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Digging Deeper Into the Article Five Process

A continuing series of discussions of Mark Levin’s new book,
The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

(Discussion #11 – ArticleFiveProcess site news)

This discussion will be very short. I’ve been finishing the basic rollout of the new site, and basically it’s up and running. It looks like a Web 1.0 site, but at least there’s no blinking fonts. Many thanks to Scoop for letting me tell you about it here at his site!

So if you click over to articlefiveprocess.com you’ll see what I mean. Follow the link to the “Article Five Data HQ,” and you’ll go to a more interesting “view,” which is much more like Web 3.0. Click around on it and you’ll see there’s a lot more to it than a simple list. We’ll get the two areas merged, style wise, later. Also, right now, the Heat Map on the main page is kind of broken. Adding the AFP Data HQ link broke my map, but only for the time being. Each state you click on will take you to a snapshot view of info for that state. Check back later in the week and you’ll see it working again. However the Data HQ stuff works (although it’s not terribly useful until we get more info added! Like better images for the Statehouse Representatives). I also need to add the usual privacy notices and stuff, because people wanting to add info must provide an email address in case we need to ask them questions about the info they added. And we need logins for those of you willing to review submissions and update the data for your state.

Let’s keep this a pet project of the crew here at TheRightScoop. The site needs a LOT more work, so please understand it’s like walking through an unfinished house: the drywall isn’t up yet, and the water isn’t turned on. So try to imagine how it will work. The email linkback is also not fully functional. I’m letting you all see it anyway! I want to keep the development public, so you can watch it change in real time. It will start changing fast, too. Especially with your help! It’s going to change daily (and sometimes hourly) all week.

The Convention Of The States is going to happen. You live in interesting times.


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