DOD Inspector General reveals staggering cost of military equipment Joe Biden gave the Taliban

I’m sure you remember how Joe Biden, in his frantic and cowardly withdrawal of Afghanistan, gave billions in military equipment to the Taliban because they threatened war with him if he didn’t evacuate.

Well now we find out just how much of a donation Joe Biden made to the Taliban.

Via Newsmax:

The Defense Department’s Office of Inspector General said the United States left an estimated $7.12 billion in military equipment when it withdrew from Afghanistan last year.

According to its report published Tuesday, among the supplies abandoned were “military aircraft, ground vehicles, weapons, and other military equipment.” Most are suspected to be tactical ground vehicles like Humvees and mine-resistant ambush protected vehicles (MRAPs).

The military left behind nearly 316,260 small arms weapons — including sniper rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers — worth up to $511.8 million.

The report also indicated the U.S. also lost $923.3 million worth of military aircraft and $294.6 million in aircraft munitions. The military reportedly decommissioned “some” of the aircraft, rendering them unusable.

The findings come nearly one year after the United States abruptly exited Afghanistan, turning the country over to Taliban forces vying to restore the Islamic Emirate established after Russia’s departure in the 1980s.

After a massive evacuation process undertaken by the Biden administration following the fall of Kabul, Secretary of State Antony Blinken told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that only 100 U.S. nationals seeking to leave remained in Afghanistan.

However, the State Department confirmed to Politico on Sunday that more than 800 U.S. citizens and 600 U.S. permanent residents have been evacuated since the U.S. withdrawal.

Giving over $7 billion in military equipment to a terrorist group should have been the scandal of the century, just behind leaving hundreds and hundreds of American citizens in Afghanistan because our president was a coward.

Even Obama didn’t give Iran this much money when he was sending pallets of cash to them.

The fact that this wasn’t a scandal demonstrates once again the inherent bias of our leftist media complex. If Trump had done all of this there would have been the obvious 24/7 scandalous media coverage as well as impeachment trials from Democrats. But Joe Biden doing this only generated a mere yawn from the media and Democrats.

They don’t care because they aren’t in the business of destroying other Democrats.

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