Disgusting new Planned Parenthood ads: We’re your sexual experience

Planned Parenthood’s latest ad campaign is quite personal, not to mention disgusting. For clinics that specialize in “women’s health,” the latest ads seem to focus on one thing only – sex. Take a look:




Leave it to Planned Parenthood to take infanticide to a new low by using sex to market murder – and we’re paying for it.  But I guess it makes sense seeing as our president doesn’t want women, “punished with a baby.”

Images from Jill Stanek and a hat tip to Life News.


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116 thoughts on “Disgusting new Planned Parenthood ads: We’re your sexual experience

  1. By the way, you can get abortions done at hospitals too, so maybe we should just shut them down? Who cares about all the good things hospitals do? OH NO. THEY SOMETIMES PERFORM ABORTIONS.

  2. Amazing how some people’s hearts will go out to see abused animals, and yet still be okay with us killing our own children. There’s something very VERY skewed about our nature in this society. And, to be straight, it’s going to kill America more assuredly than BHO ever could.

    1. Great comment. Jesus said that in the end people would worship the creation more than the creator. Sounds right at this point.

      I remember after Katrina people going down there to save animals. Animals over humans. I found that absolutely insane.

      Maybe someone with more knowledge could confirm that it says in the bible to obey the laws of the land unless it went against Gods word. Christians are paying for this murderous act. We should have the option to opt out of this. I shouldn’t have to basically

      1. A lot of us will stand against that if Obamacare is kept. There are ways, apparently, to calculate how much of your taxes goes to abortion in Obamacare. I know they do whatever they want with our taxes, but we’ll simply not pay that ‘portion’ in protest. A little civil disobedience. ^_^ Anyhow, Family Research Council has some great stuff on this.

        1. Nice. I’ll just not pay taxes on things I don’t like to. No more public roads or schools or parks. They are against my magical religion, therefor I am exempt.

          1. You have conveyed to us all that you are a typical flaming liberal. Good luck with your life of hatred and lack of common sense.

              1. Actually, if you had a little common sense, you’d know I was making a point that we don’t get to decide what’s right for other people. Obviously I’m going to pay taxes for all the things that I’m supposed to, because I don’t punish people for my own beliefs.

                Also, thankfully I’m not religious, at all. It’s nice to think clearly and on my own.

                1. Ooo! Insults! How fun! If you had a clear thought, you’d know I was being sarcastic with you. However, you seem to be devoid of that, so I’m just going to say, “I rest my case.”

                2. So sorry for calling it how I see it. By your passive remark, I had assumed that you thought you were superior, so I had to let you know that you’re no better than I am. I don’t know if you’ve read the thread, but most of us HAD been having an adult conversation, then you decided to get all passive, which tends to happen when someone has nothing left to argue.

                  Have a lovely day.

          2. Your magical religion can allow you to go and live in a commune too, so, in reality, that is absolutely correct. Have fun with that. I, however, will stand on principles and pay for my roads and schools.

    2. It’s not a wonder. The basic fact it that people don’t want to take personal responsibility for their own actions. If they claim to love animals, somewhere in their twisted brains, it makes them feel as if they are justifiably good. However, you can’t get more evil than to take a life in order to cover your own lack of personal responsibility.

  3. We all still realize that the majority of women who go to planned parenthood do so for pap smears, STD tests, and birth control pills, right?

      1. No, it’s true. A lot of PP clinics don’t even offer abortions.

        PP is a tremendous resource for two groups of people

        1) very poor people
        2) highschool students who want to take the pill but are afraid to talk to their parents about it.

        You can oppose their assisting group 2 (well, I suppose you can oppose group one too, but I don’t see why you would) and have legitimate reason to do so, but their figures on abortion constituting something like 3% of what they do is an accurate one.

        1. Then you should have no problem with people being able to opt out of paying to kill. Since its only 3% of PP’s business then it shouldn’t hurt their pocket book. Right? I would also say that 3% number is very important too me. It should be zero.

          1. So if we don’t support something, we just should not pay those taxes? I don’t support war, so I won’t pay taxes for the military. What if I say I don’t support education, roads, parks, and all the other things taxes go towards? Do I just get to not pay taxes?

            1. Dont kidd yourself. I knew someone would go there. War? You not willing to support your country in a time of war? Roads and bridges? Come on now. If someone has an issue with a bridge or a road that has offended their religion then….that would be a little nuts.

