just as much when Paul wins them as when some other candidate does. Personally, I lean toward nothing. Still, the unfair way the media treats Paul is one source of his campaign’s energy. As a supporter I realize this is going to have to change before he can win, and it can only change if all of us who respect him take the media to task for their sneering coverage of a perfectly legitimate candidate who represents the views of many Americans. He’s the only candidate besides Romney and Cain who is consistently scoring double-digits in the polls at this point; would you know it from most news sources? Why do Perry and Bachmann still get taken ten times more seriously?

    By the way, on behalf of all the Ron Paul supporters, sorry we got carried away and messed up your polls…we mean well, but we can be obnoxious from time to time. 🙂

  9. and you are a Fascist…plain and simple….Have you ever wondered why the other candidates don’t have the support Ron Paul has?…I would say it’s because people still don’t know what’s going to come out of their mouths next…
    Right Scoop…should be renamed Far Right Scoop..I guess you motto is ..You’ll vote for who I tell you to and you’ll like it…hmmm..how does that fit in a Constitutional Republic?
    You cannot prove your accusations..they are speculation. Media blackout, censorship, fervent hope Ron Paul will just fade away..will backfire on you and the likes of you. His support grows stronger everyday..especially among young voters..
    It looks like the only candidate with honesty, integrity and consistency on Freedom, Individual Liberty and defense of our Constitution is irritating to you??? so you just dismiss him in favor of who???
    Remember…”he who laughs last laughs best.”

  10. (sigh) More bias, and more crying. Paul obviously has the support of the people. Online, at the debates, and even in many independent polls, to include Rasmussen, Gallup etc… Paul dominated the Fox/Google polling… this was not a mere 1000 or 100’s of possible voters, but this was open… more than 100,000 votes cast.

    By the way… the republican electorate is NOT the voice of the people, rather more politicians voting for politicians. Of course he does not have their support, he is seeking to eliminate their money schemes.

    Guys like this, who deny Paul’s popularity are just another example of what’s wrong with America, the media, the political and financial scheme that deludes America.


  11. I see you sheepies are still believing the media sheepdogs which obviously includes The Right Scoop. Why do you think they censor and bias everything about Ron Paul? The reason is that he is honest, sincere, consistent. not about money or power, but for America and Americans first.

    Yet we hear you bleating away every time you get fleeced and yet continue your blind following of these media sheepdogs. Your would be and so-called shepherds always keep a little wool left on top to pull over your eyes. Ask yourself this question. “Why are they so afraid of him.” and keep reading and watchimg the bias, slanted, deceitful articles from the majority of the media sheepdogs.

    Oh such foolish little sheepies! Woof woof.

    Support and vote Ron Paul 2012!!!

  12. “The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”
    –William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy

  13. Excluding any major candidate (polling 1% or more) reveals a heavy bias and undermines credibility. What is there to be afraid of? If people like a candidate, let them say so.

  14. I will never have anything to do with your page again. This is the blatant media bias against Ron Paul that is trying to shape this election. I am re-posting this article right now on twitter and facebook, to show your bias. I hope it causes you to lose more readers. America is waking up. All who support the banking elite should be warned. Criminal charges should be placed on all those who conspire against the American people. Long live the Republic.

  15. What a bunch of B.S. First of all, “Ron Paul” would never stuff a ballot box and you owe him an apology. I’ll be praying for the Lord to deal with you on what you do on this site. Your bias is shameful,you don’t need to add slander!

    There are videos of Romney supporters stuffing the ballot box in Florida. Look them up on YouTube and you can watch yourself. Now, prominent Perry supporter, state Rep. Matt Gaetz, claimed in a Twitter post that Romney’s campaign had been encouraging its backers to vote for Cain. Hmmm….

    People showed up at CPAC, Value Voters, Straw polls etc. and Ron Paul wins. Deal with it, we have a trillion dollars to cut from the American budget before the country goes bankrupt!

  16. How is a candidate with a huge support base possibly going to “skew the poll”. What a perverse idea.

  17. Good move Scoop.
    To all the people who are in love in Ron, if you don’t enjoy this site, then don’t come here. Nobody is twisting your keyboard. He makes some good points, but then he goes and something off the wall (in my opinion) and down he goes. If we could squish a few of the candidates together to make one great candidate, that would be stupendous. But we can’t. So feel free to go to a Paul friendly site where you feel warm and fuzzy.

  18. I know you and your candidates want all of the people to believe that Ron Paul is getting his box stuffed And feel that the only way you can defend your candidates The fact is Ron Paul is the only candidate that is telling it like it is and there is enough of us to show we feel your candidates are liars and we don’t want four more years of crap ideas coming from the White house the Next term and Debt will still keep climbing and jobs will keep falling WE do not want the liars in and running for president to just continue with the waste We are united and we are 1 we will elect Ron Paul 2012.

  19. Without having all of the candidates presented, the results are now GUARANTEED to be skewed. Well done.

  20. This kind of saddens me. Been coming here for a long time, even linked to this site many times. I guess I’ll just stay away, sadly. I respect the site’s right to blacklist, I just think it’s really childish and kinda democratty :/

  21. That’s what you get from an online poll. Get over it. What you can’t do is take someone’s name off because then the entire poll means nothing. Completely discounted.

  22. I pity you people at Right Scoop, so threatened by a man who is loved by millions of Americans. Some day you, who ever you are as individuals will see the truth and someday will regret your actions here. You must be really immature.

  23. I pity you people at Right Scoop, so threatened by a man who is loved by millions of Americans. Some day you, who ever you are as individuals will see the truth and someday will regret your actions here. You must be really immature.

  24. To The Right Scoop, which in my opinion is now The Worng Scoop:

    It seems to me that you following lock/step with the main stream media that is Blacking Out Ron Paul and how much support he and his message of how this nation needs to get back to its constitutional roots and values. And to blame his supporters of skewing the polls is hypocritical of you since that is exactly what you have Done, because it detests you to see a true representation of how much support he really has.

  25. If you does not want your TRS results “skewed”, then you should reword your poll question to this:


    (otherwise, you’re grammatically allowing even non readers to vote)

    …until you fix your grammar error, YOU ARE SKEWING THE POLL RESULTS away from Ron Paul and towards whoever’s left!

  26. How about learn how to use a poll that doesn’t allow multiple votes instead of blacking out the people’s choice?

  27. I don’t go to church, but when voting time comes I will go to church with my wife, grandma, and whoever else needs a ride to vote for Ron Paul. I would think of your polling process to mirror real life. Do you think Romney’s people are out there campaigning like Paul’s. No. Look at all of the random people that make their own YouTube videos, the people that spend time “skewing” your precious poll. Those are the same people donating millions of dollars in 1 single day for this man. And do you think that someone who actually donates money to a campaign does not plan on voting for him. I say your poll is skewed by the content of rubbish that you smear on your page. You can put a poll up on Fox News and get a very different outcome with the same poll on CNN. Ron Paul fans are loyal, motivated, organized, and informed. Do you think that is wrong?

  28. Ron Paul, in reality, http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.178

    Anyone who argued, as he did, to justify Iran having nuclear weapons, is someone who would find more reasons than Obama not to go to war with those who have made it no secret of where such weapons would most likely be used, “little satan,” and “big satan” in Islam, Israel and the United States to the rest of us.

    If the thought of a monthly exercise of Hamas jihadist suicide bombers coming from the Iranian training grounds in Venezuela to the United States through our porous southern border in overwhelming numbers, while maybe 50 of them have better than a dirty bomb in their possession to get their virgins on the other side, doesn’t bring you to comprehend the trouble with Ron Paul, I do not know what will.

    And that’s let alone his alignment with Ezra Pound, the original anti-federal reservist, a British Socialist who was paid by the Italian government to speak against the United States in World War II, whose guardian was Eustace Mullins, the author of “The Federal Reserve Conspiracy,” where you’ll find the references to Jekyll Island began.

    Zonation finds a similar sentiment toward, what he calls, and I agree is so very appropriate, “Ronulans,” and how they are inviting bigger government as well, not what they claim to be, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r7qHRPEq2aQ&feature=player_embedded

    Oh, and one more thing, “organized groups who vote for Ron Paul to win polls,” looks like ACORN, smells like ACORN, probably is ACORN reborn (same people, new name) wanting to make dissension amongst conservatives, while hoping we embrace Ron Paul, a certain loss against Barack Obama. Just saying, let’s not assume these vote blocks are not just our enemies exploiting our process, as they always have in Progressive mockery of all things American.

  29. Do you suggest that supporters of any other candidate cannot support their candidate by doing all they can to get him up in the polls? So that people will look at him? Really? What kind of logic is this? Would it still be skewed if Mitt’s supporters were voting like the RP supporters are?

  30. It’s not just the online polls and straw polls. They are vile miscreants who hack sites and infiltrate other candidates’ Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. For example, there are two guys who have hacked into one of Mr. Cain’s main FB pages and the admins can’t figure out how to remove them via conventional methods – they just keep coming back. They also hacked Gov. Perry’s FB page and were posting things like “Rick Perry kills little girls.” They even purchased the domain name “hermancain.co” which goes to Ron Paul’s donation page. Clever little trolls.

    1. HermanCain.Co redirect is awesome. But it won’t harm Cain – If someone goes to Google and types in Herman Cain, the .co version is not to be seen anyway.

      The other stuff is not so cool. I’ve not seen anyone on the Daily Paul ever once mention hacking a candidates facebook page. Unless you mean we post on there. Yeah, we’re aggressive. We have to be.

  31. Those 600 people drove themselves to the event and voted.

    The campaign did offer discounted tickets, but that was it.

    The discount is made possible by their fundraising prowess.

    The campaign did not BUS anyone in.

    This is just losers crying about losing.

    It was okay that Bachman used Randy Travis to win Aimes.

    It’s okay, because neoconservatism is dying.

    It’s time we get back to our non-interventionist roots.

