Donald Trump ATTACKS Ted Cruz’s faith and suggests he loves oil too much or something [VIDEOS]

Donald Trump attacked Ted Cruz tonight, first accusing him of loving oil too much because “oil pays him a lot of money” and saying he’s got go come a long way on ethanol or something:

Cruz is not against ethanol as The Donald suggests. Cruz has said we need an all of the above approach on energy, but it needs to be driven by the market and not by the federal government picking winners and losers via federal subsidies.

Later on Trump attacks Ted Cruz’s evangelical Christian faith, saying “I do like Ted Cruz, but not a lot of evangelicals come out of Cuba…Not a lot come out.”

Trump said this after pointing out that he himself is an evangelical Christian who really loves Franklin Graham:

Trump is telling Iowans that Ted Cruz isn’t really an evangelical Christian. How pathetic.

Remember when Carson suggested that he didn’t think Trump was genuine or sincere about his faith? Trump called that a nasty comment on Fox News and said he doesn’t think anyone should question his or any other candidate’s fath, that it’s inappropriate.

And now he turns around and suggests that Ted Cruz isn’t really an evangelical Christian?

What a hypocritical punk.

Trump will say anything to win no matter how nasty or hypocritical it makes him look.

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