Disney’s Incredible Hulk star calls on Americans to REVOLT over Supreme Court decisions…

Disney’s Incredible Hulk movie star is calling on Americans to revolt over the recent Supreme Court decisions.

Mark Ruffalo tweeted this today in response to the EPA decision:

“The Supreme Court has become a political tool for the extremist, Fascist faction of the GOP. Gun violence, subjugation of women, climate catastrophe, and political capitalism is their brand. We are facing an attack from within. We must revolt.”

What a moron. Seriously.

How exactly are women being subjugated? How is this a climate catastrophe when the authoritarian EPA under Obama way overstepped their authority?

In both cases the power is being returned to where it belongs. To the states in regards to abortion, and to Congress in regards to federal rules governing the Climate, if you will.

If the states want women to have the ‘right’ to murder their unborn babies, then they can do that. If Congress wants the EPA to have more authority to regulate greenhouse emissions, they can grant it. In both instances, the power has been returned to the people, who elect state governments and federal representatives who make these decisions.

What Ruffalo calls GOP fascism is actually the representative democracy our founders intended. But I guess a socialist just can’t appreciate that. No, when he doesn’t get his way he wants people to REVOLT.

As far as his remark about ‘gun violence’ regarding the Supreme Court, I’ll just say that I’m sure the body guards he has to hire from time to time will be happy to know that he doesn’t want them carrying guns to protect him.

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