  32. Am I hearing this right? Is this a conservative website? You are accusing Paul of winning a straw poll because his supporters SHOWED-UP to support him? Why didn’t the other candidates have that support? Paul is the only true conservative out there. The republican party used to be the party of smart outside-the-box leaders, with a history of ending wars, not starting and sustaining endless war. You guys need to give Ron Paul a better look. And you ought to learn more about his policies. Please read “The Revolution” or “End the Fed”. You simply cannot be informed enough for this election without doing so.

    He knows better than anyone about the corporatist government in Washington that needs fixing and he’s dedicated his life to learning about sound economic policy. The federal reserve is debasing our currency and inflating the dollar to fund our overstretched wars that have know end. We are borrowing from China to fund wars in the middle east that don’t have a clear mission.

    Folks, please…

  33. For a long time I have not followed or supported Ron Paul because frankly a lot of his supporters are crazy. But the more I ignored the surrounding people and just studied and listened to what Ron Paul himself has said and done… I grew to like him.
    I actually voted for President Obama, because I could not stand McCain and Sarah Palin. (I mean 4 years of her voice come on?!) Do I agree with everything Ron Paul says?… no. But I do like him better than all the others. So please don’t filter out Ron Paul from your polls. Just make a poll that uses something like a Google+ logon. They have to use their real names. So there is less likely-hood of “fixing” a poll.
    Just my 2 cents.

  34. Take him off the poll. He is irrelevant. He is NOT a Republican and does not represent GOP Voters’ values. He represents the Libertarians. Let them have their own values summit.

  35. It’s hard to find a video of Ron Paul’s speech to the Values Voter Summit. CSPAN didn’t carry it, but there is one out there. If you watch it you will see why people who take the Bible seriously would vote for Ron Paul. He knows the Bible. He’s been a practicing Christian his entire long life.

    He emphasized that values come from the people, from the bottom up. That government cannot impose values, no matter how hard it tries. You must admit that our present government is becoming repressive in this regard.

    He took a lesson from Samuel, who told the Israelites that they would be better off without a king. Sadly, the Israelites didn’t listen. War and Taxes ensued.

  36. A typical Paul supporter… (You Love America- You Believe in life at conception -You want the America you grew up in for your children- You want the government to be held accountable for their actions- Your a Christian- You are American! I Am A Ron Paul Supporter! He has my support and my CASH!

  37. How dare people come out and support Ron Paul! I mean he only wins these things because he has so many supporters that come out and vote for him. Sure that’s how we elect presidents and all but I don’t like Ron Paul so I say this is somehow different!

  38. It’s not going to matter much, in the end. You can “get away” with distorting the integrity of the straw poll and online polls I suppose. How do the Paul supporters justify this behavior in their own minds. I can’t imagine being a Paul supporter and condoning this kind of deceit. What makes it OK? You’re trying to win, so you perpetuate a lie? For what? WE WON! Yea! (Bottles of champagne go shaken and sprayed over the wild Paul supporters and now here come the balloons from the ceiling!!) Relish the victory Ron! Congratulations, I guess. Now I think I’ll go re-watch Herman Cain bring the VVS house to it’s feet about a dozen times. I love the part at the end when all those folks look like they’d smash through walls with their bare hands if Cain asked them to. I love that part. Did Ron speak at this event? I never heard anything, oh wait. Yes. Now I remember. He started speaking and then about 600 people got up and left.

    1. It’s all about Character & Integrity when it comes to the nitty gritty. It’s who you are when folks aren’t looking. The true nature of man always exposes itself when desperation comes calling.

      Occupy Wallstreet: What…. over 1000 arrests?, and cesspool of trash!!

      Teapartiers: Not one arrest, and hey they actually picked up after themselves!

      Paul supporters: IDK…I guess their passionate. Passionately desperate.

      1. Google “father of the teaparty” Ron Paul is in the top three names you see. Rick Santelli is one of the other top names and Ronald Reagan is an other. Both Rick Santelli and Ronald Reagan have both made complimentary remarks about Ron Paul. If Ron Paul is not the father of the teaparty he has at least been mentioned favourably by both.

  39. 1 person 1 vote, if you can’t help it that those votes go to someone you don’t agree with that’s your problem!

  40. Maybe he stuffed the box, maybe not; but what’s to stop the other candidates from doing the same at VVS or other straw polls?

    1. The only goal of stuffing poll ballots is to create a false impression. If you truly cared about accuracy (TRUTH) you would want these polls to be representative of reality. Bottom line is Ron Paul does artificially well in some polls because PaulBots don’t give a crap about the truth, they care about getting their hero elected at ANY cost including skewing straw polls, play ostrich about radical Islam and paint with a broad brush all those who disagree with you with the tired old ‘neo-con’ meme. The ends justify the means to these cult of personality PaulBots. Sounds awfully progressive of them…

  41. Congressman Ron Paul, a Libertarian, a man with some good ideas, also a man much like our current president, too stuck with his own reality to see what is currently happening in the world. If RP lived 120 years ago his ideas would work great. It took months and years to wage a war bad enough to kill 100K of people. Today however, that same level of carnage and more can be had in minutes. I don’t care what he rationalizes, thinks, or says, that is the state of the world. No amount of wishing it otherwise will make it so. Thus, yes, he is just as dangerous as Obama in that direction.

    I have dealt with RP supporters many times, and can tell you that this type of over the top fan base makes him look more popular than he is. Of course he can win a straw poll, because his base can cross state lines and vote without issues. However when the primaries start, this activity ceases, and we are left with this group spread around the country. And this is the real issue for Paul. It has nothing to do with the “Republican Elite” (RE) even though I despise them with great disdain. The issue is his unrealistic positions about the world, and how it works. I am sure that the RE are turning sideways with Herman Cain, hoping that Romey the RINO will beat him. Although Herman isn’t perfect, he is clear on his policies, a real person, and doesn’t change his words according to which group he is in front of.

    So to all of the RPites out there I say this, if you want to be taken seriously, act it. Do not act like your man is god and try to win straw polls by hijacking them. Your candidate must present solutions that will work in the real world not the one that exists in some fantasy land controlled by Care Bears, where if you are defenseless they will leave you alone. And the Care Bear Stare will make them understand with a bright rainbow in the eyes. I live in a world where millions of Arabs want to wipe every Jewish person off the map. Mullahs advocate killing as many infidels as possible using any weapon at their disposal, and people like Iran having no qualms in giving it to them. So, yes your candidate is dangerous.

    1. when has Paul ever suggested that we go defenseless? Specifically he would bring the troops home to defend America from within. Please walk me through the bad things that would happen under a Paul presidency? (sincere request)

      1. Abandonment of allies. Particularly Israel. Iran obtains nuclear weapon, and uses it. Israel shoots it down potentially, but then that ignites a true war in the region with everyone against Israel. Since Ron Paul refuses to say he will secure the border because of his open borders freedom argument which is asinine, a terrorist gets into mexico and crosses the border with a dirty bomb obtained from Iran. Pakistan is overrun by jihadists, and Afghanistan is back to #1 training grounds. Iraq government is overthrown and eventually returns to a worse state then it was under Saddam. None of these things are sure things, but they are things that right now we have strategic military position to prevent, and we need that. We have defended from within in the past, and..well it didn’t work then, and it will not work now. Our weak allies could turn against us, and then we are Israel. Turkey, Russia, China, would all have strategic military advantages that we do not have by our lack of presence would invite presence of other military powers. There is a reason Ronald Reagan did what he did. Can we rethink deployments? yes. Can we rethink and strengthen the rules of engagement for our military to ensure quicker victory and less quagmire and loss of life? Absolutely. Can we make sure that there is a strategic advantage for the dollars being spent and evaluate it? Sure. We were reactionary in nature from about 1860 to the first world war. What changed that? Pearl Harbor. Why did that happen? We had no idea it was going to happen, because we were largely isolationist and refused to get involved in wars. The founders were reluctant to do these sort of things, yes, but they also saw the benefit of strategic military defense, and it was not all defend from within the first 100 years. The amount of things that could harm american interest if we withdraw from everywhere is quite frankly exponential in nature.

        1. Interesting comments. As a Ron Paul supporter you do make some interesting arguments. However to say that Ron Paul wants “open borders freedom” is (what was that word you used…oh yeah) asinine. Read what he says. Watch his videos on you tube. He is completely FOR securing our borders. He believes in a sovereign nation. You don’t have a sovereign nation with open borders.

          1. I can give you debates where he has said the opposite. And an hour long interview with the telegraph that also backs up the “open borders freedom” statement. If he’s arguing with himself, great…makes it much better.

        2. None of that really matters.

          We can’t afford to police the world anymore.

          It has to stop at some point.

          Your foreign policy is not conservative.

          We’re forcibly stealing from taxpayers here at home to motivate terrorism abroad against us.

          Foreign occupation is the #1 cause of suicide terrorism.

          If we want to end this war we need to stop occupying their lands.

          Stop interfering with their governments.

          We should do these things because of the financial realities.

        3. Why would the Japanese attack Americans?

          Because of our government, and in this case – Woodrow Wilson.

          He pressured Britain to break their alliance with Japan, who was an ally in WW1. Thus isolating and disgracing the Japanese.

          What the Japanese should have done was attack Wilson. Instead they attacked Americans.

          It is like OBL attacking the WTC, when he should have concentrated all his efforts on Washington (because, nobody at the WTC put bases in Saudi Arabia).

          It’s classic misallocation of consequence. You walk up to someone’s right shoulder, while tapping their left shoulder. They blame the person on their left. You laugh.

          I bet you can easily make a list of times the government does this to us. I’ll get you started.

          1.OWS blaming capitalism

      2. Mike,

        First, let me define defense. Defense are the actions taken to keep an activity that would be detrimental to a people or cause from occurring. I know it is vague and somewhat broad, but that is another thread. In defense you have basically 3 options:
        1. Passive, no defense.
        2. Bulwark, bar the gates.
        3. Active, attacking the perpetrators (some would add preemption, and MAD).