              Talking life or death here and you have attempted to join that with fixing roads. Nice try. See this is a life or death issue and yes someone should be able to opt out of it. What if there was a beheading law? Your tax money would be used. How would you feel paying to have someone’s head chopped off?

              1. I was making a point that you deciding which taxes you will and will not pay is stupid. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. I will pay ALL the taxes I’m supposed to for the better of my country.

                For it to be “life or death” it would have to be considered more than a blob of cells and bio-material to be considered death. clearly you’ve done zero research on abortion.

                1. You didn’t get my point or you would know that I don’t need to get yours because I already tried and there was nothing to get. So seeing that your post was a waste of both of our time you should quit hurting your head.

                  Margaret Sanger herself thought abortions were barbaric.

                2. I can see that you are having a hard time understanding some common sense, so I’ll leave you to your arrogance.

                3. Don’t worry too much about this guy/girl. They’ve been trolling on here with everyone, though they haven’t made a reasoned argument yet. You made good points, though. Keep on keepin’ on.

                4. Trolling? Really? I’ve come to the conclusion that, (though I should have known better) this website isn’t meant for logical conversation. It’s much more crazy right wing that I had previously thought and I shouldn’t have expected to have a normal conversation with people of your…caliber. I’ll let this die since you guys obviously don’t get it.

            2. Oh yeah, how about those who are for life opting out and those like yourself take up the slack. If you are for it then you wouldn’t mind paying for it yourselves I’m sure.

        2. PP makes it easy for irresponsible kids and adults to have sex and not be responsible. Again this is not where my tax dollars should be spent. Government is in the business of killing babies, there is no way around this fact, try as you may.

          1. Did you read what he said? PP offers a ton of services other than abortion. They offer lots and lots of people contraception. How it that promoting kids or adults to go out and be irresponsible?

    1. sweetnothing agrees very much. To talk about ending a human life with such smugness and nonchalance is repulsive and inhumane. I think it would be fitting if sweetnothing came back as a fetus facing a suction device. Some people need to be spoken harshly to, but they still won’t get it.

      1. Usually it isn’t life yet, clearly. It’s a blob of cells. (i will admit some people do later term abortions and that does sometimes entail actually killing something alive) HOWEVER, most are not killing babies. They haven’t formed into babies yet.

  4. When I heard Obama say, “women need to be able to compete with men and shouldn’t be punished with a baby” I couldn’t believe he said that. Then again I believe he thinks it but to say it, wow! How can American’s stand for such heartless, barbaric ideology? Anyone that thinks Obama is right on this should be very ashamed of them selves. This is what happens when you don’t believe in a God or Religion; complete moral decay is all around us. Only God can help us now.

    1. I’m Atheist and I’m proud to say that I make good choices without being told by this apparent “God” what I should believe. I think people need a choice and these ads are just trying to get people’s attention. AND, if you actually bothered to think for 2 seconds and read the whole ad, it’s telling you that Planned Parenthood is there for you if you need them for ANY OF THE THINGS that they offer. They don’t just do abortions, genius. They offer help for STDS, different things in the LGBT community, sex education, contraception, and a whole ton of other things that people rely on.

      And, believe it or not, a baby isn’t a good thing for everyone, so I’m glad it’s their choice. And it’s not a choice that most people take lightly. It’s a big decision and Planned Parenthood gives you all the information before you can go ahead with the procedure.

      By the way, Obama does believe in God, supposedly. Honestly, I think there have been presidents that haven’t, but the only way they can get elected is if they lie because nut jobs like people on this thread couldn’t fathom electing someone who can make level-headed decisions without God getting in the way.

          1. I’ve got good news for you friend, God saves sinners! But I’ll let a previouis athiest named CS Lewis, tell you about his encounter with God…

            “You must picture me alone in that room in Magdalen, night after night, feeling, whenever my mind lifted even for a second from my work, the steady, unrelenting approach of Him whom I so earnestly desired not to meet. That which I greatly feared had at last come upon me. In the Trinity Term of 1929 I gave in, and admitted that God was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps, that night, the most dejected and reluctant convert in all England. I did not then see what is now the most shining and obvious thing; the Divine humility which will accept a convert even on such terms. The Prodigal Son at least walked home on his own feet. But who can duly adore that Love which will open the high gates to a prodigal who is brought in kicking, struggling, resentful, and darting his eyes in every direction for a chance of escape?”

