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Digging Deeper Into the Article Five Process

A continuing series of discussions of Mark Levin’s new book,
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

(Discussion #11 – ArticleFiveProcess site news)

This discussion will be very short. I’ve been finishing the basic rollout of the new site, and basically it’s up and running. It looks like a Web 1.0 site, but at least there’s no blinking fonts. Many thanks to Scoop for letting me tell you about it here at his site!

So if you click over to articlefiveprocess.com you’ll see what I mean. Follow the link to the “Article Five Data HQ,” and you’ll go to a more interesting “view,” which is much more like Web 3.0. Click around on it and you’ll see there’s a lot more to it than a simple list. We’ll get the two areas merged, style wise, later. Also, right now, the Heat Map on the main page is kind of broken. Adding the AFP Data HQ link broke my map, but only for the time being. Each state you click on will take you to a snapshot view of info for that state. Check back later in the week and you’ll see it working again. However the Data HQ stuff works (although it’s not terribly useful until we get more info added! Like better images for the Statehouse Representatives). I also need to add the usual privacy notices and stuff, because people wanting to add info must provide an email address in case we need to ask them questions about the info they added. And we need logins for those of you willing to review submissions and update the data for your state.

Let’s keep this a pet project of the crew here at TheRightScoop. The site needs a LOT more work, so please understand it’s like walking through an unfinished house: the drywall isn’t up yet, and the water isn’t turned on. So try to imagine how it will work. The email linkback is also not fully functional. I’m letting you all see it anyway! I want to keep the development public, so you can watch it change in real time. It will start changing fast, too. Especially with your help! It’s going to change daily (and sometimes hourly) all week.

The Convention Of The States is going to happen. You live in interesting times.


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23 thoughts on “Digging Deeper Into the Article Five Process

  1. Reading the comments of the doubters causes me great distress. It’s clear that they have their minds made up without even reading the safeguards that are being proposed to prevent the “runaway convention” they fear.

    Comparing ANY proposal to what would be an “ideal” world is easy and totally unproductive.

    Comparing THIS proposal to what is currently in place requires thoughtful planning and implementation, not throwing one’s hands in the air and declaring that it’s impossible.

    What is currently in place is Federal elites who WILL NEVER do ANYTHING to limit their own power, Constitutional or otherwise. As Emperor Obama would say … PERIOD!

    Article V is the vehicle to remove the process from their hands.

    We MUST attempt this path because the only alternative is beyond the consideration of any reasonable man when EVEN A SLIGHT possibility exists of this working.

    Why a Convention is Safe

    1. Publius Huldah “rebuts” Levin, but definitely does not “refute” Levin.

      I’ve seen those before, and they make some serious errors in assuming what the Article Five second process is. It is not a petition to the COngress to “do something.” It is not an attempt by the states to form a compact. It is not an attempt by some states to nullify or interpose. It is also not a Constitutional Convention.

      Several writers oaround the web have been trying to claim Levin is incorrect, but one thing is perfectly clear; the Article Five second process to amend the Constitution is lawful, cannot be stopped by Congress or the President, nor by the Governors or by the Judiciary. It’s basic law, and interposition and nullification are not basic law. They are a claim about the law. A very separate thing altogether.

  2. Do you have an email example of what to say to our elected officials when asking if they would support this? I’d rather not “reinvent the wheel” if other efforts have been successful in garnering support and positive responses.

  3. Nice site, I can’t wait to see the full site once it’s finished. Even NOW, it’s better than the Obamacare website. I’m involved in the Tennessee group and have been in touch with several of the main players here.

  4. Great job getting off the ground, K-Bob! The data and contact links you mentioned seem to have disappeared for now, but I will check back as I am ready to help any way possible.

  5. It’s looking pretty good.
    Can’t wait till it’s done. It’ll be a real challenge to keep it updated, but God willingly, we will get this ball rolling.

  6. K-Bob just went all around the site, and even with the broken parts, it is AWESOME!!! You ROCK and I can’t wait til it’s up and running full steam so I can spam it EVERYWHERE.
    I admit, I still need a crash course in a lot of detailed parts of everything Levin is talking about, I understand the basics only, but this is SO needed. If nothing more than to get all those working in the same direction together on ‘one page’ to work together on whatever we can to change the course of this country.
    Thank you SO very much for all your hard work and for informing us here, and thank you Scoop for putting this up every week. It’s needed.
    I’m excited about this. Even though things look and are so hidiously dark right now, ideas and seeing a growing number of people getting involved is enough of a spark to keep me going. Thank you for that K!