        No country has ever survived with no defense structure. Even Sweden has an Army well trained and equipped. This is not what RP is suggesting.

        Unfortunately RP is of the option #2. As I sated option #2 worked in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. The lethality of modern weapons make barring the gate impossible. There is no gate, there is no mote, the oceans are a path that can be used for transport. I realize that RP really believes that this is true, but believing it doesn’t make it that way.

        Under a RP system we still have defenses, they are essentially ineffective since they will not protect us. Me must stop these threats before they reach our shore, not after. We want them to attack the hard targets out military presents, not the school, office building, shopping mall, church, that are available if we fight them here. If given the opportunity to kill infidels which would you go after the military base or the shopping mall? Base defended, lots of guns, and people trained to use them. Shopping mall, sign bars legal gun owners from bringing firearms into the building, painting a target on everyone inside. This is basically the same as having no defense. We become Israel from a fighting standpoint, except less prepared, and less capable.

        When in the Madrases the Mullahs preach hate against the Jews, Infidels (i.e. you and me), western women, music, dancing, kites, etc. they don’t care about Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, or anything else but the use of the Koran to bring about the global change they want. Don’t take my word for it, read it in their own words! The Palestinian authority publishes maps with Israel wiped off. They hate us because we influence the world view of the very people that they want to subjugate under their religion. We are a fly in their ointment by being successful and free. They rail against the ability of women to be equals in our society. After the 9-11 attacks Bin Laden did not even mention Palestinians, he didn’t care. It was about religious purity, and American influence. Despite what is preached, it is showing what America can do. There are two places in the Arab world where they have a true vote, Palestine, and Iraq.

        My position is obviously #3. Fight them where they live, kill them there, leave them there. I have relatives in the military, and they know what this is about. They volunteered to meet this challenge, take up the call and defend this country. I want them home too, but I also know sometimes that won’t happen. Wishing for something is not how to do it, making the hard decisions, fighting the evil in this world, and protecting our friends, is how that is done. There is no short cut, no easy way out, or passive activity that will make this go away.

        1. Hello!!!

          We are not helping our friends.


          We are not fighting evil.

          Except maybe by accident.

          Israel is our friend and we support the Palestinians.

          Ahmadinejad threatens to kill us and we invite him to Columbia.

          We patrol Afghanistan, but we order our soldiers to confiscate guns from tribesmen (the same tribesmen who protected Marcus Luttrell).

          I say our interventions should be centered on protecting life, property and liberty. For example, we could be launching rescue missions of N. Korean camps, or hunting down the Taliban like Israel hunted down war criminals. But, instead we are acting like bulls in a china shop, while at the same time wondering why we are building ill will from our neighbours.

  42. Dear Right Scoop:

    I am not a Ron Paul voter, and although I agree with him on many issues, I share your concern regarding his statements on foreign policy. I must confess, however, to not understanding your position. If his supporters show up to vote, why does this constitute “stuffing the ballot box?” Nothing is stopping supporters of the other candidates from doing the same. It just seems that Congressman Paul’s supporters are more organized and/or enthusiastic. What is wrong with that? Isn’t that what we hope for in a candidate against Obama? Isn’t that why, among other reasons, many of us are concerned about Romney as a potential opponent against Obama (i.e., no enthusiasm)?

    1. The purpose of a poll is to take the temperature of the electorate previous to the actual voting taking place. If you have people going from place to place and website to website strictly to vote to make it seem like someone has a following larger then actually exists, it completely invalidates the purpose of the poll. In TRS’s case twitter and facebook are often used by RP supporters to say..”hey there is a poll with ron paul on it on TRS everyone go and vote on it” they vote on the poll, maybe troll for a while, but most don’t even do that. They don’t come back unless there is another poll. So are they really TRS readership measurements for these skewed polls? TRS has a following of people that follow them, and these are what the polls are supposed to represent. By having ron Paul on their poll it makes the purpose of the poll irrelevant as Ron Paul will nearly always win internet polls.

    2. Yeah! Just include Ron Paul’s name.

      Then we can delegitimize the results in our own minds.

      (Hmm. Just like the left delegitimized Bush 43’s presidency.)

  43. As for myself, I don’t place much stock in polls of any kind as their scope is fairly narrow and none present much of a window on the “reality on the ground”. To state any poll as definitive is folly, pure and simple. Ron Paul’s several runs for President are evidence of this, he does continually win or place very high in assorted straw polls but it never translates into votes. Likewise, the focus on 2012 and the Presidential race, like previous Presidential elections, “blots out the sun” on the Congressional races taking place at the same time, which have equal importance to the race for the Presidency, the entire House of Representatives is “up for grabs” again. When I read and listen to supporters of any candidate (even many candidates themselves) for President list off just what they will do if elected, causes such a sense of chagrin to wash over me it is almost depressing to the point of causing me to just throw up my hands and walk away in the face of such ignorance. Just one (of many examples from all sides) are statements from Paul’s supporters about “abolishing the Fed”, I use this example because of its ignorance of how our government works. The Fed cannot be abolished by the President on his own, it would take an Act of Congress to do this, with the President’s signature or passed over his veto. An Executive Order cannot do it as the Fed is technically not a part of the Executive Branch. To ignore the Congressional races, is something we do at our peril, as in order to “right the ship of state” it is paramount that we look at the entire picture. Just some food for thought.

  44. Are you sure Ron Paul’s name was removed from the CPAC ballot? I thought he won the straw poll in 2011 (thanks, of course, to his rabid supporters).

  45. Fine, if you can’t admit that RP is better at organizing his campaign than the others and that his MESSAGE is better than the others, that is your problem. I am done with Right Scoop. Good bye.

  46. Why all the hate against Ron Paul ?

    Just because the guy disagree on foreign policy He becomes sort of a Demon ? It is strange that Libierman was applauded to a GOP event and Paul is kept out of the door.

    1. Why all the hate against RP? Well… I’m not willing to call it hate… animus perhaps.

      But it’s probably because no matter how much people may be in agreement with Paul as a fiscal conservative and a Constitutional originalist… all these good things would quickly come to an end should Paul’s wacky ideas on foreign policy be implemented.

      Those individual freedoms Paul holds so high…would be gone. Those sound fiscally responsible ideas Paul espouses… irrelevant. All his high sounding ideals would be annihilated as America’s many enemies would sweep America in a flood under a Ron Paul administration. This is the chief contradiction in Ron Paul’s philosophy. It’s this fact alone that most thinking people recognize. That’s why Paul gets short shrift around here.

      1. ”many enemies would sweep America in a flood” this sounds more wacky than anything else than RP ever said.

        I think that people are being very paranoid on foreign policy … who is going to invade overtake America ? Even the Chinese aren’t interested.

        There is no giant monster trying to take over the US, the cold war era is over.

          1. I’ll reply to you both… Pambas and Steve Mink…

            Your comments are the type of silly talking points and cliches (“cold war ear is over”… and RP is the truth, etc) that belie how really little Paulites know about foreign policy and the real dangers out there in the world.

            Despite the dangers being profound and threatening, PaulBots such as yourselves prefer to remain clueless. So I won’t elaborate any further since my evidence would be lost on you as foreign policy realities are lost on most Paulites. You may respond with mindless delusions if you wish.

            Meanwhile saner heads will remain firmly planted in reality with an understanding of the existential threats and will attempt to deal with that reality. Be that as it may gents…enjoy your lives in Paul’s foreign policy fantasy land.

            1. Typical neo-con comment regarding Congressmen Paul’s foreign policy. Is the world a dangerous place? Yes. Does the United States need to defend itself? Yes. Ron Paul doesn’t disagree with this. However, show me the Article and Section of the Constitution that says the US will defend OTHER COUNTRIES from invasion because (fill-in the blank). Let me save you the trouble, it’s not in there.

              All of you who comment on RS who complain about the “welfare” “nanny-state” policies of the left who then turn around and promote the “warfare” policies of the neo-con right are just as much of a hypocrite as anybody on the left.

              1. You’ll have problems with the Founders then because by your standard they’ll be hypocrites too. Washington, Adams, Madison and Jefferson confronted the “no standing armies” issue when the very first war declared on the US was from the Muslim world in North Africa. Washington was so frustrated that he lamented the inability to just destroy them and be done with it.

                These presidents hated the fact also that they paid Jizya (look up Jizya… a term Paulbots know little about) money (16 to 20 percent of American Government outlays) to the pirates who never stopped their pirating. The protection racket money was costing the US treasury. Because of this Adams, is the father of a “Standing”… yes standing Navy to combat the Barbary Pirates…. this kinda threw a wrench into the idea that farmers and musket bearers could be called up for duty. These were the realities the Founders confronted on the need for a standing defense.

                How ironic that Islam was the galvanizing issue which America first had to deal with on a Global scale… and IT’S BACK. But that’s something Paul won’t acknowledge… because to him it’s America’s fault.

                So go peddle your neo-con bogey elsewhere to someone who will buy in.

                1. If by a “standing defense” you mean defending the US then that’s no different than what I said before and it’s the same message Congressman Paul has. He is completely behind defending the United States and also voted for the military action in Afghanstan. What he is not for is what you neo-cons are for which is “nation building” (like we’re currently doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Libia, etc.) and just disguising it with some neo-con bullcrap about being “nobel”, “moral”, or “just” or some other crap like that.

                  Also, wasn’t it Jefferson who said “Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto”? Yeah he did.

                  Another thing, Congressman Paul has also addressed the barbery pirates. Look it up, the info is out there.

                  One more topic, Investors Business Daily did a 10-part (I think) series on the failures of the Carter Administration. It’s a little hard to find the info but it’s out there on the IBD website, I advise you to read it. One area they focused heavily on was his “foreign policy” mistakes. Mistakes we’re paying for now because of an interventionist foreign policy.

                  When will you neo-cons learn that the more we interfere with the irrational illogical politics of other countries (particularly the middle east) that it does not get us anywhere and only creates more problems than it solves.

