Donald Trump calls Charles Krauthammer a LOSER and a JERK on FOX NEWS before host shuts him down

Oh man I just love this. Donald Trump was on Fox and Friends this morning and was asked to respond to Krauthammer’s comments from yesterday where he decried Trump as an unserious candidate who will actually hurt the field.

Trump responded by calling Krauthammer a loser and a jerk before Elisabeth Hasselbeck shut him down because she couldn’t handle his barbed comments.

Trump also made a fantastic comment on whether his remarks on Mexico sending us their worst people would hurt him with Latinos. He essentially told Brian Kilmeade that he didn’t care, that telling the truth was more important that getting votes. BOOM! He couldn’t be more right on that one.

Watch the full interview below:

As a side note, Trump also said this on MSNBC this morning:

Yeesh. Part of me wonders if this is his strategy to get independents and Democrats on his side. Because as bad as Clinton was, he was constrained by a Republican Congress to a point.

I also have to admit though, I love how he used Clinton as a way to bring up all the ladies Bill Clinton was involved with right there on MSNBC. That part was kinda awesome.

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