DISGUSTING: CNN guest connects New Zealand mosque massacre to Trump only minutes after it happened!

The hate for Trump has become vile at networks like CNN.

Last night, as the news was unfolding about these mosque attacks in New Zealand, Intercept columnist Mehdi Hasan suggested that Trump was partly to blame for these kind of attacks around the world.


Of course, this happened on Don Lemon’s show. Ugh.

Here’s the full transcript from Newsbusters:

DON LEMON: Now, you’re listening now to a briefing from the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern talking about the shooting, a very serious situation, a firearm situation, a firearm incident in Christchurch. Again that’s according to the Prime Minister and police as well. They’re saying the city of Christchurch is in lockdown. Also, all schools have been placed on lockdown as well. And they’re waiting to get more information, asking people to stay in place. Asking people to lockdown even though families may be separated. And this is reportedly this incident happened at a mosque, and there’s a possibility of a second shooting that’s not been confirmed yet, but we’re working on getting it.

Let’s get back now to Matthew Rosenberg, Juliette Kayyem, and also Hasan Mehdi – Mehdi Hasan.

Listen, let’s talk about this. You heard the Prime Minister. I’m going to bring you in Mehi because this kind of thing as you said before is personal to you and it speaks to the violence that is going on in our culture.

MEHDI HASAN: Very much so. And I think to kind of talk about the story we talked about before in terms of Trump’s rhetoric as well. Western government has turned a blind eye to domestic terrorism, to domestic far-right terrorism. We know from stats, for example, here in the U.S. that there are more attacks, more casualties from domestic terrorist groups — far right groups, than there are quote-unquote jihadist or Islamist groups.

You have Muslim victims of terror in New Zealand. I mentioned the attack in Canada — Quebec City shortly after Trump was inaugurated, there’s been attempted attacks and attacks in Minnesota and various places across the U.S.

We do need to start taking this seriously. Crimes against minorities, Jewish groups, against Muslim communities, against people of color are on the rise in Britain, across western Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, and now sadly New Zealand.

And that requires politicians to take the problem seriously and also to deal with their language. You asked Matthew earlier about, is there someone out there tonight who’s going to hear Trump’s rhetoric and act on it?

I mean, less than six months ago we know one of his big supporters sent pipe bombs in the mail to dozens of people who Trump had personally attacked and demonized. Who was driving around in a van with pro-Trump imagery and anti-CNN imagery. We know lots of far-right attackers have claimed to be Trump supporters in recent months.

So, this is not just about Trump but about politicians especially on the right taking seriously this problem and really being careful about their language at the very minimum.

I really try hard not to curse, but it’s really difficult to watch something like this and keep my mouth shut.

This is just vile! It’s evil. And it demonstrates just how much hatred these anti-Trumpers have for him.

Not only do they want Trump harassed by state and federal authorities in order to impeach him, but every time something bad happens they blame him for it. They blamed him for the attack on the Jewish synagogue. Now they blame him for the attacks on mosques in New Zealand.

I’d call it ‘pathetic’ but that word feels like it doesn’t even touches the viciousness of this.

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