                  As long as we continue to fight a war against a culture and a religion this war will never end. How many more lives will need to be lost? How much more money will be given to the military industrial complex to fight these wars? Money we don’t have now.

                  You need to wake up and judge our foreign policy by it’s RESULTS not its INTENTS. When you do, you’ll see that Congressman Paul is right!

                2. Ok then… I’ll fold Congressman Paul is right!

                  But in the real world, America and the West is NOT fighting a religion, as you so naively put it. We’re fighting a supremacist, totalitarian murderous ideology masquerading in religious garb. Until you get this point… you will continue to wander in the fog or Paulite simple mindedness. Go inform yourself about what Islam is really all about.

                  Another mistake reflexive Paul acolytes mistake is labeling everyone, not catering to Paul ideology, as neo-cons. Many conservatives don’t believe in nation building. At one time, post WWII, that was possible, (and it worked extremely well… German, Korea, Japan, Former Soviet Bloc countries who saw America as a model, a light on a hill, after America’s stand against the Iron curtain) but certainly the times have changed… so you won’t get an argument from me there.

                  No one said that foreign relations is a clean or perfect art. America’s strong presence in the world has kept dictators at bay. If you were to take your own advice and judge by “results, not intents” you just may find that America has kept more dictators and murderous thugs off the scene than you may wish to admit.

                  The Shah of Iran looks positively pastoral compared to the Mullahcrats ruining the lives of that poor benighted citizenry. Bush lost his opportunity to deal with Iran years ago when he had the Iranian citizenry looking to him for leadership. The Iranian people were the most positive toward America… they were looking for leadership which never came… then they knew their fate was sealed when Obama failed to support their uprising post elections in 2009/2010. That kind of weakness breeds boldness from these murderous thugs. Obama was practicing a foreign policy which Paul could get behind. Look where that has got us… Nuclear weapons development, injection of support to Hezbollah and Hamas and complicity with Syria, Iranian injection into the Western Hemisphere in Venezuela and Cuba… Plans to encroach US territorial limits and partnering with Korea on missiles. Yes my friend indeed… judge by outcomes… and you will see that the Obama foreign policy is one Paul could support.

                  P.S. For sure Israel will have to deal with Iran because of Obama… which is just Paul lite. It’ll be a real mess by then because of America’s weakness. That’s judging by results… indeed.


                  “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible…. Trust in temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies… steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” (President George Washington, Farewell Address, 1797)

                  “Honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none,” (President Thomas Jefferson, Inaugural Address, 1801)

                1. Thank you.

                  It’s a tough argument to sell to a neo-con but I keep trying. The problem is you have to “think outside of the box” (in my opinion) to understand where Congressman Paul is coming from and that’s not easy for a lot of people to do. Hopefully those of us who see the difference can help to educate the others as to the RESULTS of our foreign policy, not it’s INTENTS.

                  All the best to you!

                2. Do you recognize the dependence of the entire globe on ME oil? Israel nuking two cities in the ME after being attacked themselves would send the entire world into a massive spiral. The USA, despite what you might think of us, is the Peace Keeper of the world. If we don’t do it, bad people will do very bad things. Israel will defend herself if she’s threatened with extinction. A Jericho solution is a death sentence for millions and millions of people. Is holding on to a foreign policy idea of non-intervention that is 200+ years old really as important as stopping the deaths of millions of people really that important to you Ron Paul supporters? I agree with many of his domestic ideas and returning our government to the Constitutional moorings it had in its’ past, but seriously, do you think N. Korea or Iran give one hoot in hell about our principles and values? How about China? Ron’s right on a number of issues in our country and we could benefit from his championing those foundational concepts for reigning in government, but in my opinion having him as president with the danger we face in the world today is just asking to be poked in the eye with a very fatal stick.

            2. The real danger that surrounds America is not the power of force, it is the power of philosophy. We should be more concerned with our welfare/warfare state that is leading us to socialism, rather than countries like Iran who have no military, navy, air force, etc. The way in which we pratice Keynesian Economics, are FED, influence of special interests, our Tax Code, etc. is what puts our country in danger. Ron Paul is someone who is aware of the true dangers we are faced with as a nation.

              And BTW las1, you can say this is a mindless delusion, but that train of thought is the most dangerous attitude of all.

              1. The economic arguments you state are not the issue, you assume I’m arguing about them. You’ll get no argument from me there.

                Sorry to disagree with you on foreign policy… Paul DOES NOT know the dangers. If he can apologize for Iran’s nuclear program (and he does)… that’s delusional… and you obviously buy in. And as ALWAYS… Paul supporters never address the Islam issue… because it’s contradicts Paul’s naive understanding of this seminal what Islam is all about… and it only peripherally about America’s foreign policy.

                1. Islam is not the problem. Shariah Law is the problem. Radical Islamists are the problem. We did not see a threat from Radical Islamist nor did we see a threat of Shariah Law being allowed here in the States until we set up military bases on their land. The people of Iran have no defense. If Israel wanted to they could blow Iran off the globe. When we put military boots on the grounds of countries that dont like us, then we dont allow them to refine their own resources because they can be used for nukes… hmmm… some of the most vast resources in the middle east… sounds like there may be more reasons to making you believe these countries should not have nukes… follow the money.

                2. I’ll reply to the coherent part of your rambling answer.

                  Yes… Islam IS the problem because one of the key difficulties in this issue is that people ignorant of Islam comfort themselves with the idea that there is a radical Islam and a moderate. In the words of Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey. There is no moderate Islam. Islam is Islam. When you inform yourself of what comprises authentic authoritative Islam from it’s stated texts and tenants, then we can talk. So the short answer for you is… Shariah is the legal framework for ISLAM… without which Islam will not work. Shariah IS Islam… Islam IS Shariah.

                  The rest of your answer is mush… go back and rework it for comprehension if possible. Until you come to grips with the Issue of Islam, your Chompskyite/Paul notions of America as occupiers and terror statism will never match the issues.

            3. Lets see, 19 people with no country, no military, box cutters, and 4 airplanes killed almost 3,000 people. Iran does have a military, army, navy and air force. Is developing ballistic missiles, and trying to develop a nuclear weapon. Even the UN anti Israel crowd admits this. I submit that the country must handle both internal and domestic problems. If it can’t it won’t matter. To think like RP, that we only have domestic problems is to inhabit fairyland.

              1. Yeah… funny how much that fairlyland pops up. And Paul says Iran has no military! Must be true then!

              2. What a sad person. No iranian was involved in 9/11. 17 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, and at the time Saudi Arabia was our number one oil supplier. 3000 people died in 9/11? 10 times as many Americans have died in Afghanistan over the past 10 years, even though we have always had the resources of intellegence and special forces to find and target Osama Bin Laden. Iran has a military? navy? air force? You have zero credible sources for that but if you do state them and i will view them but until you do i think ill take the CIAs word over yours.

              3. Mr Response…….

                I will say this really slowly . You must learn too read . At no point did I say that Iran was responsible for 9/11 . Are you really that lame to believe that there have been 30,000 Americans killed in Afghanistan? The 19 Jihadists did not fight for Saudi Arabia . They fought for Al-Quaeda . I know for a Paulite like yourself this is hard to accept, but true.

                Now that maybe your neurons are up to speed, and after a little mental exercise, I can go a little faster. Yes Iran has an Army. No it does not match the abilities of the US, but they did fight a war with Iraq, or is that another conspiracy theory. No I will not spoon feed you and provide you with references, they are self evident in history. I guess when they quashed that little demonstration, they used phantom soldiers with phantom bullets. They have a Navy and two of them for the first time traversed through the Suez Canal on Feb 22, 2011. The frigate and supply vessel were on their way to Syria. O sorry, Ron says they don’t exist, thus they don’t. They also have an air force, not large, and they enhanced by the planes that flew from Iraq. Sorry, but your reality is not founded in fact just conspiracy theories, and untruths.

                Your are the one raising straw men and non sequiturs, and prove your own argument in your response. As to your CIA comments, maybe if you would try to qualify what you are talking about I would address them. I do not normally attempt to prove the obvious, gravity, the sky is blue, water runs downhill, the 3 thermodynamic laws, the moon isn’t made of green cheese, you get the point. My supposition is that you can understand that a country that even the IAEC says is hiding its nuclear capability for the possible purpose of developing nuclear weapons, would not be a profound revelation. However, given your rambling nature and your blind dedication to Mr Paul, I should not expect a coherent missive.

        1. Imagine if we pull completely out of the ME. Syria, Iran, Egypt, and possibly Turkey all attack Israel. Israel, now on her own without constraint, nukes the capitols of each of those nations…polluting the oil fields that 80% of the world relies on, sending the globe into a massive energy shortage and killing millions of innocent arabs in the process. That’s just ONE scenario…there are plenty of others I could mention. N. Korea, China pouncing on Taiwan or Japan. Vietnam turning into a cauldron again. India and Pakistan starting a nuclear conflict. Russia, flush with oil and cash, starts bullying it’s neighbors again. None of these things would cause a Paul Presidency to do anything but issue statements. Meanwhile, our isolationism would seal our inevitable downfall. Sorry, I love his principles on the Constitution and his economic ideas are sound and correct, but his isolationist ideas are naive and dangerous. I live next to his district and I’ve met him and talked to him. He’s not running to win, he’s running to move the debate–which is fine–but he will not every win a presidential election. I’m supporting Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann with my money and time.

          1. Somehow the USA is the only sane country on Earth and all the others are wackos just waiting to blow the whole thing off … I highly doubt that.

            Regional Alliances will pop up and they are already, to deal with their own security needs.

            Israel is a particular preoccupation, but I don’t think that giving Money to Egypt and Jordan help Israel.

            If attacked Israel have the right to respond, including a nuclear option and I have faith that they will do so to actually win a war and not spray the whole world with yeallow cake.

            1. Ask Spain, Germany, Philipines, and every other nation that’s been attacked by muslim extremists if there are whackos out there trying to kill them. I would prefer Israel not HAVE to nuke anyone. Iran’s population is overwhelming pro-west–it’s only their current extremist muslim leaders that are nuts. Why allow the few to provoke a nuclear response from Israel on Iran that will eventually turn into a modern, moderate nation within 50 years?