            1. Didn’t he also write Narnia? That sounds true too.
              A lot of people claim to have experiences involving God, and I simply don’t accept that to be true. When I was in 5th grade, after YEARS of church, I decided that the bible was full of crap and I didn’t believe anything the preacher guy was saying, so I stopped going.
              I simply don’t believe in God, and I like that I can make decisions on my own, and not because I feel the need to please the imaginary man. Besides, if there is any sort of God, I’d hope that he’d judge me on the type of person I am and not my devoutness. If not, then I wouldn’t want to spend all eternity with him.

              If you want to believe in God, I have no problem with that, however laws CANNOT be made based on religion. It’s the little thing called Separation of Church and State. Ya know.

              1. –“Besides, if there is any sort of God, I’d hope that he’d judge me on the type of person I am and not my devoutness.”–

                God doesn’t want to judge you, He wants to save you! 1 Timothy 2:4, “who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”

                –“I simply don’t believe in God, and I like that I can make decisions on my own”–

                God wants you to choose. But you have to do it on His terms and yes it involves repentence. Acts 3:19, “Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away”

                sweetnothing, I don’t want to have a lengthy debate with you. I am sharing with you my faith in God; for what’s it worth and I doubt it’s worth much to you. And again you could be the most vile evil sinner and I would still tell you, Jesus Loves You! (John 3:16)

                1. Actually, God does judge you. It’s kind of his thing. He doesn’t like what you do, you go to hell. And what I meant by being about to make my own decisions is that I can do what’s right for people without worrying about being punished by him.

                  I can appreciate people having their own beliefs, but to I would sooner move out of the country than stand for laws being passed (in this case about abortion) because of religious nonsense.

      1. Killing a baby after conception is a choice you will have to deal with, not me. Planned Parenthood is a pro-abortion (baby killing) taxpayer funded organization and I do not want my tax dollars murdering the innocent. Atheists are usually pompous, arrogant fools that judge others thinking that only they know what is right and wrong, as you do. What is wrong with being responsible and protecting yourself from getting pregnant? If you are careless and get pregnant do the right thing and give the baby up for adoption, many couples can’t have children and would love to take the baby that you would rather murder because it is too much of an inconvenience. I hope some day you see the error of your ways, God Help You.

        1. First of all, nice try. Planned Parenthood offers the option of abortions (sometimes, not all offer it), they don’t find pregnant women and try to go around killing babies.
          I’m the “arrogant fools that judge others thinking that only they know what is right and wrong”? How about EVERY PERSON on here? You are all saying that you know what is right and what is wrong based on your religious beliefs or lack of any scientific research. If you met me, you’d know that I’m a pretty nice person, but I refuse to let stupidity get in the way of womens’ rights.

          And I agree about being responsible. We should use protection and hopefully not get pregnant in the first place. However, MOST PEOPLE are careful and use contraception. I can’t remember the exact figure, but a lot of abortions that take place are procedure for 40/50 year old women who accidentally get pregnant and can’t handle having another baby.

          Also, there are already thousands of babies that don’t have parents, and even more outside of the country. Those parents should have no problem finding the child of their dreams.

          And to be clear, I never said I would have an abortion. But I refuse to let arrogant people take away anyone’s right to choose if that’s something I or anyone else has to encounter.

    2. I’m Atheist and I’m proud to say that I make good choices without being told by this apparent “God” what I should believe. I think people need a choice and these ads are just trying to get people’s attention. AND, if you actually bothered to think for 2 seconds and read the whole ad, it’s telling you that Planned Parenthood is there for you if you need them for ANY OF THE THINGS that they offer. They don’t just do abortions, genius. They offer help for STDS, different things in the LGBT community, sex education, contraception, and a whole ton of other things that people rely on.

      And, believe it or not, a baby isn’t a good thing for everyone, so I’m glad it’s their choice. And it’s not a choice that most people take lightly. It’s a big decision and Planned Parenthood gives you all the information before you can go ahead with the procedure.

      By the way, Obama does believe in God, supposedly. Honestly, I think there have been presidents that haven’t, but the only way they can get elected is if they lie because nut jobs like people on this thread couldn’t fathom electing someone who can make level-headed decisions without God getting in the way.

