**UPDATED** – DISGUSTING: CNN helps Hamas with their ‘dead children propaganda’

CNN shows the dead bodies, the fingers and toes of little children who they say were killed by the Israelis. They show what they call ‘pandamonium’, people running everywhere after these children had been killed. And they show weeping parents and palestinian ‘mourners’ rushing to bury the bodies before dusk as they shout ‘Allahu Ackbar’.

They tell the story that these little children were just feeding ducks on the roof when the Israelis performed their ‘knock on the roof’ maneuver, according to the uncle.

But what they don’t explain is why these children were allowed to be in harm’s way in the first place. What they don’t explain is that Hamas has told the Palestinians on their local TV to remain in areas that are going to be bombed, despite the warnings from Israelis to evacuate. What they don’t show is the video from Hamas on Palestinian TV defending the practice of using people and children as human shields. What they don’t tell is the hard truth about this war, that Hamas is trying to up the body count while the Israelis are only trying to defend their citizens against terror attacks and rockets that won’t stop.

No, this isn’t journalism from CNN. This is propaganda and it disgusts me.

UPDATE: I might as well throw this in here. It’s a CNN reporter calling Israelis ‘scum’. She since deleted her tweet but we still have it.

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