Discrimination is back at Warner Bros and it’s WOKE

Warner Bros has hired a black, race-baiting writer to do a movie script for a black version of Superman. This is somewhat old news, but what isn’t old is the new details with the project:

NEWSBUSTERS – Back in February, The Hollywood Reporter announced that the film production company Warner Bros. hired the race-baiting author Ta-Nehisi Coates to pen a new script for a “Black Superman story.” Now the site has updated with more details on the project which is proving to be surprisingly controversial even to the woke scolds.

The latest article released on May 5 dives into more behind-the-scenes details of the project, including the process of hiring a director. Insiders state that talks with potential directors have already begun with the main caveat being that the director must be black. The report even goes out of its way to exclude the film’s producer J.J. Abrams as a candidate purely because it would be “tone-deaf.”

But insiders say Warners [sic] and DC are committed to hiring a Black director to tackle what will be the first cinematic incarnation of Superman featuring a Black actor, with one source adding that putting Abrams at the helm would be “tone-deaf.”

They are automatically dumping one of the best science fiction movie directors out there because he’s white. And this is ok apparently, because it’s done in the name of wokeness.

The article goes on to point out that Warner Bros are casting a gay Green Lantern, via Hollywood Reporter:

Diversity and representation remain key drivers of the DC universe moving forward. Warners [sic] is developing a Latino Blue Beetle movie with Angel Manuel Soto attached to direct, and HBO Max is casting for a gay Green Lantern character for an upcoming series.

I thought I hated Hollywood, but I hate woke Hollywood even more. Completely changing characters to accomodate diversity is something I despise, especially when it comes to making characters gay or black when they never were before.

Superman isn’t like the Green Lanterns, where there are multiple characters that can be part of the Green Lantern Core. There’s only one Superman and one planet Krypton, and their Kryptonian race isn’t black or asian or even hispanic. To change it now solely because of woke diversity is not something I will participate in.

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