              1. No amount of terrorists acts is going to provoke que annexation of Spain or Germany to a ”world caliphate”. These countries can deal with this law enforcement concern.

                There is no world conquest plot in the workings.

                The Iranians aren’t going to launch a suicidal war against Israel and Israel is mostly going to nuke military assets trying to move against its territories.

                America isn’t the last thing standing between the world and Armaggedon, this is delusional.

                1. To me, there is a difference between cynicism and ostrichism. To deny the even the possibility of a caliphate after all that has happened in the past 2 years is most definitely the same attitude that caused Pearl Harbor to happen “surprisingly” to our country.

                2. LMAO … The Empire of Japan is just like the Islamist threat lol

                  And the Talibans were about to conquer the world too ?

                  Iran is set to mostly be a regional Power, if Turkey and Pakistan allow hear to be.

                3. That is Al-Qaeda’s mission. to spread the Islamic Caliphate worldwide. Read up on the Moors. Iran’s leader said his mission is to bring about the 12th Imam. Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it.

          2. Well Mike Morrison – I guess you would have called these two founders “Isolationists” also. But neither they or Ron Paul are “Isolationists.”
            You would call them truly “NON-INTERVENTIONISTS.” That is a huge difference!

            “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible…. Trust in temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies… steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” (President George Washington, Farewell Address, 1797)

            “Honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none,” (President Thomas Jefferson, Inaugural Address, 1801)

      2. You’re not being creative enough.

        Imagine the kind of support we could lend to indigenous freedom fighters around the world. Drones, spy gear, etc.

        And, our one ROE would be, you can’t kill anyone unless they threaten to kill you first.

        These locals would keep the ‘preachers of hate’ in check. The mullahs would be afraid to say ‘death to America’ in a hand-covered cough.

        You could have a bounty. 72 gets you American citizenship.

        And then they really will be too busy to come and attack us here.

        And if individual states do things like help free the North Koreans, our enemies can’t even accuse the USA.

        We’ll just say Texas did it.

  47. One of my friends on FB is a Ron Paul supporter. Drove from NY to hear him speak, vote, then leave directly afterward. I wonder how many did the same? If that IS the case what’s the point? It’s obviously not representative of the party as a whole since every poll has him below ten percent. It takes away the meaning of taking the poll in the first place: seeing where the party stands. Getting the message out is one thing, but if this is going on it’s just masturbation.

    1. So what poll has Hermain Cain at 60%? No one here seemed to have a problem with that. And actually Ron Paul is often between 12-15% of the vote, and is consistently in the top 4 and often in the top 3. Yet somehow he gets less press than those well behind him.

      1. Exactly what i was thinking. All politicians ask supporters to come vote for them at EVERY poll. But if RP does it, hes skewing the vote. The only role RS plays is making the media black out of RP more obvious, so in that regards, thanks RS.

  48. Ron Paul has run for President… how many times, now? And he’s never been able to muster more than low, single-digit support. That fact, coupled wilth the steady rise of a previously unknown (to all but political junkies, like myself) candidate like Herman Cain, says to me that it is not the GOP establishment that is keeping him down. In an election cycle like this one, grass roots conservatives are overpowering the go-along-to-get-along establishment. Paul’s poor showing in the national polls is due to his ideas.

    His kookiness, paired with the fact that he’s a crotchety old scold lacking anything bordering on charisma is a recipe for a broad-based electoral shellacking.

  49. Ha ha ha. Yeah, having lots of supporters come and vote for you is definitely cheating! The candidates that you prefer must be protected!

    1. Straw polls are useful for candidates to get name recognition. Beyond that, the candidates and their ideas need to stand on their own. I believe that this is Ron Paul’s third run for the nomination. If he still needs to bus people in to win straw polls, “Houston, we have a problem.” His foreign policy is his main problem – period.

    2. Is this what you say when Obama has union thugs bussed in to muddy the waters of a Tea Party event?

  50. I am a huge fan of Paul’s economic policies but not much else. I am in full agreement on censoring Paul from the polls on RS but I don’t understand why he was not shown giving his speech at the Values Forum. Although RS didn’t post all the republican candidates speeches(Newt, Mitt and Santorum) I respectfully disagree that what you posted is instead a biased attack on his supporters.
    I am a Palinista, but now I support Cain.
    Beat Obama with a Cain!

    1. Ron Paul is by far the best for America. Do you really Think Cain can do America Right!! Not even close. America will soon learn her lesson.. As the debates go on all the other’s now are saying what Ron Paul has been saying for a while. He is teaching them (kids) what is best for America. Shame on America for being so blinded. Ron Paul is not a leader of the blind but a light to America. Mik- Cain only knows 999 that is not going to help!! It just sounds good . I am a business owner. This will hurt and I mean hurt America more then you will know. I asked that you reconsider Ron Paul. If Ron Paul is NOT elected you could count on it we (America) will become third world living country in a very short time.

  51. It’s fairly ironic that it appears that his supporters stuffed the ballot box at the “Values” Summit. For people that profess to believe in the constitution, many of his supporters continually show no respect for the sanctity of the ballot. Although these are only straw polls, would they be complicit with voter fraud in real elections? I’d rather lose an election than win through cheating. The end simply does not justify the means.

    And you Paultards wonder why RS omits Ron Paul from his polls?

    Post script: I like most of Ron Paul’s ideas, I think he is a good man, however, some of his followers remind me of idiotic high school boys.

  52. Many people think that RP is the Republican candidate, obama will win in 2012. What do you think about that statement?

  53. All you so called Conservatives will rue the day you skew and make up stuff about the only true individual who can ‘AND’ will fix this country! Go shill for your hyprocritical, flip flopping, big government, yes men all you want but any one other then RP will continue the same crap that has brought America to the brink of total destruction.

    I could never vote for anyone other then RP, except maybe Herman Cain, but his oversight as a Fed big wheeler has me scarred that he wouldnt do anything to fix the money problems.

    RP has consistently spoken about true libertarian/conservative ideas for 20+ years and has never waivered in his support for the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

    What will you folks do when RP does win the primary, I sure as hell never see ONE IOTA OF SUPPORT for him on this sight when he does, if there is one thing us so called “paultards” hate worse then a liberal it is a flip flopping, un-authentic, hyprocrit.

    Ron Paul 2012 or this country will collapse. RP is our only hope!!!!

  54. This is the ONLY time in history (other than the last election) when suddenly polls NO LONGER mean what they say because it just ‘can’t be?’ This is one of the biggest HOAX’s I’ve even seen in elections. How can so many people believe this bull. Nobody is ‘spamming’. Real people who support Ron Paul are voting for him. WAKE UP! Fox News lied 09-05-07 after the New Hampshire debate when Hannity tried to explain away Ron Paul’s win of the debate poll. What proof did they have that Ron Paul supporters were spamming? What proof do you have now? The shear fact that he wins over and over is not proof of anything but his popularity. I was a loyal FoxNews watcher/supporter until that night when I saw them pull that & lie to Americans about their poll without any proof whatsoever and promote that lie to discredit a man of integrity. I woke up then. When will the rest of you wake up? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUxQadgSkoA

      1. Makes perfect sense to me. If I went, I would have no reason to listen to any other person so I’d come, listen, vote and leave. Is this illegal? Come on!

        1. It’s not illegal, but it also shows a lack of receptiveness to the ideas of others. That’s one of the prime characteristics of the left. They form their opinions based on feelings and won’t listen to facts or engage any reality which may alter those opinions.

          That is the purpose of meetings like the VVS, to get more ideas out there. Ron Paul fans have their minds made up and nobody else will ever do. The good thing is that there aren’t enough of them (you?) to even sway the primary election. An America with a foreign policy dictated by President Ron Paul would be a terrifyingly unsafe place.

            1. Ron Paul denies that terrorists, plotting the destruction of the US and Israel, are any threat and blames US foreign policy for the 9/11 attacks. I see him, in a fit of “fiscal responsibility,” cutting off funding for intelligence operations which serve to keep us safe.

              For all the mistakes we have made in our current wars, it is undeniable that the foreign front has eliminated a lot of jihadis thousands of miles away. As much as I’d like for the wars to end and for our troops to come home, we have not yet won. Until the enemy is broken and retreating, it would be foolish to pack up and leave. Those against whom our men are fighting are radical but they have taken up arms with little training and have been sitting ducks for the greatest military force in the history of the world. Removing our troops will give these radicals time to train and will move the front here as their leaders had hoped would happen with the 9/11 attacks. Instead of hearing reports of IEDs wounding a few soldiers , we will see those IEDs wounding and killing dozens of civilians in the Mall of America and at Mardi Gras. And, rather than fixing the problem and going after the guys who want to kill us because we exist, a President Paul will tinker even more with our “meddlesome” foreign policy. In this arena, he is detached from reality. It’s been 4 decades since we lived in a world where his ideas were an option.

              1. Most of the IEDs in Iraq were from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11. Why are we going after Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran?

                Why aren’t we attacking Saudi Arabia?

                Because the wars have nothing to do with defense.

  55. Doesn’t this old geezer get tired of himself? No. Somehow he actually is reminding me more and more of Geo Soros. A real pest.

  56. RS you really disappoint me, and many on this board for that matter. Ron Paul used to be all fine a good on this board. Certainly he had his naysayers, but for the most part the feedback was positive. He hasn’t changed, but ever since Mark Levin and Jeffery Lord went to town on Ron Paul suddenly he can’t do anything right in your eyes. Even when he wins something its just because his fans “skewed” the poll. Was Herman Cain’s straw poll in Florida scewed? He won by some absurd margin and it isn’t like he had that much support in florida. At least he hasn’t been polling anywhere near that high. In fact I bet that if the same thing happened to Hermain Cain, I would come here to read how the Cain train was picking up steam.