      1. Considering you don’t respect life, let me educate you about Planned Parenthood. It is an organization that has its roots firmly planted in racism. Planned Parenthood was created to insure that African Americans and poor whites did not procreate. Margaret Salanger did not give a fig about the health of the women, she just wanted to commit genocide. That’s the history of this esteemed organization. It is not a “choice”, it is a child. The choice came when the people engaging in the sexual activity took part in it. Don’t use the rape garbage excuse either because adding murder on top of the violation of rape doesn’t make the situation better. If a person wishes to take part in murder, she has the right to do so, but not with tax payer dollars.

        1. If that is true about PP, then that’s terrible, however, AMERICA has a large history of racism in and of itself. Should be just get rid of America? It had slavery, used to kill off people with mental conditions. I’m not saying it was right, but just because something used to have a bad message doesn’t mean that’s how it is now. Maybe they were founded on awful principals, but NOW they are doing GOOD WORK for people who need it, for abortion purposes or the OTHER services they provide.

          As far as tax payer dollars, why do you assume that YOUR dollars are going towards abortion services? How about we assume your tax dollars go to roads and public education. Does that make you feel better?

          Either way, your tax dollars might be used for something you don’t like, but if you don’t like it, don’t get an abortion.

          I don’t like that my tax dollars get collected by people that don’t deserve it, but hey, that’s America.

          1. Do you read what you write? It absolutely makes zero sense! Where did I call tax payer dollars mine? Nowhere! The taxes are paid by all and we have zero say in where they go! As for PP’s history…you can Google it and find out for yourself. Your argument has zero logic to it! The government does not belong in the business of birth control. I’m not against birth control, I’m against the murder of life once it has been created. I’m against the government making medical decisions period! They can’t even run the post office! Do you really want them to tell you how you should handle your own illness, or the illness of a relative? It’s a slippery slope when you give a mindless government power over personal decisions in your life…they aren’t going to keep it in the box you want them too.

            1. What about my reply to the racism did you not understand? The point was that, even if it was founded on poor morals (morals that were supported by religion, I may add) doesn’t mean that’s how the company still operates. They are currently do a lot of god things for all kinds of good people. I hope I made that simple enough for you to understand.

              Uh yeah, alright. You really think insurance companies would be all lovey with us and give us all the resources we need without government telling them they had to? NO. It’s a business and they would do whatever they could to screw people over if they could make another dollar.

              Tax dollars are determined by the government to go where they are needed most. For example, I don’t support war. I’d rather tax dollars went to something here as opposed to raping another country. But I get that this isn’t up to me. It’s apparently for the greater good that we have a military and I guess I’m okay with that.

        2. So what’s your stance on Aunt Jemima syrup/pancake mix? Uncle Ben’s rice?

          What about the millions of contemporary film techniques that all have their roots in Triumph of the Will?

          How about on flying the confederate battle flag over confederate state capitals?

          1. They are all the ugly side of American History that are unfortunate. I purchase zero of the products you mentioned. That is my right to avoid doing so and I will continue to practice it! However, what have you done today to fight racism? Endorsing PP still to justify your own lack of personal responsibility? Are you aware that slavery still exists in the world today? What are you doing to fight the exploitation of one human being besides sitting at your computer…which by the way is made by a big corporation…making stupid and illogical comments?

            1. What have YOU done to change it? You think that protesting PP or other products originally formed through racism is changing anything? Here you are trying to take away some personal freedoms of women here and now that someone has told you that racism has existed in a lot of things that are now good, you try to change the subject to asking what he/she has done to change it? He or she is endorsing PP because many people rely on it for all of the GOOD things they provide, and they want to stop people like you from screwing people over.

              PP isn’t racist anymore. Just because it was at one point, doesn’t mean it is now. We used to have that crazy little thing called slavery. We reformed and now we are a better country without it. Just like PP has reformed and is a better company without the discrimination.

            1. Or maybe it’s the kind that someone took wayyyy to seriously a long time ago and somehow it spread to the rest of humanity. Good thing I was enlightened.

  5. Unconscionable! Inappropriate! Unseemly! Despicable! Outrageous! I just can’t seem to come up with a word that is strong enough!

