Disgusting liberal troll Oliver Willis nails Van Jones with RACIST attack over Trump!

Oliver Willis, renowned for being the stupidest man with a modem, went after Van Jones for the only sin the left recognizes – admitting that not all Republicans are Hitler.

And since he has the mental ability and maturity of a developmentally challenged amoeba, out poured the racist attacks:

Van Jones responded, correcting his lie:

But Willis does what he does – instead of admitting he lied, he trashed Jones with racisty attacks:

That phrase would be absolutely abhorrent if a conservative used it, but because he’s a liberal he feels completely justified in using it.

Ugly and nasty. But that’s all the moron has to muster up in defense of his pathetic far left agenda.

S.E. Cupp jumped in here:

But that won’t deter the disgusting troll:

Not nearly as gross and disgusting as Willis’ response, but everyone expects that from this troglodyte.

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