    I guess what really got to me was what I mentioned before. Its how the mood of this board changed so quickly about him after the Lord interview. He didn’t post any new information. Much of it was misleading and the counter information was posted here. Still, every one of you bit on it hook line and sinker. I guess some people just like getting told what to think. idk.

    1. Jim – you are absolutely correct in your statements. I have boycotted all of the neocon talk shows and a few “conservative” websites due to their blatant hypocrisy. I still look at this site from time to time just to see how far the hypocrisy reaches. They preach about constitutional adherence out of one side of their mouth, then trash the very candidate who represents that adherence from the other side. I have noticed the exact same thing – you are right, they like being told what to think.

    2. Personally, I didn’t hear Mark Levin or Jeffery Lord when they ‘went to town’ on Ron Paul – or anyone else for that matter. My opinion of Paul is based on two things: His own words and the militant, condescending attitude of many of his supporters.

      Yes, I believe he makes sense on some fiscal matters, but that is it. Everything else seems to stem from an individualistic Utopian vision were personal liberty trumps all else that is just as unrealistic and dangerous to a society as the collectivist Utopian vision of central planning and social engineering from the left.

    3. He has changed. RP has gone from 12% positive intensity to 3% and Cain has gone from 14% to 30% positive intensity.

      Please find me one scientific poll that matches up with a RP supporter flooded poll and I will quit campaigning for Mr. Cain and vote and campaign for Ron Paul. Can you do it?

      1. You can’t win with this logic. Cain had 60% of the Florida straw polls, but hasn’t been anywhere close to that in any standard poll. So if your gripe is that the straw poll doesn’t line up with other polls than you clearly cannot support Herman Cain. If it is just about picking the most popular candidate, than you still can’t support Herman Cain as he is almost never the leader in those polls. You would have been a Romney supporter for most of the cycle, and a Perry supporter for a few weeks.

  57. TRS, is there ANY WAY RP could win a poll “legitimately”, by your definition, without being labeled “skewed”?

    1. Yes, he could’ve won the previous times he ran for president…that would hold some water with me, anyway. He wins his district (and I live in Texas next to his district all my life btw) because it’s a very safe, very conservative district which is fine…great actually. He’s great at educating the masses how our government is supposed to operate but his foreign policy ideas are just looney…I’m sorry, but the overwhelming majority of Americans have felt that way about his ideas for a long time and they’re not going to change this election cycle, either.

      1. Mike Morrison – So I guess in your mind the following statements from these two founders were way off base and loony. And, because in your belief on foreign policy they should be dismissed as well as Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution regarding that only – “The Congress shall have Power To declare War”


        “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible…. Trust in temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies… steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” (President George Washington, Farewell Address, 1797)

        “Honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none,” (President Thomas Jefferson, Inaugural Address, 1801)

  58. About Cain and /or West …. blacks vote black 99% of the time …. they don’t vote for uncle Toms’ …. obama wins . All being done by design . Wake up .

    1. That is so ignorant. Black Americans only make up 13% of the population…they can’t elect anyone on their own or even swing an election on their own. Hispanics can, though.

      And I guess that’s you calling Herman Cain and Lt. Col Allen West “uncle Toms'”. Shame on you.

      1. Hey Mike …. if you have been reading articles for the past few months . There have been surveys among blacks , and the majority of them have said they perceive Cain / West as uncle Tom’s or not ” genuinely black ” , crazy stuff like that . They see obama as one of them . Plus, throw in the fact that obama still has a large liberal white base following . So , shame on your ignorance .

  59. The statement above is discriminatory. I found this site thru a link on FB and I will not visit it again. I posted a link from this site to the Glen Beck speech on my FB page. It will be removed as soon as I finish writing this. I imagine the speech can be found on Youtube in better quality anyway.

    1. I must first note to you that I used twitter to log in, and have an animated logo there, the Obama logo that then has the GONE logo morph over it, so my apologies that this animation is not showing here. Isn’t updating either, have another with Obama logo and “FIRED” across it, animating to him wearing the turban, but it’s not showing.

      I challenge you to explain following someone that left millions of people behind once he found the conspiracy theory too much to bear (or so he claims), http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsSpNm8QUlA&feature=related

      This is the man who will bear the pressure of the nation? you believe he should be President when he can’t even stand for something that gave him millions of followers because it’s just too much? Really?

      Qualifications for a Progressive President, such as Barack Obama may be lax, but Conservatism demands a higher standard, such as having a backbone. Mr. Paul’s leaving his 911 conspiracy folks behind when the polling data shows this won’t help him get elected, as a 30 year career politician, speaks volumes to the variety of speeches he’ll give and means he’ll employ entirely for sake of polls, and nothing more to pursue or maintain his profession as politician.

      He’s not much better than Communist Henry B. Gonzalez, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_B._Gonzalez, using the anti-fed issue as a propaganda machine for votes.

      In the reality of this man’s actual activities, when you stand back and look at how he actually operates, and not just at the words, which are meant to get you interested, you learn he’s just a typical career politician, that you all are defending and promoting to run this nation.

      Maybe you didn’t hear in the Fox debate when Ron Paul said “we can’t get rid of the fed” after all of this touting “get rid of the fed.” He’s nothing more than a career politician (spineless), and for you to assume Christ would vote for someone based on the speech they gave, versus who they are in their heart, is to claim Christ lives in a superficiality that man appears to be the only one subject to regularly, thus why Obama is President now.

      You want Christianity as a guide? Did you look up what Obama said against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act? Here, take a gander at the man that was elected President, his view on the sanctity of life, http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.10. Okay now compare that to what Obama used to promote himself as a Christian during 2008, http://changingwind.org/index/comment.php?comment.news.14. See Ron Paul’s pattern of being just a politician in Barack Obama?

      Please, do not invoke God to support your contentions about Ron Paul, his speech is irrelevant, his actions, his commitment, and lack thereof, are who Ron Paul is.

      Here, listen to Mr. Paul’s support of earmarks, http://changingwind.org/index/page.php?31.

      You all bought into Ron Paul like Obama maniacs, setting aside that his Honor, Integrity, and Character are not in line with who he has been in his holding public office. Now it may appear they have been, but, again, look deeper. We have to. We have to get this right, and not make another mistake.

  60. lets talk about CRAP trs i come here read and i support RON PAUL ,,,,SO TO YOUR IDEA OF WHAT YOU SAID “Paul fan in the known universe who never even visits TRS to come and vote for Ron Paul”

    1. BUH BYE Pete!

      Hey, Scoop any way you can post the Ted Cruz speech from the “Values” Summit? I heard it was awesome!

      1. Some Ron Paul fans are real jerks. Even though they are not treated fairly – it’s no reason to lose your cool or not act civilly.

        To be fair though – none of the candidates have any control over their supporters – nor should they.

          1. So if he had a foreign policy in which you agreed with, him winning polls would be legit?

            Its too bad your not president RS, i love fascism. *confused eyebrow raise*

          2. RS – Yeah, I guess Ron Paul’s foreign policy is just as kooky as the following two gentlemen’s pronouncements —

            “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible…. Trust in temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies… steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” (President George Washington, Farewell Address, 1797)

            “Honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none,” (President Thomas Jefferson, Inaugural Address, 1801)

            I believe that Ron Paul is following good company.

            1. Foreign Policy changes with the times and global situation, if it does not then it is neither effective or viable. Washington and Jefferson were correct for the context of their time and America’s position in that world. Things have changed a great deal in the 200 plus years since.

              1. First, Ron Paul isn’t presenting Washington nor Jefferson’s positions on foreign policy, Mr. Paul is presenting his own.

                Second, foreign policy doesn’t “change with the times” unless the advice was unsound, and using the exact quote, I’ll suggest where it seems there is a trouble in comprehension:

                “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible…. Trust in temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies… steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” (President George Washington, Farewell Address, 1797)

                Washington is as correct today as he was then. The difficulty, that our current state of NEA (National Education Association Teacher’s Union) controlled education demonstrates, is in this sentence:

                “The great rule of conduct for us in regard to foreign nations is, in extending our commercial relations to have with them as little political connection as possible….”

                Two objects are to be considered apart, and unrelated “as possible,” politics and business to be associated by a very thin line or not at all. This is not because they cannot be related, but, because, then as now, there is no other nation operating with a separation of the two but the United States of America, according to Our Written Constitution.

                Capitalism is under assault by Marxists for the very reason that we haven’t made Communist economy the order of political rule and governance as well.

                Centralized power always leads to this co-mingling of equity and law as a political structure by patronage and favoritism. Feudalism and Communism share in having 2 tiers of existence via Feudalism’s Nobles and serfs, or in Communism the Communist and worker (see Marx & Engels Manifesto, http://www.gutenberg.org/cache/epub/61/pg61.html).

                Thus, the reality these forms of government, Feudalism and Communism, are the same, merely the same package but using a different nomenclature, in hopes Marx & Engels would be immortalized, as they have been by leftist loons.

                The left, ignorant of history, doesn’t realize that Capitalism redistributes wealth from under the hindquarters of a Sovereign Crown (central government) that is always planning for government’s own future, that this redistributed wealth is in the hands of each Individual in the form of liberty, the opportunity to assert ones capabilities to attain and use private property in ownership, no less than those European Crowns claimed in using all that belonged to them. Finally, through Capitalism, each of us has our own realm, and isn’t some subject in servitude under someone else’s realm, living at their pleasure.

                The need to keep the politics out of commerce, therefore, is specifically in an effort to assure our system isn’t tainted by these unprincipled and oppressive mixes of so called government, legitimated by their own claim and not by a certainty of service by consent of the governed as it is in America. These governments use property and power as the means of politics and capacity of each person in the nation, a persistent coerced patronage in government by oppression and the rule of fear.