  6. Sex sells right?

    I’m the father of a 15 yr. old girl. She’s at the age where garbage like this will catch her eye and spark her curiosity. To say I’m angry is an understatement. It’s hard enough to raise a virtuous woman in this twisted world without porn like this being readily available. Yes, I called it porn. How nice that this administration and these devil-blinded idiots are trying to hasten the loss of innocence in this country. Never mind the consequences…

    I’m ashamed of where we are as a nation and what we’ve become. I love my country. But this sucks that this is allowed and put out there. Legally.

    Planned Parenthood is a cancer and must be cut out of our national fabric. I pray it’s removed quickly and poison like this is disposed of. We should incarcerate these people.

    1. What about all the good things they do for people? I get that you’re anti-choice, which is up to you of course, but Planned Parenthood offers a lot of services aside form abortion.

      1. Amanda, that’s a fair question. But honestly, I feel that the bad that they do outshines the good that they do. I find stuff like this sickening… why would an ethical or “moral” entity put garbage like this out. It’s worse than the naked PETA ads.

        I’m not a prude (I’m a USAF Veteran of 20 yrs.), I’ve been around. But what possible reason do they have to put little whispering enticements out there for the easily distracted and corrupted. If we don’t stand against this ignorance and protect our children, who will? The world loves to consume their innocence.

        This is abhorrent and intolerable. I’m so mad… sorry.

        1. I feel like it was quite possibly a misguided shock tactic, but still, a lot of ads show things like provocative women and people aren’t this worried about their children being corrupted then (whether it’s advertising alcohol or fast food). At least their message is saying that someone is there for them with the information they may need. But like I said, having the ads designed like that…so in-your-face…probably wasn’t the wisest decision. I suppose it has gotten a lot of people talking though.

          1. Fair point about women (and sometimes men) being exploited. That’s a tragedy.

            As far as getting a lot of people talking… there is such a thing as bad press.

            I would support a movement to get these banned.

      2. The root of Planned Parenthood is firmly planted in racism and genocide. A self righteous beast of a woman named Margaret Salanger formed it to destroy African Americans and those that she didn’t feel were fit to procreate. It is never good to leave that decision in the hands of another human being. That history should over shadow any “good” that you think that they provide. It is pure evil and it was established for the purpose of evil. Salanger didn’t care about the health of women, she wanted to force her view of who was worthy of living and who was not, according to her. She perverted that view enough to allow the ignorant to believe that she meant to be benevolent, when she was entirely the opposite.

  7. All they need is some background music with their slogans. Might I suggest using the song “Highway To Hell” by AC/DC?

  8. Generally I’m all for Planned Parenthood and the choices they offer for women, but these ads are a bit too out there for me.

    Also, as far as the comments below go, it really doesn’t matter what the bible says, and religious things are not supposed to have any influence over the law. So it doesn’t matter if they are going to some supposed “hell” that I’m convinced isn’t real.

  9. 3700 abortions per day the US isn’t enough, they need to advertise to increase production of dead babies. So much for safe, legal, and RARE.

    1. To be fair, it’s not like all Planned parenthood does is abortions. If you look at their website, they offer a lot of services for people.

        1. Really? Is it their primary service? It couldn’t possibly be the 100s of other services they offer? They’re just out to kill babies. I don’t think PP “likes” killing babies, however they find it important to give women a choice and give them the resources to do so.

          Besides, it’s not like if Planned Parenthood stops offering abortion services, or if it’s outlawed all together, that it’s going to stop. People will just find illegal and dangerous ways. That whole coat hanger thing is just awful.

  10. Now parents will have a lot of explaining to do when their young kids see those billboards and ask questions. “Daddy, what’s Sexual experience?”

  11. Sorry, I stand with Ann Barnhardt’s solution. I will no longer fund infanticide, the socialists that have taken over the government, foreign country funding, or any of the thousands of other things that our Constitution does not allow them to do. Voting does not seem to make any difference and I have my immortal soul to worry about. This brief stint here is nothing really.

    I stand with the Constitution and my soul.

  12. Yes, they are disgusting but why would anyone expect otherwise from someone who ends so many young lives. Planned Parenthood is evil and these slogans are straight from the pit of hell.

  13. Please send a note of thanks to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for dropping their financial support of Planned Parenthood. Email: [email protected]. They are being bombarded 20 to 1 in negative feedback. I think what they did was outstanding and brave.

