UPDATE: CARSON APOLOGIZES – Donald Trump: Ben Carson was just an ‘ok’ doctor, not a great doctor

Donald Trump wasn’t happy that Ben Carson questioned his faith, pointing out that Carson doesn’t really know him and asked “who is he to question my faith.” As always he hit back at Carson suggesting that his previous views on abortion show his faith isn’t all that great.

Then Trump accused Carson of just being an ‘ok’ doctor, not a great doctor, but that was too much for even Cuomo who noted that Carson was the first doctor to separate conjoined twins.


UPDATE: Carson already wanting to back down, even apologizes to Trump:

Hours after Republican front-runner Donald Trump went after surging GOP rival Ben Carson on CNN, questioning the neurosurgeon’s faith and calling him just an “okay doctor,” Carson told The Washington Post that he wanted to lower the temperature on their escalating conflict.

“The media frequently wants to goad people into wars, into gladiator fights, you know,” he said. “And I’m certainly not going to get into that.”

The next logical step would be for Carson to counter-counter-punch, feed the media frenzy, while Americans grab for the popcorn. Instead, Carson wants to dial down the drama. “I’m not going to get into that fray,” he said.

“Everyone is going to be saying, ‘Oh there’s a big fight, everyone come watch the fight,’” he said. “But it’s just not going to be as great as they think, because I’m not going to participate.”

In fact, he said the whole thing is a misunderstanding, and that he feels bad that Trump thought he was attacking him at all.

“I would like to say to him that the intention was not to talk to him but about what motivates me,” he said about his religion comment. “If he took that as a personal attack on him, I apologize, it was certainly not the intent.”

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