                Ron Paul wants to keep politics out of it, and in words he is accurate. The trouble is that the actual real & possible danger to America is not subject to economic or political constraint. We are hated and those that hate us want to kill us. In his comments about Iran having nukes, his justification is his deliberate inclusion of the politics of Iran in formulating his position, which, accurately, according to Washington, Ron Paul shouldn’t be doing. Instead, Mr. Paul should realize Iran is a threat as a matter of war, to the exclusion of politics and economics. To arrive at a conclusion of justification and that we could somehow do business with Iran by treating their desire to destroy us as politics, is to be so blindly against war that Mr. Paul will make any and all arguments to never go to war for any reason. For me, this puts Mr. Paul on par with Obama in relation to good for the nation.

                I must confess this also comes with knowing that Mr. Paul appears unable to handle real pressure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsSpNm8QUlA&feature=related, an avoidance echoed in his position on war, as though Freedom is never worth fighting for, and our enemies will stop being enemies simply if we treat them differently — a resemblance to Obama 2008 regarding Iran and South Korea.

                1. Actually, yes Foreign Policy does change, it has to in order to address the very fluid geopolitical situation. Regimes/Governments change constantly, as well as the ideologies behind them and the foreign policy with them, both theirs and ours. While the basis of a Foreign Policy stance at its core may remain static, it needs to have an outward flexibility in order to remain viable and relevant. As to what, Washington said at the time, I am familiar with it, I do think that your response would be more appropriately addressed to Sovereign Mary, than to me. As an example of their either willful ignorance or naivety, their claims that Ron Paul, like the Founders is opposed to a central bank, particularly since the first central bank came into existence under Washington’s administration, with his approval. While I agree with some of Paul’s positions, I do not agree with all of them nor do I support his candidacy, mainly as I do not feel he would make an effective President.

  61. Ron Paul is a hypocritical ass. He allows the dishonesty and neurotic worship of his Paul-Nuts because it makes him mucho dinero and bathes his ego with waves of adulation.

    Libertarian my ass. He’s just another egotistical jerk.

    1. What you and others seem unable to grasp is that our “worship” is not for Dr. Paul. It is for the message of individual liberty and freedom that we worship, and Dr. Paul is it’s only messenger. I’m sure you would never take it upon yourself to tell ME what I worship right?

      BTW….you do know they make that in decaf?

    2. RCL — If you are going to make accusations then I suggest you back them up with some real-time facts. Name calling and vile commentaries do not equate to facts.

  62. This straw poll and the controversy concerning Romney’s Mormonism were the lead stories on tonight’s CBS Evening News. The straw poll got about 20 seconds while the Romney story got nearly 2-1/2 minutes. This “faith controversy” is what the msm is focusing on. The Romney story was followed immediately by a story on Mormonism.

    Here’s the link to the Romney story:

    Here’s the link to the Mormonism story:

    Edited to add: There was no mention of ballot stuffing in regard to the straw poll.

  63. That’s why positive voter I D IS SO IMPORTANT. Not just in border states. No photo I D , no voting allowed, not to disinfranchise, but to make our one registered voter, one vote work properly, period. No other federal department works on a no ID basis.

  64. Hmm… can you say “confirmation bias”? I know that you don’t like Ron Paul, RS, and can’t possibly believe how any sane person can possibly like him, but here’s an idea: do a Google Trends search for Ron Paul against the other Republican candidates and tell me what you observe. You’ll see a picture of accuracy that cannot be touched by any other poll or survey.

    No Republican candidate has been consistently more popular than Ron Paul. None. In searches you’ll find that Perry and Santorum surpassed Paul for brief periods, but Paul has been consistently more popular. Bachmann doesn’t even come close, not in the press or online searches. The difficulty has just been in converting that popularity into actual votes.

    In 2007 Ron Paul was more popular than any other candidate, period, Democrat or Republican. Then at the start of 2008, he dropped off in online searches as search volume increased dramatically for John McCain. If this election cycle follows a similar trend, his search volume will drop off by the end of February and whoever has been ordained as the Republican savior will likely surpass him. Hopefully that won’t happen.

      1. If you actually read the entirety of my post, you would’ve seen this quote that renders your question moot:

        The difficulty has just been in converting that popularity into actual votes.

        Part of that difficulty is the simple fact that the Republican establishment doesn’t like him and his message, plain and simple. That’s why the Republicans tried to stage a primary challenge against him in 2010 in his district — albeit the challengers couldn’t even be called a challenge.

        1. …converting his popularity into actual votes…..as a difficulty.

          This is bordering on the absurd now.

      1. “Trends on the internet isn’t representative of anything”

        So then how would you explain how Ron Paul could consistently have Google searches that surpass all other candidates, including all Democrat candidates back in 2007 into about February 2008, yet lag in the primaries and other official voting events?

        Part of the reason is what you are seeing again this election cycle: the press does all they can to avoid mentioning him.

        For many who vote, if they don’t hear about him on the news, they don’t know about him or they don’t think he’s important — exactly what the Republican and Democrat establishment prefers.

        “Trends on the Internet isn’t representative of anything”. Oh how wrong that statement is in many profound and obvious ways.

  65. Wooo hoooo!!


    Oct 8, 2011

    Herman Cain Tops Republican Presidential Straw Poll at Midwest Leadership Conference

    St. Paul–Herman Cain topped the Republican Presidential Straw Poll conducted at the Midwest Leadership Conference, which concluded today, October 8. Conference attendees from throughout the Midwest, MLC volunteers and event vendors participated in the balloting.

    Herman Cain captured 52.6 percent of the vote followed by Michele Bachmann with 12.2 percent and Mitt Romney at 11.1 percent.

    Earlier Saturday, Cain addressed the conference via Skype and took questions from delegates.

    Rounding out the voting Ron Paul captured 10.7 percent, Rick Perry 4.0 percent, Newt Gingrich 3.3 percent, Rick Santorum 2.0 percent, Jon Huntsman 0.9 percent and Gary Johnson with 0.2 percent.

    The Midwest Leadership Conference gathered Republican leaders and activists from Republican National Committee’s Midwest Region – Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota – and around the nation. The conference includes activist training sessions and speeches by notable conservative leaders including Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, syndicated talk show host Jason Lewis, political commentator Michael Reagan, and Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush Karl Rove.

  66. I like Herman Cain and will go with my conscience and vote for him.
    altho i think Ron Paul will be our next president. In these end-times Israel will be alone, the U.S. will withdrawal all influences from around the world. Israel alone and only a miracle can save Isreal. That is just what will happen ….Stay tuned…..it’s to be soon.

      1. You are absolutely right in saying the GOP will never allow it. He might have more votes, he might actually win a state but the GOP will never allow those delegates to vote for him. I give you Nevada in ’08. The state caucus found out that the majority of the votes would go to Ron Paul. So, in order to prevent that from happening, shut down the caucus. Later on they had a secret caucus and thus McCain got the votes.

        And before you slam me as a Paulbot, I support Cain for the nomination.

    1. Zech 12:2-3 Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about… And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces.

      Zech 14:2 I will gather ALL the nations to Jerusalem to fight against it; the city will be captured, the houses ransacked, and the women raped.

      Zech 14:3-4 Then the LORD will go out and fight against those nations, as he fights in the day of battle. On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, east of Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives will be split in two from east to west, forming a great valley, with half of the mountain moving north and half moving south.

      Apparently, God doesn’t want, nor need America. By the time of Magog, America will probably be toast. Personally, I vote for peace with all nations.

  67. Don’t think Rep. Paul is to blame for his supporters supporting him. Did they vote more than once per person, acccept some form of compensation, vote for a dead person, or print fake ballots. If the 600 were legitiment votes, even if they only attended the event to vote…… they don’t count? I do not agree with all Paul’s views, but, a vote is a vote and must be counted, not “irrelevent.”

    1. He’s not responsible? You’re as crazy as they are. Ron doesn’t give shit if it’s honest or not. He’s still counting the dough from his last Money Bomb.

      What a rube. BTW, it’s “irrelevant”. There’s a built-in spell checker, or haven’t you noticed?

      1. Thanks for letting me know about spell check- I’m one of the world’s worst spellers. And it’s “ruby”- a gem- not rube.

  68. So because Ron Paul wins a poll, the votes are skewed? Yes, I realize online polls can be easily skewed (As a Ron Paul supporter, I realize this), but I highly doubt a poll like this will be one where it’s a ballot box stuffer. People like the message, and while you may disagree with me, you have to realize that people like his message. While it seems radical, it’s just taking positions in line with the constitution. My two cents.

    Oh, and if you read this (Because I found the link to this site on your facebook) – Hey Uncle Brad

    1. You’re a liar just like Ronnie P. Everyone knows you aholes spam the results. You jerks have been doing the same damn thing everytime your loony Tejas Messiah puts his three cornered hat in the ring.

      You don’t follow the rules of civil discourse. You’re psycho True Believers incapable of responsible action.

        1. If you expect me to extend courtesy to Paul-Nuts who habitually cheat and abuse any opportunity at discourse you’re wasting your time. I don’t treat anyone better than they deserve.

          Why do you think RS won’t put the Tejas Loon in his polls? The truth hurts.

        2. He only moderates those who disagree… you should see the gay-bashing he lets stand but heaven help you if you utter anything about Ron Paul, say something negative about Sarah Palin, or say you are not a Evangelical Christian. Lots of double standards here.

      1. Wow. Haven’t you ever heard of a “filter”? They use them on almost every poll site. What it means is that if you vote once it records your isp and will not let you vote again. Even though my wife and I both want to vote, it will only allow us to vote once and says “your vote has already been recorded.” So, I just don’t understand where you get your argument.

