Donald Trump just blamed 2008 financial crisis on Republicans, said Democrats wouldn’t have done that

Donald Trump explained this morning why he has identified more with Democrats in the past and his example was that Republicans caused the financial crisis of 2008. Seriously? Oh it gets worse. He actually said he doesn’t think Democrats would have ever done such a thing.


I can’t believe what I’m hearing. If he’s so smart and so brilliant and so good at this stuff, how is it that he doesn’t know that George W. Bush saw this coming in 2003 and tried to stop it, held hearings on it, but was thwarted by Democrats who wouldn’t let it out of hearings? How does he not know that Bill Clinton is the one who revised the CRA and coerced the banks to give risky loans to poor people and then had Fannie and Freddie buy up all these risky loans that sent this subprime debacle into overdrive? How does he not know all of this?

Well if Donald Trump decides to read this post, I’d have him listen to Mark Levin, The Great One on this, who explained in November of 2008 why this whole thing happened in one of the best explanations I’ve heard.

It’s 9 minutes long and very much worth The Donald’s time:


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