    1. Imagine if conservative groups got together and rewarded them by contributing more to the SG Komen cause. Good ole capitalism. Let the pocketbooks do the talking.

  14. This is the type of thing that exposes the media big time–not that we don’t already have a few examples a day…

    When the states were fighting to ban funding to Planned Parenthood, the media tried to convince the masses that abortion and services related to abortion were a minuscule part of planned parenthood’s mission. Then, this ad campaign comes out. Not a peep from the media. One could use half a brain cell and ask the question: If abortion and abortion related services are 2-3% of your business, why base your branding and awareness on that issue? Why wouldn’t you advertise the millions of mammograms and women’s health services you claim is the majority of your business? …crickets..

  15. Just another worthy cause for our tax dollars. Margaret Sanger would be so pleased to see just how far her plan to abort the substandard of the species has gone.

  16. How does this even help women??? “We’re your broken heart because you’re pregnant with his baby, but he doesn’t love you because he thought it was only a fling”

    Thanks planned parenthood for bringing confidence to young women!! Not!

    How about you wait until a guy actually cares about you and respects you. Then when you become pregnant, you can have a happy family together? Isn’t that what everyone is looking for anyway? love, affection, affirmation that they are worthy of somebody’s attention and respect? well planned parenthood is farther away from reaching that goal then anything else.

    1. Yes indeed. Though, to organizations like PP, the idea is that you should have total sexual freedom with whomever, whenever, at any reasonable age, without anyone judging you and with no consequences for your actions. You are 100% in charge. That is their idea of “empowerment”. It’s a twisted world view and does not lead to true happiness or personal freedom.

  17. And the Pimp-In-Chief’s health bill forces care providers to participate in this.

    Just Dear Leader, at it again.

    Fortunately, in America, dictators could be voted out.

    1. “I don’t want my daughters to be punished with a baby.”

      Kind of sums it up, don’t it?
      The Bible, on the other hand, says children are a blessing.

  18. Or how about:

    “We’re the toilet no one wants to buy. Have a seat!”

    Man these people make me sick! :-/

  19. From an organization which has graphic sex websites for teens, which promote “if it feels good do it”, send out Mother’s Day cards, Christmas Cards to their supporters- this is not surprising at all. Interesting though Red that you posted this. I just read that the Susan Koman Organization is STOPPING funding to PP!! That is good news there!

    Of course this article from huffpo is biased and slanted against pro life and Christian organizations, it was good to read that PP will get no money, and I applaud the S. Koman organization’s new leader for making such a brave stand.

    1. Yes, that’s good, especially since abortions correlate rather strongly with cancer, the very thing the Susan Koman Organization is supposed to be trying to eliminate.

      National Cancer Institute:

      “Dr. Janet Daling, an abortion supporter, and her colleagues at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center were commissioned by the National Cancer Institute to conduct a study to determine if induced abortion raises breast cancer risk. The study found that, among women who had been pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than among other women.”

      1. I had started to think that breast cancer foundations and Planned Parenthood was a partnership made in hell. Hearing about the Susan Koman Organization pulling it’s funding is good news (at face value). I hope there aren’t political ulterior motives that aren’t being made public.

        1. Dr. Janet Daling, an abortion supporter, and her colleagues at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The source is within the quote.

          Nevermind the cancer, as bad as that is. Abortion itself kills women and lots of little girls and little boys. There is no virtue in supporting Planned Parenthood, or abortion. They are one thing with two names.

          1. Cite. Your. Source. If you’re telling the truth, there are facts out there on the internet to back up your claims.

            P.S. “Cite your source” means “give me a link to a factual, reliable website.”

            1. Kiss. My. Ass.

              P.S. Kiss my ass “means” place your lips full upon my ass and make that smooching sound Ok? In other words take a hike remedIial Ron. I didn’t look at your link either and have no deire whatsoever to pleae you. Perhaps you can tell that by now.

  20. Stomach-turning.

    “An open-minded environment for emergency contraception…”

    They might as well just say “Have all the unprotected sex you like, because we’re into doing abortions without making you feel bad about it.”


    ED: I wrote my Congress critter, Mike Coffman. I hope you do the same.


      You (and I) wish. Our tax dollars are being funneled to that organization through other organizations. Those that support evil will not let the Hyde amendment stand in their way.

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