    1. Anytime!

      It’s amazing how many details have to be ironed out just to operate something like this. I’m trying to make it as laid back as possible, too. But I have a really long list of tiny details to get done this week, most of which won’t make any difference to what folks see. Stuff like the “Privacy Statement” so visitors can tell we don’t let anyone see their info, figuring out how to account for the expenses (I want it to be open books, but not rely on the ridiculous 501-C rules for non-profits), making the mail-linkback thingy work, logins at the WordPress area and the Data HQ area, updating the artwork and some positioning, and on and on it goes.

      I need four more of me, but that would probably just make us all four-fifths more stupider, or something.

      1. lol Someone really needs to figure out how to clone. You’re the second person since me who’s said there needs to be more of you 😀

        I have no clue on what it takes to build a site, but I’d say you’ve done a heck of a job already. And as for the open book finances, that’s eventually what CFP wants to do- I don’t want a whole lot of legalize crap to have the IRS breathin’ all over!!

        Thank you K-Bob. You are doing an awesome thing.

  7. I do not support the use of article five as it would open Pandoras box.

    What I do support is harder to define, but by means of legal force, return the Federal Government to it’s intended place.

    The Federal Government has suffered from liberal mission creep, and there are so many laws and regulations as well as entire agencies which would never pass constitutional scrutiny… this should never have been allowed from the start.

    As bad as it is, I would never give up the right to contast the current state of affairs. A convention means ALL BETS ARE OFF!

    It could get substantially worse overnight. We could wake up in a totaliartian State.

    Ok, so I looked at discussion 11 which includes my concern of being hijacked.
    Levin is far more optimistic than I.
    I cannot give my trust to those same ” Reptrentatives” who just sold me out.
    Hold them accountable?
    If we could do that, why might we even consider a re-write of the Constitution???
    And there are more States currently against my principles than there are supporting them. Notice who is President?
    It would appear to me that I would enter a battle where I was already at a disadvantage. And changing the Constitution under those conditions does not hold much promise of a good outcome for me.
    At least at this point, we have a clear Constitution which has been clearly violated, and contest is possible.
    I wouldn’t throw the baby out with the bath-water. Just because we have a world class mess on our hands is no reason to potentially start over.
    We need to rise up and clean house. Fix the mess. We already have all the tools we need, but the first move I believe is to term limit every single government office. Every one.
    And we need accountability which would be enforced by a term in Prison, or a firing squad.
    We have none whatever, so those who go on to violate our trust are held harmless. And worse, those who have been violating out trust are rewarded.
    And you want those very same people to re-write the Constitution? I think not.

    1. Some observations on your statement:
      1. Do you understand a constitutional convention is not being proposed?
      2. This would involve the STATE representatives, not the Federal ones.
      3. There may be enough purple states to sway the influence toward red.
      Re-read K-Bob’s narrative (red links above) if you want to gain a better perspective.

      1. Thanks!
        No, I did not get that.

        And good points all.

        Still, I believe it would be difficult to move 34 to the table and head them in the right direction.

        1. Difficult if we try; impossible if we don’t. The revolutionaries who overthrew England were in the minority!

    2. Ok, this something that Mark has been talking about for quite a while.

      Remember, you need 34 States to even agree on an amendment process first. Then, they have to agree to a number of rules for the delegates. They can recall delegates, choose the issues of debate and etc.

      Most of my knowledge about this has been from Mark and I really understand his perspective. You can’t just have a runaway convention. It doesn’t make sense. think about it. We are 200+ years old and we have only 27 amendments to the Constitution after all these years.

    3. Welcome, Snowshooze – perhaps Levin’s quote “The federal gov’t ain’t gonna fix itself” will resonate here. This A5 process will involve the state legislatures and no governor. So if you want term limits for the feds -as we all do- you’re gonna have to sell this at the state and grassroots level. There is no other way.

      1. Whoa, thanks! I can be clever now and then, but brilliance very rarely makes an appearance. Like saying, “Yes” when the K-Missus axxed me to marry her. That was totally brilliant.

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