      2. Not true, some of the best people I know are Ron Paul supporters and while I’m sure there are a few stuffer’s the majority are not. Personally I never vote but once and everyone I know only votes once. What good does it do to vote twice or more? But do people care to go on youtube and look at the video evidence of Mitt supporters stuffing physical polls…so lets be honest; people are people no matter what flavor subscribed to. What I like about people who support Ron Paul or begin to is that they REALLY care about the future and realize the luxury of another four years isn’t going to happen. None of the other GOP candidates will appeal to the Dems and I’m sorry but that’s a bout half the county. Ron Paul has cross appeal to all people and America is made of all kinds of folks…from the eccentric to the so called “normal.” So this anti-Paul stuff is really only going to hurt them in the end. Disregard some of the supporters and be your own intellectual honesty, after all that is what Ron Paul is really known for, its what attracts people to him because they are tired of the crap and baggage the other GOP AND Dems bring to the table…just saying what we want to hear for votes…I’m not buying into that and a lot of people are not anymore. Ron Paul 2012 or you may as well vote for Obama again because no GOPer is going to change the course he’s on…after all did Obama really change course from Bush or are they really all juuuust the same.

    2. Ron Paul has fewer but more adamant supporters. This gives him a logical advantage in straw polls. Commentators should use this view to interpret his results, not accuse him of shady backdoor tactics. He clearly can’t be held responsible for having too motivated followers.

    3. Joey Bradfield – I guess those of us who believe in soley adhering to every nuance in the U.S. Constitution are radical. That is what Ron Paul espouses and adheres to. Ron Paul is out of step with all those other politicians who have sworn a sacred oath to the constitution and then violate that oath at every turn.

      All of those who bash Ron Paul – please tell me what parts of the U.S. Constitution and the sacred oath he has sworn to uphold and adhere to has he violated?

      1. What, no reply to your quarry? No surprise there. Your question will be ignored the same way Ron Paul’s call for a return to SOUND MONEY is ignored. It is “radical” to uphold the idea of honest government and honest money. Fiat currency is unconstitutional, there is no getting around that. Wall Street may prefer fiat currency. The government may prefer it. Everyone on the face of the Earth may prefer it, but that doesn’t make it constitutional. And the fact that it is issued by a private corporation just underlines the illegality of the whole mess. How can we claim to have a Constitutional government if we don’t even have Constitutional money? If bankers want paper money to be constitutional so badly, why not campaign for an amendment instead of trying to deceive people into believing it’s constitutional? I suspect the reason no advocate for fiat currency would try that is that deep down they know they’d be tarred and feathered if the People ever woke up to the scam the fiat worshipers advocate. This is many reason Ron Paul is considered too “radical,” because with every breath he takes, he points to the heart of the problem facing America: dishonest money = dishonest government.

  69. My first thought when I read that he won it was that his followers had to have stuffed the ballots. I know a lot of people respect Paul for his views on finances, and the Constitution, but in the same breath, many of those who do respect his views would not vote for him.

  70. I tell you another thing you do. When he wins a primary or caucus, just don’t count that state as being in the Union anymore. That’ll fix the vote-winning…

    1. Yawwwwwn……. Ron Paul wins another straw poll and will lose in every state primary (you know, the votes that actually count). He is a has-been who never-was earmarking hypocrite who doesn’t have a clear understanding of evil in the world. (oh, and he thinks it’s America’s fault for 9-11).

      1. So Ron Paul agrees with the CIA on blowback and the 9/11 report, lets see him get the coverage that H Cain just got last week from winning the Fla straw poll, he got 100,000 ppl to give money to his bid, where Perry got 20,000 he is not selling out the the big bankers and the owners of CNN/FOX/NBC/ABC so he gets no air time, if you are looking for Change Ron Paul is the only way to get away from the Status Quo

        1. Perhaps, but it’s hard to elect him. Partly because so many don’t buy what he’s selling on things like 9/11. It’s not that we completely disagree with him. Actually, we agree with him on most things. It’s also a core group of his supporters that turn everyone off. I believe that’s what we’re saying here. He is a very respectable and honest person. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t like that. ^_^

          1. It is controversial to blame America for 9/11. Ron Paul did not blame America for 9/11, he simply said what our CIA was reporting during those times, remember, when Osama Bin Laden said he was going to attack America because we had been setting up military bases in a country that did not want us there?

            In my own opinion, thinking that countries want to attack us because they hate our freedom is something i dont buy. Ron Paul did not blame America, he simply acknowledged the TRUE reasons to why people try to carry out terrorist attacks on us, and it is directly related to our current foriegn policy.

            The Bush Doctrine doubled down on that mistake, and it should be clear by now that it was the wrong direction when it comes to dealing with culturals we dont understand.

            1. Response2Tyranny – I could not agree with you more. It seems like there are far too many who go out of their way to make-up things to discredit Ron Paul.
              Someone please tell me where in the U.S. Constitution that it mandates that the U.S. become the policemen of the globe? Tell me where that it also allows the U.S. to go about “Nation Building?”
              We have too many SERVING US UP in D.C. that believe that upholding their sacred oath of office to the RULE OF LAW an anomaly.
              The U.S. Constitution is not a LIST OF SUGGESTIONS – it is this nation’s Rule of Law.
              Sadly – we have also too many so-called patriots who think we can dismiss the Rule of Law when it does not suit their purpose or agenda.

              1. I agree. We need to get it right here at home first, BEFORE meddling with anything outside of that! Consider the following: Eat your vegetables, THEN you can have dessert. Do your homework, THEN you can go play. Get a job, THEN you can go spend money. Learn to walk, THEN you can learn to run. Do you see a pattern here? Fix our country first, THEN go mess with other peoples business. ORDER OF OPERATIONS!

            2. Al-Qaeda so far has carried out bombings in more than 20 countries that includes UK, India, Pakistan, Nigeria,Indonesia,Spain,Philippines,Denmark and the long list goes on. None of them had to do with “setting up military bases”.

              The sooner you realize that the stated objectives of Islamic fundmentalists are what drives them, the better it will be for you. I do not dislike Ron Paul personally, I respect him for his consistency and his principles, especially when it comes to the Economy; but I would say that he is CLUELESS when it comes to the most critical issues of National Security. He says Iran should have as much nuclear weapons that they want because they have the right to; but he fails to realize that Iran is the only nation on the entire globe that has ever threatened to wipe out another nation from the earth, and consistently repeats it.

              1. “…Iran is the only nation on the entire globe that has ever threatened to wipe out another nation from the earth, and consistently repeats it.” Hold on, Did Ahmadinejad really threaten to “wipe Israel off the map” or is this phrase just another slogan for selling the next war in the Middle East?

                The devil is in the detail, wiping Israel off the map suggests a physical genocidal assault, a literal population relocation or elimination akin to what the Nazis did. According to numerous different translations, Ahmadinejad never used the word “map,” instead his statement was in the context of time and applied to the Zionist regime occupying Jerusalem. Ahmadinejad was expressing his future hope that the Zionist regime in Israel would fall, not that Iran was going to physically annex the country and its population.

                To claim Ahmadinejad has issued a rallying cry to ethnically cleanse Israel is akin to saying that Churchill wanted to murder all Germans when he stated his desire to crush the Nazis. This is about the demise of a corrupt occupying power, not the deaths of millions of innocent people.

          2. So your letting supporters make the decision for you? I think that’s what drives his supporters up a wall is that the people not supporting Ron Paul don’t think for themselves, they simply react emotionally to what media says or what some Ron Paul supporter says. Instead of looking at the fact that no other candidate has cross over appeal except for Ron Paul and his financial understanding is heads and tails above everyone else. Even Rush who goes against Paul a lot stated so a few days ago.

            Ron Paul does not blame American principals for 911 he blames our disregard for them as the problem. “Constitution” means health, if you let your health/foundation go what do you have? You have a Rome on fire from over extension in every imaginable way. Without a steadfast economic warrior as Ron Paul is all the other things people concern themselves with doesn’t add up to a hill of beans, we can’t sustain ANYTHING without money. He’s the only one with the guts to do the cutting that needs to be done, not what he necessarily wants to cut but WE HAVE TO cut or we are done. Sign over our nation to the U.N. and give the keys to the IMF, enter a new currency and all industry moves China where they don’t restrict business like we do with tarrif’s and anti American legislation. ~Gav

            1. I’m not letting his supporters make decisions for me. Some are, but not I. I’m not a fan of his die-hard supporters, but there are crazies in every group. I’m not looking for crossover appeal, either. I want someone with principles, but also someone with an understanding of foreign policy in the 21st century. Much as I appreciate Paul on most things, his foreign policy is a huge negative for me. You may be right about the money thing. I’m not sold out for Paul, but I’m not against him either. I assure you that if Romney is nominated, Paul gets my vote if he goes third-party. Better to have an honest man with tendencies for kookiness, than another weak-kneed progressive butt-kisser. We’re definitely looking for another Lincoln-type person who will do the right thing over what’s popular. Perhaps that’s Paul, but perhaps it’s someone else too. It’s definitely not Romney or Perry. Anyhow, good comment, but no need for an apologetic for me. I appreciate Paul, sans his foreign policy.

              1. Try THIS for foreign policy: FIX OUR COUNTRY FIRST, THEN go screw around in other peoples business. We have problems HERE FIRST, which is OUR BUSINESS. We need to get that right FIRST, then anything secondary to that is whatever, point is, WE HAVE PROBLEMS NEED FIXING FIRST!

        2. It’s impossible to get that kind of coverage, when the establishment is afraid of Paul, and intentionally has a media blackout on him, how is that even a fair request? Paul is the only one up there that would be any good for this country. You armageddon’ists are scary. We’re in bad enough shape as it is, and you’re STILL trying to put ANOTHER establishment-selected candidate back up there… WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Didn’t we take enough damage in the last 12 years? And now you want to go ANOTHER 4 more? That’s 4 more than we can afford buddy, take your destructive tendencies and STEP ASIDE.

    2. If he can translate that energy into votes, he would have won the last time around too 😉 If he wins the nomination I will support him 🙂

      1. C 4, just so you know. Ron Paul won the NV caucus (Primary) in 2008, but the CORRUPT GOP here, shut down the conference and “handed” the state to McCain. This is how far the corrupt will go to keep their “establishment” and “forever wars” safe. Ron Paul is the only candidate I will vote for. If he doesn’t win the nomination, I will request an absentee ballot and write in his name. We are done with the Neocon Rinos. Period.

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