Dinesh D’Souza defends new movie against CNN shameful spin

This morning Dinesh D’Souza went on CNN to defend his new movie “2016 Obama’s America” and got some interesting questions. One of the questions was based on MAJOR spin by CNN to challenge D’Souza’s claim that Obama wants to put America deeper in debt. Here’s the info graphic CNN put up during the interview to give ‘perspective’ to Obama’s increase of the national debt:

This graphic completely distorts the truth behind Obama’s unprecedented spending. That CNN would even put these numbers together is shameful. Fortunately D’Souza was there to set the record straight. But just for the record, here is Obama’s budget deficits vs Bush’s budget deficits, which backs up what D’Souza says in the interview:

I also loved how D’Souza didn’t accept the premise of the last question which tried to frame his argument that Obama was elected because he was black as ‘shallow’.

Watch the full interview below:

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