Disney’s corporate president says she wants more leads in their stories to be gay, trans, you name it…

In yesterday’s meeting Disney’s corporate president, who says she has both transgender and pansexual children, noted that while Disney has had many gay and trans characters in their stories, they want to make more gay and trans lead characters because they haven’t been doing enough of that:

I love watching Star Wars and Marvel shows on Disney+ but I fear that soon I won’t be able to watch any of it. I know that Marvel has already started doing that with one of their new movies, The Eternals, and I stopped watching that one as soon as I saw two dudes kissing. It was easy though because the movie, up to that point, was pretty boring.

But what I worry most about is not myself, but all the children that watch these Disney movies and TV shows. That’s what is really at stake here, the continued brainwashing of our children. And it isn’t just Disney, it’s all of Hollywood. All the big entertainment producers are making their characters more and more gay and it’s just pushing the culture further and further over the brink.

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