DNC votes DOWN a ‘climate debate’ for 2020 candidates

The DNC today voted down a proposal to hold a climate debate between the candidates and one of the big ‘downers’ was Biden’s campaign:

HUFFPO – A panel of the Democratic National Committee on Thursday rejected a proposal to host a single-issue debate on the climate crisis.

At a party conference Thursday in San Francisco, the DNC’s resolutions committee voted 17-8 against a resolution that has become a cause célèbre for activists and for more than a dozen presidential contenders who felt the traditional debate format failed to adequately address the looming threat of catastrophe. The issue could resurface during the full committee’s general session on Saturday.

It was a predictable outcome. Top brass at the DNC opposed the climate debate from the get-go, fearing it could sow discord in the base and hamper the eventual nominee in the general election. CNN and MSNBC announced plans last month to host forums on climate change in September. DNC Chair Tom Perez affirmed the forums in a resolution introduced earlier this month, which some activists saw as setting the stage for voting down the climate debate.

Symone Sanders, a senior adviser of presidential candidate Joe Biden, was among those who urged the DNC on Thursday to vote down a climate debate, saying it would be “dangerous territory in the middle of a Democratic primary process.”

That contrasts with what Biden had earlier said during a campaign stop in Iowa this summer. The former vice president had endorsed having a climate debate, telling Greenpeace, “I’m all in.”

It’s odd that they don’t want to debate something that many of them claim is a looming, existential threat to the planet.

Biden, who said he was all in earlier this year has apparently changed his mind. Perhaps his lackluster debate performances and constant gaffes on the campaign trail have given them pause as to how well he would do going toe to toe with Bernie and Liz.

Or, maybe it’s his more moderate stance on Climate Change that they fear would hurt him in the long run, even if he wins the nomination.

In very much related news, Bernie said today that we MUST end fossil fuels, “end of discussion”:

Democrats really don’t like to debate Climate Change, aka Global Warming. What’s up with that?

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52 thoughts on “DNC votes DOWN a ‘climate debate’ for 2020 candidates

  1. on the climate crisis. … the looming threat of catastrophe.

    Why do I feel like any single-issue debate between Democrats on climate change would just be them running around the stage, flailing their arms and screaming that the sky is falling?

  2. Well, the far-Left lunatics are not going to like this… they’ll likely sit out for the 2020 election if they don’t get their way.

    1. What color is the sky on your planet?

      The #1 priority for them is “Defeat Donald Trump.” The Democrat candidate could promise to start tire fires on the White House lawn and convert all dishware to styrofoam, and they’d still vote for him based on their #1 priority.

  3. Joe ‘Not Brain Damaged’ Biden

    Yesterday: “I’m all in!”

    Today: “This is dangerous territory in the middle of a Democratic democrat primary process.”

  4. Precisely planned, questions and answers given…Some things never change! Debate my a##. And I’d rather watch paint dry…

  5. Let’s be honest. They just don’t want the public to know how irrational they are on the subject.

    1. But activists have long sought an official DNC-sanctioned climate-change debate. In an embarrassing blunder, dozens of Sunrise Movement protesters recently staged a sit-in protest at what they believed to be a Pennsylvania Democratic Party office lobby to demand the party organize such a debate.

      Police arrested 11 individuals, and it later emerged there was no Democratic Party office there. The environmentalists said they had received bad information.

      “If you can’t figure out where the local Democratic Party offices are before you show up for the protest, I’m not sure that I trust your analysis of the climate science much less what to actually do about the problem,” Ted Nordhaus, founder and executive director of The Breakthrough Institute, told Reuters.


  6. They know the average voter could care less about climate hysteria. They also know their candidates are radical nutjobs that are completely out of touch with voters. This is preemptive damage control.

  7. I forget where I heard it, but until the insurance companies stop insuring the homes and hotels with beach front property, I’m not worried. Follow the money. Those insurers stand to lose the most if it’s real, and yet they are not worried, because the actual facts don’t worry them.

    1. Barry and Michelle Obama just bought a multimillion-dollar mansion on Martha’s Vineyard located a few feet above sea level.

    2. Such a great point. In February of last year, I spent a week at a family reunion on the Big Island in Hawaii. We stayed in private homes (Airbnb) because in the particular area where we were staying there were NO hotels or resorts.

      We found out why a few months later when the Kilauea volcano erupted and spread lava over that entire region where we had stayed. Nothing there exists anymore. We found out later that it wasn’t the first time that area had been affected that way in the last 50 years or so.

