Disgusting Pelosi fat-shames AG Barr, calls him a ‘BLOB’ on MSNBC

The disgusting speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, actually called AG Barr a ‘blob’ on MSNBC last night.


What she said: “Really, he was like a blob, he was like…just..a…henchman for the President of the United States instead of the Attorney General of the United States of America.”

This was in response to Barr saying in the hearing yesterday that Pelosi calling federal law enforcement officers ‘stormtroopers’ could be dangerous to these officers.

I get why she called Barr a ‘henchman’ even though it’s despicable and wrong. But what in the heck is a ‘blob’ and what does calling him that have to do with anything? Sounds to me like she’s fat-shaming the Attorney General because she despises him, and of course she gets away with it. Ari Melber is one of her biggest fans on MSNBC and he probably loved it.

Let me remind you that these are the same people who like to shame Trump for petty insults against others, and yet here is Pelosi doing the same thing to AG Barr.

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