Does John McCain think Arizonans are this stupid?

I really hate these cheesy campy ads like this one (h/t

Even if I really believed that he was solid on this issue, the ad still sucks! The fakery is completely transparent and the acting is terrible. McCain should have learned from his 2008 opponent on how to make a good campaign ad:

This is a good ad primarily because of one reason: Obama makes a connection directly with the viewers. The problem with McCain is that he is trying to convince people that he has done a 180 on the immigration issue and he is over thinking how to go about it. Perhaps it’s easier on his conscience to campaign this way instead of looking the viewer in the eye and telling them that he was wrong for so many years and has had his ‘come to Jesus moment’ on immigration. Personally, I would much prefer the honesty, but I’m not even sure if it would overcome the cynicism that he’s created over his avid support for amnesty.

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