DOJ Deputy AG Jason Weinstein resigns, AG Holder cleared by Fast and Furious report

Here’s the breaking news:

FOX NEWS – A major report released Wednesday on the Operation Fast and Furious scandal faulted a range of federal agencies for the failed anti-gunrunning program — and has resulted in the resignation of one Justice Department official.

Jason Weinstein, the deputy assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division, is resigning in the wake of the Justice Department inspector general report on Fast and Furious. The report essentially concludes that he is the most senior department official who was in a position to stop Fast and Furious.

The nearly 500-page report was completed after investigators reviewed 100,000 documents and interviewed 130 people.

The reports also says that no one responsible for the case at ATF Phoenix or the U.S. Attorney’s Office raised a serious question or concern about the government not taking earlier measures to stop Fast and Furious.

CBS News provides more information, saying the report has cleared Holder of knowing about it:

The Justice Department’s inspector general cleared Attorney General Eric Holder and his top deputies Wednesday of knowing about the gunwalking operation known as Fast and Furious that allowed thousands of weapons to cross into Mexico, CBS Radio News reports.

Two of those weapons turned up at the scene where Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed during a shootout in 2010 with drug traffickers.

While the inspector general heaped most of the blame for Fast and Furious on investigators in Phoenix, one senior official, Jason Weinstein, is blamed for not acting to stop the tactics.

Weinstein resigned Tuesday night. His lawyer told CBS Radio News that the report was badly flawed.

Sorry, but I don’t believe Weinstein was the most senior official that knew about this. In fact, I honestly think it went all the way to Obama. I mean, we’re dealing with another country here for crying out loud.

Stay tuned.

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