    1. I wonder if the show Naked and Afraid has ever sent two nudes out to the amazon Rain Forest for 21 day.Man,what a rough 21 days that would be.Anyhow nice post,I just wanted to liven it up a little because Climate change just absolutely bores me.

    2. Amazon rainforest fires are a direct result of white supremacy and lax gun control laws, and stuff.

  8. who started this roll up your sleeves, open you collar buttons and let the fan mess up what hair you do have.

    1. I hear you.Van Buren Ave in the City of Riverside Ca, fix those damn pot holes.I took my car back to the Dealer and asked if there was any fluids left in the shock absorbers.He asked why,I said you can use Van Buren Ave, anytime you want to test drive any one of your vehicles for any testing.

  9. Soviet Bernie wants to totally eliminate fossil fuels. Our civilization is completely based on fossil energy, and eliminating it would cause economic collapse and the death of millions. What a nut.
    Let’s start with you, Comrade Sanduhs. From now on, get to your debates and campaign appearances by bicycle, or on donkey back.

    1. If he debates himself that will be two people who haven’t a clue what he’s talking about.

  10. Such a totalitarian thing to say – End of Discussion on a topic that we all know is a farce from the very beginning. Reminds me of my parents telling me “Because I said so,” so maybe Bernie is just treating the people as little kids since he knows better????

  11. From what I’ve been reading the little angry lefty twits are irate, irate I tell you, about this decision by the DNC.

    Which makes me wonder why if the oceans will rise and destroy the coastlines that the Obama is buying a $15 million dollar mansion on the Atlantic Ocean. Does look like he’s all that concerned.

    1. Hadn’t thought of that. Says a lot though. Clearly climate change is another attempt to separate us from our money

  12. Yep, the Democrats are refusing to talk about what they consider as the NUMBER ONE threat to humankind!!!! What!? They are either full of crap or full of BS!

    1. They know it’s a con. They think we are too stupid to know that. The GOP should be shrieking about that

  13. That is because the devious DNC understands that the majority of Americans think robbing and stealing more of our money for the “climate change” hoax is a loser topic….but if given power, they will shove it down our throats. So why isn’t the GOP blowing up social media about this? Trump cannot call out the liars, cheats and thugs of the democrat party alone!

  14. Charles Payne was subbing for Neil Cavuto today, and he was interviewing some Leftie about the GND, who, of course, was all in. She kept insisting that the GND would “pay for itself” because it would provide “jobs” for everyone. “Win win!” she kept saying.

    Payne pushed back, of course, but I wanted him to ask her who the employer of all these “jobs” would be, would was going to sign the checks. Because she never once mentioned that the taxpayers would be paying, and how that would work.

    Even if they somehow think these jobs would come from “private businesses” they never explain how they expect people to make a profit (i.e. stay in business, make payroll) with all the crushing regulations and requirements there would sure to be on them.

    No one ever asks these morons these questions.

    1. I saw that and could only shake my head in amazement. I love Charles, and he always does a good job. How many times have we heard those words, “It will pay for itself!” before from them? And it never happens. This chicklet was ceraaaaaazy! She really believed it, hook, line and sinker!

    2. Anybody who thinks they can out debate Charles Payne is a moron.
      Well, you did say it was a leftie…

  15. Jay Inslee (my governor) dropped out of the race yesterday. Jay Inslee was a one issue candidate, climate change.

    Today these people call off the climate town hall.

    Coincidence? I think not.

  16. I tend to agree with the abiotic oil crowd and don’t believe the supply is finite. Let these freaks wring their hands and cry the sky is falling. It never does, nor will it ever, IMO. Regarding solar power, we’ve seen what a disaster that is. One week of cloudy skies and you’re dead in the water. Wind power, all the other bullsh*t theories they have, I’m not buying.

  17. Gosh. Guess “climate change” and the grotesque suggestions for dealing with it, which would throw us back into the pre-industrial era, just isn’t a winner with the electorate…..eh?

  18. Debate among yourselves. Do we have 11 years and six months or 11 years and five months left to live?

  19. Once again, Democrats prove just how dishonest they are to the American public about their actual intentions. Bunch of liars, thieves and sociopaths. Too bad there are so many stupid Americans out there wishing and hoping for the Democrats to win and take their Liberty, jobs and money away.

  20. Is climate change the price paid for civilization?
    Is climate change the price paid by a 4.5 billion year old planet?

    Is another Ice Age the price of climate change?

    Voters want answers.

  21. Democrats = big public employee unions
    Agenda = more tax dollars for public employee union member benefits and union dues
    End of discussion

    Climate change is just a fig leaf distraction for Democrats.

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