DNC advisor calls Ted Cruz, CPAC attendees and organizers ‘modern-day Nazis’ and ‘KKK members’

CPAC is going strong this week, with a lot of great speakers and events, and some important speeches. President Trump is speaking on Saturday. But an MSNBC contributor and DNC and DCCC advisor said on a podcast that all of those people, and everyone attending, are nothing but “modern-day Nazis” and “modern-day KKK members.”

That’s what people like him always say, if not in so many words, and they are never questioned on it, scolded for their rhetoric by the media, or told they are risking people’s lives with their dangerous words, the way a Republican is any time they criticize any liberal in any way or using any terms at all, even mild ones.

In this particular case, the “reason” for the rhetoric was that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke at CPAC.

Here’s Kurt Bardella making insane claims with no accountability while talking to professional moron and MSNBC contributor (but I repeat myself) Dean O’bewhatever.

“It has to be the the heartbeat of the Republican Party. And an association that is having Donald Trump headline their event, one that has featured Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor. Greene, Steve Bannon,” said the official Democrat party advisor. “In reality, you know, I know they call themselves the conservative PAC, the American Conservative Union. There’s nothing conservative about– about these people.”

“What they actually are is modern-day Nazis,” he said. “They’re modern-day KKK members.”

There is no accusation off-limits to Democrats. This an official with the DNC and the DCCC and not one member of the media will call him out for this absolutely despicable, ahistorical claim of Nazism.

But then again, who is surprised at anti-Semitism on Dean Obeidallah’s show?


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